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8qXfZ1p5ggXrvQKQ5YuU9NMJy3hqc7zYYq2DuIEHae_URHF0-WAi6nawyQvyg7ctP4j-O2iCmr1P8S6JIomKwKNAMpt1nbp3qiBP8xgoPJ71ke3ra0d34cCFqpQ7ZHixYgongy9QBerwick saga?

4lt3brpp oBERWICK SAGA!!!

(Trying to test if something works)

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【うー!にゃー!】太陽曰く燃えよカオス 歌ってみた(生歌) - YuNi 【這いよれ!ニャル子さん】


This is the title of a video I accidentally found.


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That thing my brother had to attend today made me wonder if Garreg Mach has any DARE or anti drug/booze stuff.
Probably not? Everybody's like, at least junior age with the occasional sophomore
And Manuela drinks like a fish.
So does Jeralt
Also Rhea gives out "herbs" which people are making weed jokes about.
There may be sex ed in some form lol
Wonder if Hanneman would ask for a volunteer to provide a semen sample to figure out which percentage of that is crest genes. Lorenz is super conflicted right now lol. Sylvain, people think he's gonna be that guy, but he's like nope.

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"Eleanor! Lord Byleth!" The door flew open and another teacher ran in.

Byleth blinked. "Cyril? What's your issue?"

Cyril bowed. "A Golden Deer student is missing. Virgil Victor. He didn't show up for lunch and his friend Rhonda is worried sick."

"Son of Ignatz and Bernadetta." Byleth tilted his head to recall. Those two had been a slow burn...they were both introverts and didn't interact too much, or at least not that Byleth had seen. Clearly they had bonded without him noticing, when he learned that they had married and produced a child who was now enrolling, it was a nice surprise. "Rhonda Kirsten, daughter of Raphael and Leonie. Yes, those two are close like their fathers are. I'm not surprised she's worried sick."

"He's been gone all day!" Rhonda, a bulky girl with curly orange hair and round yellow eyes, walked in looking terrified. "I'm not allowed to look for him in the male dorms. Landon chased me out. He was holding a lance. A training one, but still! Astor says the Death Knight who terrorized Garreg Mach twenty years ago is back!"

Twenty years ago, the dorms were laid out differently. Nobles on the top floor and commoners on the bottom. Rhonda would be allowed then because she and Virgil were both commoners. Byleth was wondering if changing it to male dorms and female dorms because of his policy that everyone was of equal standing was really as effective as it seemed.

"I wouldn't believe a thing Young Master Hresvelg says." Cyril said. "All he does in my class is make up tall tales. Mostly about how his parents could beat everyone else's in a fight."

"At least he comes to your class!" Eleanor huffed. "He skips mine. Somebody needs to light a fire under his butt."

"He did that himself once. In the dining hall. With his fire magic. On burrito day." Rhonda butted in. "They had to hose him, and his chair and part of the table, down."


(sneak peek of Write Your Butt Off Entry?)

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