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Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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Everyone, I've just started to write the introductory cutscene of Chapter 16. Because of how sluggish/cumbersome Miiverse screenshot is, the potential difficulty going up for the last 10-11 chapters, and also my policy of resetting upon accidental death (and therefore having to start over my chapter run), I am going to further divide my posts with (Chapter x Intro cutscenes) -> (Chapter x gameplay/Outro cutscenes).

Also, in anticipation of possible upgrading my LP run into a WWII x FE Fates Conquest fanfiction (after completing my LP run), the whole thing will be more story-driven, and more text heavy. So, I may need all hands on deck for ideas on the remaining chapter's stories. If you have friends, it would be much appreciated if you can share my thread with them.

Link: serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64837 (add http:// at start)

Finally, for the intro of Chapter 16, I am thinking of a military ceremony to send off my crew over to the Pacific. This is also where the US Government starts to cast suspicion on Igor, and suspect a sabotage on the war effort. Furthermore, should I add some words of encouragement from my individual troops? (Like what Chrom had in the final scenes at Regna Ferox in FE Awakening Chapter 10?) Or maybe some cutscenes showing stuff similar to supports - except being less slice-of-life-ish stuff, and more war-related?

Also Postscript:

...have Mokushu be the Communist Chinese or Manchurians...

... I like Kotaro as Mao though. ...

I would like to know how Mokushu would work as Manchurians/Communist Chinese for Chapter 17. Is there

a particular battle you are thinking of? Sorry, my knowledge is very hazy here.

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The only significant event of the Chinese Civil War during WWII was the New Fourth Army Incident.

On the other hand, it was the Nationalists ambushing the Communists, which doesn't really reflect a RL equivalent if Mokushu is the CPC. Or perhaps Mokushu should instead be some other place in Southeast Asia instead?

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I guess you could have Stalin officially support the Chiang regime (he supported mostly Chiang for most of WWII) and in response Mao decides his best option is to go it alone now that the USSR had abandoned him.

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So let me get this straight:

@blah the Prussian: I know during the 30s, Mao's Communist China tacitly made Chiang's Nationnalists fight against the invading Japanese - and only the Eighth Route Army did any sort of resistance. (The Japanese Wikipedia even states that he even dealt with the Japanese in secret.) When he was in Yan'an in 1937, apparently he even cheered when the Japanese took over Nanjing from the Nationalists.

@Acacia Sgt: I've had a read; I didn't know that it was one where the Wehrmacht and the SS were pitted against each other. (And that the Americans fought alongside the latter.)

While I still have trouble trying to logically fit all of this in, shall I do the following?

  • Kotaro with Mao as the leaders of Mokushu/Communist China - as a rogue Allied nation that needs to be desciplined
  • Kohga as the USSR/Nationalists - except that they still exist at this time in the 20th Century, obviously
  • Kagero and Saizo as Japanese diplomats posted on their way to the USSR - as USSR haven't officially declared war against the Japanese yet. (Not until the last war days of August 1945.) As Communist China was alienated by the USSR, it decided to capture Kagero and Saizo (who were en route) with the pretext of "spying for the possible enemy".
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Allowing a little creative liberty, that scenario can work. Then again, trying to merge WWII and Conquest is already a creative liberty. lol

@Acacia Sgt: I've had a read; I didn't know that it was one where the Wehrmacht and the SS were pitted against each other. (And that the Americans fought alongside the latter.)

No, it was the Americans and Wehrmacht forces fighting the SS. Although, there was one SS officer that had befriended the POW's in the castle, and did helped them out as well when the POW's also joined the battle. Yeah, it ain't called the weirdest battle of WWII for nothing.

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Intermission 2: Silas Promotion

I completely forgotten that I promoted Silas during Dwyer's Paralogue I completed after Chapter 15. Here is the footage of Silas being promoted by Douglas.


In concurrence to this promotion, we have decided to present Sila with a new and better light tank.

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Congrats Silas, your M2 is now a M5 Stuart... wait... what was his tank again? XD

Umm, oh. Dear. I never even thought of the specifications when I started this LP. XD

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M-3 to M-24 standards. It's getting close to the end, folks.

Indeed, Feldmarschall. By the way, how did you go against Patton? I know that my real-life country should have listened to Yamamoto and not go against Nimitz! Also, any new news for your 20th Century Alternate History that you started writing ages ago?
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Chapter 16: The Hoshido Invasion - Part 1: Stars and Stripes Forever

Whew, well that took ages to prepare... Okay, I'm going to add the main gameplay later. Here is the intro to Chapter 16!

Departure Preparation



So all of us flew to Pearl Harbour, where reconstruction has been taking place amongst the dockyards. I first met with both father, Iago, and Johnny at the dockyards.


"Good to have everyone here," Garon said in a deep voice. "We are now in the eleventh hour. Soon, we shall push back the Hoshidans out from their overseas colonies, and eventually back to their Home Islands. Our army will set up base here in Pearl Harbour and immediately send troops to Hoshido. If we catch them by surprise, we may be able to secure a win early on. Hisashi, I'm putting you in charge of the Hoshidan infiltration."

"As you and wish, Father," I replied. "Glory to Nohr."

"Hmm...good boy. In the meantime, I will return to Washington and monitor the situation from there and send more soldiers when the time is right. Iago, Hans, you two will come with me."

"Certainly, kommander," Hans (Johnny) replied.


"Commander Garon, before we leave, I just have a question for Lord Hisashi; please excuse me for a second," Iago requested, with a sinister grin. He then turned to me, Douglas, and Chester. "Lord Hisashi, I must ask... Where exactly did you and Lady Azura disappear to a couple of days before?"

"Oh? Surely you know," Douglas answered, with a incredulously frown.

"Was I not clear? Then I shall repeat myself," Iago replied, half-ignoring Doug. "I have received reports of you following Lady Azura into the stormy clouds during training. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I shudder to even suggest it, but in times like these… You weren't meeting with Hoshidan spies by any chance, were you?"

"Nothing of the sort. She and I were lost at sea…hehe," I said, with an accidentally chuckling. I could see Johnny tacitly pointing at Iago and then flipping the bird at him, heh.

