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H3 LTC: Completed. 173 turns.



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  1. 1. Who do you think killed him?

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[spoiler=The original OP]I kind of want to do a kinda-sorta efficiency run with some screenshots, but I'm not sure the best way to go about screenshots. Should I upload them onto a hosting site and then link them here or can/should I upload them here? Is the 10MB upload limit for the whole topic or just 1 post in the topic?
If the whole screenshot thing doesn't work out I guess I could do a turn-by-turn and just recapitulate at the end.

Constraints of this run are essentially that of the new H3 tier list (you know, the one that PKL made and hasn't updated with the changes we agreed on, you guys know the one).
All recruits, no character deaths. Played to C24, all gaidens visited.
Rainbow Potion, Maturity drop, Bond drop, Lunatic stat-boosters, and Mixed male classes are allowed.
Everybody's situation is not.
I will/have be(en) using the standard +2 DEF, +1 STR, +10% STR/MAG growth, + 15% SKL/SPD Knight!MU as it is arguably the most stable during the prologue.
Since I have already rigged Luke's level in P-7 this run obviously doesn't prohibit it. In addition to to P-7C STR rig for Luke a number of post-earlygame arena wins were rigged for particular stats (usually SPD).
Critical hits are allowed. 1 per save point is acceptable with the exception of C20 and C24 where two are acceptable; though I didn't rig two criticals in C24.

[spoiler=Prologue and Chapter Links]P-1 4/4 turns.
P-2 4/8 turns.
P-3 4/12 turns.
P-4A 3/15 turns.
P-5 4/19 turns. Credit to Colonel_M for the boss kill combination.
P-6O 2/21 turns.
P-7C 3/24 turns. Credit to MJEmirzian. I know others have talked about it but I saw the Cain kill in his guide first.
P-8 9/33 turns.
C1 6/39 turns.
C2 6/45 turns. Credit to Nessie for the general strategy.
C3 17/62 turns.
C3x 6/68 turns.
C4 -- 1 Rescue 6/74 turns.
C5 -- 1 Rescue 9/83 turns. Credit to Nessie for a fair portion of the clear, namely MU's positioning for turns 3-8.
C6 -- 1 Rescue 6/89 turns.
C6x -- 1 Rescue 1/90 turns.
C7 -- 1 Rescue 5/95 turns.
C8 -- 1 Hammerne, 1 Rescue 3/98 turns. Credit to SevenDeadlySins for the idea of engaging the generals with a MU that is 11HKO'd to ensure survival.
C9 -- 1 Rescue 5/103 turns. Credit to dondon151 for Feena's initial placement. Credit to Nessie for Silver!Jeorge feeding Linde a kill.
C10 -- 2 Thief charges 2/105 turns.
C10x 1/106 turns. Credit to MJEmirzian for the L-trick in determining the real Roro.
C11 -- 2 Rescue 5/111 turns. Credit to dondon151 for Etzel's turn 1 positioning. Credit to Nessie for MU's positioning on turn 1 and 2.
C12 -- 1 Hammerne, 1 Rescue 5/116 turns. Credit to MJEmirzian for the idea of ORKOing bandits with a handaxe forge.
C13 6/122 turns.
Video for C13
C13x 2/124 turns.
C14 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Thief charge 5/129 turns.
Video for C14
The run will continue with video format, though considering 3/8 voters wanted screenshots I will probably end up including screenshots as part of the write-up. Commentary will probably never be coming to this run though.
C15 -- 1 Again 5/134 turns. Credit to PKL for the near full rout of the boss area on turn 1.
C16 2/136 turns.
C16x 2/138 turns.
C17 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Again 4/142 turns. Credit to Nessie for the strategy.
C18 -- 1 Rescue 2/144 turns.
C19 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Again 6/150 turns. Credit to MJEmirzian for the opening of the strategy.
C20 -- 1 Rescue 5/155 turns.
C20x 4/159 turns. Credit to Nessie and MagicBarrier16.
C21 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Again 6/165 turns.
C22 -- 1 Again, 1 Hammerne 4/169 turns.
C23 -- 2 Rescue, 2 Again]C23 -- 2 Rescue, 2 Again 2/171 turns.
C24 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Again]C24 -- 1 Rescue, 1 Again 2/173 turns.

[spoiler=Notable Secondary Objectives Completed]P-8: MU hit level 10.
C7: Acquired all the thieves' items. Killed 2 heroes.
C8: Eliminated all mortal enemy targets (does not include Jeorge) in the northern section of the map.
C9: Full rout.
C10x: Killed 5 Roros.
C11: Acquired all the buried treasure as well as the Mastersword.
C12: Fed Marth 4 Fire dragons. Reliably killed the boss. Eliminated southern dragon reinforcements.
C13: Rescue-less. Acquired all the items including the Spirit dust. (So close to a) full rout. Reliably killed the boss.
C14: Fed Marth 4 Ice dragons. Acquired the Swordslayer. Full rout.
C15: Rescue-less. Acquired the thieves' items.
C17: DK rout.
C18: General, DK, and nameless Paladin rout. Acquired all items.
Endgame(C24): Not a double crit strategy. And Marth did not kill Medeus because Marth is stupid.

