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Heroes you're still waiting for?


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I mean both Heroes who are already in the game, but you haven't been able to pull them yet, and Heroes who you expect to be added. Yeah, recycled topic - it's that time of the year again.


FE4: Leif, Nanna, Sety/Levin, Lex, Fin.

GHB candidate: Ishtar

Seriously, Leif should've been introduced along with Seliph and Julia.

FE8: Myrh, Marisa

GHB candidate: Lyon, with a honorable mention to Caellach.

FE9-10: Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, Nolan, Boyd, Shinon, Reyson/Leanne, Naesala, Jill, Tibarn

Micaiah, too, should've been introduced sooner. Maybe they chose to keep her for another Story entry?

GHB candidate: Ashnard

FE13: Morgan (F/M), Nah, Owain (I know)

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FE5: Leif and PUGI

FE9: Like every laguz, namely Lethe and Naesala, also Astrid and Kieran

FE11/12: Xane and Malice

FE13: Owain and Sumia

FE14: OPHELIA also Rinkah

FE15: Python and Forsyth

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to summon: Bride Cordelia (two banners and one of them with $70 in orbs and nothing), Katarina, Nephenee, Amelia, Lucina, Lyn, basically every 5* only unit (except Delthea, since she just came home) and Tailitu, and Chrom, Chrom hasn't come home yet

to be added: Normal Charlotte, Severa (no selena does not count), Python, Forsyth, Ophelia, Micaiah, Pegasus Knight Minerva (hey if they're doing the cipher cards like with bride Charlotte then I say do it), Marisa, Gerrik, Quan (since I do know of the knight trio with him, Sigurd, and Eldigan), Frey, Norne, Malice, Samto, Feena, Myrrh, Bantu, Nah, and the laguz.

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I still need a Cordelia on my main account, and I guess I'm waiting for the next Bride Cordelia chance because Brave Lyn suddenly decided to love me once I decided I wanted a different Gray Unit.

As for waiting on, I need Hartmut, Bramimond, Elimine, Athos, Hanon, Roland, Durban, Barigan, Idunn, Limstella, and Nichol.

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Marthland: Hardin and Gharnef

Gaiden/Echoes: Valbar, Forsyth, Python, Rudolph

Jugdral: Have not played

FE6: Marcus, Lugh, Sue, Gonzalez, Tate, Juno, Cath, Miledy, Niime, Murdock, Brunnya

FE7: Kent, Sain, Erk, Canas, Farina, Fiora, Nils, Marcus, Dart, Pent, Louise, Athos, Linus (Where is he, already?), Limstella, Ephidel, Nergal, Sonia

FE8: The Rachel! Franz, Ewan, Ross, Lyon

Tellius: Micaiah, Nolan, Keiran, Reyson, Marcia, Astrid, Calill, Illyana, Ranulf, all the dragon laguz, Ashnard, Petrine, Sephiran, pretty much anybody who's not in already

Awakening: The Vaike, Owain with proper clothing, Noire, Cynthia, Brady

Fates: Kaze, Midori, Silas (give him an Axe please, I know he doesn't get that until promotion, but we have too many Sword/Lance Cavs and only 3 axes, and 1 of them stinks), Forrest, Kiragi, Sophie, Garon

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Did I mention Wolt?


Besides Wolt, I would like Micaiah, Lugh, Nils, Forrest, Owain, Azelle, and Thea.

Those I want but haven't pulled: Elise is the big one, also Siegbert.

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Heroes already in the game: B!Cordelia, Celica, Ayra, Sonya, Elise. I wanted Katarina before but after looking again at my 3 Tharjas I decided against her. 

Future Heroes: 

FE 2/15: Conrad, Kliff, Python, Rudolf, Mycen, Silque, Tatiana.

FE 1/3/11/12: Julian, Roger, Lena, Etzel, Hardin, Wolf, Sedgar.

FE 4: Ishtar, Ced, Lewyn, Erinis, Brigid, Cuan, Ethlyn, Jamke, Lex, Larcei (super mega powercreep version please), Shannan, Oifey, Altena.

FE 5: Leif, Finn, Nanna, PUGI, Mareeta, Karin. Didn't play a lot of Thracia so those are the only characters I remember.

FE 6: Guinevere (C'mon I need my blonde mage imperial princess here), Melady, Sue, Lugh, Niime, Perceval, Idunn. 

FE 7: Rath, Canas.

FE 8: Vanessa, Syrene, Cormag, L' arachel, Dozla, Ewan, Marisa, Tethys, Gerik, Rennac, Lyon, Selena, Duessel. 

