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  1. 1. How can Kim be the getaway driver when she's not tall enough to see the road? Also applies to Kitty being the lookout.
  2. 4. if you had to rename all of your friends(legally/officially) or get shot, whose old name would you miss the most?
  3. AMAZING SPONSORED QUESTION NUMBER 3. How would you convince me to join All-Stars 2?
  4. 2. if sylv cheated and repeated a question she had already asked you, intending to fool you, do you think you'd notice?
  5. lol nah fuck off with that I'll call it how I see it I mean if you want me to get that shit right you just said it was an unneeded opinion anyways, so you must know digging into someone who's already mentioned feeling pathetic after an absence isn't the way to go about that business I know sylv doesn't deal with that stuff well, so I'm probably speaking out of turn so no one sends her packing where she came from, as getting scrutinized for posting about what you enjoy by everyone even in your absence and as soon you come back tends to do I'm sorry that it only comes in the form of mouthing off, but with what I know it's something I have to say cuz they're not saying it themselves
  6. i don't think offering that after being like "hey i potentially think your problems are nonsense what's wrong" is any kind of endearing
  7. also im very happy u had a reaction picture for this this also u but with seventeen
  8. i dont need to come up w/ it if it's the truth
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