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  1. It's been 3 or 4 days and I haven't gotten any feedback from updating my castle. My visit points are increasing yet I'm not getting info about who visited. This isn't the wait-eight-hours issue; this is a DAYS issue. If I visit someone's castle I get the info that I visited them. But, as an example: I didn't even visit anyone yesterday, I updated my data before going to sleep, this morning I updated again and got 4 visit points...but no info about who visited me. I haven't booted up the game in about a year if that makes a difference. What is going on? Do we even get this info anymore? Edit: Wait, it worked! I got info and the SpotPass light and blue dot! The hell. I deactivated and reactivated SpotPass ingame (as well as StreetPass for the hell of it) then let my 3ds sit in sleep mode for over 8 hours. IT LIVES! ...Why did it bork in the first place?
  2. It's normal and makes sense story-wise. After ch27 Ninian leaves so it's Nils' turn to step up. But what happens after ch28, Nils just doesn't have it in him anymore. For a little bit. It just seems awkward gameplay-wise because it's only one single tiny map (FIVE units) that Nils is usable and then suddenly he isn't usable for 2 maps.
  3. So you'll be using 5 units on Celica's side and 4 units on Alm's side? (Plus the single remaining unit.) Good grief. With no pitchforks left, the options for Saint are Silque, Tatiana, Genny or Shade. But if I'm reading you correctly Shade would snatch a pitchfork from one of Boey/Clive/Mathilda, non-negotiable? Hmm... Early healer, or late physic/fortify? HMMM... Let's deprive you of ranged healing: you can have Saint Silque.
  4. Hmm, maybe a little, but... FD has too much red compared to the Twilight Realm. Though the debris in the background is adding to the effect... Whoa... The "half buried" ring, even though it's mostly energy, reminds me of Oblivia from XCX.
  5. Favorite reveal so far for Ultimate was "everyone is here". I was freaking out while watching that.
  6. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/item-locations/ -The Lost Treescape is listed under both villages and dungeon. It should only be under dungeon. -There is no mage ring in Fear Mountain. -Secret Shrine is missing the nectar and gold mark at the resurrection spring. -In the Enemy section, at Archanea Seaway 2, the "silver bag+" needs to be changed to "silver purse+". And I can't for the life of me find a second steel lance at Furia Harbor entrance. Are there really two?
  7. Haven't forgotten my name, but the last month or so every time I see my name written out I think, "...Who's name is that? Whoever's name it is it ain't mine." I've never been fond of my name but this is new.
  8. Luna and Sol are for completion's sake because there are better options for lances and bows. Astra, however, is awesome and has a permanent spot on my postgame team. Trashing Grima with it is fun.
  9. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/item-locations/ There's honey at the Mila Idol in the Temple of Mila.
  10. And I'd say that is merely one possibility. "Some illness" makes me think there are a variety of different things that can happen, and since it's "mind or body" we have two different things already. It's a good point that, in this case, their strength won't just vanish immediately (when the class-change happens). But long-term... First of all, maybe some people will keep training during their normal-village-life, or at least their job might be physically demanding--in which case, stats stay the same. However, if they don't want to fight anymore they might not want to train anymore either. For a while, at least. If you don't train for a month or two you lose muscle. Strength stat down, gonna have to build it up again. There is no indication of that in gameplay. And how do you properly implement that without making it even more ridiculously convoluted than this off-hand explanation from an artbook? I'm getting irritated at myself for spending so much time thinking about this...
  11. Point. And they actually gain a point of hp when returning to the villager class! I'm going to cop-out and leave it at gameplay-story segregation, because it's a pain in the ass to lose stats. Awakening did it, it's doable, but a pain nonetheless.
  12. It's a different type of control over magic. Dread fighters aren't slinging spells, it's more like protective magic. Internal rather than external. Black magic attack spells require intense effort and concentration to release that energy from your body (equating to hp loss, aka stamina) but if black magic is used "internally"--the target is yourself rather than an external target--it doesn't require that release, thus no hp loss. However, it is magic nonetheless and does eventually take its toll. Just not immediately. Sort of like stress; it piles up and piles up, wearing you down, and eventually breaks you if you don't de-stress. Whereas normal black magic spells (and white magic spells) take an immediate toll which causes you to need a break right then and there, as though you just ran a long ways and need to catch your breath; you'll be completely fine soon enough. @bolded: Look at it this way: dread fighters are constantly under the influence of black magic--they do not have any break from it and cannot rest up, unlike a mage. Like I said, stress piles up. The description does say "some illness of the mind or body". At a certain point they simply can fight no longer. They need a break, either because their body isn't working well or because they are mentally exhausted and just can't do it anymore (depression might be one such "illness"). But after a respite from the influence of that magic they feel better and can fight again. I would guess it depends on the person's constitution and mental fortitude as to whether they're affected physically or mentally. ...But there are some people who have enough resilience that they aren't affected...much. And it depends on how much fighting you do--utilizing those abilities wears you down faster. Why am I passing this off as though I know all the details?
  13. https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/item-locations/ Zofia Harbor, at the entrance, there is an orange as well as that coral fragment. It's sitting on the "market".
  14. Once again, I can't edit my post... For such a tiny bit of information... /sigh We have a w in Gwydion. And the "x" in "Ox" is one of these missing letters; it's nothing like any other letters we have (it looks similar to a p but it curves the opposite direction). I'd like to keep thinking the lowercase letters, at least, don't have variants. xD Everything else lines up with what I also am missing in my makeshift alphabet reference. ...What if "Ox" is Qq, oh man.
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