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Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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Okay, everyone, Chapter 20 is hereby complete! As my flight to visit my family in Tokyo is literally this evening, no updates until the 2nd-3rd week of January. Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year!

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Okay, I'm back in Sydney with my trusty laptop. Just to let you know, I am currently writing the Intro for Chapter 21. Expect an update sometime this weekend.

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Chapter 21: Across the mountains to North Korai: Part 1

Camilla's Division Transfer

Camilla's Division Transfer

So now that Camilla had learnt Savagr Blow, it is time to change her to the more useful Wyvern Knight. Here is the footage of her being transferred to her new division.


Stats prior to Commencement

Stats prior to commencement

Stats prior to commencement
Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 6, HP 45
21, 15, 20, 24, 17, 16, 16 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, HP+5, Renewal, Shurikenbreaker, (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 27, HP 28
10, 20, 26, 22, 31, 14, 26 Dagger B, Staff B
Extra skills: Tomebreaker, Tomebreaker, Aptitude, (Strong Riposte)

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 6, HP 26
5, 31, 19, 22, 30, 11, 32 Tome E, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 6, HP 35
25, 3, 21, 24, 20, 24, 16 Lance C, Sword C
Extra skills: Luna, Sol, Aptitude, Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 6, HP 42
28, 0, 27, 18, 15, 27, 11 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 7, HP 36
35, 0, 20, 17, 25, 28, 11 Lance B, Axe E
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 5, HP 29
13, 19, 23, 18, 22, 18, 15 Tome B
Extra skill: Aptitude

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 6, HP 26
21, 17, 18, 32, 14, 18, 31 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 7, HP 33
30, 5, 31, 27, 18, 22, 12 Bows B
Extra skill: Profiteer

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 27, HP 28
22, 8, 26, 28, 28, 12, 16 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, Profiteer

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 7, HP 36
24, 2, 28, 16, 19, 27, 13 Lance E, Axe B

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 6, HP 41
21, 3, 17, 26, 14, 23, 12 Sword B, Axe E
Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker, HP+5, Sol

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 6, HP 33
25, 8, 21, 25, 20, 21, 14 Axe C, Tome D (Used Godess Icon)
Extra Skills: Aptitude, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 6, HP 37
17, 22, 19, 18, 18, 16, 21 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 7, HP 49
30, 0, 15, 18, 16, 29, 13 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 7, HP 40
24, 4, 19, 20, 22, 23, 13 Sword B, Lance D

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.


Crossing the mountains over North Korai

Crossing the mountains over North Korai

With us joining forces once again with General Douglas and one of our allied Ylissean contigents, we departed for Antung, where the border lay between Korai and us. We all knew that this would be the moment. It was the very moment where our final push against Hoshido began! It was the moment when we really realised that there was a reason why there are no atheists in foxholes! It was the moment of no return! It was the moment where our greatest struggle began.

While on the train, many of us lost sleep out of anxiety of the battles that come ahead of us. Some of us exchanged encouragement, while others recited prayers. After some ten or twelve overnight hours, with some not infrequent stops, we managed to reach Antung. As we disembarked the train at Antung (present-day Dandong), I gave a morale-rousing speech to everyone who re-assembled at the front.


To our Nohrian brothers and sisters. To our allies from the various realms and dominions of the Ylissean Commonwealth. Ladies and gentlemen. This is the moment of our history - our history in the making. Just a week ago we have driven out the Kwantung Army from Fengmaguo, and liberated the oppressed Mokshus and Soviets. Now, we are about to embark on the most perilous and trying part of our campaign yet.

No doubt it would be a gruelling fight to the finish. I too, have my struggles in turning my guns against my own family. But fear not, our siblings-in-arms, for we are fighting for a worthy cause. To liberate the weak and the oppressed, the people who lost their homes and their families. To drive out the Hoshidan Imperialists who would stop at nothing for domination over the Pacific. To make the Hoshidan people realise their mistakes, and to ultimately restore peace to Asia.

This is why I am proud to be a defector from decadence. And moreover, this is why I am proud to have you all - as friends fighting for freedom. I shall ensure that our valiant struggles will be remembered; that one day, our children and grandchildren will remember what we fought for. For freedom! If you all believe in freedom, then let us all fight for this worthy cause.

A roar of cheers rose from the audience, a deafening battle cry and cheers that even exceeded a similar one we had over at Pearl Harbour a few months ago. While I've always trusted my regiment, this moment reminded me afresh of such blessings.

We prepared our weapons, took our positions, and rushed towards the border. Surprisingly, we were able to overwhelm what few of the Hoshidan border patrol was left, crashing through the demarked line like a tidal wave. And no sooner have we started to climb the precarious ranges, for Pyonyang, the city, was our goal. The city, and eventually the peninsula was ours to liberate from the Hoshidan oppression. While some of the other Ylissean and Nohrian regiments made their way along the coast, my main regiment, as well as Lucina's decided to take the inland route to sweep the area and to protect those on the coastal route from ambushes.


Map to Pyonyang showing all of our movements. Declassified in 1950.

Surprisingly, there were very few Hoshidan soldiers we could find, if at all. On the first day, we were cautiously relieved that we made some progress unscathed. By the beginning of the fourth day, we managed to reach Sunchon - just under 50km away from Pyonyang. Still, though, we had not encountered any Imperial units, which made both me and Leo worried.


"Okay, leave no traces everyone," I said as we packed out tents and sent them back to our supply convoy. "I really wonder what is going on. Surely there should have been an encounter against an Imperial battalion, shouldn't we?"
"Oh come on," Camilla chided with a light chuckle. "We have been able to preserve our crew and our stamina, didn't we Elise?"
"You know it, Sis!", Elise replied with her usual bubbliness. Quite frankly, she is one of the reasons why I had not gone insane yet. It is always relieving to hear her chirpy voice.
"Ha! Maybe our radiant light of justice has been too blinding for those Imperialist scoundrels!", Arthur asserted. I really wished that was true, to be honest.
"Well...", Xander opened his heavy mouth. "I wouldn't be too sure about this. Maybe they are planning something."
"I agree," Kaze concurred. "Something is really fishy here. Korai has been their colony for quite some time - it is really strange that there are no Hoshidan units protecting the area. I'm feeling that an ambush is being planned."


"Leo, Laurent, shall I send some spies forward to survey what is ahead of us?", I asked.
"Hmm..." Leo murmured. "...Usually I wouldn't consider that necessary, but under these unusual circumstances, it might warrant such deployment,"
"I shall voice my agreement." Laurent concurred. "This is too suspicious a circumstance to just assume as a retreat from enemy lines. The Hoshidans are known to fight to the death, according to doctrines that our intelligence has acquired."
"Yeah...you'd better know it, after what they tried at a POW camp near my home...", Selena remarked. "Those bloody Hoshidon'ts really ain't know the meaning of "surrender"."


"Oh whatever," I brushed off. "Anyway, Felicia, Jakob, and...Beruka, you heard our conversation. I need you all to reconnoitre ahead."
"Yes, sir!", they all affirmed in unison.
"Beruka...I'm sorry to ask you this too," I said as I struggled to get the word out.
"Hey, mission first as always!", Beruka rebuked me. "I am fighting for a good cause, alongside you and Lady Camilla, and I will always take your orders. And I'll promise I'll come back alive."
"Good luck!", I yelled to her as she took off in her small plane.

What happened after this was...very bewildering. The reconnaissance crew returned to us an hour later, with agitated expressions. Particularly Felicia's...
"S-Senator!", she stammered. "We have an emergency!!"
"Let me guess...", I interrupted. "Hoshidan soldiers?"
"Um, well, yes! But... I mean, no?", Felicia stammered. "It's a little... Oh boy. So! The thing is... Um..."
"Quiet, Felicia! Your wasting our time!" Beruka yelled. She then turned to me. "Hisashi, we all scouted ahead as you asked. We did find Hoshidan soldiers...but all of them are dead with their corpses along the highway."



"Indeed, we were unable to find a single living soldier the entire time we investigated.", Jakob added.
Finally, Felicia took hold of herself. She further explained, "Even stranger, they all appear to be healthy, strong warriors."
"Well, maybe either the Nohrian or the Ylissean military sent another ahead of us," I suggested.


"No!" Lucina refuted. "Don't tell me you don't know of you own troops' movements! As far as I am concerned, we are meant to be the first ones here. There's no way our governments would secretly send units ahead of us without notifying me or you."
"I agree, young lady," Douglas replied to us. "From what Admiral Nimitz, General Marshall, and I decided, we are meant to be the first wave of soldiers to engage the occupying Hoshidans here, and to secure the Pyonyang and Seoul. Either we have some serious case of miscommunication, or someone is withholding vital information from us."

"Or even worse, this could be some sort of a trap," Lucina suggested, with her hands starting to shake.
"A trap? Why?", I asked.
"Because this reminds me of a similar scenario I had over in Europe," Lucy explained. "I recall one battle in Roseanne where we saw dead Valmese soldiers - soldiers who we were supposed to battle against. It turned out that the corpses mutated into Risens...We found ourselves surrounded...seemingly unable to escape. A couple of my friends took on the hoard for us while we found a way out. T-they...they were literally devoured...mutilated."
"Hmm...I have heard about that too," Leo remarked. "This and a couple of other works were by the bioweapon division remnants in the North Plegian Republic. I strongly recommend we stay on guard."
"And if it does turn out to be a miscommunication after all, this works out quite nicely for us." Camilla said. "Having our enemy taken care of before we even arrive is a huge boon."
"Exactly! We'll be right, Lucy!", Selena concurred.
"...I really hope your right, but..." Lucina murmured.


Suddenly a grisly roar pierced through the sky. All of us jumped. "What's that sound?! Who's there?!", I yelled. The next second, I saw my answer in the form of partially camouflaged Faceless from the surrounding forest closing in on us. We scrambled to arm ourselves.


"Oh no, oh no, oh no!", Felicia screamed as she got her machine gun and grenade ready. "There are too many of them, and they're headed right for us!"
"Damn!", Jakob cursed. "So this is what befell those Hoshidan soldiers. We must not let the same thing happen to us, Felicia, follow me!"
"This is odd though," I remarked as I readied my gun. "Why would the Division 731 Faceless slaughter the Hoshidan soldiers?"
"Perhaps as a way for mass suicide?", Kaze suggested as he too readied his weapons. "Or maybe as a punitive measure?"
"Bullshit!", Keaton yelled as he started to shoot the Faceless with his machine gun. "These don't smell like Hoshidan meat! These smell more like from East Coast Nohr!"
"Wait what!?", I exclaimed.
"You think I'm joking?? I'm dead serious!! Someone's trying to double-cross us!"
"That doesn't make any sense!", I said as I too started to shoot with my rifle.


Just as we thought we got rid of the first wave, more Faceless arrived. Clearly, we had to evacuate fast.
"It's no use!", I yelled. "There are too many of them! Everyone, retreat! We can't win this battle!"
"Whoa! The pitch-black darkness hath seeped towards us from the rear!", Owain yelled.
"Aieeeee! Someone get these creeps off me!", Cynthia screamed as she struggles in dodging the lunges from the numerous Faceless.
"Wait, don't tell me were surrounded!", I yelled back.
Lucina replied, "Yes, they have!" I saw the three Ylisseans staggering away towards me as we saw more Faceless from our rear. We were trapped!
"Something's not right...", Laurent remarked. "First the faceless slaughtered the Hoshidans and now they are after us."


"Maybe General Marshall was right about Iago," Xander added. "There's more at play here than we know."
"That's what I meant!", Keaton yelled. "Maybe he is double-crossing us!!"
"We'll figure it out later!" I replied. "For now, we need to concentrate on making it out alive. All we can do is carve through the Faceless and head for the top of the stairs. Everyone, watch each other's backs. I won't lose any of you! I WON'T!"
And thus, boys and girls, to arms!


Battle of Sunchon Hill


Now that we have Fengmaguo as a foothold for our invasion on Hoshido, the supply division is able to issue us better food more often. Our resident chef and nutritionist Peri has issued us new exquisite Risotto Gratin which gave us extra body strength and stamina (Def+2 and Spd+2). We are so glad to be done with the MREs, which was, and still is, the worst kind of food I have ever had in my long military and political career. I swear, as bad as Keaton's cooking is, his still tastes like haute cuisine in comparison!