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For screenshots: The best way is to get a free account with an image-hosting service (photobucket, imageshack, etc.), and then post the screenshots as you go. Personally, I hate doing all that linking, so I do mine with words, instead.

The 10MB limit is for ALL attachments. I strongly suggest NOT doing a run with attachments (they're annoying to open, anyway).

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Knight!MU (name = XforSS because I keep forgetting the screenshots.)
+2 DEF, +1 STR/MAG
+10% STR/MAG, +15 SKL/SPD

[spoiler=P-1 4/4 turns]

pretty standard stuff
P.S. What are the spoiler options? Like can I just put P-1 in the spoiler name?

Edit: Technically, if both the soldier and Jeigan both proc their higher STR values, MU needs to use a vulnerary on turn 2 to secure the 4 turn. Otherwise Jeigan ends up killing MU. Also, I got the STR for 4 turning P-2.

[spoiler=P-2 4/8 turns]

nothing new I'm sure, Ryan started on the fort, killed Luke on turn 3 and drew in Rody on the same turn. MU only needed 1 STR proc before engaging Rody for the 4 turn, mine has 2 doesn't change anything... sort of

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Hey, good luck commonguard. Is this Lunatic +? I kinda despise Knight in vanilla Lunatic because of some terrible spd growth luck I've had lol. 2 spd in Prologue 8 whyyy. Also, test Hunter Rody for the tier List if you can.

Edited by PKL
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Oh wow I'm dumb.
RP, Maturity Drop (Marth), Bond Drop (Marth after Merric joins) allowed.
Thanks Nessie/Redwall (I'll always know you as Redwall.)

Yea, vanilla Lunatic. How you expect me to kill Lorenz otherwise? No can do on the Rody. I kind of need Luke to ORKO a hunter on a fort with an Iron sword to do C1 in 6 turns reliably. It's sad really, I kind of like Rody and his SPD.

[spoiler=P-3 4/12 turns]
Rody is on the fort with the sword. Luke has Ryan's vulnerary.

The bandit attacked Luke and the merc attacked Rody as expected on the EP.
On this turn Ryan takes Luke's lance and chips the bandit. MU then kills the bandit and is position to draw the other bandit. Rody moves into MU's old spot, trades his sword for the lance. Rody doesn't need to heal because with the lance equipped he'll have the HP to survive. Luke moves onto the fort, takes the sword from Ryan and heals.

On the EP, the merc attacked Luke and bandit beat up on MU. What happened here was Ryan + Luke killed the bandit. MU killed the merc.
From here it's just MU counters Caeda on the EP. MU attacks Caeda on PP 4 and Luke steals the kill. As one would discern, I'm using Luke long term.

I got these levels for Luke and MU.

Having 11 STR going into this map meant I had to go for the bandit first or I might have to forfeit the the Caeda kill to non-long term units. Normally I go for the merc first and pull Caeda on turn 2. If MU has 11 STR then MU x2 + Luke KO Caeda regardless of her HP. If MU has 10 STR, you need Ryan's chip to feed the kill to Luke if he's using a sword. I was considering starting the run over at this point because of 3 consecutive STR procs. I kind of want an average MU throughout too see how low of a turn count I can get without great level up. But I suppose I can just try to rig some crappy levels.

[spoiler=P-4A 3/15 turns]
Was considering starting over now, but MU having at least 22 HP, 11 STR and 15 DEF allows for a 3-turn that is very similar to Knight!MU standard 4 turn except... 1 turn faster I guess.
MU attacks the nearest myrm. Caeda takes Wrys' vulnerary. Ryan moves to counter the enemy archer. Luke hands a vulnerary to Ryan.

A bunch of people attack MU (this is why you need 15 DEF, 4 SPD will also work though). Soldier/archer attacks Caeda/Ryan respectively.
Wrys heals Caeda who then attacks the soldier. Ryan uses a vulnerary. MU moves to shield Caeda from the archer and kills the remaining soldier. You need 11 STR to two shot soldiers. On the EP, the myrm will attack Caeda and protect her from further attacks. The merc will suicide and Athena will attack MU. Archer attacks Ryan.

Caeda finishes off the myrm. Wrys heals MU if he needs it to tank Athena's counters. Ryan also chips Athena to put her into KO range for Luke. Rody kills the archer who kept attacking Ryan.
Do people want more pictures like this or are the start/end of turns good enough to follow? I kind of don't like linking the images. Takes really long.
Rody kills the archer that kept attacking Ryan.
MU's level lacking STR and DEF was pleasing. If he just goes like one more level without STR he's about average.

[spoiler=P-5 4/19 turns]
I saw this in Colonel_M's youtube videos. (The ones after some SOPA removal or something.)
MU and Athena in place to take hits on the EP. I was crossing my fingers for Athena not to dodge and mess up the AI of the hunters.
Yea... she dodged but the hunters still moved to where I wanted them to. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me understand this AI. Anyways, MU takes out Athena's bandit. Merric chips MU's bandit for Luke to kill. Caeda + Ryan and Athena kill hunters. Luke moves onto fort. I moved Wrys as if to heal Athena because normally she would need it.

