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ASM That Changes The Default Options

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This sets the following options when the ASM is called in your custom events:

Animation - 2 (Display backgrounds)

Game Speed - Fast

Text Speed - Max

Terrain - On

Unit - Panel

Combat - Strat

Show Objective - On

Subtitle Help - Off

Auto Cursor - Off

Autoend Turns - On

Music - On

Sound Effects - On

Window Color - 3

How to use:

If you like the current options, skip to Step 9.

If you don't like these options, you can change them. Here's how:

1) Open your ROM in Visual Boy Advance.

2) Start a chapter.

3) Go into the options menu.

4) Set your desired options.

5) Go to Tools -> Memory Viewer

6) Go to 0x0202BC38. The first three bytes show the values for your current options.

7) Open up my ASM dump that you downloaded on this thread.

8) Change the following bytes. Shown below:


Red is the first byte. Blue is the second. Green is the third.

9) Insert the DMP into the desired location of your ROM using a Hex Editor

10) Call the ASM code in your custom events using "ASMC [Offset of inserted ASM]+1"

I made this ASM with guidance from Nintenlord's hacking notes.

Edited by MarkyJoe1990

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I think it's more to set the default options at the very beginning of the game (instead of having the... default defaults), not enforce them throughout the game

I -think-

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I'm pretty sure they do the exact same thing, just that MarkyJoe's hack accounts for more than just autocursor (and the other options that Brendor's hack inadvertently affected)

Still, it should be useful to at least have text scroll = fast in the opening scenes of any hack.

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I should probably make more assembly hacks. -shrug- I need ideas.

So I'm guessing the ASMC should be the first thing in the opening scene of the prologue.

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