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Heroes you're still waiting for?


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well with recent events, I can update and say, the only hero I want who is in the game is mist, and for those yet to be released, I really want myrrh. 

those are the only ones who I will feverishly pull for, as for some extras, kurthnaga is one of my favorite dragons and daddy dehgencia would be welcome regardless of context (I would be happy summoning only his godly mustache(rivaled only by oliver's)).

'corse they can add some others that I really want, none just come to mind at the moment, I didn't realise just how much I wanted endgame zelgius in heroes, but he is a great addition.

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Magvel: L'Arachel, Cormag, Knoll, Lyon (GHB/Tempest Trials?)

Tellius: ILYANA, Tibarn, Naesala, Ranulf, Reyson... Laguz when? Idk if we'll ever get laguz but it would be an interesting update.

Ylisse: Owain (real, sword Owain)!

Honestly, I want too many characters to name, so I'll just stop there with the most important ones.

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Archanea: Hardin, Wolf, and Astram.

Valentia: Kliff, Kamui, and Tatiana.

Jugdral: Quan, Lewyn, Chulainn(if only to see what Regnal Luna would be), Shannan (but only if Shannam was secretly added on the same banner), Ares, Brigid, Leif, Finn, Nanna, Ced, Othin, Sara, Deen, Dagdar and Travant. 

Elibe: Percival, FE6!Karel, Canas, and Leila.

Magvel: L'Arachel, Dolza, Franz, Vanessa, Myrrh, and Lyon.

Tellius: The rest of the Greil Mercenaries and Reyson.

Awakening: Owain, Walhart, and Morgan.

It would be neat if we could get some of the legendary characters we could never play as too, like Altina and Anri.

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2 hours ago, Nowi's Husband said:

I'd like to get my daughter Nah, along with other lolis: Myrrh, Midori, female Kana, Nyx, Sara, Yuliya, Emma, Mamori, and the singing idol Tiki from TMS #FE.  

Are you


alright, in the head?

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