I also issued the following steroids for the following

HP+5: Elise, Felicia, Niles, Odin

Strength: Selena, Xander, Arthur, myself

Speed: Beruka, Arthur

Rainbow Tonic: Odin, Felicia, Leo


Turn 1 - 0600 Hours:



Start of battle



Odin vs Faceless


While the Ylissean contingent were busy holding back the Faceless hoardes busting in on us from the back, we started the hour with Niles shooting down one of the Faceless on the right hill path below our starting point. He gives further attack-stance support to Odin who takes down the other Faceless with his magic bazooka.


On the bottom of the left path, Effie led her heavy tank division to attack the Faceless, and further support came in from Arthur and his riflemen. (And he DID IT AGAIN!!!) Mozu then finished off the other Faceless with her Blessed Sniper Gun.








Xander moved out to the right path, upslope to give support firepower (attack stance) for Camilla and Beruka with the lone Faceless on the other side of the debris. Meanwhile, Elise and I took on, and took out the Faceless on the upper left, and cleared the way for Silas and his battalion of tanks to set up their position further up.



Silas vs Faceless


On the enemy phase, a Faceless further up engaged Sila, but the former's Blessed Ammunitions, with further attack support from Elise, proved to be deadly for the Faceless.



Turn 2 - 0645 Hours:


Niles and Odin then boarded Camilla and Beruka's planes to move up ahead. Meanwhile, Effie joined Leo's vehicle, and Leo fired a Anti-Faceless Immobilizer (AFI) pulse to stop the enemies. (Gameplay-wise, they are the Chapter's dragon veins.)



Effie and Leo firing the anti-Faceless Immobilizer.


After that, Elise took out the Faceless further up the left road beyond the 2nd platform, while Mozu busted onto the same platform and took down one of the Faceless with her Blessed Sniper Rifle. On the enemy phase, the Stoneborn on the middle of the platform attempted to maim Felicia with a rock projectile, but Felicia successfully dodged that.



Turn 3 - 0730 Hours:


Mozu attacked and damaged the aforementioned Stoneborn to the point where I could finish it off. And...





As we cleared the second platform up, the rest of my regiment advanced as much as we could. Further aid came from Xander as he called in another pulse wave of (AFI) from the Ylissean artillery regiment nearby. On the enemy phase, Another stoneborn further upslope shot its rock artillery on Leo, damaging his battalion in the process.



Turn 4 - 0815 Hours:



Just after Turn 4 started


First things first, Xander rushed over to catch up with us. Then I fired my Grim Yato machine gun at one of the faceless upstairs on the right roadway, with Effie's tank giving me support fire. Selena and her diggers then finished that off with a series of well-timed rifle shots. Then, Effie's tank division advanced further up the mountain road and fired their big guns at the next Faceless, with Odin's magic artillery finishing that off for Effie. Also,





After that, Elise called in another order for the AFI pulse waves, while Camilla attacked the Stoneborn on the platform above. Then on the enemy phase, that same Stoneborn attacked Felicia, and yet Felicia managed to dodge again! Woohoo!



Turn 5 - 0900 Hours:



Arthur/Effie vs Faceless


Odin's magic artillery finished off the aforementioned Stoneborn, while Arthur's riflemen, with Effie's tank support, took out one of the nearby Faceless. The other Faceless was gunned down by Niles's Blessed Sniper Rifle.



Near the end of Turn 5


After that, then Xander, Beruka, and Camilla attacked the other Stoneborn. On the enemy phase, an ambush from both that Stoneborn and a Faceless nearly left Camilla's squadron routed.


Turn 6 - 0945 Hours:


Arthur took out the remaining Faceless on the third platform, while most others have advanced up onto the second last one from the far right road. Selena and her diggers, with support from Odin and his artillery, took down one of the Faceless on said road. Thereafter, a support chain has started, with Selena supporting Mozu's Sniper battalion in taking down the other Faceless. Then Mozu's battalion provided support fire for Silas's light tank division against the Stoneborn further up the hill, then Leo and Elise's magic artillery groups finished that off.



Leo and Elise vs Stoneborn


Camilla then called yet another AFI electromagnetic pulse, and thus the only counterattack during the enemy phase was a Stoneborn firing its rock artillery onto Odin, only for the latter to successfully dodge that.



Turn 7 - 1030 Hours:

Odin, with support firepower from Xander's midweight tank division, attacked the last standing Stoneborn, in the hopes of a critical hit, and a 1HKO...





Ta-daaah! It connected!



Beruka and Effie vs Faceless


After the area was clear, then Camilla and Effie took their positions, while Xander and Beruka's divisions attacked one of the last remaining Faceless. In the enemy phase, the other remaining faceless on the leftmost road jumped up high into the air to attacked Beruka's squadron of planes. Some of the resulting debri fell onto Xander and Effie's tanks, damaging them in the process as well. (Savage Blow Ability) The reinforcement Faceless also started to move, with some heading towards the left, while others to the right.



Turn 8 - 1115 Hours:


Effie finished off the third last remaining non-reinforcement Faceless, while Xander called in for another AFI pulse wave. Xander then further provided firepower support for Beruka finishing off one of the reinforcement Faceless, who in turn provided firepower support for Camilla finishing off the other reinforcement Faceless on the left side.


On the rightmost end, I commanded everyone to attack chain each other using mid-to-long-range weapons. Arthur supported Felicia, who supported Selena and Elise in defeating the first two Faceless. Elise then provided support firepower for Mozu, who in turn supported Leo.



Mozu vs Faceless. She now reckons Faceless smell like goats.



Silas vs Faceless.


The slaughter of reinforcement Faceless (who annoyingly have an Ability to deny us the precious experience points) ended when Leo supported Silas in finishing the final reinforcement Faceless on the top of the hill. Only to find another set of reinforcement Faceless coming in.



Turn 9-10 - 1200-1245 Hours:

Selena, Sila, Mozu, and Leo all ordered their divisions to concentrate their fire onto the two aforementioned Faceless just arrived. After that, Elise summoned the final AFI pulse waves. She then let me in her ambulance so that we can hurry up to the top of the hill. Meanwhile, Xander's midweight tanks initiated the attack against the Boss Faceless. On the next turn, this was followed by a barrage of cannons from Effie's heavy tanks.



Effie vs Boss Faceless


The final death shots were heard from the guns of from Selena's diggers.



Selena vs Boss Faceless




The remaining stragglers were taken care of by Mozu and Silas, while everyone escaped in the next two turns.



Mission accomplished. God bless the United States of Nohr.



Breakthrough and Aftermath




Our battle is not yet over, though. We saw more Faceless ahead along the road.

"Dammit! There really is no end in sight!", I yelled.




"Hisashi, you and the rest of the tropps go on ahead while a couple of us fend them off!", Xander yelled through his tank's microphone.

"What?! Are you crazy?!", I exclaimed.

"No matter what happens to us, you and you main soldiers mustn't fall here," he added.

"Yep, this isn't the time for you to enjoy Faceless meat. Just let me enjoy them, and I'll be happy. I promise.", Keaton further assured me.

"All of the free world is counting on you!! Leave this mess to us! I shall buy enough time for your boys and girls to escape!!", Lucina said as she, Cynthia, and Selena kept shooting at the Faceless along with their divisions.

"Just trust them; we'll be all right!", Azura said to me. "Now, as Xander just said, run!!"




"Azura...", I muttered in surprise. "OK. I trust you boys and girls. We WILL meet again. Until then...good-bye."




I then turned to my troops. "All right, Xander and his battalion are going to cover for us! On the double everyone!"

"ROGER!!", everyone roared as we all started running further up along the mountain road. We all advanced up the road to the junction outskirts of Pyonyang well after sundown.




"Whew...we made it...", Silas muttered as he panted.

"Is everyone here?", I asked, making sure we haven't left anyone behind.

"Uhh...let Flora...and I do...a headcount...", Felicia panted.

Without a word, Flora and Jakob started surveying the numbers. "Okay... so Effies group...", Flora thought out loud, surveying the battalion numbers.

"I can't...believe it...This...is...the first...time...I...feel so...tired...", Effie said, panting just like the rest of us. She was a really good indicator of how gruelling our double march had been. I can't blame anyone for wanting some rest after this ordeal, much less her.

"Ugh... and all those potholes on the road just make things worse", poor Arthur remarked. "Plus a couple of angry bees from hives I accidentally knocked over." To be honest, I really do not know whether to laugh at Arthur or cry with him. Some of the mishaps sound just too ridiculous to take them seriously, but then again, they are never fun to deal with. Thankfully, however, that his abysmal luck had not extended to him during battle, as past chapters showed.




Suddenly, we heard a girl's scream and wailing.

"Huh!? What was that!?", I exclaimed.

"Better to brace yourselves; it could be more Faceless!", Arthur warned us.

I replied, "All right. Eveyone, march to the- huh!?"




From the other road, we saw our other troops who traversed along the coast...and some Faceless chasing them! To our horror, there were numerous wounded troops from their regiment.

"Aaaauuuugggghh!", a bloodied, staggering Peri screamed. "Those Faceless meanies destroyed my face! Quick! Someone give me a gun so that I can kill 'em all!"

"Sir! We need assistance! "




"Peri! Laslow! You two need medical attention! Elise! Send them to the hospital tent!", I yelled as I started engaging the other Faceless.

"Yes, sir!", she affirmed, as she ushered the two back behind.




An unfamiliar tank joined me while being in the fray. "Die, scoundrels!", she yelled as she gunned down the Faceless from her tank.



Another second, a transmission came in from an Ylissean plane. "Bombs away, please retreat!", crackled the radio as he started dropping the bombs onto the rear crowd of Faceless for us. Silas and a couple of more able-bodied soldiers joined us as we swept the road free from Faceless.


It took us a good half hour to bring the Faceless down to the last figure. We finally did it, though, to our satisfaction. Our casualties amongst our troops were another matter, however. There were many injuries on those that marched through the coastal route. There were, of course, the aforementioned Peri and Laslow.

"Oooowwww...those meanies will pay for this...", Peri moaned.




"I must confess...I thought I'd be befallen...They remind me of the nightmarish Risens that Lucina and I fought against... I never expected such abomination to happen again..."

"Risen? Is that the one Lucina was talking about?", I asked.

"Yes... the ones we saw when were taking the Plegian peninsula over in Europe. You know how generally feeble normal Plegian soldiers were."

"Yes," I replied.

"However, our expectation for easy victory changed when they started deploying Risens to battle," Laslow explained. "Those creatures are basically fallen soldiers that are revived in the worst possible fashion. They have no fear, nor reason or emotions. I was basically fighting against an immortal group of evil zombies that engulfs your entire army."

"Laslow...", I muttered in shock.




Just then, Xander and his division came in. Xander himself seemed unscathed, as was Azura.

"We are at your side once more," Xander announced.

"Xander!! You're alive!", I exclaimed in relief.

"Yes...though not without some casualties. We have some people needing medical attention." Azura reported.

"So we have some deaths after all," I said in resignation.

"No, not quite that yet, but we have some critical cases," Azura further explained.




While Xander went over to tend Laslow and Peri, I saw Keaton and Selena brought in with a stretcher.

"Ugh! Those jerks really know how to pack a punch!" he snapped.

"Keaton! Selena! You too?"

"Admittedly we're one of the better ones. Lucy and Cynthia covered for us while we tried to evacuate...", Selena explained. "Gods! It's like...t-those Risens all over again!"




A second later, Cynthia and Lucina were also brought in, lying down.

"Girls?", Laslow asked. "Are you two alright??" All I could hear are painful moanings from both, however.

"Those are some nasty wounds they had...", I remarked.

"It's looking really hopeless, actually," Elise sighed, as she is undergoing her procedures.

"Is it?", I asked, still struggling to make sense of everything that happened.




"Gods! Lucina and Cynthia too!?", an athletic female soldier joined us.