MU killed the thief and positions himself for Athena to grab a vulnerary and heal for turn 4. Merric + Ryan killed Rody's bandit. Normally Rody would have to finish off his bandit for the kill but in this case he spawned with lower durability stats. I opted not to take advantage of it by giving Luke the kill. Luke chipped Caeda's bandit for her to kill. Wrys healed Caeda.

Athena healed here. She has close to full HP because she dodged the bandit on turn one. Normally she'd have just enough to tank a hit from the boss. Wrys had healed Caeda, and he will heal her again on turn 4 before Caeda engages the boss.

Athena dodged again... and fed Luke his 3/3 boss kills during the prologue. This actually puts Luke in an exp range I like to call kill-something-and-level-up range, which I will be taking advantage of to secure a 3-turn against Cain.

Level ups:
Ultra pleased with MU's level, he's getting closer to his average. Not so much with Caeda's random RES proc.

Deserves to be benched for trolling.

[spoiler=P-6O 2/21 turns]

Chose Ogma because 2 turns is better than 3, free Steel sword I can sell later and Ogma is just better than Draug for the prologue.

Credit to grandjackal (or at least I think this is his strategy, might be someone else's... it's definitely not my own).

Deployed: Athena, Caeda, Ryan, Merric


Due to Ryan's stupidly good level, him and Merric have to switch positions or the archer will clog up the bridge. Cecille moves to her location before anything else happens. Basically Ryan + Merric + MU kill the bandit. Athena, Caeda need to have their Steel weapons for EP counters. MU needs his Steel lance to finish off Ogma. Ryan doesn't need his Steel bow. In some instances the bandit left alive (the one on the south bridge) will target Caeda; in those instances Athena and Caeda should be both be shifted 1R. In the screenshot Athena is placed to protect MU from being killed by the cavalier after the bandit attacks him as he cannot survive 4 attacks from the cav and bandit combined.

The enemy attack order is Archer (who will attack Merric), southern bandit (who in this case will attack MU), Ogma (who will attack Athena), and finally the cavalier (who will attack Caeda).


Just mop up here. Caeda kills the archer. Athena kills the cavalier. Ogma has 38 HP, 7 DEF. Athena and Merric each do 12 damage a shot to Ogma. MU needs to have 21 Atk (11 STR + C lances + Steel) to kill Ogma.


Ryan + Cecille finish the last enemy.

Level up:


So MU is blessed again...

[spoiler=P-7C 3/24 turns]

Cain because I don't think I qualify for a 3 turn of Est since Ryan only has 5 SPD.

I tried Est; I could protect Ryan from being attacked by sending Ogma and Athena with him but then MU has to handle the bandit and merc in the south and MU can't do it. I'm shy like a point of defense of barely surviving the merc/bandit combo. And I still need to deal with the archers. Est isn't happening. In the long run, it's probably for the best.

Luke needs 3 HP (or equivalent or better -- I had 2 HP/1 DEF) on base to meet the durability benchmark for the 3-turn on this map. Also, Caeda, Athena and Luke need to be able to kill Cain on PP 3 for the 3 turn to happen. I met the durability requisite and rigged a turn one level up to include STR to meet the STR requirement. I suppose for absolution's sake I should've just fielded Ogma instead of Luke but I don't feel that bad about it because Caeda was also levelling up before engaging Cain and as long as one of them got STR the 3-turn was there.

Deployed: Luke, Athena, Wrys, Merric, Caeda


Merric + Athena (Iron sword) set a kill for Luke and I rigged the level so he would gain STR. Caeda attacks the myrm and MU moves to protect Merric and Wrys. Wrys needs to start on one of the closer tiles so he can heal Athena. On the EP, Luke avoids death due to having a lance equipped and MU counters the enemy knight.


Merric moves below MU and finishes the knight. MU attacks the myrm. Wrys heals Caeda. Luke chips the archer and Caeda kills for another level. Athena moves there so Wrys can heal her next turn. On the EP, the archer will attack Merric and the myrm will suicide.


Wrys heals Athena and then it's just killing Cain and a lone archer.

Level ups:


Oh yea, MU is blessed... and these random RES procs...

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[spoiler=P-8 9/33 turns]

Deployed: Ogma, Athena, Wrys, Luke, Caeda, Merric


Pulled RHS bandit/hunter duo. Marth and Athena get hit by thieves on the EP. Marth gets Athena's thief and MU gets Marth's. Luke and Caeda both get non-thief kills, Merric chipped the hunter so Caeda could kill. Wrys healed Marth. Athena and Ogma will heal on turn 2 (the latter being on the throne).


MU almost died doing the LHS bandit pull on turn 2. MU moves and uses a vulnerary. Athena moves to counter the RHS reinforcement thief moving up. Merric chips the bandit for Marth to kill. Wrys moves behind Marth and heals him again. I ran into some instances where the enemy thief reinforcement would have the SPD to double and ORKO Marth if he wasn't at full HP. Wrys pulls the hunter so I can kill it without being in the Silver axe bandit's range. Caeda is safely tucked away. This is kind of nice because it forces the LHS thief to attack MU.