"Hmph. You expect me to believe this mutt, Douglas?" But before he could finish his taunt, he suddenly turned around in shock. "Oh! Mr President, I uh... didn't know you were going to be here. Hehehe..."


"Iago, firstly, Hisashi and Azura were actually lost at sea in Bermuda. Secondly, whatever Hisashi or his members have done is no longer your concern," the President asserted.

"Oh? Well, with due respect, sir, I do have a duty to not let that mutt step out of-"


"Shall we make ourselves even clearer?" I looked around and saw Beruka and Camilla arming their weapons. I could see that they are more than displeased with Iago's obnoxious behaviour.


"Hey! Camilla, Beruka, back off!", General Marshall roared. "Iago! You too. Leave now!"

"Uhh, yes sir!", Iago stammered as he set afoot.

Then the President and the General turned to us. "Don't listen to that bastard," the General advised me. He acted as if he wanted to nail a notice on my head.

"If he hands out any orders or accusations to you, then I want you to verify what he said with either me or the President. Do not, under any circumstances, take Iago's words as they are."

"Uhh...and what would be the reason?" I asked.

"Well, I can't really say this in front of people, so I'll just wisper to you three." The President continued to watch at the four of us while General leaned over to our ears. He then whispered, "We are suspecting that Iago is sabotaging our war effort."


"What?!", Doug, Chester, and I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Hush! ...Anyway, we recently had some miscommunications between other fighting troops and the Pentagon. Iago is one of the higher-ups in the administration, and we had some irregular conduct from him as of late. Furthermore, there was an army veteran visit the FBI the other day."

"And?", Douglas asked, beckoning the President.

"The veteran came in claiming that a businessman approached him to join in a coup attempt against our government. I can't name names yet as we haven't drawn any conclusions yet. But the businessman and his partners had previously travelled to Europe, and had some irregularities with their travel documents."

"Has this got to do anything with the neo-Confederates over at South Carolina?", I asked.

"Quite possibly. We had the National Guard investigate the local banks which funded the uprising, and some of the money has been likely traced to some of the north-eastern states those businessmen ran their business in...But for both my sake and yours, keep your lips shut. In the meantime, I am going to transfer him over elsewhere in the Pentagon while we continue investigating."

"So, gentlemen," Leo called. "We're at the eleventh hour now."

"Yes, milord!", Odin replied with his usual bombastic enthusiasm. "I shall out-darken the pitch-black darkness of the Hoshidan souls!"

"Hehehe...I'm not too sure about the out-darking part. A radiant shine of our democracy is more effective against the dark," I suggested.

"Darkness or nothing, I'm sure looking forward to this," Niles replied, with his usual suggestive tone. They sure haven't changed, have they? "Well, even if I'm not, it is part of our duty to do our masters bidding."

"So, Leo, when do you reckon we have our ceremony?", I asked.

"Patience, Hisashi, patience," Leo chided. "...Huh? Hisashi! Behind you!!"



I quickly turned around, and saw a red-and black rifle butt swinging towards me. Before I knew it, I parried the rifle-butting. Now I saw whose prank this was.


"Hisashi, Leo, it has been too long!" It was our trusty and reliable elder brother, Xander! "And well done! Your reflexes have vastly improved since last I surprise attacked you. And I'm pleased to find you in good health and spirits. And I heard the Rainbow Sage granted you new strength. Congratulations."


"Thanks, Xander!", I replied. "But sheesh, did you have to give me such a fright! We haven't seen each other in ages, yet the first thing you do is test my reflexes! I guess some people never change. So you are ready to join us for the battles against Hoshido."

"Indeed. If you're to infiltrate Hoshido, I'm going with you. It's not negotiable," Xander affirmed. This is exactly why I am grateful to have Xander as my brother-in-arms.

"Xander... Thank you! Having you on my side is like having a thousand extra soldiers."

"That is kind of you to say, if not a bit of an exaggeration."

Just as we are about to walk to the ceremony yard, Xander's retainers joined us.


"Lord Xander! Lord Xander!", Laslow called with his usual smile. "It's great to see you again. We did our best to make you proud."


The Peri joined in. "MILORD! I missed you so much! I made sure to keep Lord Hisashi safe even though she didn't let me kill things!"

"Well done, both of you. I am grateful for your efforts to protect my brother."

"Wow... Praise from the great Lord Xander. It's a little embarrassing!", Laslow replied.

"Heehee, I'm an expert at making baddies suffer, so it was a piece of cake!", Peri added. With the usual banters and the like, I can see how the three seem so close a group of companions-at-arms.

Just then Xander looked straight at his front and stared at that direction for a few seconds, where Azura was staring back. Requesting to be excused, he walked towads the latter, with a surprised expression.

"Azura? Our ambassador's daughter to Hoshido?"

"...You remember me?", Azura replied.

"Of course. Though not as much as I would have liked, we met a handful of times. I especially remember how horribly the other Nohrian officials treated you back then..."

I came up as well. "I heard about this. Were they suspicious about Ambassador Arete being a possible spy, dealing with Hoshidans?"

"Exactly," Xander affirmed. "Camilla and I...and later Leo...were told not to associate with Azura because of this. I suppose Father did not want to be tainted with the same suspicion. However, we always wished we could be close with her." Xander, smiling, concluded, "I can't tell you how happy I am to have you here with us Azura."


"Xander... Thank you. Your words have touched me deeply. You are truly as kind as Hisashi made you out to be..."


Indeed, we now have become a big Nohrian/Allied family at arms...




Suggested Listening Track: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun - Main Menu Theme




A couple of hours later, we had our parting ceremony with the Generals, the President, and the vice-President. All of us saluted and stood in silence while the President marched into the dockyards. Having climbed up the steps onto the podium, he roused us with the following:


It is my pleasure and honour to represent as the leader of this great nation. From our humble beginnings as the thirteen colonies a century and a half ago, through our first real test in the Civil War, we have grown to span a continent. Now we are up against our biggest test of all - a war involving two continents, two oceans, and two superpowers that threaten our government of democracy; our way of life, of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

The hour had come when the Hoshidon't bombs fell on Pearl Harbour without warning. Many of our ships sunk, our men's lives lost, and our country humiliated. Now, after battle and battle, we are in the verge of making history as the Hoshidon'ts retreat from our advances as we speak. It would not be an easy victory, though. The Hoshidon'ts are the most relentless fighters our country ever have seen. The word "surrender" do not exist in their dictionary.

