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Let's Play Tactic's Ogre LUCT: War Of The Chicken Man

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OG Tactics Ogre's a real winner with the names. "Aloser" is still the best one imo.

Wow, I've gotten way off schedule here! Let's try and get back on track.

Chapter 3 Rime: A Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal



Denim heard there's some sort of rad party going on at Rime, so he leaves the volcano behind to gate crash



He was told he could bring 9 friends, so here's them.



Given how this place looked last time we were here, things seem a little better than you'd expect.




Denim: But where the hell is the Duke?)


We just can't get away from this dickhead, huh?




Denim: doing with those Bacrum soldiers? I wonder...!?

Just usual Vice stuff, like betrayal and bad dialogue.



Now we're at the meeting, and Vice's little Bacrumese friends here probably weren't invited.


Lans Tartare: Under whose authority are you working?

Ronway: Yours, of course!! What are you talking about!? Lans, you have betrayed us!

Lans Tartare: This is ridiculous! I haven't betrayed anybody!!



Ronway: Vice, you came to help me!

Vice: Duke, come this way!!


Well that was... unexpected?



Who are we kidding, Takumi wishes he could embody "betrayal" the way this guy does.




Vice: How pathetic, Duke Ronway. You're next, Lans! This will be the last breath you breathe!

Lans Tartare: Too much ambition will kill you, lad.

Vice: Shut up, just shut up! Don't you understand the situation you're in, stupid!? Go ahead, kill him!


I didn't capture this well at all, but there was like an explosion or something outside.



Lans really does always bring exactly 2 pals everywhere he goes.




Oz: What's going on here!? Clear the way, get out!

Highlam: Behave yourself, foreigner.

Ozma: Who sent you? Branta?

Highlam: It is very natural for dogs to bark for no reason...

Oz: Dog!? Who are you calling a dog!?


Generics always have a little more sense and awareness than the special folks in these cutscenes.




Denim: going on within the Bacrum Army.



Highlam: Leave it! Let's take care of this business first!


Denim gives the absolute worst advice possible for this fight, or indeed the majority of fights. There's rare stuff to collect, man!



The leader himself has the Warp Shoes. Pretty simple, really; they don't change how far you can move, they just make it so whenever you move, you teleport the way Ghosts do.



These two Wizards are carrying the first of the game's "summon" spells. They have a fixed, wide radius, and will randomly target enemies within that radius and hit them with a series of a relatively weak elemental blasts. Not very useful for targeting multiple enemies, but if you can get just one foe in the targeting radius, it'll usually end up doing massive damage to them. These are certainly better that spells like Acid Rain and Meteor, which were only minor upgrades in damage compared to the basic ones, but they're specialized enough that you should still keep the basic spells around as well.



Finally, we've got a Cleric with another pair of Grease Boots. I can't complain about more ways to deal with the awful water levels the game likes to have!



Let's perform a little assassination to stop our Wizard pals from using those spells on us.



These Crossbow-wielding Dragon Tamers are a bit nasty. Even armored fighters take notable damage from them!



The Knights are a little less competent, but not completely ineffectual.



Having such an accurate way to permanently disable foes almost feels a little like cheating.



At one point I found another one of those orbs. I'm sure we'll need one of these again soon, so that's nice.



Anyway, let's deal with this xenophobic guy.



Whoever wrote the dialogue for this game loved the word "scum" as an insult.



Well, at least one of those isn't worth finding anymore.






It seems like Vice's little scheme didn't work out so well. He's 0-2 on Lans assassination attempts.




Oz: What should we do with this kid?

Vice: Please... Branta forced me to do this! I didn't intend to rebel against you. Please!

Lans Tartare: Don't you have any pride as a warrior?


I don't like the implications of that at all.


Lans Tartare: ...Shut up!

Vice: I must have been possessed by evil spirits! Yeah, that's it! I don't have a grudge against you!

Lans Tartare: I said shut up!

Vice: ...Okay.


Worst decision anyone in the game's ever made.


Vice: Really!?

Lans Tartare: But don't you dare show your face to me again!

Vice: Thank you. Thank you!!

Lans Tartare: Get out of here, now!!


I'm sure this time we'll never see him again, right?



I guess they helped stop Vice's incredible plan.



I forget if we've seen Ozma's portrait yet, so here you go. Boy did she get a glow up come her playable debut in the remake.


Ozma: He said Plancy was kidnapped from the City of Heigm and taken somewhere.