MU killed Athena's thief while Caeda with a Steel lance OHKO'd MU's thief. Marth and Luke combined for the hunter kill. Ogma stole all of Caeda's weapons so the bandits would attack Merric. On turn 5 Ogma moved 1U. Merric moved up next to Ogma, took Caeda's weapons and healed. Wrys also healed Merric. A bunch of people moved but we end up with this position.


Caeda was still unequipped so the bandits still targetted Merric. Also the bandits moved before the thieves and no one ORKO's MU, that's why MU lives. These are probably like the most symmetrical screenshots you will ever see from me. Totally by accident. Athena moved onto the RHS pillar. Marth and Luke both killed the bandits. MU and Caeda both got thieves.


On the EP, Athena obviously didn't dodge. Luke kills the bandit. Ogma weakens the other bandit for MU to kill. Caeda kills the RHS mage. Merric + Marth team up for the LHS mage. Wrys healed Athena who moved and used a vulnerary.


Just a bunch of movement. Oh, I should've probably mentioned this before but it doesn't matter what side you pull, the strat doesn't require either of the Levin!Thieves to have 13 SPD or Merric to have 11 SPD. Instead Caeda just gets no kills from this last pull.


MU killed Merric's Levin sword thief. Wrys healed Caeda who then attacked the other Levin thief and Merric finished it off. Ogma and Luke killed one of the thieves. Marth killed Caeda's silver sword thief. Athena killed Katarina.

I had some opportunities to feed kills to long-term units but I don't think I could get them consistently so I didn't take advantage of them.

Level ups:


MU still blessed... Caeda still randomly proccing RES (this was one of the things I could've taken advantage of but chose not to). Luke is close to his average minus the whole crap LUK thing.

Final thing, I kept track of Sword ranks for Luke and Marth. Marth has 44 and Luke has 58. This will be important... probably.

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[spoiler=C1 6/39 turns]

I really hope no one has been able to do this map in 6 turns as reliably as this. I'm going to semi-rage if this has already been done.

10000 G Starting Bank

Bought Draco shield, Angelic Robe, Speedwing, Javelin, Iron axe

1430 G Remaining

Dracoshield, Angelic Robe, Speedwing -- MU

Maturity Drop -- Marth

RPs (71 Remaining): Marth, MU, Luke, Gordin, Draug, Arran (use on turn 2 -- read for details)

Deployed: Cav!MU, Merc!Luke, Hunter!Gordin, PK!Cecille, Curate!Rody, General!Arran, Cav!Draug, Ryan

So initially did this chapter with a MU that could double Lorenz. But since Knight!MU's shouldn't be able to double Lorenz I decided to go back into my P-8 turn 8 save and reset until MU didn't get a SPD level and demonstrate the strategy with that MU.


This is after the Angelic Robe, Dracoshield, and Speedwing. Even with a RP usage MU can't double Lorenz.


So the bandit in the first screenshot needs 6 crit so people don't die. In the second screenshot Luke killed the bandit and Draug moves to shield him from the bandit nearby who will be left alive on the EP. Draug with RP has 5 LUK.


Arran and Marth a bandit. As does MU. I should mention here that my Ryan proc'd STR on his level so I wasn't mandated to use the RP on Ryan. I only needed it on Gordin.


As expected the bandit is drawn by Arran's 4 LUK and tries to go for the crit-kill.

He failed... obviously.

The hunter attacked Draug because somehow Cav!Draug has lower DEF than Marth. The bandit near the village could only attack MU and MU counter killed him. Marth recruits Malicia. MU kills the bandit next to Arran and Malicia heals him. Arran moves, uses the RP on this turn and gets healed. I had Gordin buy a Javelin and an Iron axe for the next chapter as well.


On turn 3, MU moves into range to engage two bandits, Marth full moves on this turn. Luke moves and receives a heal from Malicia (This is important for the next turn.)


Luke kills the hunter on the fort. If he misses one of the hits, Gordin can take a shot with an Iron bow to try to save the 6-turn. RP Arran with an Iron bow + base STR RP Marth with Steel can combine for a 2HKO against bandits. Marth is doubling in the screenshot but it doesn't matter.


After Malicia and Rody patch MU up, he kills the bandit. Gordin moves 1D of Arran. (He just needs to be on an equivalent tile so he can reach Lorenz on turn 6.) On the EP, Luke gets hit (which is why he needed the heal). Luke kills the hunter.


Marth moves but not onto the save point. I had Malicia heal here but it doesn't really change anything. Cecille moves closer to the northern save point. Ryan uses the southern save point.


If MU is not doubling Lorenz (like in this case), Lorenz will likely be a 4HKO. I used the save point to rig the first two hits which are MU's Steel lance on the EP and Arran's Silver on PP 6.


Cecille uses the other save point. Gordin chips with an Iron bow for 4 damage. I suck at basic math. I couldn't finish him off with Iron and had to use Steel again.


See it's pretty reliable stuff right?