Yet, this has not stopped us from advancing up north through South East Asia, protecting Australia, and liberating Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. I would like to encourage you all to do your duty as fellow Nohrians, and end this war quickly. We are not merely fighting for ourselves; we are also fighting for the freedom and peace for our children and grandchildren. So may I conclude with these words spoken by all gallant leaders of this great nation: May God bless the United States of Nohr and her allies!

Next was Gunter who was asked to further rouse us:


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me the honor as a veteran soldier of an allied naion to further rouse your fighting spirit for the battles to come. As some of you may know, my name is Gunter from the RAF, 3rd Earl from Windmire, who is determined to help achieve victory for this second Great War.

It has been many years since I last fought in battle. I recall vividly the dangers and the ferocity of the trenches on the fields of Rosanne. Those were the days when my friends and brothers-in-arms were sent over to "no-mans land" in which many did not come back. War would always require sacrifices. "But for what?", I thought, as we were at a loss for answers, and a general sense of disillusionment fell onto the populance.

It was not until a true evil came up in the form of the Axis that I am proud to be a soldier again, that I am proud to die for my country again, and that I am proud to march into battle again. If you value the peace and freedom this country has offered for decades, then I urge you all to carry this fight with us.

We are about to embark on a long and arduous journey to Hoshido. To secure our victory in the Pacific. To defeat one of two great relentless evils that is currently ravaging the world. But all is not lost.

We have two friends who had a change of heart, and have decided to put their faith in this great allied nation. The first is Kaze, who is formerly from the Hoshidan army, and his expertise in Hoshidan has granted us access to Hoshidan intelligence. His belief in a democratic Hoshido for the future has driven him to perform the valuable work for our cause. The second, of course, is Hisashi, who, despite many temptations, many heartaches from a family torn, has decided to fight for the greater good. Both have secured victories across the Pacific, and we shall put our trust in our two friends.


Cheers from Everyone


Suggested Listening Track: Battle Hymn of the Republic




A rousing applause and cheer roared from us, who were more than determined to uphold our country’s way of life. I could hear cheers from my comrades. "Glory to Nohr!" "May our liberty reign!" Some even gave their cheers for me. "Three cheers for Hisashi!" "Hooray for the defector from fascism!" The next thing I knew, Beruka, Camilla, Elise, Leon, Xander, Azura, were group-hugging me.


"I feel sooooo lucky having you as a brother, Hisashi," Camilla whispered in one of my ear. "And I'm thankful you had the courage to believe. I love you, Hisashi."

"And I love you too, Hisashi," Elise added.

"I love you too, sisters," I replied.


Then it was Leo's turn to give me his words of encouragement. "I never thought I would say this, but we shall all place our faith in you, brother. I too am thankful for your perilous, emotionally difficult, yet rightful decision to side with us. And remember, while I may have been drawing up the war plans, it is you who gave us all the inspiration, and showed us the charisma. Let us deliver the light of democracy to the misguided populance of Hoshido."

"Indeed, we shall!", I affirmed.


Xander then added, "Likewise, I'm proud to have a little brother with great courage. The courage to desire justice, to stand up for what is right. Hisashi, if there is any moment you have doubts in yourself, come and talk to me. Until then, may we forge a new and better history for Nohr, and hopefully for your family too. Until then, let me join in your footsteps."

"Thank you, Xander," I replied.


Then it was my wife's turn. "Hisashi, let's do this together. I'll walk with you, as I have done before."

"As comrades, or as husband and wife?" I asked her.

"Both," she answered, smiling. Her smile may be small, but clear and assertive. I need to add that as of late, my wife's facial expressions had been gradually clearer. She had been more talkative too. Anyway, we stared at each other for a good few ten seconds, confirming our bond and determination. I then turned to Azura…


"I believe you face the same difficulties as well, Azura," I spoke to her. "Having to invade the country you befriended... I shall not let you walk that path alone. We shall all walk the path together."

"Thank you...Hisashi, and everyone..."

Many other Nohrians, too, were reaching out their hands to give me a pat of assurance on the back, or handshakes in front.


"Let us continue to fight and serve you alongside!" (Felicia/Jakob)


"I too shall walk, fight, and die for your righteous cause, Hisashi!" (Silas)


"For Elise, and for Hisashi!" (Effie)


"May our truth, justice, and liberty reign! And one for our rebel against tyranny!" (Arthur)


"He-hey, looks like milords' shit just got real." (Niles)


"I remember I initially joined you young 'uns for a place to belong for the time being... Now, I realise that we have a true darkness to conquer. I shall continue to lend you my years of wisdom, experience... Let this be my atonement for my follies of my past." (Nyx)


"Let us join our secret powers from the darkness! And unleash our volcanic-blooded fury on the evil, sinister facists!" (Odin)


"From the Ylissean Commonwealth to our Nohrian friends! Let us walk together, and smile together! Always!" (Laslow)


"Well, looks like this aiiiin't going to be a bloody waste of time after all." (Selena)


"I too ended up defecting from decadence, just like you did, Senator. And may we bring that light to our friends and families in Hoshido, and show them the error of their collective path. Issho ni mousasete itadakimasu: Jiyu no sekai yo eien ni!"(一緒に申させて頂きます:自由の世界よ、永遠に![Allow me say this (with you, milord): May our free world last forever!]) (Kaze)


"Yeeeaaaay! Time for some sweet, sweet headshots and killing!" (Peri)


"Well, dear Hisashi, I'll have to summon my culinary skills and cook the best rations for you and the army, no?" (Charlotte)


"I'm sorry that you had to make a difficult choice. However you feel about this, I shall support you always." (Benny)


"So we're to liberate the shit out of Hoshido, eh? I guess I can do that too." (Keaton)

After we were dismissed, we had a good gaze at the harbour and the city of Honolulu as we crossed the bridge onto the ship's deck. We had to; after all, we are not going to be back for a couple of years.