Lans Tartare: What!? Any suspects?

Ozma: It was probably a member of the Valeria Liberation Front.

Lans Tartare: We don't need Plancy anymore, because we have already found the Princess. But still, we can't allow this information to get out. Very well, I will leave this matter to you two. Kill the kidnapper and Plancy as well...

Ozma: Yes sir, I will complete my mission for the honor of the Gracious family!

Oz: What about Branta?

Lans Tartare: He'll pay for this treachery... We just need to be a little more patient.


How mysterious.



We actually aren't done yet! With Ronway dead, we've gotta make a stop at his old homebase. Just a little ways further...






I guess we have some random nobodies to handle first.



Alright, now let's go to Amorika. Do we have a difficult siege ahead of us?



Oh. Well, that was easy.




Knight: We surrender!

Wizard: The soldiers who did not want to surrender have already left the castle.

Valkyrie: Use us as you wish...

Knight: Sir Leonard told us to surrender if this were to happen.

Wizard: Please accept us so that we can ease the souls of our dead comrades.



Denim: I said to the people... Branta of Bacrum, Barbatos of Gargastan, and Ronway of Walsta... These are the people who initiated the war in Valeria to fulfill their selfish desires. They wanted to be King! They torture innocent people to fulfill their evil ambition... I will not follow in these mens' footsteps... I promised that if I were going to end up being like them, I would rather kill myself. Will you follow me!? Do you have enough guts to pursue your ideals?

Valkyrie: All the soldiers who remained in the castle already had doubts toward the Duke's policies. We may have different ideals and philosophies, but I know that we share the hope for peace between our people.

Knight: Please lead us!

Denim: I will! From now on we will fight together!

I guess we got some more allies backing us up. Nice!



And speaking of allies, it's some of our old friends! Though one of them's not looking so good.




Mildain: Denim! You are alive!

Denim: I'm glad to know that you are safe also.

Canopus: How's Warren?

Mildain: He's unconscious now, but his wounds are not fatal.

Canopus: Great!! ...What about Lans? He's not back yet?



Guildus: each other since the night of the Bacrum attack. We were imprisoned in a concentration camp in Rime and you guys saved us. Thank you. By the way, what is your next plan? Are you still planning to attack Fiduc Castle?

Denim: Yes, I am... It seems like Branta and the Dark Knights are not getting along... This would be our chance to take Fiduc Castle...

Guildus: Then we would like to join you. We must pay them back for what they did in Rime. You don't mind, right Denim?

Mildain: I am glad to hear that. Let's move!!


So, Mildain and Guildus have finally joined us after all this time. Truth be told, they're not amazing. They're not terrible, mind you, as they have very impressive stats, but their White Knight classes are effectively just the Knight class but slightly beefier, with no magic or special abilities at all. Their unique swords are strong enough, but they're nothing particularly special either, and they cannot change classes at all, so they're stuck being simply decent melee fighters in a game where non-dual-wielding melee combat is becoming an increasingly poor option, and while they're a little better if you give them bows they still struggle to compete with fliers. Why their class doesn't get Virtue spells like their Ogre Battle counterparts is a mystery; it would've at least given them some sort of niche.



Alright, we're done for now. We'll be visiting Selye at Fort Bodo once again whenever we get back here!


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I like how Guildus gets 20 more strength and Mildain gets 20 more... intelligence. For a character that can never use magic.

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"I said I'll do anything...". WTF Vice. Even your ennemies are disturbed.
... The literal definition of ''vice" ! 😄

On 8/17/2019 at 8:03 AM, Parrhesia said:

I like how Guildus gets 20 more strength and Mildain gets 20 more... intelligence. For a character that can never use magic.

"I will crush our opponents with my superior intellect !"

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On 8/17/2019 at 2:03 AM, Parrhesia said:

I like how Guildus gets 20 more strength and Mildain gets 20 more... intelligence. For a character that can never use magic.

Dude must've thought he was in FE and was gonna get a magic sword or something. There's still technically some use for all that Intelligence but it requires some rare equipment we don't have yet, and frankly other folks can pull the same tricks while providing additional benefits.


While the game wants us to head towards Fiduc Castle, we'll be making a brief detour to Fort Bodo, where we meet what will swiftly become the majority of our foes for the remainder of the game.