Lorenz has 42 HP, and 11 (+2) DEF which means that RP!Steel!Hunter!Gordin and RP!Silver!General!Arran contribute 21 damage to Lorenz' 42 HP. MU must make up the remaining 21 damage. After an RP there is no real reason why MU shouldn't be able to muster 24 Atk so two hits should do the trick. If you MU wasn't short a point of DEF like the one here was you could get an attack on PP 5 for some small amount of damage after the fort healing takes place and can get a hit on the EP as well. Fighter!MU's have two benefits on this map at the cost of realistically only being able to take one hit from Lorenz. They can use Iron lances for almost the same amount of damage as Knight!MU's Steel and they are more likely to double Lorenz and may not even need Gordin's inaccurate chip.

Anyway, Knight!MU will need a Speedwing and RP to double bandits on this map as a cavalier if he's strictly at his average or worse. The Speedwing isn't wasted since MU isn't a fast and could use the SPD buffer against a lot of bosses. The Dracoshield probably wasn't necessary right now, but I don't need the money for anything else and MU is going to get a Dracoshield at some point in the game. Angelic Robe is just a good idea to bring MU comfortably into 3HKO range.

As I mentioned before, this was a demonstration with a MU that couldn't double. The levels I'd gotten in the run I'm continuing with are:


Other than Marth's lack of STR I'm pretty happy with these levels.

Marth has 48 Sword rank.

Luke has 66 Sword rank.

This linking picture business takes forever. I'm probably going to significantly reduce the amount of screenshots I use and just summarize the strategy. Sounds good?

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This is why I don't like taking screenshots of my runs. If you're going to do something really crazy with unit positioning, a screenshot would be nice.

Why would you be upset if someone else did the same thing before you?

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So you want more screenshots? I thought I took enough screenshots to display the enemy attack ranges and everything nicely. Not all of the strategies I use will be positioning-intensive so I probably won't need that many screenshots.

Why would you be upset if someone else did the same thing before you?

Would be a shame if I did all that work figuring out a strategy and someone had beaten me to the punch. I'm fine with doing something someone has already done.

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You'd be disappointed. Your strat is new, but I haven't had an issue personally 6 turning C1 in practice runs. Never regret finding new strats or doing your own strats btw. That's part of being a LTC'er and innovation is awesome.

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On the topic of screenshots, when I used to do screenshot threads, I used to capture everything I deem important: Every level, every important move and notable things like Malicia being recruited etc. I then figure out what I want to actually use out of the pictures taken, upload those to photobucket in the order they happened (I used a special way to make photobucket put them in order right away) and I start putting them in the thread and saying something about them. That's a lot of work though.

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On the topic of screenshots, when I used to do screenshot threads, I used to capture everything I deem important: Every level, every important move and notable things like Malicia being recruited etc.

pffft levels aren't important

FE12 is a relatively simpler game than other FEs, so don't be surprised if a lot of your strategies have already been discovered (or nearly-discovered). for FE5, i shamelessly copied the existing SSS strats for most of the chapters, but it's really no less of an accomplishment.

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[spoiler=C2 6/45 turns]
Sold 80 uses of Iron sword
Forged +3 Mt, +10 Hit onto Iron axe (1600 G)
230 G Remaining
RPs (67 remaining): Marth, MU, Arran, Draug
Deployed: Pirate!MU, Cav!Draug, DK!Arran, Hunter!Luke, Gordin, Ryan, Malicia

I used Nessie's strategy of going through the middle with Pirate!MU. Normally I would have Cav!MU go along the right with Marth but I couldn't pass up ~16 Axe WEXP. I didn't have the bow forge so I lightly forged an Iron axe to kill a DK on EP 4.
Since the strategy is pretty much in Nessie’s H4 playlog I didn’t really bother with many of the screenshots. Most of them are for the DK slaying on turn 5.

Arran moved to the left. Turn 1 movement should get you this configuration of enemy hunters. From here it's pretty straightforward except the DK slaying and even then that's pretty straightforward too.

Draug and MU protect Marth from the DKs. MU kills a DK on the EP with the Iron axe forge + doubling.

Warren would help out with this DK but Arran crit so it wasn't necessary.

If I was short a point of damage Cord could kill.

Ryan helps Luke kill a DK. 4 DKs down so far.

Draug is just here for the cavalier.

Arran chip and kill. Arran needed to use a vulnerary on turn 4, so that after EP 4 combat and PP 5 fort healing he'd have enough to tank the boss.
I didn't need to do all this to clear out the DKs but I wanted to feed MU the kill since I'm going to promote him for C4.

I only fielded 8/9 units for this map. If I wasn't so insistent on feeding MU the boss I could've made it 7/9. Oh well.

Level ups:
Marth has 52 Sword WEXP.
Luke has 6 Bow WEXP.

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[spoiler=C3 17/62 turns]
Sold Bullion (S)
Bought Angelic Robe
Forged +1 Mt, +10 Hit Javelin (1875 G)
855 G Remaining
Angelic Robe -- Linde
Deployed: Cav!MU, DK!Arran, Hunter!Luke, Hunter!Gordin, Linde, Ryan, Malicia, Catria
RP (64 Remaining): Catria, Arran, Marth (before boss pull, but it was a waste since he wasn't doubling).