Set sail...and battle!



It had been 24 hours since we raised the anchor and set sail. A largely uninhabited scenery of blue sky and seas surrounds us. It was much to our relief, considering that this part was chockful of Hoshidan vessels and aircraft a few years back. Anyway, Xander, Leon, and I were at the captain's chambers looking out the view through the windows.


"The wind is at our backs, and there are no Hoshidan ships in sight. So far, so good," Xander said with a smile.

I, likewise smiling, replied, "Yes, things are going quite smoothly. I hope it stays this way..."


Suddenly a Nohrian soldier entered the captain's chambers, calling for us.

"Lord Xander! Lord Hisashi! Pirates are aboard the ship. They're raiding our war materiel storage!"

"What?! Where did they come from?", we asked, in shock.

"I'm sorry, milord, but they must have snuck aboard before we set sail," the soldier replied.

"That's not possible. Unless...those are no ordinary pirates." Xander was obviously thinking out loud. "To pull off such a stealthy move, they can be none other than Hoshidan spies. Hisashi, follow me."


We walked down the stairs onto the deck, and saw some extra faces aboard. We hid in the corner to discuss our strategy.

"To make it this far, they must be quite skilled and highly organized," Xander said. "Somebody is clearly leading the charge. If we take down the leader, the rest will fall."

"Agreed, but I can't figure out who it is," Leo replied. "They're all acting in unison."

"Then perhaps their leader is not among them," Xander replied back.

"I see.. Nice thinking, Xander. After all, Hoshidan ninja are masters of disguise. Their leader must be masquerading as a Nohrian soldier, giving orders on the sly. That means we'll have to speak to each of our soldiers directly to smoke him out."

"Indeed, let's move quickly, men. The longer this skirmish takes, the more we stand to lose."

And thus, to arms, boys and girls!



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Intermission 3: Keaton Promotion

Sorry for another update, but I also forgot that I promoted Keaton after finishing Dwyer's Paralogue too! Here is the footage for Keaton.


In concurrence to this promotion, we have decided to present Keaton with a new and better machine gun.

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Chapter 16: The Hoshido Invasion Part 2: Pirate raiders around

Battle vs the Pirates



Turn 1:

Silas (Mozu supporting) and Beruka (Elise supporting) took out the two Warriors on the SW aisle of the ship, while Arthur (with Azura's double time) took out the adventurer on the NE aisle. Speaking of which, when Azura levelled up from her double-time rally (singing)...



We eventually divided the force into two. On the enemy's turn, the paired-up rifle adventurers attacked Azura, while a mage attacked Beruka. I feared the worst when one of the semi-auto machine gun infantries (berserkers) attacked Silas, but to my relief, the damage was in single-digits, with no chance of a critical hit, in fact, Silas's counterattack did more damage to the machine-gunner.

Turn 2:

Mozu finished off the machine-gun berserker, levelled up to Lv 20 and...




(During Turn 2, after Mozu's action)


Then I had Silas interrogate one of the posted soldier, who looked savoury enough. He passed the test.


Arthur took out the enemy hero unit near the second posted soldier on the northeast aisle, who Leo then interrogated, without any suspicious leads. That leaves with the westernmost and easternmost posted soldiers... After I assigned all the soldiers' positions, the pirates on the eastern side closes in on our units.

Turn 3:


Arthur, Niles, and Keaton (attack stance) took out the enemy mercenaries on the northeast, then Keaton moved down south to provoke more mercs from the southeast. Then I paired up Mozu with Silas before realising that I needed to promote Mozu prior! Bugger. So I switched from Silas back to Mozu to promote her.


After her promotion to the Sniper class by Chester, we all pitched in our money and upgraded her sniper gun and scope.


For the enemy phase, unfortunately, one of the adventurers sprayed Enfeeble-brand gas mortar on Keaton, while the other adventurer sprayed the Freeze-brand stun mortar on Niles. Then the remaining mercenaries carried out their desperate last stand. As for the western front, one of the machine gun-toting berserkers attacked Selena, which thankfully missed. Just as she dodged that, a magic-bazooka unit (Dark mage) attempts the second attack against Selena, with other magic-bazooka units closing in.

Turn 4:


Mozu responds by taking down the nearby elite magic-bazooka infantry (sorcerer) with her new sniper scope. Selena for her part took down the machine-gunner, while my wife (Beruka) and I took down one of the semi-auto riflemen (warriors), while Odin/Elise took down the other, with Odin advancing up to Lv 20.


Back on the eastern front, Arthur took out the mercenary that previously attacked Leo, and with Azura's double time, he then also took down (with Keaton's attack stance) an adventurer.


Niles then responded from his formerly helpless position by attacking the adjacent mercenary with his shining magic sniper rifle.

Turn 5-6:


By this time, most of the enemies were either incapacitated or otherwise apprehended. Silas then proceeded to talk to the posted soldier on the front end of the ship. After some interrogation, we came to the conclusion that he too was a genuine soldier acting in his duty.

Turn 7:

Which lead us to the last one, with everyone surrounding him, and Leo doing the dirty work of interrogating. And now, his non-cooperation was quite suspicious... And soon...


It turned out to be Shura! The infamous scoundrel who claims his illegimate heir to Goemon Ishikawa, the legendary thief!


Leo (with Arthur's attack stance) readies his magic gun and fires it at Shura.

But before I finish him off...


It's time to promote Odin! We've upgraded his magic gun to be more powerful!

Okay, back to our main thing: Arthur then proceeds to incapacitate Shura with his rifle of justice...


...and it was a success! Justice prevails!




Further interrogation





So we took hold of Shura, a spy sent in by the Hoshidans. It turned out that he even bribed some of the Neo-Confederates to raid our war materiel. We got the riflemen ready to execute the pirate crew, while we discussed what we needed to do with Shura.


He acted still unrepentantly, taunting us with the feverish Japanese spirit. He even made a vaguely suggested remark of a gyokusai, a some kind of a Hoshidan suicide ritual.