Chapter 3 Fort Bodo: Stoned Cold



The map's opened up for us quite a bit, and we have two options to go towards. Heading for Castle Fiduc would give us the last battle of Chapter 3, closing Fort Bodo and what's inside off to us, so let's head that way first and meet our old pal Selye.



I swear.



I'm not interested in your drops, and I wanna wait until Chapter 4 at least before picking up more random recruits. Leave me alone!



Alright, NOW we can go to Fort Bodo.



Magic and fliers will be quite handy for this fight, as we start at the bottom of a tall structure, while our opponents start at the top. Denim's Warp Shoes mean he won't fall behind, as well, which is handy!



The Dark Knights are all over this place, seemingly carting someone off. He seems a bit familiar...




Ozma: here is done. Oz, let's go back home.

Oz: Where's the priest?

Ozma: We just took him away. He's so docile and easy to deal with.

Oz: I didn't think he was in that bad of a shape...

Ozma: Let's not waste any more time. We have to go.



Oz: our last task here. We have to erase any evidence of us being here. Set the fortress on fire and double check that all of the guerillas are dead!

Things ain't looking so good for the Valeria Liberation Front, huh?



Fortunately, we're here to help.



There's not a whole lot to this fight, and none of the enemies have anything terrible irreplaceable, so in this case it's a good idea to just knock out Oz quickly. He's a tough opponent, but it's far from impossible, and unlike the Neutral route version of this battle, there's no NPCs that need protecting. Thank God we went Chaotic that version of the fight is hard



Still, let's take a quick look at these guys he's got with him. Templars are basically a Do Everything class, with good stats in every area and access to literally all the game's magic. They're enemies only, though, so no luck trying to recruit them unless you cheat (though they work fairly issue-free if you do, surprisingly). With Lodis taking center stage as the game's antagonists come Chapter 4, we'll be seeing a lot of these guys soon. This one and another one have Balder spears if you wanna kill them and get a couple a bit early, but they're not guaranteed drops and we're about to get one real soon anyway.



While the terrain is a bit of a pain for most characters, flying and warping characters don't have too much problem, and everyone else has spells that don't require line of sight so even they can contribute.



When I said Templars can use all magic, I did mean all magic. Expect a lot of status effects to get thrown around when these guys are your enemy.



Thankfully, we've now got ways to deal with such problems.



Poor Andy's mostly a punching bag nowadays. At least enemies don't usually have Exorcists running around.



Anyway, if these guys wanna be cute with status spells, two can play at that game.



Hey, look, we got one of the spea-






Well, let's show off one of those fancy new spells we got! This one's Kaminari, a Wind spell.



A bunch of energy bolts shoot out of the summoned creature and randomly land on foes in range to do weak damage. With only one person in said range, though, they all target him and do crazy damage, more than most non-spellcasters can do at this stage and more than any other spell we currently have. They even ignore allies in range, thankfully, making it a little easier to get only one opponent within their relatively wide spell radius. The biggest limit on them is their hefty MP cost, normally meaning it'll take a couple turns or a consumable item to cast the spell, but if a fast character has the Charge spell and gives the caster some MP with it, even that limitation is bypassed!



Also, here's Denim warping with the Warp shoes. Terrain height has ceased to mean a thing to like a third of my army!



The boss, and indeed all "special" Dark Knight bosses, has a special technique unique to them. In Oz's case, that would be DarkCell, which does damage within a limited range and Stuns the target, provided it hits. These techniques generally aren't that powerful, but they give these normally melee-restricted opponents a ranged option, and some of them can be pretty annoying.



Let's get rid of this punk.



Away he goes.



Time to ditch this place.



Things are looking a lot worse than the last time we were here.



But look who made it!




Selye: I am fine... How are my comrades?






Selye: Because I rescued the priest from Heigm Castle.

Denim: A priest?

Selye: It is your father, Plancy Powell.

Denim: My father is alive? Where is he?

Selye: I don't know... If you don't see his body around then they must have taken him.

Sisteena: I wonder? Why were the Roslolians so desperate to get him back?

Selye: The purpose of the Dark Knights is not to rule over Valeria...



Selye: Only your father knows of her whereabouts...

Denim: My father!?

Selye: It seems like they finally found Manafloa...

Denim: Why do you say that?

Selye: Because...

Sisteena: They may come back again. We should get out of here.

Denim: I agree... Come with us, Selye.

Selye: But...

Denim: We are not who we were before, Selye. We have changed... We have no intention of using cunning tricks and inhumane tactics... We share the same philosophy as the Valeria Liberation Front, right? I need your help. I want you to help us finish this war.