FE 9/10: Marcia, Lethe, Mordecai, Calil, Tanith, Ilyana, Reyson, Naesala, Tibarn, Ranulf, Nasir, Jill, Harr, Micaiah, Nolan, Vika, Leanne, Sephiran, Sigrun.

FE 13: Sumia, Cynthia, Morgan, Vaike, Gregor, Nah, Gerome, Basilio, Walhart, Flavia.

FE 14: Velouria, Flora.

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Archanea: Wolf and Xane

Valentia: LUTHIER, Kliff, and Tatiana

Jugdral: Lewyn, Ares, Azel, Leif

Elibe: Erk, Legault, Heath, NILS, and Lugh

Magvel: Artur, L'Arachel, Knoll, Tethys, and Lyon

Tellius: Pretty much all of the Laguz but especially Ranulf, Janaff, Reyson, Lythe, Ena, Nasir, Kurthnaga, Naesala, Volug, Nailah and for non Laguz; Micaiah, Tormod, Harr, Jill, Rolf, Shinon, Pelleas, Bastian, and Ashnard(I need a red wyvern rider!) 

Ylisse: Both Morgans, Gerome, Laurent, and Cynthia

Fates: Keaton, Kaden, Kaze, Scarlet, FORREST, and Dwyer

More than any others my top five would be: Kurthnaga, Ena, Keaton, Erk/Luthier, and Ranulf

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1 minute ago, DarkLordIvy said:

Tellius:  Jill


How could I forget Jill?  She's in my sig for crying out loud.  I have brought shame and disgrace on myself and family for generations to come.

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2 minutes ago, Rezzy said:

How could I forget Jill?  She's in my sig for crying out loud.  I have brought shame and disgrace on myself and family for generations to come.

At least you realized your error.

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Echoes: Kliff, Conrad, Deen, Atlas, Tatiana

Awakening: Owain, Sumia, Lissa with an axe, Gangrel or Trickster Anna with distant counter/res targeting Levin Sword

Fates: Silas, Kaze, Flora, maybe Sakura or Outlaw Anna wielding Shining Bow

Warrior: I know not too many people liked them but I wouldn't mind seeing Rowan/Lianna/Darios in Heroes


Missing units already in the game: PA Azura, Bride Cordelia, Hinoka, Saber and Nephenee


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A few...

New Mystery of the Emblem: Dark Emperor Hardin (GHB), Wolf, Sedgar, Vyland, Lena, Horace, Etzel, Nagi

Genealogy of the Holy War: Julius, Ced, Lewyn, Ares, Ishtar

Thracia 776: Kempf

Binding Blade: Lugh, Guinivere, Hugh, Cath, Jahn, Idenn, Marcus, Saul, Igrene, Murdok

Blazing Blade: Sain, Kent, Oswin, Linus, Karla

Sacred Stones: Neimi, L’Arachel, Rennac, Dozla, Lyon, Vigarde, Ross, Ewan

PoR: Greil, Lethe, Ashnard

Radiant Dawn: Oliver, Lyre

Awakening: Vaike, Walhart (GHB), Noire, F!Morgan

Fates: Kiragi, Midori, Reina

SoV: Luthier, Forsyth, Rudolf (GHB)

TMS: Itsuki, Tsubasa, Mamori, Touma, Eleonora, Yashiro (GHB), Barry (GHB or TT prize), Kiria

Cipher: Yuzu, Randal, Shade, Emma, Alice, Valjean 

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Fe2- Conrad, Python, Silque, Tatiana, Jesse

Fe4- Quan, Ethyln, Lex, Lewyn, Ares, Armored Arvis

Fe5- Leif, Tanya, Marty

Fe6- Echidna, Deke, Miledy, Chad, Igrene

Fe7- Kent, Linus, Oswin, Nils, Pent

Fe8- Cormag, Ross, Gerik, Tethys, L'rachel

Fe9- Ranulf, Tibarn, Boyd, Gatrie, Reyson, Jill, Haar, Volke, Kieran

Fe10- Caineghis, Tormod, Neilah, Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, Nolan

Fe13- Owain, Brady, Noire, Gregor, Flavia, Miriel, Emmeryn, Aversa, Libra

Fe14- Silas, Kaze, Scarlet, Flora, Orochi, Forrest, Kiragi, Nina, Ophelia, Reina, Yukimura, Benny,Charlotte, Percy

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Already in the game: Hinoka, Takumi, and a better Oscar and better Titania

Not in the game yet: RD Ike, Kieran, Marcia, Ranulf, Sain, Fiora, Silas, Kaze

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Of the units in game already: Tailtiu, since she has the same VA as Colette, non-Atk Oscar, more Titanias to merge, Xander GHB rerun.

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