Against my doubtful feelings, I decided that executing him (being a dangerous individual) was the best course of action.


I called in the guards to take him to the deck to be executed...


Further promotion



Anyway, after this incident, it came to our attention that two of our units have reached Level 20, with their promotion due.

The first one was Arthur!


And the second was Effie!


And this leaves everyone promoted! Congratulations, team!


Stats upon completion



Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 3, HP 38
19, 5, 18, 21, 15, 14, 15 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Heartseeker, Vantage, (Renewal), (HP+5)

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 24, HP 27
9, 18, 23, 21, 28, 13, 24 Dagger B, Staff B
Extra skills: Strong Riposte, Tomebreaker, Aptitude

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 3, HP 25
3, 28, 14, 21, 27, 8, 29 Tome E, Staff B

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 2, HP 35
23, 3, 20, 21, 16, 22, 14 Lance C, Sword C
Extra skills: Duelist’s Blow, Sol, (Astra), (Luna)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 1, HP 39
25, 0, 23, 15, 15, 22, 7 Sword E, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 1, HP 33
29, 0, 16, 12, 22, 25, 8 Lance B, Axe E

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 1, HP 27
13, 17, 20, 17, 20, 17, 12 Tome B

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 3, HP 25
19, 16, 17, 30, 13, 17, 28 Bow B, Staves E

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 1, HP 30 (Used Seraph Robe)
26, 3, 26, 25, 16, 19, 11 Bows C
Extra skill: Profiteer

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 25, HP 27 (Used Seraph Robe)
20, 8, 24, 27, 26, 9, 16 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, Profiteer

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 2, HP 32
22, 2, 24, 14, 16, 24, 11 Lance E, Axe B

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 2, HP 39
20, 3, 17, 24, 14, 19, 10 Sword B, Axe E
Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Malig Knight, Lv 4, HP 31
22, 13, 17, 22, 16, 18, 18 Axe C, Tome D (Used Godess Icon)

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 2, HP 34
14, 20, 14, 15, 15, 16, 20 Sword C, Tome B

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Wolfssegner, Lv 3, HP 45
26, 0, 14, 16, 15, 25, 8 Beaststone C

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 4, HP 38
23, 14, 18, 15, 20, 23, 11 Sword B, Lance D

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.



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Hm, a little suprised you decided that.

Those boots are more useful than Shura ever is.

Yeah, I actually used those boots on Effie. Just so that she can keep up with the others without having to pair up all the time.

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Chapter 17 Den of Betrayal - Part 1: Stopover at Manila



A week after we executed the Hoshidan spy, we landed in the recently taken-back Manila. It was totally different from what we last saw (see Chapter 9 of this LP). Before, it was a bustling town full of people and jeepneys; now, with almost everything utterly levelled out, and reconstruction not being started yet, the town was almost deserted.

We had several hours before we could fly into Mok Shu, and given that Mozu's village was only 30 miles away from here, Chester, Mozu, Silas, and I decided to visit it again to investigate the damage. As we expected, the results were utterly depressing.

We arrived at what it might have been a series of traditional houses that are now full of debris. Poor Mozu tried to stay calm, but I could see that she's struggling.

"Uhh... I... don't even remember where exactly my village was," Mozu mentioned as we got off the jeep. Apparently, Mozu could not even locate her village, because of just how utterly destroyed it was...

"Gods, it was bad enough when I first met you here... Just...what on earth did the Hoshidon'ts do...?", I asked myself.

Mozu stated the obvious, "They utterly destroyed my home..."

I started feeling dizzy from seeing all the traumatic carnage. The area were full of timber debri and decomposed bodies; the latter were kicking up a stench.

Silas, who was completely paralyzed by shock, finally spoke up. "Mozu, I'm sorry..."

"It's okay...," Mozu murmured.

"Guys...I need to return to the jeep... I'm feeling dizzy...," I stammered, feeling sick.

"That's okay... I'm...feeling really sick too... Can we go back to the air base?", Mozu asked.

"Let's do so," I replied. Silas nodded, and we made our way back.

Mozu, Silas, and I did not remember exactly what happened next. We could only remember the constant bumpy roads we felt as Chester's jeep made its way back to Manila. The next thing we knew, we got off the jeep at the air base in front of my comrades, who were shocked by our sickly faces.

"Hisashi! Mozu! Silas! ...You all look pale...," Camilla spoke as she struggled to put the words into her mouth.

"...I've heard about the utter destruction of Mozu's village from you, Hisashi," Xander slowly said. "...I suspect it was as bad as what I imagine based on the other villages." He, too, is speaking even slower than usual.

"Hisashi, it looks like your siblings back in Shirasagi have a lot to answer for," Leo noted.

"Leo!", all my other siblings yelled at him.

"How mean!", Elise yelled.

"There are better times to say this instead of now. Seriously, your lack of sensitivity worries me at times," Camilla added.

"Everyone, please!", I interjected, panicking at everyone's knee-jerk reaction against Leo. Frankly, I did not understand what everyone was so riled up about - after all, Leo was right. "It is okay. Leo is simply telling the truth here."

"Note that I was talking about Ryoma et al. Not Hisashi himself," Leo asserted.

"Well at least you could have worded it a bit better," Xander scolded. "Anyway, you three go and have a rest at the mess hall. We still have an hour to go before take-off."

Indeed, an hour later, we were cleared for take-off. We would fly over the East Mok Shu Sea to one of the communist hideouts where Chairman Mao and his subordinate Kou Ta-ruo were located. We were to discuss matters with the Civil War that the Nationalists and the Communists - the issue of how that has been disruptive in our joint operation against Hoshido...



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Chapter 17 Part 2: Communication amongst Communist commotion

Communist greetings



Suggested listening track: The East is Red

Two days later, we arrived at Yan'an's air base where Mao and Ko Taruo has been waiting for us. From the airstair we could see the Red Guard soldiers standing meticulously in columns behind the two leaders.


"Welcome, Hisashi! We have been waiting for you!", Ko Taruo announced.