Selye: I can't give up now... I must fight for my dead comrades...


New friend!



Selye's basically tailor-made for the Valkyrie class, as she's both quite strong and has good magic aptitude. She'll be eventually getting a special class that's arguably a little at odds with her physical inclinations, but it's a good class and magic kinda dominates the endgame anyway, and her starting stats are good enough that she'll still be competent in melee. She's also needed for the same sidequest we needed Sisteena for, and it won't be long before we get the remaining characters we need as well. Whether the sidequest is worth it is a little debatable, but we're doing it for completion's sake!



Next time, we'll head to Fiduc Castle and finish Chapter 3, after which things really start to get a bit crazy.


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"Where are my comrades" Gee I dunno, probably not on the ground. 😛

Again, I have to mention of how fascinating and blueballing it is to see that it's the chaos route where you're like 'we're gonna fight, but not like pure evil assholes'.

Edited by B.Leu

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On 8/28/2019 at 3:32 PM, B.Leu said:

Again, I have to mention of how fascinating and blueballing it is to see that it's the chaos route where you're like 'we're gonna fight, but not like pure evil assholes'.

Given how frequently videogames use Lawful and Chaotic to mean Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil, it's kinda fun to see a game that uses them to represent something more akin to Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Good. Jury's still out on what Neutral is supposed to represent as a route tbh.

Today we finally finish Chapter 3, truly kicking off the war between Valeria as a whole and the Dark Knights. We also see our sister's fabulous new look, and watch a much beloved(?) character make his final appearance in this branch of the tale.

Chapter 3 Fiduc Castle: Extreme Makeover Valeria Edition



There's just one more obstacle between us and the end of Chapter 3, after which the paths merge and the games opens up a bit more. No time to waste!



We get a choice of how we want to assault the castle. Both sides have some rare items that are well worth getting, but in my opinion West Fiduc is the easier fight, and the gear there is a tiny bit more useful for some members of my current team.



Here's the party. With so many expensive spells equipped to all these mages, the Witch is basically gonna be a walking MP battery.



What a nice, symmetrical formation they've got for us!




Mercury: attacking us from the front. Stupid bastards!

Wow, rude much? I wish I hadn't come to kill you if you're gonna be so grumpy about it.



Still, kill him we shall. The boss himself isn't a huge threat, and he drops a nice wind-aligned suit of armor for us, though in practice it's not really enough of a defensive upgrade over Balder armor to justify how heavy it is. Heavy armor in general gets less and less useful as the game goes on, but I suppose Sisteena can get some use out of it.



The two mages drop the next two summon spells, rounding out the four basic elements. While there's another summon spell available in the game as well, we won't be getting it since it's mutually exclusive with some of my other plans.



The two Archers are carrying special elemental bows, the Ice and Light bow, being water and wind aligned respectively. These are both a good upgrade over the Balder bows, with the Light bow in particular having the same weight but doing more damage. The worst that can be said is that their elemental resistance buffs are arguably a little less useful than the Balder bow's Intelligence buff, but the damage bump's worth it, and most bow users aren't great mages anyway.



Finally, the Terror Knight has the water-themed version of the Wing armor from before, with the same qualities and issues. I guess Denim might like it, at least.

These items are replaced with fire and earth versions of themselves in the alternate battle (apart from the spells, which are the same), so don't worry too much about missing out.



Also, Canopus learned a new ability ages ago and I never showed it off. Whoops! Let's do it now.



Tornado is pretty much just Wind Shot but without the line of sight requirement, and it spins the enemy around and makes them face in a random direction. Not super impressive, but a bit of an upgrade, and with no real downside compared the Wind Shot.



The Dragon Tamers are a real nuisance, so we're gonna dispose of them first.



The enemies at the top of the castle, rather than maintaining their strategically advantageous position, all immediately abandon it to rush down the stairs and face us. Strange priorities these folks have, but it makes my life easier.



While this fight is easier than the South Fiduc version, it's still pretty tough. I had to pull more than one resurrection here.



Let's get ourselves one sweet suit of armor.



This particular fight (as well as the other version) have a kind of annoying gimmick where enemy reinforcements appear. They aren't too threatening, but it can extend the battle unnecessarily, though at least it doesn't happen as often and bosses who summon undead and the like.



For that reason, it's best to finish things fast with the main force. Last thing we need is some rando coming in and zapping us with her lame Thunder spell.