"Yes I'm afraid so. By the way, who are you?", I replied. I also saw a tall masked Batman besides her.

"I'm Kjelle, leading the other Ylissean group. And this is Gerome from the RAF. He was the one providing air support."

"Hello, sir," Gerome replied.

"Pleased...to meet you...or I would say if we met under better circumstances...", I greeted.


A further word would suffice. It turned out that Pyonyang was mostly left undefended, with an inadequate amount of local garrisons. We were able to take the city without much trouble, and made it our base of operations for the path down south. We were also greeted warmly by the local Korais who had a difficult time under Hoshidan occupations, with many political prisoners in one of the prisons. All of the injuries I mentioned above were healed by the time we departed Pyonyang for our next stop, Seoul.


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So it came to my attention that I now have 10,000 views! We have made some progress with some of the war contribution that has been dearly needed to win this war against Hoshido! Here is another thank you poster below for all of the hard work you have done! The Hoshidans have become salty with their futile attempts in conquering Asia!


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On ‎31‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 7:52 PM, blah the Prussian said:

So I just had an idea that the reason that Sakura is at that fort is that the military is now using her as a hostage to prevent the Emperor from surrendering. Would that work?

Sure. I mean, I made Sakura as the most sympathetic to the Allies; they probably sent her to Seoul (or Keijo) to keep her from influencing the Emperor for a start.

On another note, sorry for the lack of update for the past couple of weeks. I've been really busy at work, and I also made the mistake of getting Hyrule Warriors which I am quite addicted to. Anyway, here is an intermission before the real thing.

Intermission: Lucina's Quest


Ylisse vs Plegia?


"All right, take your positions. We are going to stop those soldiers at the gates!", Lucina ordered.

"...Are we going to make this, Lucy," Nah asked while panting.

"We have to. We've got this  island to save from the Grimleal Republic! Deal with it!", Selena snapped.

"And we're going to win! Let's slaughter those Plegians, and emerge triumphant!", Cynthia encouraged the weary troops.

Nah sighed. She wasn't all that convinced, much to Selena's irritation. Lucina on the other hand, looked at Nah with sadness. She had heard a lot about Nah's late parents, and having to live in a orphanage. To her, Nah had to be saved and brought back home safely to live with

"Nah, stay with me," Laslow urged. "Stay with me, and let's make it alive together."

Nah had a look at Laslow. She knew that Laslow didn't really mean to smile like he did. Nevertheless, she felt a certain comfort being with Laslow. Yeah, sure, he was a bit too much of a shameless flirt at times, but she knew, deep down, that Laslow especially cared for his comrades, much more for those in need. This is why he had that encouraging smile all that time. This does make his womanising habits all the more painful, though.


"All right. The planes are ready. We will initiate takeoff in 2 minutes," Gerome radioed Lucina and Laurent, from a nearby airfield.

"Indeed, Gerome. We intend to engage the enemy 200 yards from where we are. I request bombardment at approximately 500 yards into enemy lines," Laurent replied.

"T-the s-sniper divisions are ready too...", Noire also radioed in, stationed at the rear along the old city walls.

"All my tank divisions are ready for action," Kjelle then radioed in.

"Okay, we are ready," Lucina confirmed as she and her comrades picked up their guns. "Move out!"


The whole Ylissean army and airforce approached the Plegians. However, there was somethng off about the enemy.

"What...are they", Lucina asked. "They looks ghastly for human soldiers."

"Probably some sort of camouflage or something? No, that can't be right," Laurent thought out loud.

"Who the hell cares? They're bloody Pleggos all the same!", Severa snapped at Lucina.

"No, they look too off to be ordinary soldiers!", Lucina argued back.


Before anyone knew it though, the enemy charged at the Ylisseans.

"All right, everyone! Fire your guns! Here goes nothing!!", Lucina ordered.

A volley of gunshots and artilleries enused from the Ylisseans, seemingly wiping out the most of the Plegians.

"Looks like we got the enemy! Slowly advance forwar- huh?!", Laurent exclaimed.

When the cloud of gunshots cleared, the seemingly wounded soldiers slowly rose up again to march towards the Ylisseans.

"What was that?", Lucina thought aloud.

"Bah! We just missed our shots! Just fire 'em again, and be done with it!", Severa snapped.

"N-no! That can't be! We just aimed point blank at them!", Lucina retorted.

"Is this the rumored darkness of the notorious rumored Risens?!", Odin proclaimed. He seemed to be acting confidently bombastic, but everyone knew he was just putting on a brave face.

"Odin, hold your tongue. Lucina, I concur with Selena. One more round, please," Laurent advised.

"All right. Fire!", Lucina ordered.

And another round of lead spray came out from the Ylissean guns. Quite conveniently, Gerome and his  crew dropped their bombs on the Plegians at this very moment. The Plegian soldiers seemed to go down with this combined firepower. "Was this it now? Did we get them?", everyone thought.


Then everyone's worst fears materialised from this very moment.


The seemingly incapaciated Plegians  rose again and started to run and lunge towards the Ylisseans. This was when the Ylisseans face turned pale with horror.

"Impossible!", Laurent exclaimed. "Not one incapaciated!"

"Great Scott!", Laslow yelled.

"Agreed. Everyone, retreat! While we can!", Lucina ordered. "Gerome, Kjelle, we need support fire power!"

"Roger!", both voices crackled.


Everyone retreated to the fort further down south on the Sicilian Island. A heart-numbing chase ensued between the Plegians against the Ylisseans. Minute-by-minute, the Plegian soldiers edged closer to the fleeing Ylisseans. The heavy firepower from Gerome and Kjelle's groups did  little to stop the seemingly unkillable Plegians. Lucina and Laurent had a further glance at the Plegian soldiers. Being closer and more visible, Lucina and Laurent saw their grisly, rotten, burnt looks, with their red glowing eyes. The two could also hear unnatural, grisly growls coming in from the persuers.



Suddenly a scream shot from the front of the retreating pack. Lucina faced at the front to see who cried out. She saw Nah, who just tripped over a tree root sticking out. While Laslow helped Nah stand up, Lucina started to take down the undead soldiers. But this was her big mistake; for the undead soldiers overwhelmed her.



Lucina screamed as she was pushed back by the hoard, and trampled upon, with every bit of rifle butts and fists pounding her every square inch of body.


Just then, a earth-shaking roar came from the back. Lucina was relieved from the pounding pain as she saw the undead being either tossed aside or roasted from what was the dragon form of Nah. "Blood and thunder!", another female voice pierced through the scene. It was Noire, who started taking down the undead soldiers, who finally seemed to stay down. In another split second, Kjelle's tank rolled in, and squished the undead soldiers, while vaporising other soldiers with large cannons. Then Gerome's plane came back to further bombard the undead, further buying Lucina and her crew to buy extra time to reposition themselves. And for the few others that dodged all of that, Laslow readied his machine gun to take them down.


"Finally!", Lucina and Laslow voiced out with rejoice. "Now, let them take care of this!"

But that moment of rejocing came to yet another naught. To everyone's horror, the swarm destroyed Kjelle's tank, with their hands reaching the interior or Kjelle's compartment. Meanwhile, another swarm scaled up the sky.


What on earth is that?" Noire wondered out loud at the back. "Wait, no, they're.... GEROME! LOOK OUT!", she screamed at her transceiver.

"What the!?", Gerome exclaimed. Before he knew it, his plane went all around the place before it went down in the middle of the undead swarm.


"Gerome!! Kjelle!! No... It cant be...!!", Lucina screamed in a state of shock. Yet there was not even a second to grieve. The swarm of undead soldiers once again charged at the Ylisseans. "Everyone! Retreat now! Save yourselves, lest they overwhelm us!", Lucina ordered, or perhaps even pleaded.


But there was no retreat. A grisly screech rose up amidst the swarm. It was Nah, and she was brought down, overwhelmed by the swarm, clobbered, cut down, and trampled upon. Laslow was also similarly overwhelmed, with the undead soldiers attempting to tear his limbs.


"Nah! Laslow!", Lucina cried out! "Hang on! I'll be there in a second."

Inevitably, her efforts to rescue them were futile. The instant the undead swarm brought Nah and Laslow down, they once again charged at Lucina. Facing the trauma of being possibly killed, and the sheer horror of the undead hoard, Lucina gave a ghastly scream.


The End?


"Aah!", Lucina screamed as she sat up from her sleep. She kept panting for a few seconds before making sense of her surroundings.
"Lucina? Lucina!", a posh Ylissean voice called her from outside her bedroom. Indeed, It was 6am in a far more tranquil hotel room in Pyonyang. But Lucina could not bring her voice, for it was overcome with her shaking trauma. Eventually, there was another knock on a door. "C... come in," Lucina finally managed to reply.
It was General Charles Keightley. "Great Scott, Lucina! Another nightmare again!"
"Yes...", she muttered, still shaken by her nightmare. Ever since we arrived at Pyonyang last week, this was the second time she woke up with such a start.



Chapter 22: Battle of Seoul
To the outskirts


We spent two weeks of occupying Pyonyang and spent the time sweeping the resisting Hoshidan troops. Thnakfully, all of the batallion leaders have survived the ordeal that we had back in the mountains. Nevertheless, the whole event proved to be traumatic for us, for this proved to be the first time where major casualties were inflicted. Furthermore, there were rumors of a possible treachery within our alliance.




"Lucina, how are you today?", I asked her while having our breakfast at Pyonyang's former Yamato Hotel.

"All right, I guess," she replied.

"...You sure? I've been hearing accounts indicating otherwise," I further questioned.

"...Have you been...hearing about them?", Lucina asked back.

"About the nightmares you have been experiencing lately? Yes I have. I admit, ever since that Faceless incident, I noticed how pale your face is, and I'm starting to worry. I've asked your crew, and General Charlie's told me about the nightmares you had."

"Yes... Frankly speaking, I don't want to talk about it..."

"No matter. I'll just ask around for the time being. You tell me when the time is right for you." Upon finishing my toast and cereal, I left my table to return my dishes to the canteen.




"So, how is Lucina," Xander asked me as we prepared our equipment to depart.

"...Not too good," I replied. "She's still having nightmares."

"I see...", Xander said, his face becoming even more grim. "I'm sorry to hear this."

"Frankly speaking, I feel conflicted about whether to dispatch her along ourselves."

"No doubt you do. But you do understand that her divisions would be necessary in for our next occupation, do you not?"

"Indeed so," I affirmed. "And she is fully aware of this."




"Ah, Senators," Arthur replied as we finished arming ourselves. We haven't even loaded our guns yet, and he seemed to have a couple of bruises already, albeit of superficial nature.

"Another incidents with banana peels again?", I asked.

"Uhh...yes," Arthur sheepishly affirmed. Frankly speaking, I don't know whether I should laugh at the grossly ridiculous levels of Arthur's bad luck, or pity his hardship, or even admire his resilience...or even do all three. "Anyway, everyone is ready to depart. The transport division has been dispatched to join us in 0815 hours."

"Thank you," Xander replied. "We are just about to be ready too. We'll be there in a minute. God bless the United States of Nohr."

"Indeed, for truth, liberty, and justice," Arthur and I replied.




Ten minutes later, the transport division joined us. Apart from Arthur's bruises, everyone seemed to be in good shape. Even Lucina's face had a more normal colour now.

"Ah, brother, I've got a telegram for you. It's from General Marshall," Leo told me.

"Open it, and let's have a read," I replied.

Leo opened the letter. "'To the Manchurian Commands, 1st and 2nd Divisions. Hans dispatched to the Yellow Sea to land at Incheon. Coordinate attack from north upon further notice.'"

"So old Johnny's coming in to join us eh?", I asked with a smile.

"Uh-huh. Looks like he'll be joining us there."





Anyway, we made our way towards Seoul via Kaesong. Perhaps due to our sucessful blitzkrieg at Fengmaguo, and our rapid advance into northern Korai, it seemed that they landed a hit on Hoshidan morale. Apart from isolated cases of minor skirmishes, we saw very little Hoshidan activity along the way. Within a week, we made it to Panmunjum, some 80kms north of Seoul. By then, Johnny had radioed in that his regiment will be landing at Incheon within another 3 days, so we will have to coordinate our movements with his. By then, we arrived at the northern outskirts, where there were strong garrisons of Hoshidan taking their positions to engage us.