"Pleasure to meet you, General Ko Taruo, and Chairman Mao Zedong," I replied, forcing a fake smile.

"Likewise, the same to you," Mao answered. "Comrades, lead them into the city palace so that we can host our welcoming feast."

"Yes, comrade!", the soldiers answered.

So we made our way into the city of Yan'an. It was a place where time seemed to have frozen, unlike the more cosmopolitan cities of Shanghai, Canton, or Hong Kong. Traditional oriental architecture decorated the city streets, with clay walls punctuated with arched openings. It seemed like a place far away from the ravages of the war in the Pacific, yet we all know that history is being made here as we speak.

The moment we entered the palace, we knew that our diplomacy drama would now start...

"So, uh, we have some aspects of the war that we would like to discuss."

"Against the Hoshidon'ts?" Ko Taruo asked.

"That too, but also the other one that has been going on even before the Hoshidon'ts invaded Mokshu," Xander answered.

"Oh?", Ko interjected with a frown.

It seems that our argument is inevitable.

"Xander recently returned from the Yalta Conference with Roosevelt," I explained. "And both countries are quite displeased with the lack of cooperation from Communist Mokshu." As I said this, Xander nodded in regular intervals.


"Well, you have to understand, ever since the Hoshidon'ts started their invasion, we have been chronically understaffed and under-resourced," Ko argued back. "It has been this way ever since Hoshido occupied our land northeast over a decade ago. Since then, Hoshidan forces have tries to enter our land with increasing frequency. Though we defend our territory, we have never instigated an attack on Hoshido. These attacks are unprovoked, but there's little we can do to stop them. We've been fighting them off for years now. I fact...our reserves are nearly depleted at this point. Senator Hisashi and Xander...it pains me dearly to ask a favor of you at a time like this. But for my people, I must. If there's any way you could lend us a hand..."

Xander, Roosevelt, and I spent over several days discussing about this. Can we really trust these guys? Will they end up fighting against the Nationalists when they should be fighting against the Hoshidon'ts? Should we, in fact, leave a couple of our own soldiers, not just to aid the Mokshus but to keep an eye on them? It is worth noting that the USSR publicly announced their support to the Nationalists instead of what is supposed to be their ideological ally.

After some long deliberations, we have decided to give the Mokshuese a hand. Xander and I returned to the palace where Mao and Ko were.


"…So be it. After all, your people are suffering because of Hoshidan aggression. As such, the Nohrian army shall aid your cause. Let's go, before it's too late."

"Thank you, milord/milady! The people of Mokshu are forever in your debt!"

"Just one condition, however," I continued.


"From now on, I ask you to prioritise your efforts to expelling the Hoshidon'ts. We have asked the Nationalists to do the same thing. If we find out of another skirmish between the two, then we shall pull our contingents out from your domain."

"Very well. You have my word," the two replied.


Violation of diplomatic immunity



The next couple of days, we did our operation of expelling the Hoshidon't soldiers from Communist territory. After a number of skirmishes, we returned to our battalions' assigned base.

"Hisashi, I have dispatched all of the Hoshidan soldiers in my area," Xander reported.

"I have cleared my group's assigned area as well," Azura followed.

Elise, Leo, and Camilla showed up too. "We're all done too! Camilla and Leo really showed them what's what, heehee!", Elise replied.


"Good work everyone," I replied.


With my smile receding into a frown, I continued, "We've basically been doing all the fighting so far... Is Mokushu really this short on soldiers? Perhaps we should ask Father to send them some guards..."


Suddenly, Kaze came running. "Senators! Look out!", he yelled. We simutaneously felt a shove from him.

"Phew…What kind of a coward would take aim at our Senators when they aren't looking?", Kaze murmured. The next thing we saw, a figure similar to Kaze stood in front of us.

"What?! It can't be...!!", Kaze exclaimed.


"Kaze? I didn't expect to see you here," Saizo said.

In a moment of awkwardness, Kaze greeted, "Hello, Brother."

"The fates are cruel, are they not? But I do not wish to battle my twin again," Saizo confessed.

"Agreed. It pains me to stand opposite you in battle, Brother," Kaze confessed back.

"...Move along, Kaze," Saizo asked. "For both of our sakes. My business is with the daimyo, not you."

Kaze refused to budge. "I will not stand down. As a soldier of Nohr, I am obligated to protect our allies."


Suddenly, we heard Saizo speaking in a fiery rage. "You don't know what you're saying Kaze! Siding with the white devils is bad enough... But to protect that devil, Kotaro?! I won't allow it!"

"Why? Has he wronged you somehow?", Kaze asked.

"Fool! That man...that monster...he has taken Kagero as a hostage for ransom. Do you really intend to align yourself with such a dishonorable and despicable man?!"

"Against a diplomat!?", we all exclaimed.

"Kagero...", Kaze murmured.

No sooner did General Ko arrived and approached us from our backs. We all turned around to face him, our faces with frowns of suspicion.

"Well, well, well," Ko said with a snicker. "So the enemy leader has decided to grace us with his presence. Nicely done, Senators. You are as skilled as the rumors imply."


"General Ko... We need to talk," I demanded.

"Oh no, please don't let me interrupt. Kill him so we can end this battle," Ko requested with his sustained sinister smile.

"General," I continued. "I need to ask you something. Did you take a USSR-posted diplomat named Kagero hostage?"

"What?! Of course not, milord! That man is telling stories," Ko replied with his aformentioned grin.

"My word is my honor, you coward! I swear, I will kill you myself before the day is done!", Saizo protested, lunging at Ko.

"Saizo! Calm yourself, Brother!", Kaze exclaimed, scuffling with his brother in his desparate attempt to stop a premature fistfight.


"If what you say is true, then you won't mind showing us and the Red Cross all of your jail cells. Now," I asserted.

"Our jail cells? Do you not trust me, milord?", Mao asked.

"If you have done nothing wrong, my request shouldn't be a problem. As an ally of Nohr, I demand you prove the integrity of your word," I ordered.

"Senator Hisashi! ... Hmph. You know, for a mutt, you sure are full of yourself."

"General Ko!", Xander and I yelled.