With everything else gathered, we finish off the boss.



IDK, probably. They're not a trustworthy bunch.






While we were busy killing the castle guards, the Dark Knights were just chilling in some random room of the castle.



(forgive the lack screenshots here, I kinda fucked up)


Ozma: They have broken through the front! It's over... Fiduc Castle has fallen!

Balzepho: What a mess! I can't believe I allowed this to happen!

Ozma: Leave the rest to us, sir. Please leave the castle immediately, Sir Balzepho!

Balzepho: I can't run away like this! I am a Dark Knight...

Ozma: We don't have enough soldiers to protect our lord! It looks bad...! We have to protect our lord!!

Balzepho: You're right. I cannot leave our lord alone...and that girl, too! Forgive me Ozma! I pray for your victory!

Ozma: Trust me...

Balzepho: Do not die.

Ozma: You, too.


Clearly, then, there's no time to rest. We gotta chase these fuckers down!



I ended the last fight with loads of folks at low HP, so we're bringing in some fresher faces to fill the gap.



I wouldn't be so sure about that, Denim. We had a prep screen and everything.



Suddenly, a familiar face appears in some spiffy new threads.



Dude, it was like a whole thing. You had to be there to see it.



GIrl's looking a little bit evil now, but appearances aren't everythin-



Wow, Kachua, the fuck?



Well, I guess she doesn't miss you anymore, if it makes you feel better.




Familiar Voice: are, Kachua...



Lans Tartare: This place is dangerous. Shall we go...



Ozma: Sir, let's get out of the castle.

Lans Tartare: You are alive, Ozma.

Ozma: Sir Balzepho is waiting for you outside.

Lans Tartare: I understand... You should also get out of the castle with the remaining soldiers.

Denim: Kachua!

Ozma: I will take care of this. Please get out of the castle with the Princess.

Lans Tartare: Don't push yourself too hard. Let's go!



Ozma: Your handy work in Rime was quite impressive... Let me pay you back, little boy.


Here I was hoping for another climactic duel between knights. Y'all just have no sense of chivalry.



Also Oz is here.


Oz: be the end of you!



So, in a bit of a first, we actually gotta dispose of two bosses instead of just one. Oz isn't any different from last time, and he starts considerably closer to us and totally isolated, so he'll usually go down fairly easy. Ozma, on the other hand, starts too far away to conveniently get to, and we'll almost certainly have to deal with her troops before we can fight her. She wields a whip, allowing her to attack without being countered, and it's not much weaker than her brother's weapon despite its superior range. She's also got a Petrify spell, annoyingly, as well as an ability that Charms targets, making her dangerous even when she's not dealing damage. She is an obnoxious boss, basically, and we'll need to get rid of her ASAP.



Denim starts separated from the rest of the party, and Oz will absolutely capitalize on that to wound him. Hope he still had plenty of HP from the last battle! At least he took a lot of damage from the counterattack.



Ozma starts on the balcony, so it takes her a few turns to get to the actual fight.



Anyway, I've had enough of this dude.



Oz and Ozma's only personality traits are Knight and Sibling (and Rapist Douchebag for Oz in the Lawful route), so it's no surprise they don't get any screen time come Chapter 4. Which makes Ozma being playable in the PSP release a... questionable choice.

They actually have a different exchange if Ozma dies before Oz, but that would be stupidly inconvenient to get given the circumstances.



It takes Ozma a while to get to the actual battle, so let's just skip to that bit. We can see she's already victimized poor Sisteena and Byan.



Denim just barely falls short of taking her out. I think you know what that means.



I love gently poking bosses to death like that.



Goodbye, Ozma. You sure did exist, I guess.



No time to fuss over these two assholes, though, Denim's understandably kinda bummed about the whole "my sister is evil now" thing.



The bosses drop their weapons, and they're nice weapons indeed. The whip in particular is one of the game's best whips, and the axe is our first axe that's an upgrade over the basic one.



After all that, we cut to Branta's cool pad.



After all the shit Vice has gotten up to so far, it's kind of satisfying to see this particular image.







Priest: Pray and kneel down before the Gods.

Vice: Why do I have to be executed!?

Priest: Holy Father of Filaha, please forgive him for his sins.


Welp, it's been nice knowing ya, Vice.


Vice: Please, stop!! Call the Cardinal! I was just... I was just following his orders. ...I don't want to die!! Please, I beg of you!! Stop!