"This is it... Seoul. This is capital of Korai, and Hoshido's front line. We should brace ourselves. Rumors are that our younger sister is in there to fight alongside the Imperial Hoshidan army."

"I'm ready. We've made it this far... There's no turning back now. It's just like Xander said. No matter who we lose...or who we end up hurting... We must do what we must do to bring peace to this war-torn land."

"You're right. Even if I must defeat the family friends in Hoshido I grew up with... It is for a higher purpose. Neither of us should regret the events to come. We're in this together, Hisashi. I will follow you to the end."




"Thank you, Azura. Your support gives me strength. Well, there’s no reason to postpone this any longer. The soldiers inside have likely already realized we're here. We should attack first, before they do. Let's go."


Meanwhile, Yukimura's division was holding their positions at Yongsan Base next to downtown Seoul, in a desparate attempt to save the city from Nohrian occupation. Amongst the garrisoned troops, Lady Sakura was there to lead the group of medics. This was the what we knew from intelligence. Why she was literally near the front lines and not back in Shirasagi, we would only know later.




"Lady Sakura, what are you still doing here?", Yukimura questioned. "You must stop healing our soldiers and retreat. There isn't a moment to lose. Lord/Lady Avatar and his/her army are outside the fort, preparing for battle." He was quite agitated, but it seemed to be not purely one out of concern for Lady Sakura.




"Avatar's here?", Sakura responded as she readied her ambulance. "...I see. Then I will j-join the fight."

"You don't know what you're saying," Yukimura reprimanded. "You need to get back to Taegu right—"

At this moment, Sakura yelled, "I WILL NOT LEAVE!"

"L-Lady Sakura?!"

"I'm sorry, Yukimura. I know you're only looking out for me. But I'm no longer a powerless princess. I will f-fight for my kingdom. I refuse to leave these soldiers behind and be the only one who escapes! Please, Yukimura. P-please try to understand."

"Lady Sakura...", Yukimura responded. "My word, what to do? Emperor Hirohito and Lord Ryoma would kill me for this, but... If it means that much to you to stay, then I shall not force you to retreat. But only if you allow me to arrange for your protection. We shall fight together."

"Th-thank you, Yukimura.", Sakura replied back. She then went back to her convoy.




Yukimura then turned to his staffs. "This is bad... She's been influenced too much by the treacherous Hisashi!"

One of them responded, "And just when we thought that sending her away from the Imperial Palace would keep the integrity of the House..."

"I admit, we do need the medical staff for this battle...But I can't trust Sakura either," another one mentioned.

"We'll have to arrange a couple of men to keep an eye on her...lest she flee to Hisashi's side...", Yukimura thought out loud.

"I shall keep an eye on her," a female rifleman said.

"And so shall I," a male pilot added.

"Hana? Subaki?", Yukimura replied.




"Yes," Hana confirmed. "We have been serving Lady Sakura for a long time. And this includes teaching her the doctrines of our proud nation."

"Indeed, no one can afford to have the Imperial family to harbour treacherous thought, much less us with Lady Sakura," Tsubaki added.

"Okay, that settles that then," Yukimura said. He then turned to his other soldiers. "Shokun! You all know what to do! We are to hold the Korai colonial capital at all costs! It is only this city that stands between the Kichiku Nohr and our homeland. Do not ever let them take the city. Even if we have to all die, our name shall last forever under the graces of His Majesty and the Great Empire of Hoshido!"


And thus, boys and girls, to arms!


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Does anyone have a good map for Seoul in English? I've been looking at Google Maps, expecting at least some English-translated names for the area, but which they ridiculously lack. (They don't even indicate campuses for Seoul National University in English, nor other major landmarks! What the hell, Google???)

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15 minutes ago, henrymidfields said:

Does anyone have a good map for Seoul in English? I've been looking at Google Maps, expecting at least some English-translated names for the area, but which they ridiculously lack. (They don't even indicate campuses for Seoul National University in English, nor other major landmarks! What the hell, Google???)

I found this. Is a more modern map okay?

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Chapter 22 (Part 2): Battle of Seoul


The battle for the city


So, from the main circle outside of the Women's Medical College at Gyeongseong/Keijo University (now Yeongeon Campus of Seoul National University) campus we had to split the team into two groups to navigate the narrow streets through the city, and to sieze the Colonial Government Building.

On the right was: Keaton, Xander, Arthur, Leo, Elise, Odin, and Azura.

On the left was: Mozu, Silas, Niles, Effie, Felicia, myself, Selena, and Camilla.



Our warplan for the battle. The numbers and letters are as follows:

A) Xander's regiment

B) My regiment

1) Hana

2) Subaki

3) Sakura

4) Yukimura



Start of battle


Turn 1 - Day 1 - 1st Quarter



Bombardment of barricade


As soon as we started, Xander called in the bombers to wipe out the barricade on my route. (Or he used the Dragon Vein in actual game terms.) As we approached along the central area of Keijo University (shown as the leftmost area with the fort), Selena and Camilla's divisions took their positions, while Mozu's snipers took out one of the Imperial Riflemen (oni warriors) divisions.



Mozu going in for the kill


She was soon caught up with Effie's heavy tanks who bombarded the other division, and while a few managed to regroup, it turned out that Effie gained much needed experience to be re-classed to a higher level.



Effie DID IT!


So we all took our positions at the west (right) end of the campus around the buildings (fort). As for Xander's group, they headed down further southwest (up) towards the museum and the botanical gardens on the western campus.


On the enemy phase, the regrouped IR division retaliated against Mozu, from a position where the latter was unable to counter.



End of Turn 1.



Turn 2 - Day 1 - 2nd Quarter



Another barricade bombarded.


I soon caught word that another barricade has been set up further down where Xander was heading. I radioed in to the air crew to bombard that particular barricade. Meanwhile, Silas and his light tanks finished off the remaining IR division that previously attacked Mozu's.



The blacksmiths at Wonnam (Ennan)


While we intended to leave Wonnam (Ennan) district alone, the presence of the Imperial Tank (IT; blacksmiths) divisions and their approach convinced us otherwise. We took our positions to engage them from where we were.


As for the other teams Arthur's riflemen, and Odin's magic bazooka division attacked one of the goups of the Valmese-made Goliath automated tanks (automatons) over near Wonseo (Ensei) district, while Xander's tank division finished off the other group of Goliath tanks. Meanwhile Elise sets her magic artillery and barrier against the Onmyoji magic artillery, also approaching from the north.



Elise and Leo (right of Arthur) takes up position against the Onmyji divisions.


On the enemy phase, one of the IT divisions fired at Camilla's squadron from Ouang (Kogane district (or westernmost fort in the games). Another IT division attacked Selena's diggers, though the latter not only managed to overrun the tanks, but also gain enough skill to be reclassed another level up. Meanwhile, one of the Onmyoji artillery groups attacked Leo's magic tank group.



Selena's engagement



Selena DID IT!



Turn 3 - Day 1 - 3rd Quarter


The third quarter started with Odin engaging with the other Onmyoji division, and his troops were also reclassed to a higher level.



Odin DID IT!


Leo also engaged with the other Onmyoji from the East Gate and he too, found his division reclassed to a higher level.





Then Elise and her magic artillery disabled another group of Goliath tanks, and she too found her division reclassed to a higher level.



Elise DID IT!



All units for Xander's group have completed their turns. Notice the artillery at the top, and Odin/Xander near the bottom.


Further east along Yulgok Road (or further up for the game map), there was an long-distance artillery set up. Xander and his tanks took cover for Odin's divisions.



End of turn 3.


As for my group, Silas and my divisions took down the IR and IT divisions, and we took our positions on Jong Road, at the southern end of Jyongmyo Shrine grounds. Xander would direct another signal to bombard another barricade up ahead towards downtown. We all waited for the signal.


The artillery located at Gyeongun (Keiun) district fired their missiles towards Xander's divisions, but missed. Meanwhile, we had some attacks over the barricades. One of the IR divisions from Insa (Ninji) districtdistrict fired their bazookas at Selena's diggers. An IT division attacked Effie's group, although the latter retaliated with their big guns.



Effie vs IT (blacksmith).


As for Xander's group, they held their ground at Yulgok Road near Changdeok (Shotoku) Palace.


Turn 4 - Day 1 - Last Quarter



Here's our chance!



I took the lead.


As soon as the planes bombarded the roadblock ahead of us, my group made our charge against the South Seoul Regiment led by Hana. I started by attacking one of the IT divisions, with some air support from Camilla's squadron. Then everyone went for Hana's rifle division.


Vs Hana

Firstly, PBY Felicia flew over with her machine guns blazing to scatter Hana's division. However, most of the shots missed, and the crew were able to quickly regroup. (Basically Felicia missed her shuriken attack.) Realising that I don't have much time to deal with this, I decided to send Effie's heavy tanks straight off.



Effie vs Hana.



After routing.


Unsurprisingly, Effie's tanks routed Hana's riflemen, and the rest of us routed the entire regiment.



Xander's regiment.


Meanwhile, Xander's crew kept their positions at Yulgok Road, just south of the university campus. For the enemy phase, we had some bombardment of artillery onto my group, and Hoshidan reinforcements arriving in the city.



Turn 5 - Day 2 - 1st Quarter



Turn 5.


Xander's regiment made a temporary retreat up into the northern suburbs (rightmost end of game's map), with Elise, Leo, and Arthur's regiments engaging the Onmyoji divisions from the north end of the university campus (game map's bottom). As for my regiment, Mozu took out the ballista mechanic at the main intersection with King Sejong Boulevard, just north of the City Hall (now the Metropolitan Library) with Nile providing support firepower (attack stance), giving an opening for everyone else to advance.




Xander's critical.


In the enemy phase, one of the Hoshidan Army Air Force squadrons (sky knights) bombarded Xander's group of tanks, but a lucky hit (Xander's critical) from the latter brought the planes down, routing the enemy division.



Turn 6 - Day 2 - 2nd Quarter

Xander's team took their positions to engage Subaki's HAAF bombers flying in from the west (or from the top of the game's map). Arthur and his men readied their surface-to-air missile guns, while Keaton and his supersoldiers had their first breakfast before dawn - a Hoshidan regiment.



Where the enemy artillery division was.


As for my team, we moved forward to secure the intersection at King Sejong Boulevard - where the artillery on our side were.


Vs Subaki (Part 1)



Arthur vs Subaki.


On the enemy phase, the magic artillery on Xander's side attacked Odin, but Odin's division successfully withstood the attack without any damage. Then, Subaki and his bomber squadrons came down to engage Arthur's division. Some damage was sustained on both sides, but Subaki suffered more...only to have Sakura radio in reinforcements for more planes (or used her Stave to heal Subaki). Additional reinforcements arrived at the city.


Turn 7 - Day 2 - 3rd Quarter


My group further secured our positions along King Sejong Boulevard, while Elise, Leo, and Odin's divisions took their positions to block and engage more Onmyoji divisions chasing us from where we started.


Vs Subaki (Part 2)



Keaton vs Subaki.


Meanwhile, Keaton and his supersoldiers used their superpowers to jump up high and tackle down down the planes. Before Subaki and his crew knew it, Keaton and his supersoldiers rammed the planes off balance, distracted the pilots, and sent all of them crashing down.


On the enemy phase, the next wave of magic artillery missiles rained on us, thankfully to no major catastrophe. Further onmyoji divisions attacked Odin and Elise's divisions, while they countered with their magic artilleries. Meanwhile other IR and IT soldiers were closing in on my team from the western suburbs (or left end of the game map).



Turn 8 - Day 2 - Last Quarter



Keaton vs Sky Knight (bomber squadron).


Odin's divisions finished the remaining Onmyoji division. Meanwhile, Keaton (with Azura's double time) and his supersoldiers leapt up into the air again to swat another squadron of bombers to the ground, near an evacuated checkpoint and barricade further west along Yulgok Road.