The most basic strategy is to have a DK slaying group at the starting position and have a small host escort Marth towards the villages and eventually rendezvous with Palla as she's being chased by cavaliers. I tried something different at first; had Pirate!MU move into the sea and just face-tank everything but it wasn't working out because the mountain DK cluster just kept moving north and harassing Palla. AFAIK the mountain DKs and the western sea DKs aggro together while the Master seal DK and the eastern sea DKs aggro together.

That's the spot I used to pull the mountain DKs away from Palla. I'm pretty sure you need to step a little bit into the range of the western sea DKs, the outermost range won't cut it. RP!Steel!Catria + Luke, Nos!Linde + Steel!Gordin + RP!Steel!Catria, and Steel!Ryan + Aura!Linde handle the DKs pretty easily. With all the Steel flying around the hit rates weren't good but what can I do?

The DK horizontally level to Arran here kind of surprised me but he's not scary as long if at least 4 of the DK slaying group can't be killed by him.

Ryan and Malicia were shielded by Linde, Gordin, Catria and Luke. These two aren't much trouble to handle. I messed up the positioning of Linde last turn and then again on this turn but some lucky level ups saved me.

Yea, due to the positioning error of Linde, Catria had to fight an axe DK on the EP but because Catria and Luke both got STR procs it was okay.

Due to not having Mend I had to delay the Master seal / eastern DK pull until turn 6 to give the DK slaying group some breathing room. But because of the Iron axe forge and the forged Javelin I could still get Marth the kill. MU missed 1/2 Javelins here. RP!Arran is actually 3HKO'd against max STR Master seal DKs if he fights at least one of the rounds with an axe.

Used the RP on Marth thinking he could double but he's level 9 with 11 SPD. I'm like 90 percent sure I gave him the Maturity drop.
I saw the pull configuration in one of Balcerzak's youtube videos.

Exp whoring at its finest. I think I got 9 exp for this. Arran killed the ballista.

MU hit B lances so trade-chained Arran's Silver lance. Fed Palla the boss. MU doesn’t need the exp anymore.

I expended quite a few vulneraries in this chapter building Marth's sword rank. And I had to use vulneraries on Linde to keep her healthy too since I didn't have Mend; that being said I am a cheap-ass and probably won't buy more in C5. Gotta save money for that armourslayer forge and boosters for Sirius and Catria.

Level ups:

Marth has 64 Sword WEXP.
Luke has 12 Bow WEXP.

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[spoiler=C3x 6/68 turns]
Deployed: Cav!MU, Archer!Luke, Palla, Linde, Malicia
RP (63 Remaining): Palla
Luke has Taurus

This map is pretty easy since Linde's EP is monstrous and MU is like 3-4HKO'd. Actually since both Linde and MU were present I was able to shoehorn Luke in the map for 8 Bow WEXP.
Rapier!Marth and Aura!Linde teamed up for a knight. Malicia healed Marth. Palla chipped a knight with the forged Javelin while being outside of the archers' ranges and Steel!MU + Luke killed another knight. The remaining knight suicides to Linde while the two archers attack Marth and then Luke. Luke with Taurus has higher DEF than Marth. That's why this works.

The rest of this map is pretty straightforward. Marth just moves far enough up to seize on turn 6. Palla saves Wrys and occupies the fort on turn 4, etc.
Let this fort spawn a knight though for exp and WEXP and Malicia staff rank. Malicia hit B staves on this map btw.

MU killed Marth's knight and levelled up and Marth seized.

Level ups:
Awesome levels all around. I'm too lazy to check if MU is at his average but I think he's still a bit blessed. Not sure.

Marth has 68 Sword WEXP.
Luke has 20 Bow WEXP.

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Ogma beasting pretty hard here. A 5 turn seems possible with a Rescue use on MU on turn 2.

[spoiler=C4 6/74 turns -- 1 Rescue]
Master seal -- MU
Deployed: DK!MU, Archer!Luke, Cav!Catria, DK!Arran, Julian, Wrys, Palla, Linde, Malicia
RP (62 Remaining): Ogma (turn 1)
Linde has Taurus

Cleared everyone out except this one bandit who has 2 options for targets on the EP. Luke has roughly the same DEF as Palla, is on a fort and is not at WTD...
Gotta love Linde's huge Aura chip. Lady!Catria also not bad. I left the armourslayer thief alone for now; he'll move back up soon.

Ogma in position to draw a bandit after using the RP. Castor got an Iron bow from Marth.

So the Devil thief moved back since we had already visited the village. Catria chips the thief. Luke kills the bandit.

MU moves to eliminate bandits en route to Marth and heals. Linde is placed in range of the Devil thief. As in C3x she is a magnet when it comes to EPs.
Base Linde with an Angelic Robe needs 1 HP/DEF to survive max STR Devil thieves. My level 7 Linde didn't get such a stat proc so I had to have Taurus on her. The Taurus shard would, under other circumstances, be on MU.