That's certainly an interesting name to invoke at this point, all things considered. Guess being executed taught him a valuable lesson about friendship.



We get some sweeping shots of Heigm itself after all that.



As well as a glimpse of what an old friend of ours has been up to.



Press F.



And that's the end of Chapter 3! As fun as everything's been so far, Chapter 4's where the real meat of LUCT lies, so I hope you stick around and enjoy it!


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I dunno man, DARK KNIGHT is a pretty trustworthy sounding name.... 😛

Wait what, Oz is a rapist ? Wtf ?

Well, fuck Kachua am I right ? Attack Denim, run away, and just look at the execution. It's funny, Vice doesn't even try to reach out for her. maybe everything he did was just sexual tension he had toward him talking and that's why he do the opposite of what Denim does.
I wonder how many problem wouldn't have happened if Denim and Kachua had sex, and I'm serious... half-serious about it, talk about a bad case of late teenage crisis.  -_-

I felt really bad for Vice in that scene. He was an utter ass, but when you know why he was executed... I guess it's karma, but still.
The face doesn't help.

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15 hours ago, B.Leu said:

I wonder how many problem wouldn't have happened if Denim and Kachua had sex, and I'm serious... half-serious about it, talk about a bad case of late teenage crisis.  -_-


They were raised as siblings, my man.

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1 hour ago, Parrhesia said:


They were raised as siblings, my man.

Exactly. I was kidding and only said that to point out how Kachua is fucked up in the head, and yeah it's pretty gross, but sshhhhhh.
Denim's fine, which is kind of funny considering what he can do, but Kachua has... some serious problems.

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20 hours ago, B.Leu said:

Wait what, Oz is a rapist ? Wtf ?

Lawful route only, but yeah. It's a Warren Report scene, but let's just say Selye's confrontation with him there ends poorly. Yet more reasons to never go Lawful!

Also I'm pretty sure  Kachua's not there for Vice's execution, though that one civilian sprite kinda looks like her so I can see how you'd make that mistake. Another semi-major character is there, if you look closely at the crowd, but we haven't met her yet and I don't think Vice ever did either.

Chapter 4's gonna be off to a bit of a slow start, but at least we get to see a familiar and perhaps overly-friendly face and buy some items we'll sorely need for the coming war.

Chapter 4 Amorika: A Lans War in Valeria



We've finally made it to Chapter 4. This is the point in the story where the different paths merge, as regardless of the side you took in the Walsta conflict, our new antagonists are the Dark Knights. The story's gonna be largely the same for all three routes from here on out, though there's still a fair number of unique scenes and scenarios available for each. Obviously, we'll mostly be covering the Chaotic version of events.



The biggest news was that the Chapter intros are still broken, so here's the text dump:


The news of Fiduc Castle's liberation has immediately spread, surprising the Bacrum population. Especially, the fact that the leader of the enemy was a 16-year old kid was even more amazing. They were disappointed to see how Branta was not trustworthy. The Dark Knights' defeat was also unexpected. But the biggest news was that the daughter of the late King Dolgare was alive. The discovery of King Dolgare's daughter, Kachua, brought hope to the people. They hope she will be the savior of the world and bring peace. People are getting tired of the war. Lans Tartare, a delegate of Lodis, accepted Kachua as the legal successor to the Valerian King and claimed that the struggle for power has ended. Lans' statement made it clear that the cause of the war was triggered by a few selfish men craving to rule the island and it was not caused by different ethnicity nor ideologies. But the people who agreed to what Lans was saying were mainly aristocrats and it did not stop the Anti-Bacrum movement from spreading throughout the island. The Valerian War is no longer an ethnic war. It was a war between the ruler and the peasants. It was a war for freedom...



After that, we cut to our pal Lans trapped in the same dungeon we saw him in last time.



Lans 2.0 appears to be the culprit for his predicament.




Lans Tartare: still alive... Leave us!



Voice Outside of The Castle: is... closing in... Hurry to the streets...

Lans Tartare: Do you hear that, Zenobian Knight?


Oof. They really messed you up, huh Lans?


Lans Hamilton: before you're defeated.

Lans Tartare: We don't care who rules Valeria. You know that, don't you?

Lans Hamilton: .........

Voice Outside of The Castle: No, Roslolians... Get help... We can't... hold them back... much...



Lans Hamilton: restless with each passing day...