For the enemy phase, Xander's regiment saw further Onmyoji divisions attacking his crew, while my regiment barricaded oueselves around the aforementioned main intersection to deal with the IR and IT divisions. This would last for another six hours.



Turn 9 - Day 3 - 1st Quarter

Keaton and his supersoldiers had another good breakfast before dawn, devouring the group of Onmyoji bazooka infantries. Meanwhile, I called in our allied aircrafts to bombard the next barricade for Xander at Chaedong (Saido) district.



Another barricade removed.


Xander and Arthur's tanks and infantries then moved up to disable the Goliath tanks and its mechanics/engineers, including the ballista operator...and Arthur's division were reclassed to a higher division.



Arthur DID IT!


Meanwhile, Mozu got rid of the Goliaths tanks heading my way too, and Niles and his snipers similarly took out the IT divisions, with well-timed explosive ammunitions that pierced and took out the tanks. His division too, was reclassed to a higher division.



Niles DID IT!



Day 10 - Day 3 - 2nd Quarter

Xander's regiment saw no more enemy activity and advanced along Yulgok Road to just before the main square in front of the Colonial Government Office. Meanwhile, my regiment was still busy taking out the IT and IR divisions as we were advancing up King Sejong Boulevard.



End of Turn 10.



Day 11 - Day 3 - 3rd Quarter

Meanwhile, intelligence found out where Sakura and her divisions were hiding. They were located at the police training school grounds in Susong (Jusho) district. Leo request another bombardment of barrcades surrounding the area, with Keaton and his supersoldiers launching their attack against her division. He was sulking a bit that I did not allow him to have Sakura's division for dinner, though...



Keaton vs Sakura.


Needless to say, after some show of power on our side, Sakura's division routed, with Sakura and some of her staff surrendered.


Also, my riflemen were re-classed to a higher division as well, after we took down one of the IR divisions.



Turn 12 - Day 3 - Last Quarter


We all then approached the Colonial Government Office where Yukimura and his Elite Korai Imperial soldiers (most which were ironically Hoshidan) stood between us and the government headquarters.



Arthur vs Yukimura.


Firstly, Arthur and his infantries exchanged fire with Yukimura's soldiers. While both sides sustained damage, Yukimura sustained more damage than we did, which allowed for our next move.



Silas vs Yukimura.


Next, Arthur's group backed down, making way for Silas's tanks to breach the gates. With Arthur's support, Silas applied further pressure against Yukimura.



Leo vs Yukimura.


The job was finally done, with Yukimura's division routing under Leo's magic artillery and tank fire. We subsequently stormed the government headquarters, and propped up the Nohrian flag above the building. Mission accomplished. God bless the United States of Nohr.

The meaning of Surrender




We edged closer to the battered Hoshidans led by Yukimura. Xander then held his megaphone, and announced his presence.

"Listen well, Hoshidan army. We have occupied Seoul now! To fight back would be futile. Throw down your weapons and surrender! Do as I say, and the lives of all remaining soldiers will be spared!"

I took Xander's megaphone after he finished commanding our enemy's surrender.

"Hoshidans, as Xander said, we have taken control of this city! We also have Princess Sakura of Shirasagi House hostage! Surrender now, or face further destruction!" 


At this point, we could hear Yukimura and his crew mumbling. We could not hear them very well - they must have been planning something, but we (it turned out foolishly) decided to give them the doubt.




Finally, Sakura took my microphone to my surprise and spoke up. "I'm s-so sorry... I should have... If only I were..., but…p-please… I don't want to see more bloodshed…"

Finally Subaki responded, with him laying down his rifle. "Princess Sakura, General Yukimura... This cannot be happening..."




Hana, with tears, sobbed out, "We really lost...didn't we?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so. But we are still alive. As long as we live, so does our cause. Let us lay down our weapons now. It's time to surrender. There's no reason for any more blood to be shed on these stones.

"General Yukimura, Hana, Subaki, thank you...!", Sakura called back




At this moment, Jonny and Chester joined us, apparently ready to fight.

"Ah! Senator! What is…going…on?", Johnny asked me.

"A bit of a stand off at the moment. Mind lowering your rifles for the moment?", I requested.

"Ah, yes, I shall…"


All of the Hoshidan soldiers laid down their weapons, with their hands up in the air. One by one, the unarmed Hoshidans approached our army.

Yukimura then announced to Xander, "You have won. The Hoshidan army surrenders. All remaining soldiers have been instructed to lay down their weapons. We do so in good faith that you will, at the least, spare our princess."

Xander responded, "You have made the right choice. In return, I promise that your princess and your troops will be spared." He then turned to us and commanded, "Soldiers! Bind the prisoners! But under no circumstances are they to be harmed!"


A number of our men came up and responded, "Yes, milord!". They herded the Hoshidan soldiers and send them away to our POW camps. Amongst them was Sakura, who stared at me as she was walking. Strangely, however, she was not as down as I assumed would be. There seemed to be an expression of calmness, and even a subtle show of relief as she silently walked past me, Chester, and Johnny.




"Sakura, Yukimura... Please forgive me. I know it seems cruel, but this is the only way to end this awful war once and for all. I know you don't understand now... But perhaps one day...", I thought, hoping for a better future.


This eerie silence was cut short, however, by a scream from the soldiers at the back. Before I knew it, I heard gunshots and angry yellings. By the time I made sense of what was going on, I saw a couple of our soldiers wounded, and a swarm of Hoshidan soldiers either fleeing, or shooting with what turned out to be their concealed pistols and knives at us.




"Stop this now! All of you!", I yelled as we chased the defiant Hoshidan soldiers. I myself saw Hana and Subaki grabbing Sakura in her arms and fleeing.

Sakura screamed in terror, "W-what are you doing! PLEASE!! STOP!!"

I followed, "As she said, stop this now!"




Hana taunted, "Ha! You idiots think we'll surrender that easily? You especially think you can have Princess Sakura to yourselves!?

Subaki, likewise taunted, "Gullible kichikus! Take a serve of this!"

Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed by stinging pain as I heard more gunshots. Too painful to bear, I nearly fell forward onto the ground as I tried to keep up. A second later, I heard sprays of machine gun shots from behind, with the two burly Hoshidans similarly collapsing to the ground. Considering the sheer amount of bullets used, it was a miraculously, Sakura was unharmed.




"And this is how you scums end up for your deception and defiance!", Johnny yelled in his deep Germanic accent. He then hurled Sakura up onto his sholders, while Sakura was screaming in fright.

"Aieeee! P-please, don't kill me!", she pleaded, pale from fear in who she thought would assault her.

"Johnny, stop the others straight away. Elise and I'll escort Sakura off to the POW camps," I ordered.

"Roger, Senator," Johnny mentioned as he dropped Sakura with her feet of the ground.


Eventually, we were able to subdue the rebellion, round up the surviving Hoshidans, and direct them into their POW cells. This, nevertheless, was quite a trauma for all of us. Here we are, trying to do (what we at least believed to be) the right thing, yet somehow, we ended up killing more people than we thought necessary. What is worse, the ones who we captured acted even more resentfully. It seems like a matter of time, before they rebel again.


For the next several days, I was lying in my bed in a local hospital we occupied. Two thoughts were on my mind: whether we could have done something different to preserve more soldier lives, whether we made a mistake in engaging with them.



Suggested listening track: Wistful wilds





Every now and then, friends and family came in to check on me. On the first day, I had Beruka and Camilla stay with me for a couple of hours.

"How are you feeling?", she asked me.

"Could be better…", I murmured, still feeling exhausted from the ordeal. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this."




"No apologies required," she replied in the contrary. "I only did what I was ordered. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Oh, right, I forgot you were a former spy," I thought out loud. "I still don't feel right about this."




"If anything, I'm sorry we couldn't get the results you wanted," Camilla apologised. "Poor Hisashi…"

"I wouldn't be too sure about this, Senator Camilla," Beruka replied with dissent. "Hisashi, as much as we appreciate how much you care for us, sometimes, I worry that your kindness may become your undoing. This is war. Sometimes, we have no choice."

"I guess you are right…", I half-agreed.


Suggested listening track: "Such bonds are the true strength of this army." - FE Awakening




On another occasion, I had Kaze, Douglas, Johnny and Chester visit me.

"So, feelin' better, ol' son?", Doug asked me as we were having lunch in the hospital canteen.

"Yes, thank goodness," I said. "I intend to return to camp in a few days."

"That's the spirit, ol' son."




"Thanks. Anyway, I know that you need to brief me on what has been happening in and around the area since last week."

"Oh yeah," Doug replied. "Well, there has been a few attempts in re-taking the city, but we have been successful in defending our position. We also occupied most of Gangwon Province, and the front has moved further south to the two Chungcheong provinces. There's a bit more to tell, but I'll leave it there until you're fully back. Chester?"

"Ah, yes," Chester replied. "For the situation in the ocean, we've established marine superiority around the Yellow Sea. We are intending to patrol that area more and secure another beachhead further down south so that we can occupy the peninsula quicker. We will have to eventually secure Busan in order to access Shimonoseki."




"Looks like everything is going according to plan," Doug remarked, looking up. "As for the breakaway we had last week, have we had any further information?"

"We do, and I admit, it will be an ongoing problem as long as we are engaging the Hoshidans," Kaze mentioned. "The prospects of a peaceful surrender is not looking too bright. Over the past several months, our spies obtained further information in regards to the situation in Hoshido. One of them has come back with several written pieces. They are all different versions of the military code that was issued a couple of years ago, called the Senjinkun."

"And what's written there?", Douglas asked.




"Hang on, let me get the script", replied Kaze as he read the translated script. "Here it is. 'Enemy nations are brutal to surrenderers. Never be a prisoner to them. Show your spirit, and fulfil your duties as Hoshidan men.' Here is another one, quoted from an ancient Mokshu literature. ' A great man might as well die as a jewel shatters; he cannot be like a tile left untouched.' I've also got reports of vinyl records and even card games with the Senjinkun code theme."

"Oh boy," Doug muttered. "Looks like we're gonna have a problem here."




"Thus, with future leaflets urging surrender, I've instructed my writers to be more careful with their writing. It's no good if such leaflets ends up for nothing," Kaze concluded. "Considering all of this, I find it a miracle that Princess Sakura did not die."



Suggested listening track: Reminiscence




On another occasion, Xander, Elise, and, surprisingly enough, Sakura visited me.

"Ah, Big brother, Elise...and...Sakura??", I exclaimed. "W-what are you doing here?"

"Oh, she asked me if she could visit you," Xander explained. "I told her that as long as one of us accompanies her, then she can."

"G-good to see you again, Hisashi-niisan..." Sakura greeted me. Even more surprising is her facial expression. There was a small yet marked smile, and a sense of euphoria on her face. I initially wondered if she wanted to taunt me or something, but then I remembered how she wanted to have a friendly chat with Elise and myelf, only to be brutally cut short by Takumi, Hinoka, and Ryoma. She must have been relieved that, at least for her, her inner conflict is resolved to some degree.

"T-thank you for rescuing me from those madmen...", she further said.




"So...it was true. You really didn't like what Hoshido was going into?", I asked.




"Y...yes. Everyone has gone mad. I used to be good friends with Azura and her mother who was the ambassador. They were the happiest days of my life. We listened to some strange music apparently called jazz, and saw some wonderful movies together. After the war has started, things were not the same anymore. My friends and family back home were no longer the same people I remembered. I've been yelled at, and even spat on for apparently being a traitor. And now, it looks like my freedom is within reach..."

"I'm sorry, Sakura...I'm really sorry...", I said.




"I can't believe it..." Xander remarked. "Such a seeming Yamato Nadeshiko was an avid jazz fan. Anyway, I actually showed her our regiment's collection of jazz music, and she instantly recognised Louis Armstrong."




"Gee big brother, I thought Hisashi would be enough to tell you that not all the Hoshidans are...y'know, war-lovers!", Elise pointed out. "...As not all of us likes bread with peanut-butter-and-jelly like Hisashi and I do."

"...You know that's not really good for you to have," Xander half-heartedly argued back. "Anyway, Hisashi, we decided to allocate Sakura's quarters elsewhere. Hana and Subaki were hassling Sakura in what they consider Sakura 'fraternising with the enemy', so we have her stay closer to our quarters, away from the other Hoshidans."

