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Hurt and Heal: Tellius Edition

You Know Shinon Is God

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-points at name- That's the only thing I'm mad at. Tsamimi=/=Tsunami

But lemme just say: ouch. Them 300-pointer hurts sure do hurt. xD...

Hurt Greil, Heal Nephenee.


Greil - 53

Shinon - 151

Kieran - 256

Nephenee - 319

Zihark - 290

Marcia - 307

Stefan - 72

Vika - 288

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No how dare ye. D: Inviting the wrath of Stefan's protector upon my Nephenee...

...Ahem! Please disregard that.

...Wonder who will be the next target after Greil. I think the war is nigh.

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[Obligatory "OUCH!"] Man... This is making me laugh, because suddenly BAM you've lost the lead. xD


Greil - 47

Shinon - 154

Kieran - 258

Nephenee - 306

Zihark - 292

Marcia - 309

Stefan - 72

Vika - 290

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Don't tempt me to go PSYCHO on Marcia...

Greil gets the Unholy Grail

Heal Kieran

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