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I hope it's not just me, but this topic seems broken to me.
I saw Kirie reply here last night and the latest reply was nekogami92.

I saw LucinaOfYlisse reply just earlier and the latest reply is nekogami92 again.


Or am I crazy. 
EDIT: Okay, posting revealed Page 57. Jesus christ :l

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7 hours ago, TheVinceKnight said:

I hope it's not just me, but this topic seems broken to me.
I saw Kirie reply here last night and the latest reply was nekogami92.

I saw LucinaOfYlisse reply just earlier and the latest reply is nekogami92 again.


Or am I crazy. 
EDIT: Okay, posting revealed Page 57. Jesus christ :l

Yeah this is a kind of bug with the new forum software. Sometimes it doesn't want to show new pages.

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I'm back from the dead and with a new list!

+1 yunjaelove, sorry for the long overdue credit.

As of right now, cards that I have to trade/sell are:


I have most N & HN cards from series 1 through 7, so message me ahead of time to check and see if I have the cards you're looking for.

Series 1:
B01-040R Catria

Series 2:
B02-004R Azura
B02-010SR Takumi
B02-014R Saizo
B02-024R Oboro
B02-028R Subaki
B02-043R Asugi
B02-093R Forrest
B02-095R Soleil
B02-097R Ophelia

Series 3:
B03-036R Jil
B03-043R Tibarn
B03-044R Naesala
B03-045R Reyson x2
B03-046R Leanne x2
B03-047SR Black Knight
B03-083R Silas
B03-091R Nina

Series 4:
B04-009R Mamori
B04-055R Kiria
B04-070R Gaius
B04-087R Inigo
B04-092R Cynthia

Series 5:
B05-022R Shanna
B05-046R Juno

Series 6:
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn
B06-036R Sylvia
B06-038R Erin
B06-040R Bridget
B06-066R Effie

Series 7:
B07-017R Serra
B07-032R ???
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-068R Hana
B07-076R Silas

P03-015PR Azura - white

Sleeves: (unless it says "unopened", these sleeves are loose)
1x Unopened pack of White Sprites C89 Pixel Box Sleeves
1x Unopened pack of Holy Wars Booster Sleeves
64x What Sprites - C89 Pixel Box
64x Blue Sprites - C89 Pixel Box
61x Male Characters - C89 Character Box
63x Female Characters - C89 Character Box
66x Blue/Male Protagonists 25th Anniversary
67x Pink/Female Heroine 25th Anniversary
1x Fates Hoshido Booster Sleeves
3x Awakening Booster Sleeves
3x Sword of Seals Booster Sleeves
4x Holy Wars Booster Sleeves
5x Lucina Series 4 Sleeves

Cards I want:


My biggest priority at the moment is to finish the earlier card sets. I don't want to fall behind on my collecting as new series are released. However, I'm still interested in collecting the newer series, so don't be afraid to offer! As Ive said before, the worse I can say is no :D

Series 1:
B01-001SR+ Marth
B01-004SR+ Caeda (Pending)
B01-054SR+ Lucina

Series 2:
B02-012SR+ Sakura
B02-051SR+ Corrin (f)
B02-056SR+ Xander
B02-062SR+ Elise

Series 3:
B03-001SR+ Ike
B03-004SR Elincia (Pending)
B03-021SR+ Mia
B03-047SR+ Black Knight
B03-078SR+ Azura
B03-085SR+ Flora (Pending)

Series 4:
B04-001SR+ Tsubasa
B04-018SR+ Marth
B04-051SR+ Itsuki
B04-063SR+ Lucina (Pending)
B04-065SR+ Robin (m)

Series 5:
B05-001SR+ Roy
B05-022R+ Shanna
B05-034SR Fir
B05-046R+ Juno
B05-048SR Narcian (Pending)
B05-048SR+ Narcian
B05-051SR+ Michaiah
B05-073R+ Nailah (Pending)
B05-074R+ Elincia
B05-086SR+ Sanaki
B05-089SR Ike
B05-090R+ Soren (Pending)
B05-098R+ Kurthnaga
B07-002R+X Eliwood

Series 6:
B06-001SR+ Sigurd
B06-008R+ Eldigan
B06-010R+ Ethlyn
B06-012R+ Finn
B06-024SR Ayra (Pending)
B06-031R+ Raquesis
B06-047SR Arvis
B06-051SR+ Xander
B06-054SR+ Camilla
B05-056SR+ Leo
B06-058SR+ Elise
B06-064R+ Niles (Pending)
B06-070R+ Felicia
B06-072R+ Flora
B06-076SR Charlotte (Pending)
B08-052R+X Seliph (Pending)

Series 7:
B07-001SR Eliwood
B07-001SR+ Eliwood
B07-004SR Hector (Pending)
B07-004SR+ Hector
B07-015R Florina (Pending)
B07-017R+ Serra
B07-024R Rebecca (Pending)
B07-041R Jaffar (Pending)