"Thank you, Xander," I replied. "I guess I will have to make sure that doesn't come to nothing heh."

"By the way, what is peanut butter and jelly?", Sakura asked.

"Simple, you have toasted bread with peanut butter and some jam on top," Elise explained. "I'll get one for you next morning."


Indeed, it was a miracle that my siblings survived...especially Sakura. May Sakura stay safe. And may God bless the United States of Nohr.


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On ‎21‎/‎02‎/‎2017 at 0:50 AM, Acacia Sgt said:

I found this. Is a more modern map okay?

Thank you. That really helped for reference. I've also obtained another map from the 1940s by the US Army, which I included in my current LP entry.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 22/23 Intermission: The occupation of Korai



So for the next several days, we swept the resisting Hoshidans in Seoul, and stabilized the city. No doubt the Korais were all looking for this moment when we liberated their homeland from the Hoshidan oppression. After all, it has been over two decades since they made their biggest protest for independence in 1919.




Nevertheless, the feigning of surrender pulled off by Yukimura greatly scarred our impressions of the Hoshidans. Many of my soldiers were fearful of whether we could keep them down in place as POWs for the duration of the war. It did not help that for the next two weeks, we had 10 cases of suicides, both aborted and successful. Everyone, especially Sakura, were walking on eggshells when they visited the prison camps outside of the country. Unfortunately, things had not gone any easier for us.


It was one cold morning in November 1944, when the golden sun was rising in the east. Elise and her two trusty attaches joined Sakura and myself in inspecting the POW camps. Well, Sakura was technically also an inmate, but she was allowed to travel within the city on the condition that at least one of us had to accompany her. Elise would usually go out with Sakura and try some of the Hoshidan and Korai sweets in the marketplace, while Xander and/or I went with her to persuade the resisting Hoshidans to surrender.




"It sure is freezing, brrr...", I remarked as we shivered on our way.

"Ugh, why do I have to come out into the stupid cold?", Elise complained. "It sure better be warmer inside..."

"I-it should be warm in there. I had s-some good sleep over at my cell last night," Sakura assured Elise.

"C'mon, Elise, it'll be warm once we get there," I verbally encouraged her. "I'll get you some hot chocolate once we are back in our camp."


We passed by the manned gate as we head into the foyer and the main office of the former Yongsan Base which we designated as the POW camps for the former combatants during the Battle of Seoul. There we saw Johnny minding his own business who apparently just came back from his hourly patrol. He was just about to light up his cigarette and read his army-issued newspaper when we walked in.



"Ja? Vas do you vant?", he asked in his usual gruff voice.

"Johnny, we came here to do our inspections," I replied.

"Oh, ja, that ist right." He laid his newspaper down and jingled for his keys in his pocket. "There seems to be nothing so far yet for the last hour or so."

"All right, well let's just hope that it stays that way. Now, do the honours, and lead us the way!"

"Jawohl, Senator!"


So we walked around the corridors lined with the makeshift cells. The walls and floors looked quite dated, but they seemed nevertheless well-maintained. Inside the cells held one or two Hoshidan POWs, depending on the size of the existing rooms we found upon our initial inspections of the former barracks. A couple were speaking to each other in Hoshidan, which I was able to pick up.




"Hey, you all right?", the first inmate murmured to the second.

"Yeah...sort of. And you?", the second replied.

"Yeah...I guess."

"Are you going to do work today?"

"Yeah, I'm rostered for factory duty. You?"

"I'm rostered for the mess hall."


Before I could eavesdrop further, Johnny and Elise beckoned me to move on. I had a glance onto Sakura as we were walking along. She looked down, with a sad frown. It was definitely one of guilt or shame, although I did not completely know which. Anyway, we further inspected the place, including the cell corridors, the mess hall where breakfast was being prepared, and the common areas which had a makeshift cinema. There seemed to be adequate provisions made for the camp.


This did not make any of my jobs easier, however. There were the occasional inmates that hurled verbal abuse towards me and Sakura. At least with myself, I got pretty much used to, to the point that I would now shrug off the insults and pity the fool. Sakura, however, was another story. She clinged over to me, visibly shaking whenever she heard yells of "hikokumin" or "baikokudo", both meaning traitors. One went even as far as to call her "baikoku-onna", which literally meant "traitorous bitch".




That was enough for me to yell back at them in Hoshidan and engage in a verbal rift.

"Hey, you cut that out! It's not her fault."

"You and Sakura are traitors! You betrayed our nation to the white devils!"

"...Look, you know it's a matter of time before your country surrenders. Why do you insist on fighting to the point of destroying your country and your own lives for the sake of vanity?"

"Better dead than disgraced by you kichikus!"

Just then, Johnny yelled his orders. "Silenz!! You Hoshidon'ts shall be taught to respect the people in charge!! I shall attend to you once my inspection is over!!"

Said Hoshidan inmate backed down with quite a quiver. I reached out my hands onto Johnny and beckoned him to stop his intimidation. He quickly glanced over to me for an awkward second before moving on.




Sakura then persuaded me to move on as well. "It's okay, nii-sama. You don't have to defend me..."

I could only mutter a simple apology to her. "Sakura-chan...I'm sorry..."


Then, we went to the section where Hana, Subaki, and Yukimura were interned. While Johnny went on his merry marching walk muttering and refraining "Eins, Zwei,", the rest of us felt burdened with the hostility and divide between ourselves and the Hoshidans.




"H-Hana? Subaki? A-are you there?", Sakura asked in Hoshidan.

"...Hmph.", both muttered, visibly displeased with what they saw as their former master.

"Hey, don't give me that," I rebuked. "Whenever one of us calls you, we want a 'Yes.'"

"Ha! So much coming in from a hikokumin!", Hana retorted in Anglian with a thick Hoshidan accent.

"It looks like our former master is quite defective herself," Subaki added.

"Hey, you call brother Hisashi defective?", Elise scolded Subaki.




"Listen, you white devil bitch, don't even think that you can get away with this!", Hana yelled at Elise.

"My name is Elise, you silly nincompoop! Not 'white devil bitch'!", Elise retorted.

"Hana! Stop!", Sakura pleaded.

"Ugh, that Nohrian she-dog has quite the vexatious attitude," Yukimura added to the insults. "I would have liked to have someone kill her already!"

"General Yukimura! Please don't start!", Sakura pleaded further.




"...And you, Princess Sakura," Yukimura continued. "...No, wait, you are no longer the Princess to us. You are an utter disgrace. Pretty soon, you and Hisashi will be trampling our homes, our country, and our way of life. We should have never served under you."

"NOW STOP IT ALL!", someone roared. We quickly turned around and realized it was Effie who said that. She turned around to glance at all of us before she continued.




"I don't know or even care what you may be thinking of Senators Elise or Hisashi; your insults matter little for us. But for supposedly being loyal servants to Princess Sakura, you're surely just as disloyal."

"Effie-san...," Sakura murmured.

"Sakura only did this because you may live out the war and start afresh," Arthur declared. "She obviously did not want to ruin your lives."

"Well it would obviously be better if you slay all of us, once and for all," Yukimura retorted.

"Unless if you pose an immediate threat to your surroundings' lives and limbs, that is out of our options," Arthur rebuffed.




"No, I cannot live like this. My name is in disgrace," Yukimura continued. "If we can't win this war, then we shall at least die with honour."

"What are you talking about?!", Effie and Arthur asked, completely unaware of what Yukimura meant.




"No, this is it. Hana, Subaki, are you two ready?"

"Wait, what on earth are you doing?!", I exclaimed, similarly dumbfounded by Yukimura's cryptic remark.

"R-ready when you are," the other two replied.




What happened next, I wish I could disremember, but was one of the most traumatic moments for all of us. While Johnny scrambled for his cell keys during the next five seconds, the three inmates brought out what looked like a capsule of some sort, bit the lid out, snuffed the capsules, and passed out. I realized to my horror that Yukimura, Hana, and Subaki committed suicide with cyanide!


"Hana! Subaki! General! Noooooo!", Sakura screamed in horror as she banged on the gates.

"What was that for!?", Elise also screamed, terrified at what she just saw.

Just then, Johnny got his keys out and excusing himself, unlocked the gates.

"Senator, get the medics over here!", Effie yelled as she and Arthur carried out Yukimura.

"R-right-o", I replied, only barely stammering as I rushed to get the phone back in the office.




The next couple of hours were our worst hours ever. We were eventually told by the medical staff that the three Hoshidans died from cyanide poisoning. Our whole battle in Seoul should have been a victory, but it felt more like defeat. Uncharacteristically, Effie and Arthur sat in the office, with their heads down. Elise, Sakura, and I also sat down with our heads hanging. My two sisters were clinging to my sides and sobbing all the way through. Only Johnny seemed unaffected by this ordeal, as he continued on his hourly patrol.


All was not lost, however. Our further ventures down south had more fruitful developments. There were more cases of Hoshidan divisions laying down their weapons without any major fuss. This was particularly so after they heard Lady Sakura's voice. I've illustrated one case when we proceeded to occupy Daegu.




"Hoshidans! I implore you to cease resistance!", Sakura called out from the front lines. "Let us put our weapons now, and together, rebuild our lives, and rebuild our nation together."

"Hang on… That voice...must be Lady Sakura's!" one of the Hoshidan soldiers said.

"So...she's safe?" another one said.

"It seems so. Now that when we think of this, surrender does not seem like a bad idea."

"Look, we're going to die anyway. At least, let's take a stand and distance ourselves away from this bullshit. We can't last long like this."




Several of their regiments came out with their hands up. One of them, who looks like the leader of the divisions announced, "Indeed, as Lady Sakura wishes, we shall cease resistance! I only ask you to treat our men well!"

Xander, and I came up to inspect the soldiers, and to herd them to their allocated POW camps. Meanwhile Sakura caught up with the leader as he was sent along.




"Lady Sakura, I'm glad to see you safe!", the regiment leader greeted her.

"Colonel, I...c-cannot apologise enough of your h-hardships…"

"Please, I'm just glad that you are safe. Obviously they must have treated you well."

"They have. Commander Hisashi have put a lot of effort in treating the POWs well."


Chapter 22/23 Intermission 2: Preparations at Pusan



Eventually, we all came down to Pusan where we rendezvoused with Admiral Nimitz. Lucina and her Commonwealth Regiment also joined us after they did their part in the Korai occupation. We also had Garon and George Marshall join us as we prepared ourselves for crossing the Tsushima strait.




"So, I have heard that you made some good progress with the Korai occupation," father told me.

"Indeed, as you may have heard, we have secured the country with the majority of Hoshidans surrendering," I said proudly, in expectation of my father's praise.

"Yet what is this that I hear of suicides and feigned surrenders?", he questioned me.

"That was mostly at Seoul. Now that we have Lady Sakura convincing us, the majority of Hoshidan there after seemed to have come to their senses."




"Hmph," Father scoffed. "You sure about that? Have you forgotten about our lesson on how rebellions are like seeds?" I can see that our father did not like our way of taking prisoners.

While I struggled for an answer, Xander quickly responded, "We only acted under instructions from Under Secretary Joseph Grew and General Marshall."

"Fools! You expect them to honour you mercy?! Those enemy soldiers are treacherous; give them an inch, and they'll go for a mile. No, you should be executing all of them!"




"As Xander said, we were acting upon orders from General Marshall and the Under Sectretary. As much as we would like to...uh obey your command, we will have to prioritise commands from higher ups."

"Ugggghhh...", our father growled as he left. It was a close call for all of us, and we can only be thankful that the higher-ups have been sensible. But it was also a moment when what little trust we had for our father had all but evapourated.




I met up with Under Secretary Joseph Grew and head General George Marshall for our next briefing. We had some short discussion in how to navigate the Kanmon Strait between Shimonoseki and Moji.

"Okay, so it has been decided: after Admiral Nimitz's vessels establish sea supremacy on the strait, the Ylissean Regiment establish a beachhead over at Moji. Meanwhile, our second Ylissean Regiment under Garon would land on the northwestern side of Shimonoseki. As for you all, you establish another beachhead on the southern side from the strait," General George Marshall concluded.