"Fine, you two win. I took a diplomat on her way back from the USSR hostage and used her as a bargaining chip," Ko confessed. "What of it?! A true Nohrian senator would praise me for being so cunning, not threaten me. This is war! Lying and using people is par for the course!"

"You're wrong, General," we argued. Then I added, "That is no longer how we do things under international law."

"Is that so? Tell it to General Garon, you filthy hypocrites. When Nohr prevails, he has promised me a huge piece of Hoshidan-occupying land to expand my nation. No one will get in the way of Communist Mokshu's future glory - not even a Nohrian senator!"


"...I see. So your tactics are a product of my father's influence," Xander responded on my behalf. "Pity. Still, the Allied Nations refuse to accept your violation against diplomats. I shall correct your behavior now and forever, by force if necessary."

"...So, you plan to enforce the rules of western hypocrisy, you baigui?" Ko lashed back at Xander. "I won't let this happen..."

Before we know it, we saw numerous Red Guards approaching us, with their guns and artilleries armed.


"Wait, so your previous statement of chronic under-resourcement...that was a lie...," I said. Truly, the Communist government have no intention to actually cooperate with the Allies. Hence why the USSR decided to side with the Nationalists.


"I won't waste any more breath on you. In death, you shall keep my secrets! We'll tell President Roosevelt his darling soldiers died fighting the Hoshidans, heh heh," Ko laughed at us. "If you had just kept your mouths shut, you could have lived. Such a shame. Instead you will all be sacrifices on the palatial halls of our grand Communist ambition!"

Looks like we have no choice but to resort to force. To arms, boys and girls!



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Special Intermission: A special thank you to everyone! (5000+ views)

Wow, so I just had my first step into fame. Apparently now, I have 5000 views from both members and non-members!


So thank you everyone! Thank you for supporting this LP-doubling-as-fan-fiction! And stay tuned, because I will do a further update tonight!

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Chapter 17 Part 3: Renegade Communists

[spoiler=Battle vs the Renegade Communists]

Turn 1-5:

Effie and Arthur took the lead into the narrow passageway just north of where we started. All of us filled in the spaces where we could, just so that we could stop Saizo commit suicide with his banzai attack. The two at the front took out the spies (Ninjas) just north of us, while we waited for the other enemy units to come at us. They were other spies (Ninjas), drone tanks (Automatons), and machine-gun jeeps (Mechanics).


(During Turn 3, just north of where we started.)

Turn 6-9:

By then, the spies started to shoot their weapons at Effie's Heavy Tank, so Arthur decided to teach them a lesson with his trusty rifle skills.


(During Turn 7)

Then he called for air support, in which Beruka with her airplane (wyvern and Axe) bombs one of the enemy squadrons. Immediately after, Silas's light tank squad rushed in to finish off another enemy, while Mozu and I picked off further enemy units. During the enemy phase of Turn 8, the artillery from a medic truck (enemy Priest) in the centre of the map used the Freeze EMP on me - my Fire Magic Bazooka has jammed up! Oh well, it's not my main weapon anyway - no big deal. But the elite sniper (elite ninja) with the tranquilizer was a pain. So I retaliated and took him out immeadiately after.

Turn 9-13:

Unfortunately I activated the dragon vein terraformer too early, which meant that Saizo went in the other direction towards Ko Taruo's office chambers (throne). So I had to pair up all my foot soldiers with my vehicular (mounted) units to catch up with him. The question is, which way would Saizo go:


(During Turn 11)

Before I could guess, the same medic truck launched it's Freeze EMP to disable Leo's Brynhildr (a electronic computer that can emulate magic spells), and before he had time to react, an drone tank (Automaton) with support from an machine gun jeep (Mechanic) attacked him. Saizo blew up the drone tank immediately after, thankfully.

Turn 14:

Mozu took out the remaining machine gun-turreted jeep. Lately, she has some real firepower that KOs most enemies by 1-2 hits. Heck, if she activates her critical (which happens every now and then), then she'll score a guaranteed one-hit knockout. Anyway, after her bout, Camilla in her B29 then did some carpet bombing for us (activated her Dragon Vein), then we focused our firepower on the enemy division lead by the medic truck (preist)


(During Turn 14)

Turn 15-20:

Our plans to advance had to be postponed, however. Another wave of enemy reinforcements has just arrived from both the north-west (where Saizo was within reach) and from the south. So we rushed back to were we were before, and took out the northwestern division without much trouble. After that was dealt with by Turn 17, we moved through the storage facility (treasure room) on the north, and then down south to engage the other reinforcement division.


(During Turn 17? I forgot.)

Turn 21-25:


(During Turn 20? I forgot.)

After the other reinforcement was dealt with, I summoned my Dragon Vein to switch paths again, so that Mozu can take out the bayonet master (Swordmaster) easier. I breathed a sigh of relief, only to witness yet a third group of reinforcements on the beginning of Turn 22, featuring the bayonet masters from the north, and drone tanks (automatons) from the southwest.


(During Turn 21? I forgot.)

Saizo would still recklessly charge to the enemies from the north, so I had to send some of my units. Saizo took out the two infantries (myrmidoms/samurais), while Selena took out the bayonet master. Meanwhile, Leo and his group engaged the southwest reinforcements.


(During Turn 24-5? I forgot.)

Turn 26-32:

From this point onwards, Saizo decided to go the other way and disarm the mines (caltrops), so we barged into Ko Taruo's office chambers while he would not attempt to ruin our strategy. Belka and Silas took out the right elite sniper (elite ninja), while Selena and Keaton mauled the left one. Then I had Elise (who had Rally Resistance +2), Niles, and Felicia...all having high defense against magic artillery from Kotaro.

Turn 33-34:

Niles and Elise (in attack stance) clobbers Ko Taruo with their magic sniping gun and magic artillery turret, respectively. Further damage to Kotaro was registered, thanks to Felicia and Leo.


(Niles vs Ko Taruo)

Then I decided to do the honours and gun down Ko Taruo.


(Me vs Ko)

And may the evils of Communism die with Ko.


