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Remember this?

Got'm, coach.

doc link


The patch is currently set to be written to 0xD01000, let me know if you need assistance in writing it somewhere else (the reason i didn't use my patcher + script is because the way the "link" is done is pretty specific in this case).

It's "prelimfix" because I have plans to make the fix more extensive - I'm going to see if I can't compress the data table in memory a bit more and eliminate the last few bugs.

Contrary to what the title may imply, this fix doesn't actuall have anything to do with the IIBF patch included in FEditor


- Icons 0xB0 through 0xB7 may encounter issues if they happen to be loaded in an inconvenient order (for example, if icon 0xB0 is loaded first, there may be undefined behavior). I would recommend not using those indices, but if it's necessary keep it in mind.

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So was it some hardcoded BS for items beyond a certain index like I thought or what?

e: oh the icons were being cached and the cache wasn't allocated enough space.

Uh you allocated more space for it I hope

you should

do that

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I think I remember this problem, but it was solved a long time ago by someone, I guess it got lost in time and forums

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