RP!Ogma doubles for a considerable amount of damage, even Yubello can kill the bandit now. Yumina heals Ogma who chips the thief for Marth to kill.

On the EP, Linde sends the Devil sword to the convoy. This turned out not to be needed.

Um.. I think I lost an image or I forgot to screenshot. On the EP here Castor countered with the Iron bow. On the PP Yubello chips the enemy hunter with Fire for Marth to kill. Ogma retrieved the Devil sword and Yumina healed him.

The armourslayer thief needs to be dealt with now. Julian moves onto the fort to take the hit. Julian at base is fast to enough to avoid being doubled and durable enough to avoid being OHKO'd. Technically, my Luke can tank two hits just fine. I also messed up Linde's positioning here. She's supposed to be 1D of the rightmost fort so Malicia can move onto the fort and heal her on this turn and the next. Oh well.


MU moves into range of 2 of the enemies and a bandit about to spawn from the fort and heals. (Technically he's in range of some enemies to the south but he isn't in their aggro range.) The bandit from the fort will attack Lady!Catria. MU then kills the hunter blocking Marth's path.

Ogma recruits Sirius, gives him the Devil sword and attacks the bandit for Marth to kill.

Catria finishes the bandit off. Arran will block off the fort. (Arran used the save point on the turn before. Yea, he didn't do a whole lot this map.)

Luke and Linde kill the Armourslayer thief. After this Wrys and Malicia plug up the forts.

Palla didn't do much after she killed the hunter on turn one. But she's back to help out with the boss area. She kills the hunter and MU kills the handaxe bandit. If MU had attacked the Silver axe bandit he wouldn't have the HP to tank the boss on the next turn. With a RP use on MU or MU having Taurus you could kill whichever one. Sirius moves up, as does Marth. I had Ogma use the save point on this turn since Sirius was facing crit chances on the EP.

Catria chips the bandit in front of Sirius and Palla kills it.
Iron axe forged for accuracy improves the probability to kill significantly. I think my MU is slighly SPD blessed and he's only barely doubling. My MU with Taurus and a Silver lance could combine with Devil!Sirius for the kill if MU wasn't doubling. And I always have the RP available so the kill isn't that hard to get. Marth seizes on turn 6.

Level ups:
Marth has 74 Sword WEXP. I'm going to stop keeping track of Marth's Sword WEXP. He almost has C and he almost definitely won't hit B.
Luke has 26 Bow WEXP.

For C5, can someone confirm that the Snipers move more or less randomly when you pull them? I can't get them to stick to one configuration.

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So I was having difficulty trying to control the snipers; a lot of my units were levelling up and I wasn't sure if the level ups were what was causing the snipers to be so inconsistent. It turns out it's not really the level ups, the snipers themselves are mostly just random. I had Arran use the save point on the same turn I pulled the snipers and I found they like to move into annoying configurations most of the time.

Like most sane people, I didn’t recruit Rickard in this chapter.

[spoiler=C5 9/83 turns -- 1 Rescue]

Sold Bullion (S)

Bought 2 Door Keys

Forged +3 Mt, +5 Hit Armourslayer (4000 G)

1255 G Remaining

Deployed: DK!MU, DK!Sirius, DK!Arran, Cav!Catria, Cav!Caeda, Myrm!Luke, Palla, Malicia, Linde, Ogma

RPs (58 Remaining): MU, Palla, Catria, Luke

MU has Taurus


I traded Barst the Iron axe forge that he'll need later. Catria and Palla in position to eliminate two of the mages. On the following turn everything was cleared out except for a cavalier who would suicide to Caeda. I think I gave Linde or Catria the lower thief. Arran just moved near the save point. You guys can say what you want about Arran not being that useful past C3 but he’s a 10 MOV unit that can move to key positions and use save points in short time spans. The headache he saves really is understated.


MU had killed the Master seal thief while being on the save point (credit to Nessie for this, never would’ve thought to put a flier anywhere near bows on H3). This was the configuration I used. Linde will only be attacked by one sniper and she had 11 or 12 SPD. I had Arran use the save point on this turn so I could reset from it in case I got a crappy enemy configuration. Some of these included Jeorge moving and then two of the snipers moving adjacent to him so that no flier could attack the other snipers. In some cases Jeorge even moved too far west so that I couldn't surround him without pulling the DKs.


This was the most common configuration I saw, also the one I used.


Barst + Linde take the sniper Linde pulled.


Marth gets fed a kill.


Catria moved next to Jeorge and chipped a sniper for Palla to finish off.


Sirius and Luke team up for the last sniper we need to kill. Malicia, Caeda and Ogma finish boxing in Jeorge. Arran makes his way back up to eventually help keep Jeorge surrounded.


I initially had MU run into all the DKs and it worked but the bishop kept wasting my physic charges. I had Sirius pull one closer to the land for Luke to kill.


Luke took out the DK that Sirius drew, while Palla took Taurus and killed a DK. If Palla can’t ORKO the DK with RP and Taurus, you could have Arran toss a Javelin and she should be able to do it. Sirius then took Taurus and killed the DK that MU weakened for him. Sirius will need Taurus to perform his duties. During this time Catria is taking care of the bishop, Linde is chipping away at Jeorge, Marth is heading to the village and Malicia + Caeda are heading south to the forts.


