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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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my friend braided my hair earlier into one of those complex braids and when i undid it my hair got all wavy and pretty but now it's straight again and im stressed

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do people not understand that earphones mean "don't talk to me"

Holy shit you do not understand just how much I feel this fucking feel

"Yes I am in the corner on my laptop with earphones COME OVER AND TALK TO ME TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT I'M DOING, PLEASE I INSIST"

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i'm like curious about AoT but then i read that the guy literally sold out

like "i was going to have a grim ending and people were gonna die but then i got popular and i can't make millions of people cry!!" sold out in an interview

so fuck that

lol no respect
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you need to lay down

I'll show you violence

*swings a flank of beef around*

that doesnt sound violent

that sounds tasty

mm beef

I'm not so sure if that's such a good thing.

/me stares at your avatar before it's too late

save it

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