"Roger," I replied. "Xander, Doug, and I shall carry that out without fail. Anything else to discuss?"




Suddenly, the General leaned over to me, and beckoned Xander and Douglas. He then whispered to us, "You do want to know what has been happening with Iago, no?"

"Uhh... sure?", I replied.

"Okay, long story short, the government issued an arrest warrant against that guy, only to find him missing."

"What?!", we all exclaimed.

"Shoosh!", the General hissed. "Anyway, we've found out that there was, indeed, a conspiracy amongst Iago and his partners to overthrow our government. We've got some good leads now, or so we thought when we started rounding up the people responsible."

"And then...?", Douglas beckoned.




"As soon as the White House arranged the FBI to make arrests, Iago stopped coming to work at the Pentagon. They raided his house as well, but they could not find any trace him," Under Sectretary Joseph explained.

"What on earth...?", Xander and I muttered.

"By the time, FBI took wind of where he was, it was too late," the under secretary explained. "Iago escaped over to Mexico, and they Mexican authorities have no idea where Iago further continued onto."

"Hmm...I just hope he is out hiding over there instead of over here...", I commented.

"I doubt he'll make it over here, considering all the fighting that is still happening. I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. But given that some of our people are sympathetic over to him, we should keep an eye for any disobedience," General Marshall concluded.




On the other hand, I also caught up with Lucina and her regiment. We had a good exchange of stories about our occupation efforts.

"Good day, Senator Hisashi," Lucina greeted me. A firm answer she had, yet I still see that she is troubled.

"Good day, Lucina. I am glad to see you today. How is everyone from your regiment faring?"

"Considering the adverse situation we had for the last 1-2 months, they haven't been too bad."

"And for you? Especially since we last saw, I was wondering about that nightmares you had in Pyonyang."

"Yes...actually, I may owe you an explanation, actually..."




So then Lucina told me about the horrors she and her team faced in Plegia. She has lost a number of her comrades from the Risens that were deployed against. I shuddered at the never-ending ordeal that they had to face; as much as we had our share of nightmares, they did not seem so bad in comparison. She also told me how Laslow kept his chin up for everyone, and how everyone else relied on his constant smile to carry on.




"...As much of a shameless philanderer he is at times, especially with girls, I can't imagine my team without him," Lucina confessed. "He was the one who encouraged us to fight our best and eventually take over Plegia. As soon as we heard Plegia surrender in July last year, he...came out in tears..."

"Good Lord...he must have been relieved himself. Uh, Lucina, are you crying? Let me get you a Kleenex." I fetched a box of tissues besides me, while Lucina would wipe her tears and blow her nose.




"Thanks," she said, while she occasionally sniffing. "Yeah, so he cried so hard after all that time... Never was there a time before when I felt so awful about it. He was also so guilt-ridden for one of his friends, who we couldn't bring her home alive either."




Just then Laslow came in. Speak of the don, and he is sure to appear!

"Lucina, Hisashi, how are we all?"

"Well...," I said, struggling to get our words out. "Quite awkward, actually. Lucina has been telling me stories of your battles in Plegia."

"Oh...right...", Laslow replied, his smile turning into a grim frown. "Uh, never mind. Pray tell me where you have been up to. I can fill some of my details in to complement our tale."

"Okay, anyway, we've just talked about how you cried out of relief when Plegia fell."

"Oh, uhh, you actually talked about that?", Laslow asked us, blushed with embarrassment.

"I would not be so embarrassed if I were you," I assured him. "If anything, I owe quite a bit to Lucina and to you, actually."


"That radiant smile you gave me all this time we were at war? I now know it meant a lot to your friends, and especially Lucina," I said to Laslow.

"I'm glad I was able to be of service to my friends," Laslow replied.

"At the same time, it means a lot to me, too. Especially that confident smile you had when I faced Ryoma at the Field Hospital a year ago; it really helped us keep our spirits up."


"Laslow, I owe you a lot of thanks for giving us the courage. And I know you've had such a heavy burden since the war started. Please, if there is anything from your heart that is weighing you down, don't hesitate to tell me. Lucina, you as well. We all can support each other, and must support each other."

"...In that case, can I tell you something that has been troubling me?"

"Sure, what is it about?", I asked Laslow.

"It's about that suicide amongst the three Hoshidans... Just as you been troubled by it, I've also lost some sleep over that too..."

"Oh...yeah," I remarked with a depressed expression. "I know Sakura herself has been traumatized by this too. Okay, where to start..."


And so, Laslow and I told Lucina about our ordeal with Sakura's former retainers, and our efforts in making the Hoshidans surrender. To be honest, they were not the only ones that committed suicide; we also had dozens of other that followed the same fate.




"...That's horrifying," Lucina replied as she shuddered at our story. "I can't believe this. What drives such people to such desperation?"

"To be honest I am at a loss too," I explained. "I know in the past, samurais would commit hara-kiri to avoid dishonoring their masters... The problem is, this was generally unheard of during the previous modern wars. Hoshidans generally fought like the Europeans back in those decades."

"I...do not know what to say," Lucina replied. "Words would just escape me. I guess I could only be glad that Lady Sakura seems more friendly towards us. She obviously sacrificed so much to defend our cause."




"I just hope that she doesn't lose herself in the process," I said. "She can no longer return to Hoshido now, at least not in the same way anymore."

After a heavy 2-3 seconds, we all had a collective sigh.


Chapter 23 Introduction: Landing at Shimonoseki




Eventually, we all boarded the fleets to Hoshido, and within a day and a half, we would see the Hoshido shoreline.

"Azura... How is Sakura holding up?", I asked her.

"Not well," she replied. "She won't speak a word, and I'm told she refuses to eat."

I took a sigh, then replied, "I'm not surprised. Poor thing. For someone so young to witness suicides... We're lucky we were able keep Sakura safe. If Johnny and Xander were intimidated by the Hoshidans in Seoul, she would be dead right now."




"Thankfully, Elise has been visiting her quite often, making sure she gets food and blankets."

"I'm glad she's looked after... I should be the one looking after her, but I know I've got my own duties as the leader of this regiment..."

Azura gave a word of further caution. "...You should know that Garon's men don't agree with General Marshall's choice of keeping prisoner. I know even Johnny is thinking about giving up on accepting POWs. We all should keep close watch on everyone, or I shudder to think what might happen."

"You're right. I wish it weren't so...but we have no choice."




Just then, our father came up to us.

"Hisashi? Azura?", he called us in his usual stern voice.

"Yes, father," I replied.

"I order you and your troops to prepare for battle immediately," he commanded. "We will be arriving at Kanmon Strait before long."

"So we are here, Uncle Garon...", Azura remarked.

"Indeed so, Azura," Father affirmed. He then turned to me and said, "Once we pass through, we will march across the Sanyo coast via Hiroshima and Osaka and attack Shirasagi from the west. My forces shall be leading the charge. You, on the other hand, have been tasked with conquering the enemy's core legion. That means defeating their leader, Prince Takumi."

I opened the mouth at that moment. "Takumi...is leading Hoshido's core legion?"

"Yes, according to our scouts not too long ago. We already have Princess Sakura as a hostage, so no need to keep him alive. Though I guess General Marshall would order us to spare him."

"Thanks for letting me know," I replied. "I will deal with Takumi for the glory of Nohr. However, first things first. For now I must focus on the battle ahead. I will tell my troops to prepare for battle."

"Good, my boy. Very good," Father concluded.


We could see planes and ships coming out from the skylines, heading towards us. Judging by their sheer numbers, we could see that this will be yet another intense battle! We cannot lose this one! To arms, boys and girls!!


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By the way, has anyone got portraits of Hoshidan citizens? I wasn't able to get them during my Conquest run, but I'd like to get cutscenes featuring them for Chapter 24.

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Chapter 23: Battle of Shimonoseki



So thus, before we reached the shore's vicinity, some of us prepared ourselves with steroids for performance enhancement. The following tonics were prepared for the following people:

Defence: Elise, Felicia, Leo
Mozu, Silas, Xander, Arthur, Selena, Odin, Beruka, Keaton
Felicia, Niles, Elise
Azura, Odin

As for the actual plan, here is as follows.



So while my father and his crew would breach the shore from the western end, the Ylissean Pacific Brigades and my forces will establish marine superiority in the Kanmon Strait. While Lucina would establish a beach head in Moji and cut off the forces from Kyushu, my regiment will establish another beach head onto Shimonoseki, occupy the docks and the main city before engaging with Takumi at his barracks.

Turn 1: Day 1 - 1st Quarter

(Our starting point)

All of our fleets on the strait were paired up as shown above. The ships with low levels of armor (or Defense) were accompanied with ships of better defense. We went along the north shore (wall), with USS Xander and USS Effie on the front.

For the enemy phase, the first waves of enemy ships attacked. USS Effie attacked the Yari Cruisers (Elite Lancers) and...



Turn 2: Day 1 - 2nd Quarter
Atlanta-class cruiser USS Xander then engaged with the first Yari Cruiser and sunk her. The he proceeds to assist (attack stance) PBT Felicia to disable the Basara Destroyer, while USS Leo, with support from USS Effie took the frigate out. The rest of the fleet took their positions to prepare for the second wave of Hoshidan fleets.

(end of Turn 2)

On the enemy phase, one of their anti-air ships (snipers) fired his guns at PBY Felicia, with the latter barely flying, with smole coming out. The next attack on Felicia was from a Yari Cruiser, but Felicia's counterattck ended up sinking the enemy cruiser. Another Basara Destroyer went against the other Atlanta cruiser USS Silas with destroyer USS Mozu also engaging (attack-stancing) against the enemy.

Turn 3: Day 1 - 3rd Quarter
Sydney-class cruiser HMAS Selena sunk the anti-air destroyer (Sniper) and...



Meanwhile, USS Xander engaged the other anti-air cruiser closer to the Shimonoseki coast, which USS Silas finished it off. A precise shot of Iowa-class battleship USS Effie's devastating cannon (or lance attack) instantly sank yet another Basara destroyer. Beruka set up her radar defense (Rally Defense), and Lexington-class carrier USS Azura double-timed PBT Felicia where she re-supplied and repaired USS Silas.

(end of Turn 3)

On the enemy phase, the next group of enemy fleets were after us, with two anti-air destroyers attacking USS Silas and HMAS Selena, while a Basara Frigate went after USS Effie.

Turn 4: Day 1 - 4th Quarter
Beruka and her squadron of bombers then swooped onto one of the aforementioned anti-air destroyers point-blank, harrasing it and the crew. USS Xander saw an opening, and his cannons sunk the enemy cruiser, and with USS Azura's double-time, joine with Beruka to down another anti-air cruiser. USS Keaton similarly took down said Basara destroyer.

Turn 5-6: Day 2 AM
We approached the port facilities of Shimonoseki to establish the beachhead, but Hinata and his subregiment held the area around Shimonoseki Station tightly. We ended up spending over 12 hours in stalemate.

Turn 7: Day 2 - 3rd Quarter
The stalemate was finally broken with Mozu and her rifle divisions on board.


(assessment of Mozu vs Hinata)

(Mozu wins!)

Her division made an audacious hit-and run against Hinata's division (which was stationed at the main railway station near the docks), with the latter routed. Elise sent her vehicles (Rescue staff) to sneak Mozu's division back.

(And Mozu's been transported back!)

Turn 8: Day 2 - 4th Quarter
As soon as Felicia and Keaton's divisions landed on the docks, they routed one of the Yari Rifle divisions (Spear Master). Effie's heavy tanks, and my raiders landed as well, and we (my group assisted Effie's) routed another Yari division. Meanwhile from HMAS Selena, actual Serena's diggers took out the snipers immediately on the east. Meanwhile, Silas's tank division took out the snipers on the immediate west, courtesy of Effie's assistance (attack stance); they finally routed when they saw Arthur and his riflemen. The station staff surrendered to us and we secured the facilities.