Sirius is placed where he is so that when the Javelin knight (the southern one) attacks, he won't move and risk obstructing Marth's path to the gate.


The eastern most knight will suicide to Caeda. The northern knight suicides to Sirius and the southern (Javelin) knight will remain stationary and attack Sirius. Sirius' LUK stat drew the sniper towards MU so he could kill it. Caeda helps Malicia rescue Marth to the right square. Sirius buys the door keys and Marth seizes.

Level ups:


Luke has 72 Sword WEXP.

This map is pretty flexible when it comes to positioning and you can do a few things to get Malicia additional exp and save on vulneraries. I probably didn’t need to use RPs on 4 people; could’ve got away with just MU but enemy positions were giving me a headache.

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Catria's early game is so shaky. This is basically her last chance to become self-sufficient. I gave her an Energy drop, RP, both shards and the forged Javelin.
Barely ORKOing max HP/DEF mages.

Anyway, I used a variant of the standard strategy. Opened the door on turn 4 where MU + Linde blew up the sniper. Catria killed the Physic!Bishop and then the Swarm!Bishop to avoid annoying heals. Sirius ORKO'd Lang. Marth was rescued on turn 6 to seize.
I considered opening the other door to fight the Hero but that would make the LHS considerably less reliable. Looking back at this map though I think maybe sending Malicia into Swarm range to just heal Catria would’ve saved physic charges.

[spoiler=C6 6/89 turns -- 1 Rescue]
Sold 140 Iron sword, 130 Steel sword, 80 Iron lance, 40 Iron axe, 35 Steel axe, 65 Steel bow
Bought Energy Drop, Speedwing
284 G Remaining
Speedwing -- Sirius
Energy Drop -- Catria

Deployed: Hero!MU, Pal!Sirius, Cav!Palla, Hunter!Luke, Bishop!Arran, Cav!Caeda, Catria, Malicia, Linde, Julian
RPs (56 Remaining): Catria, Sirius
Catria has Gemini and Taurus

I'm really glad I didn't pass up the axe rank in C2; I got hand axe usage on this map. Sirius (armouslayer forge equipped), Caeda and Catria (who used a purewater take hits on the EP. I used the unforged Javelin for this and some of the hits were shaky but I figured it's better to use the save point later. Devil!Marth with both shards can OHKO mages so Catria only needs to kill one of the mages on the EP.

Julian moved towards Rickard. Had Marth trade Catria the forge so she can more reliably hit the bishops as well as a vulnerary to heal. Catria then moves up towards the bishops and heals.
Catria leveled up on the EP and she gained STR; with the forge she has 20 Atk. Neither of the bishops have max HP/DEF combinations so she ORKOs both. The plan was to have Catria use EP 3 and EP 4 to kill the Physic!Bishop. Once that was done she'd have PP 5, EP5 and PP 6 to kill the Swarm!Bishop. I was going to have Julian and Marth use vulneraries to tank the Swarms as they'd have more than enough time to get the chests but Catria had other ideas.

Having handaxes was really nice. I could handle every enemy configuration and still conveniently have Arran heal wounded units. Linde's positioning here is important for turn 4. Malicia healed Caeda before taking out the left knight after MU + Linde took out the right. Sirius OHKO'd a mage. Palla set up a kill for Luke; I was so surprised she couldn't double.

On turn 3, Catria moves up the to Physic!Bishop and heals. Marth gets Barrier. Julian recruits Rickard and heals. MU, Linde, Sirius, Arran and Caeda all move up while Malicia, Luke and Palla move back to the middle. Frey used the save point on this turn.

Sirius opens the door. MU and Linde blow up the sniper. (Average Knight!MU turned Hero should be able to double with a RP but I didn't need it since mine had a Speedwing.) Caeda recruits Samto and then Arran heals her. The placement of Linde on turn 2 is important as she needs at least that close to the door to be able to hit the sniper. Linde is legit.

Pretty reliable kill here. I wish I didn't have Marth take the other Javelin because Catria spent some time doing nothing later on. Would've been nice if she missed so she could at least chip for exp.

Palla moved there. Again I failed to realize she couldn't double so I had to use a physic to get her up to full HP otherwise she won't be able to tank both of the soldiers in range. Luke counters the Javelin soldier on the EP.

Had Marth move here and heal to pull the longbow archer so Catria would have something to kill. He already got the shard. I think I had forgotten to actually acquire the bullion on this map until now.

On turn 5 everyone but Arran (who healed Sirius) full moved to get this positioning. Samto is still near the save point. Linde moved back towards Luke to eventually steal a kill from him.

Caeda killed a knight while MU killed the bishop. Arran rescued Marth. Samto used the save point to rig the two armourslayer forge hits.
The probability of this kill is roughly 50% (barring a first hit critical). I don't want do the math accounting for the critical chances but it's roughly on par with the Wing spear + Javelin combo and it's worse than the Wing spear + Bow combo.

Level ups:
Luke has 32 Bow WEXP.

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