B07-041R+ Jaffar
B07-051SR Ryoma (Pending)
B07-051SR+ Ryoma
B07-054SR+ Hinoka
B07-056SR+ Takumi
B07-058SR+ Sakura
B07-060R+ Saizo
B07-062R+ Kagero
B07-064R+ Setsuna (Pending)
B07-072R Jakob (Pending)
B07-084R Shiro (Pending)
B07-093R+ Sumeragi (Pending)
B07-097SR Anankos (Pending)
B09-054R+X Roy (Pending)

P05-009PR Corrin (f)
P05-010PR Corrin (m)
P05-011PR Felicia (Pending)
P05-012PR Flora (Pending)

P05-015PR Micaiah (willing to buy with guide)
P06-003PR ??? (Pending)
P06-004PR Charlotte (Pending)
P06-005PR Deirdre (Pending)
P06-007PR Leo (Pending)
P06-008PR Felicia (Pending)
P06-009PR Sigurd (Pending)

P06-010PR Ayra
P07-002PR Seliph/Camilla Holo Marker (Pending)
P07-003PR ??? (Pending)
P07-004PR Oboro (Pending)
P07-006PR Hector (Pending)
P07-006PR Nino (Pending)
P07-007PR Takumi (Pending)
P07-008PR Sakura (Pending)
P07-009PR Lyn (Pending)
P07-010PR Hinoka (Pending)
P07-011PR Camilla (Pending)
P07-012PR Cain (Pending)
P07-013PR Abel (Pending)
P07-014PR Ryoma (Pending)
P07-015PR Xander (Pending)

P07-016PR Lyn (willing to buy with guide book)
P07-017PR Sakura
P07-018PR Elise

Marker Cards:
Marth & Lucina Gold Back
Micaiah/Sothe/Sanaki/Sigrun (Pending)
Sigurd/Deirdre/Ayra/Levin (Pending)
Xander/Perri/Effie/Charlotte (Pending)

Seliph/Chrom/FE0 Heroes/FE0 Mascots

Sleeves (I only need 1 of each):
Lyn Series 7
Eliwood Series 7
Ryoma Seres 7
Hana Series 7
Blazing Sword Series 7 Booster

FE0 Guide Book Series 5 w/ Micaiah Promo
FE0 Guide Book Series 7 w/Lyn Promo
C91 Character Box Complete (Pending)
C91 Pixel Box Complete (Pending)

Edited by oh.glory
Updated it with pending trades/transactions.

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I'm on the hunt for a mint pack of Eliwood Sleeves, but being as I lack anything to trade with, I'd be trading with $$. Is anyone within the Continental US selling?

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OK, I have not been on for.. maybe half a year or more so I have some rating to give back. I have been doing dealings on eBay and some peoples names do not match that on here. So if you have purchased from me or I have purchased from you and recognize the name Collector3571 then let me know your eBay name on a private message and I will give you feedback points as needed.

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Woah the site layout changed o-o

Updated my lists with what I have. 

Wants list:


P03-011 Summer Sakura
P05-009 F! Corrin
P05-010 M! Corrin
P05-011 Felicia
P05-012 Flora
P05-015 Micaiah
P06-009 Sigurd
P06-010 Ayra
001 SR+ Eliwood
004 SR+ Hector
015 R+ Florina
017 R+ Serra
041 R+ Jaffar
051 SR+ Ryoma
058 SR+ Sakura
062 R+ Kagero
Series 6:
004 SR+ Deirdre
051 SR+ Xander
054 SR+ Camillla
056 SR+ Leon
058 SR+ Elise
070 R+ Felicia
072 R+ Flora
Series 5:
001 SR+ Roy
022 R+ Shanna
034 SR Fir
038 R+ Thite
046 R+ Juno
048 SR+ Narshen
051 SR+ Micaiah
086 SR+ Sanaki
Series 3:
001 SR+ Ike
006 SR+ Mist
021 SR+ Maya
Series 2:
001 SR+ M!Kamui
006 SR+ Ryoma
012 SR+ Sakura
051 SR+ F!Kamui
062 SR+ Elise
Series 1:
001 SR+ Marth
004 SR+ Caeda
022 SR+ Navarre
059 Lissa R+
Lucina Marker (dot set)
Flora Marker(dot set)
Black Knight Marker (dot set)
Anna(dot set)
None at the moment


For Trade/Sell



4 complete Series 5 H/HN sets
4 complete Series 6 H/HN sets
02-002 F!Kamui x 2
03-002 Tsubasa x 2
03-001 Itsuki
04-001 Roy
Vol. 5 tournament pack x 1
P06-003 Arden x 2
Series 7:

015 Florina
041 Jaffar
047 Ursula
056 SR Takumi
060 Saizo
072 Jakob
076 Silas
084 Shiro

Series 6:
B06-008 R Eldigan x 2
B06-010 R Ethyln x 6
B06-012 R Finn x 2
B06-036 R Sylvia x 4
B06-038 R Fury?
B06-040 R Bridget x 2
B06-045 R Mahnya x 2
B06-064 R Niles x 2
B06-066 R Effiex 2
B06-070 R Felicia x 4
B06-072 R Flora x 3
B06-082 R Siegbert x 2
B06-092 R Garon
Series 5:
B05-007 R Allen x 2
B05-009 R Lance
B05-017 R Deke x 2
B05-022 R Shanna
B05-025 R Lugh x 3
B05-038 R Tate x 2
B05-046 R Juno x 3
B05-057 R Edward x 2
B05-077 R Nephenee x 2
B05-080 R Lucia
B05-084 R Sigrun
B05-090 R Soren x 2
B05-098 R Kurthnaga x 3
Series 4:
B04-009 R Mamori
B04-013 R Yashiro x 2
B04-029 R Julian
B04-031 R Sirius
B04-035 R Feena
B04-038 R Merric
B04-045 R Hardin
B04-047 Michalis x 2
B04-059 R Eleonora
B04-070 R Gaius
Series 3
B03-025 R Marsha x 2
B03-032 R Nephenee
B03-036 R Jill
B03-043 R Tibarn
B03-045 R Reyson x 2
B03-062 R Kana
B03-072 Selkie
B03-069 R Mitama
B03-083 R Silas x 2
B03-086 R Kana
B03-091 R Eponine
B03-095 R Velour
Series 2:
B02-004 R+ Azura
B02-004 R Azura x 2
B02-024R Oboro x 2
B02-026 R Hana
B02-028 R Tsubaki x 3
B02-045 R Caeldori
B02-047 R Rhajat x 2
B02-054 R Azura
B02-064 R Laslow
B02-066 R Pieri
B02-070 R Selena x 2
B02-072 R Odin
B02-093 R Forrest
B02-095 R Soleil x 2
Series 1
B01-007 R Cain
B01-097 R+ Inigo
Marker cards
Azura black
**every traded card gets a free sleeve
Individual Male character sleeves c89
Individual Female character sleeves c89
Individual Sigurd Sleeves
Individual Dierde Sleeves
Individual Raquesis Sleeves
Individual Charlotte Sleeves
Individual Camilla Sleeves
A couple booster box sleeves (inquire if you have a specific set you are looking for)
Basilio Rubber strap






Edited by yunjaelove

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Right now I'm looking to buy a SR Hector from B07, 2x Christmas Camilla Markers, and maybe the HN/N set for B07 and B06(for the Holy War side) if anyone is selling them. This is on top of the never ending need for the Awakening/B03 Fates box topper sleeves.

The updated list of my haves and wants are below; my haves have not changed much since I haven't bought into the last few sets. 

Edited by Frayed Hero

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Looking to buy some cards. Included an image of the cards I want because I don't know their numbers. Sorry if this is against the rules or something.

I'm only looking for absolute mints. (Meaning there are no white scuffs on the edge. Even if it came straight out of the pack and was put into to a sleeve.)

PM me with the price! Paypal ready! Thanks!


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Hi all!

Long time lurker on the forum, but recently decided to start selling off my Cipher collection so here I am!

Currently, I have the following single cards available for sale:


B01-070 R+ Lon'qu
B02-001 SR Corrin
B02-056 SR Xander
B02-095 R+ Soleil
B05-007 R Alen
B05-017 R Dieck
B05-029 SR Rutger
B05-044 R Fae
B05-046 R Juno
B05-054 SR+ Sothe
B05-057 R Edward
B05-084 R Sigrun
B05-086 SR Sanaki
B05-098 R Kurthnaga
B07-017 R Serra
B07-022 R Lucius
B07-032 R Raven
B07-062 R Kagero
B07-064 R Setsuna
B07-068 R Hana
B08-052 R+X Seliph

I also have a bunch of promos, as well as all the theme decks from series 1 through 5. I plan on eventually selling off all of my almost complete collections for series 1-6 (plus the Birthright half of series 7) but ideally would want to do those as lots instead of selling them off as singles so PM if interested please!

Edited by eternalluciel

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Hi all, 

I am looking to get 2 loose copies of each of the 4 comiket91 sleeve designs. (Got Them)

I do have some loose comiket89 characters sleeves to trade for them if keen. If not I am willing to purchase them.

Do send me a pm if you have any to sell/trade. 

Many thanks for reading. 

Edited by wobblinghood

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So I'm travelling to the US next Thursday. I will post here what I have :

Shipping via First Class in a padded envelop will be $4 USD (unless it's dimensions are bigger and weights more than the First Class limit).

Comicket Boxsets. I have both of them, I'm selling everything except for the Promo and Marker Cards. Please PM offers.

N and HN Cards $20c Each

R Cards $1.25 Each

PR Cards $1 Each

Promo Set 5, 6 and Marker set $10 Each

Full N, HN, R Set 7 for $20 (2 sets available)

+ Cards $2 Each

Sakura SR | Accepting Offers


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