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Pairing all 3 Protagonists.

Pairing Chrom and Lucina.  

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  1. 1. Who do you pair Chrom with?

    • Robin (Female.)
    • Sumia.
    • Sully.
    • Maribelle.
    • Olivia.
  2. 2. Who do you pair Lucina with?

    • Robin (Male.)
    • Owain.
    • Inigo.
    • Brady.
    • Gerome.
    • Morgan (Male.)
    • Yarne.
    • Laurent.

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Chrom x Sumia: Admittedly this was done by accident but I like how efficient they are as a pair plus Lucina and Cynthia being siblings is a bonus

Lucina: I dont pair her with anyone usually except for that one instance with yarne i guess

Robin x Lissa: My favorite pairing in the game the union of two doofuses who continue to pass down the hilarity to their children. It's also nice that the other ylissean royals and frederick become his new family.

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Chrom/Sumia: Their S support is a little silly, but I love Chrom's proposal after the Gangrel Arc

Male Robin/Lissa: I like the idea of Chrom and Robin becoming family. I also like Robin/Tharja for how strange a couple they are

Female Robin/Chrom: I can't see her with anyone else. I've never done a female Robin playthough, so I still like Chrom/Sumia more. 

Lucina/Inigo: I like the serious girl/silly guy dynamic.

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I prefer pairing Robin and Chrom. Not because I like the pairing but because it leads to Morgan being Lucina's little brother which I think is Lucina's best sibling situation. The support especially seems customs written for them.

lucina I pair with Inigo. They make a nice case of opposite attracts.

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Chrom: Sumia. While a little cheesy, I like the idea of Sumia actually getting to be with her crush!

Lucina: I'm not really a fan of any Lucina pairings, but when I do marry her, it's to Brady. They have really nice supports.

Robin: Either Lon'qu or Olivia because I love them lots. 

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Chrom: Olivia because of Inigo's resemblance to him. Inigo and Lucina make really good siblings, too. Olivia and Chrom are both so fumbling when it comes to relationships and affection. I also feel like Olivia's gentle attitude would make her a really good queen, because she's usually pretty level-headed. The Ylissean people would really like her, I think.

I also enjoy pairing Chrom and Maribelle because Brady as a royal is amazing. Maribelle would be a really good queen because she's really motivated about getting things done. She's also compassionate towards the struggles of the lower classes, a trait which would probably cause her to push policies for equal punishment/taxing.

M!Robin: Panne, purely because she's my favorite character. I think Robin would help her grow accustomed to living near humanity (reassure her if she has nightmares/doubts about her past, too). And I think that Panne would be able to get Robin to take a break if he's working himself too hard.

F!Robin: Libra. A man wholly devoted to serving Naga marrying the vessel of Grima is an interesting dynamic. Libra isn't the most popular character out there, but he has a lot of depth to him that I can appreciate. He stays with Robin despite her existence as Grima's avatar and looks passed it, accepting her for who she actually is instead of the grim legacy she carries with that title.

Lucina: Yarne or Gerome. Pairing her with Gerome makes them a definite power couple that no one will want to mess with. But her relationship with Yarne inspires him to grow as an individual and help protect her + the other people he cares about.

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I've only played through Awakening once, but here are the pairings I chose: Chrom and Sumia (because the game pushed it and I wanted to see if it was worth it), Lucina and Brady (I have no idea why I pursued this, but it was all right, in my opinion), and Robin and Tharja (because I wanted to see what would become of her obsession with Robin).

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Chrom: Either Maribelle or Female Robin. With F!Robin, it's quite obvious (the added drama to the story), with Maribelle, it's that I like the idea of Maribelle becoming the sister-in-law of her best friend.

Lucina: Usually Gerome, because of the childhood friend dynamic they have (he also gave her her mask), or Inigo, because the S-support is funny.

Female Robin: Chrom. See above.

Male Robin: Nowi. Because two dragon Morgans. Or Lissa, because she fits Morgan best, personality-wise.

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Chrom: Sumia. One time I was trying to get all support conversations and these two keep getting auto- married. I ended up loving their relationship XD.

Lucina: Laurent or Morgan. I can't help but like the fact Lucina would be paired with the smart ones...

M!Robin: Olivia or Cordelia. It's just so appealing to me. Morgan would come out fabulous either way, and you have a nice wife.

F!Robin: Lon'qu, my first ever marriage option. I married him to my loli avatar lmao.

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