Meanwhile, Takumi, stationed at the hilltop base, readied his artillery and started to fire the cannons at us. Felicia's crew took a hit, though not for the others nearby.

Turn 9: Day 3 - 1st Quarter
We moved further east, advancing closer to downtown Shimonoseki. Elise healed and re-supplied Felicia's soldiers. Yet her division was attacked again in the enemy phase. Anticipating urban warfare, we carefully approached the garrisoned enemy troops.

Turn 10: Day 3 - 2nd Quarter
We picked off the enemy divisions one by one. Leo's divisions fired their Brynhildyr magic bazooka at a Basara raider division, with Arthur's riflemen routing them. Silas, Effie (attack stance) and I routed the other Basara raiders, and Keaton's supersoldiers snucked onto an anti-air artillery, the division disintegrating as well.

(end of turn 10)

On the enemy phase, two Yari divisions and an Elite Imperial Guard division (Master of Arms)
  approached to engage us, with further Elite reinforcements arriving. The reinforcements are particularly dangerous, as they have effective weapons against what we normally use. (Seriously? Effective against anyone using any swords/lances/axes??)

Turn 11: Day 3 - 3rd Quarter
Nevertheless, we continued to gloriously prevail. Keaton's supersoldiers took out one of the Yari division, while Xander's medium-class tanks took out the other. By now, we secured the area around the City Hall.

Turn 12: Day 3 - 4th Quarter
We cautiously advanced up the narrow city streets (or the stairs up to the mid-level lookout) to get ready for a blitz move against Oboro's subregiment.

(end of turn 12)

Turn 13: Day 4 - 1st Quarter
As soon as all of us were prepared, we charged into the northern part of the city, overwhelming the front enemies guarding Oboro's subregiment.

(Silas vs Oboro)

On the enemy phase, Silas's tanks engaged Oboro's Yari bazooka division, which the latter succeeded in disabling a number of the former's tanks. Further engagement came in from the Elite Imperial troops
. which thankfully could not damage Silas's tanks. However, another Yari division fired their anti-tank bazookas at Silas's, which left a good number of his tanks out of action. (Silas himself was left with 12HP in the game.)

Turn 14: Day 4 - 2nd Quarter
Having had enough, Niles and his artillery group volleyed their guns at Oboro's division, both killing Oboro herself and routing her troops.

(img 13 - Niles vs Oboro)

Meanwhile, Effie's heavy tanks took out a Basara division, with air support coming in from Beruka's squadron. Odin's magic bazooka division took out the other Yari divisionthat acoompanied Oboro's. For the remaining one of the Elite Imperial divisions, Silas and Selena's divisions started to engage them, but the other EI division covered them, and started to shootat Keaton's supersoldiers onstead. (The game's two Master-of-Arms were paired up.)

Turn 15: Day 4 - 3rd Quarter
Apart from Niles salvaging some equpiment and abandoned currency from the troops (Boots and 10,000 gold), we all advanced further up north, closer to Takumi's base. Silas's tanks and Selena's diggers continued firing at the aformentioned EI troops. After some drawn-out battle, further help came in the form of Odin's bazookas, who they finally routed the enemy. The other division were also finished by Beruka and her squadron's falling bombs.

Turn 16-17: Late night and early morning of Day 4/5
As we secured the main city area, we prepared ourselved to take on the reinforcements persuing us. By the early morning of Day 5, we took our position to engage the EI reinforcement troops.

(end of Turn 17)

Turn 18: Day 5 - 2nd Quarter
Odin and Elise's magic bazooka and artilleries fired onto one of the EI divisions, instantly reducing them to ash. Elise's artillery troops then proceeded to take out the next EI division. The third EI division, which was paired upwith another one, was routed by Nile's artilleries, Elise's division grouped with (or attack-stanced) Silas's tanks to engage with the other EI division. That, too fell once Beruka's squardrons bombarded them.

Turn 19-21: between Day 5 - 3rd Quarter and Day 6 - 1st Quarter
Seeing that the entire area was clear, we rushed, on the double, to Takumi's headquarters up the hills overlooking the city and the harbour...

Turn 22: Day 6 - 2nd Quarter
A division of snipers were guarding Takumi's barracks, so Effie brought her heavy tanks to rout them, and scare away the survivors...

Turn 23: Day 6 - 3rd Quarter

Effie's tanks then fired onto Takumi...

...And Odin's bazookas finished him off!
The barracks is ours now! We had finally gained a foothold onto the Hoshidan Archipelago!
God bless the United States of Nohr!!

Chapter 23 Epilogue: Takumi's Defiance and Father Garon's Wrath



We completely surrounded and enclosed the commanding base and closed in onto Takumi. Garon and Johnny's forces were closing Takumi and his soldiers from the back while we approached him from the front. Regardless of all of this, Takumi and his men seemed defiant. Anyway, I came up to the front to approach Takumi and talk him out of further resistance.



"Your battle is over, Takumi," I declared. "The Nohrian army has seized control of Shimonoseki. All remaining soldiers will be taken prisoner. That includes you."




Takumi, was acting even more defiantly than ever. "Dammit! Coward!", he yelled at me. "I hope you rot in a pit of eternal torment for this!!"




Leo came over to my defence, and started to threaten Takumi with his bazooka. "My, what a rude fellow," he remarked. "You should be grateful we are allowing you to live. You may be our prisoner, but we will not treat you cruelly. If you behave, we may even let you see your sister, Princess Sakura."

"WHAT?! Sakura surrendered? That coward!!", Takumi exclaimed.




"Brother!", Sakura exclaimed as she rushed to the front. "Brother, please stop! I beg you!"

"No! It can't be!", Takumi spat. "First it was Hisashi who defected. And now you too?!"

"Sakura-chan, stand back," I commanded her. Then I turned to Takumi. "Sakura-chan didn’t want further bloodshed, and made the wise choice here.", I explained. "And I recommend the same to you. Please, just put down your weapons and—"


But Takumi started to actively resist us. He and his crew fired warning shots into the air, and my soldiers staggered back. Sakura screamed as she ducked down, while I also took a step back and lowered myself.




"Don't touch me! Don't you dare lay your filthy Nohrian hands on me!!", Takumi yelled. "Neither you, nor Sakura!"

"Takumi! Stop this now!" In unison, Sakura said this with a pleading tone, while I gave out a reprimanding voice.




"I mean it! Don't come near me!! If it wasn't for you, Hisashi, none of these awful things would have happened to Hoshido! No one would have had to die! We could have been a family! Why did you go back to Nohr?! Why? TELL ME WHY!! Why didn't you choose us?! Your real family! Why?!"

"Takumi! I...", I attempted to answer. But I was stuck without an answer. While I very much believed that their country have done numerous wrongs, they were still part of my family before that fateful day. Takumi was right.

"Don't you speak my name...," Takumi stammered as he pointed his gun at us, sobbing. "D-don't you speak my name, t-traitor!"


At this moment, I was in a mental blank. One wrong move, and this could turn out catastrophic. Takumi and his soldiers could have ended me or Sakura-chan here and now, or my soldiers could have died in a possible gunfight.




"Takumi nii-san...please...", Sakura quietly stammered, with tears coming out.

"Whatever," Takumi spat as he lowered his gun. "It doesn't matter. Nothing matters—not anymore."

"Takumi... Why would you say that?", I asked.
The time is now... I can still save Hoshido myself...", Takumi continued. "You...can't...keep...me...prisoner!!"




The very second he finished his sentence, smoke bombs came out of nowhere and exploded. We all became disorientated with all of the smoke coming out.




"Holy shit! I can't see a thing!", I exclaimed.

"Nii-sama! Takumi nii-sama! Where are you?!" Sakura called out in vain.

"Ugh, that childish imbecile has got some bad nerve," Leo complained as he also sought around.

The next thing we knew, Takumi and his crew vaporized completely.




"Dammit!", I cursed. "He's gone!"
"W-where did he go?!", Sakura asked.

"I don't know...", I replied, slowly regaining my cool. "But surely he couldn't have gone too far. We've got the whole area surrounded."




"Indeed, worry not," Leo assured us. "I shall send an order to everyone." He then called Douglas with the following request. "I need everyone on the lookout of Takumi Shirasagi and his men, commander of the Shimonoseki Allied Regiment. He is armed and dangerous. Exercise caution when apprehending him."

"Roger," Douglas replied.

It turned out, however, that none of our troops could locate Takumi at all, which was hard to believe. This would lead me and Xander into some big trouble with my father. Later in the day, we was called into the command office we set up in the newly-occupied base.




"So you two have arrived," my father remarked.
"Yes, father...", I replied.
"You do know why I called you in here, do you not?", he asked.
"Indeed I do," I replied.



"What on earth were you thinking all that time?!", he sharply rebuked us. "We wanted him, dead or alive, and you and your troops have lost him! You know what might happen next? They might regroup and fight us again!"

I did not say anything during my father's lecturing. Quite frankly, I was lost for an answer to be honest. Father was right; we did screw this up. Brother Xander was not as sure about this though, and spoke up. Even so, this did not make his roaring anger any easier to hear. Though Leo insisted in coming with us and sharing the blame, Xander and I forced him out of this, and to be honest, we were glad we have did so.

"We only did according to the set procedures set my General Marshall. If we killed Takumi straight off without any warning, we would have been in trouble with them," he explained.




"Fool!!", Father roared at us. "Mark my words, sons - Hoshidans are known to defy us at all costs. They will do anything to inflict the most damage when they cannot win. Hisashi, your conduct in this battle has greatly disappointed me. I expect a more ruthless and thorough approach for any and all future battles."

"Wait, Father, let us get this straight," I replied. "So we are to kill any and all Hoshidans and risk disobeying General Marshall's commands?" Xander looked at me with amazement; thinking about this now, this was the first time I talked back to our father in an argument.

"Indeed so," our father commanded.
"I'm sorry, Father, but we will not do that," I rebuffed.
"What?!", Father yelled as he glared at us.

"I thought we discussed this before," I said. "Unless General Marshall gives us permission, we cannot fulfill your command, Father."
"You dare disobey me, fools?!", Father roared.
Xander and I looked at each other for a couple of seconds, turned our faces back to our father and said, "Yes."




"Well then," Father said as he stood up and reached for his gun. "I will have to teach you a lesson in what happens when someone disobeys!"


Just at the moment when we started to brace ourselves from our father's rifle-butting, General Marshall came in to see us, with shocked expressions.

"Senator Garon! What on earth are you doing?!", the General exclaimed.

"Oh, I was just about to discipline my boys for their failures."




"Garon, stop this madness now! In fact, I need to discuss with you for some private matter. Hisashi, Xander, can you stay outside until I finish?"

"Yes, sir," we affirmed as we removed ourselves from the office. We could see the burning anger in our father's eyes, glaring at us.


As it turned out, General Marshall had some fiery and even acrimonious argument with our father in regards to the previous conduct of the war. We talked to the General after a good hour or so.

"So how did the meeting go with our father?", Xander asked on our way to the next war plan meeting.

"Ugh, crap," the General spat, before apologizing, "...Sorry sons. I should not have said that about your father."

"What exactly seem to be the issue?", I further asked.

"Well, see here? We all believe in adhering to the Geneva Convention as much as possible," the General explained. "I know that in your case, you wanted to take Takumi prisoner as per the Conventions. While Takumi escaping is another matter, your procedures in themselves indeed complies with what we have set. And I must apologize for this, but this is why I am starting to become very concerned with your father."

"He...he did threatened us with insubordination for our failure to capture Takumi," I confessed.

"And how did he elaborate?", the General asked us.

"He scolded us for slacking off and not killing the Hoshidan soldiers then and there," Xander added.

"And that is the problem," the General said. "We are to treat prisoners or war with some standards for humanity. And unfortunately, your father is having none of that. While I will still need your father for the organizations for this occupation force, we have decided to demote him in rank, and have Lieutenant General Krueger take command of the 2nd Army Forces to Hoshido."

"Well, whoever would do," I replied. "I just hope that the next one would be more reasonable than our father."

"Indeed," Xander concurred. "Unfortunately, it looks like our father is now a lost cause for us..."


May Sakura stay safe. And may God bless the United States of Nohr.


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