(Ko's death)

[spoiler=Rescue, truce, and promise]

While we won the battle against the renegade communists, this victory had a bitter taste. While I was busy finding Kagero and the other illegally detained diplomats, it turned out that this would be the last time Saizo and Kaze would talk to each other as brothers.

"It's over... We are no longer brothers," Saizo declared.

"Saizo...", Kaze replied, at a loss for further words.

"I cannot believe you would abandon your homeland," Saizo spat. "Abandon your family. Abandon everything you stood for. You are no longer the Kaze I remember."

Kaze was at a loss with Saizo's blindness to the awful truth about Hoshido. "…So you are content with Hoshido invading rest of Asia?", he questioned. "Content with how the military manipulated and eventually took hold the government? How it continues to oppress us into submission?"

Brushing Kaze's questions away, he yelled, "Traitorous coward! You are just as bad as the white devils you serve!"


Not knowing this has been taking place, I gave a yell and a wave to the twin brothers. "Hey, Kaze! Saizo! I found the dungeon where they were keeping Kagero." Kagero and her group of diplomats were following me from behind.


"Kagero!", Saizo exclaimed. "Are you hurt? Make haste, friend. We must return to Tokyo right away."

" I am in your debt, Saizo," Kagero replied, with thanks. "To save me, you even cooperated with the traitorous Hisashi. That can't have been easy..."

"No, I cooperated with no one," Saizo countered. "It is pure coincidence that we crossed paths. They were battling our soldiers and even aiding Ko and Mao at first. Still, I must know..."

Saizo then turned to me and asked, "Hisashi! Why didn't you take the lives of the soldiers you bested? I thought mercy was not a concept familiar to Nohrians."


"Then perhaps you don't know us as well as you believe you do," I argued. "We Nohrians aren't all the same. Just as all ninja aren't as vile as Kotaro."


"...Perhaps so, Hisashi," Saizo acknowledged. "In any case, Kagero and my diplomatic staff are alive thanks to you. For that...I thank you…"


He then continued, "…But do not let our temporary truce fool you. When next we meet, it will be as enemies. At that time, I will not hesitate to take your life."

I acknowledged this temporary truce. "If that is how it must be, Saizo, then so be it. I won't hold back either. Farewell."

Kaze explained everything to me about the conversation he had with Saizo just before. It turned out that Saizo has now officially disowned Kaze for the latter joining my cause. Even though Kaze was fighting for a righteous cause, it was nevertheless disheartening to see someone being cut off from their own family.

Eventually, it became evening as we marched back to the air base. Arthur happened to be with us two as well. We had some deep talk about war, righteousness, and belief.


"Kaze, thank you for putting your trust in us. We have been, and always be honored by your courageous turn to justice," Arthur said. "And…I'm sorry, both of you… It looks like siding with us has brought you two a lot of heartache."

"One cannot escape heartache," Kaze replied, with an unwavering voice. "This is no matter the path we choose to follow."

"Still…I wonder," I muttered. There were so many questions in my head. What if a miraculous revolution occurred and democracy was established by the Hoshidan people just days before Pearl Harbour? What if the government refused to back down against the military? What if Emperor Taisho actually talked down to the militarists?

"What is troubling you, our commander?", Arthur asked.

"I wonder what if history took a different course. If things have turned out differently between the two countries, you might have been fighting alongside your brother instead of against him," I continued.

"Perhaps," Kaze verbally acknowledged. "There's no telling what might have come to pass. But who knows whether that path would have been the right one? What if Nohr wasn't a democracy?"

"Gah! I would utterly abhor it if our United States of Nohr ever goes down the evil path of Communism, or may the Lord forbid, Fascism!", Arthur exclaimed, with a more wavering voice than usual.


"Some have chosen to fight for their homeland. Some others for supremacy. And you, on the other hand, chose to fight for liberty," Kaze assured me.

"And for that, we shall be with you all the way, Commander!", Arthur assured me.


"Thank you, both. I hope you're right," I replied, with my confidence slightly restored. I had the slight hope that my birth family would be a bit more understanding…

[spoiler=Stats upon completion]

Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 4, HP 38

19, 16, 18, 22, 15, 15, 15 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Heartseeker, Vantage, (Renewal), (HP+5)

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 25, HP 27

10, 19, 24, 21, 29, 13, 24 Dagger B, Staff B

Extra skills: Strong Riposte, Tomebreaker, Aptitude

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 5, HP 25

3, 30, 16, 23, 29, 9, 31 Tome E, Staff B

Extra skills: Aptitude

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 3, HP 35

23, 3, 20, 21, 17, 23, 14 Lance C, Sword C

Extra skills: Duelist’s Blow, Sol, Aptitude, (Astra), (Luna)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 4, HP 41

26, 0, 25, 16, 15, 25, 8 Sword D, Axe B

Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 4, HP 35

32, 0, 18, 13, 24, 27, 9 Lance B, Axe E

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 3, HP 27

13, 18, 22, 18, 21, 18, 13 Tome B

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 5, HP 25

19, 17, 17, 31, 13, 17, 30 Bow B, Staves D

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 3, HP 31

26, 3, 27, 25, 17, 19, 11 Bows B

Extra skill: Profiteer

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 25, HP 27

20, 8, 24, 27, 26, 9, 16 Lance D

Extra skills: Aptitude, Profiteer

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 3, HP 33

22, 2, 25, 14, 16, 25, 12 Lance E, Axe B

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 3, HP 39

21, 3, 17, 24, 14, 20, 11 Sword B, Axe E

Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Malig Knight, Lv 4, HP 31

22, 13, 17, 22, 16, 18, 18 Axe C, Tome D (Used Godess Icon)

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 4, HP 36

14, 21, 16, 17, 17, 16, 20 Sword C, Tome B

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Wolfssegner, Lv 3, HP 45

26, 0, 14, 16, 15, 25, 8 Beaststone C

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 4, HP 38

23, 14, 18, 15, 20, 23, 11 Sword B, Lance D

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer

Retired from active combat due to injury.

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@blah the Prussian: Please, by all means, feel free. Just out of curiosity, is it your Alternate 20th Century History we are talking about?

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