Lans Tartare: The Bacrum people are a lower species. They can't even comprehend the world around them... Our ideals are too complex for them to even understand...

Lans Hamilton: Did you ever stop and think that the policies of Lodis were the problem? Such as the use of force to enslave people?

Lans Tartare: That's hard to believe, since they were the ones who wished to be ruled by force.

Lans Hamilton: Wished?

Lans Tartare: Yes... Look around you... How many people, who are capable of accomplishing their ideals... actually do? How many people are willing to take that risk, to sacrifice all for the sake of their ideals...? Tell me, how many people are willing to do that?

Lans Hamilton: .........



Lans Tartare: ...Do you remember the revolution that you were a part of? How are your people now? Aren't they complaining and whining about their own selfish problems? They took your sacrifice for granted!

Lans Hamilton: They are doing the best they can with what they have! They could barely support themselves...

Lans Tartare: No! They are being that way because being the victim is much easier. They are not complaining because they are weak. They chose to be weak so they can complain. ...To be weak is what they believe in.

Lans Hamilton: That is not true! Each person has a right to choose what life they lead. They have that freedom to do so!

Lans Tartare: Don't you understand!? Freedom is not a right somebody gives you. Freedom is something you must actively seek and fight for. Are they willing to do that? No! They just want to say that they have freedom. They sit on their ass all day and wonder where their savior is. But none of these people are willing to be that savior!

Lans Hamilton: People are not that lazy. They're just not as strong as we are.

Lans Tartare: You are so naive. People shouldn't have any of their own ideas or dreams. Their lord should give it to them.

Lans Hamilton: And what would that be?

Lans Tartare: The privelege to live!


I agree, this is a very poor motive rant from Mr. Tartare. 3/10 at best.


Lans Tartare: People are inherently evil... To obtain happiness, they don't mind sacrificing other people... They don't mind killing to better their lives. And yet they feel guilty. Then they think a little bit and come up with some excuse like "The world is doing this to me." It is our duty to bring order in this world of chaos! We shall give those lazy people the solution. We will take care of everything!

Lans Hamilton: Take care of what? Is oppressing people also part of your mission to lead the people?

Lans Tartare: We are not oppressing them. We are simply getting rid of the disease which is corrupting the world... We have to get rid of them, before they infect others. You know, prevention is the best medicine.

Lans Hamilton: There is also such a thing called the immune system... It can purify the evil within the soul.

Lans Tartare: Are you waiting for everything to fix itself? You trust humans too much... People are always attracted towards a source of power that will keep them safe. They'll betray anyone to be safe.


Really bringing out the big guns in this debate by showing Ms. Irrationality herself, huh?




Lans Tartare: Allow me to introduce you, Holy Knight. She is the true successor of Valeria, the daughter of the late King Dolgare, Princess Bersalia!

Lans Hamilton: !!

Lans Tartare: Just like you told me, the Bacrum reign is over. But as long as we have her in our hands, Valeria will do as we say.

Lans Hamilton: Kachua... you are... but how...?

Kachua: I loved Denim. He was my only brother... But then I found out that he's not my real brother. And he has foresaken me... If I cannot have him, then I'd rather...

Lans: Kachua!!

Lans Tartare: It breaks my heart to say farewell to the person who took my eye... But I don't have the time or the desire to torture you. So, I bid you adieu.

Lans Hamilton: Wait!

You'd think, given who Lans Tartare is, that a certain other game in the series would show such a conflict between our two Lanses, but iirc it doesn't. A shame.



Ah well, we're done with these two for now.



We got our boy to get back to.




Shadow: ...The queen hasn't shown up since the ceremony. Her whereabouts are not even known to the headquarters of Bacrum. The Cardinal has sent a spy to find her. I guess the queen is with the Dark Knights of Roslolian.

Denim: ...I take it Branta and Lans Tartare are not getting along. ...Also, what's the status of the Dark Knights?

Shadow: Most of the Dark Knights are stationed in Heigm. But Lans Tartare and the other high ranking knights are nowhere to be found.

Denim: Hmm... I wonder why the Bacrum Army isn't attacking us...? What are they up to?

Shadow: ...As for the Holy Knight of Zenobia you have been asking about...


I love that Denim cares so much about finding Lans. He honestly seems more anxious about that situation that he does about his sister.

Also love his new look come Chapter 4! It doesn't come with a new class or anything, it's just a fresh outfit to show how much he's grown.


Shadow: I forced a caterer to talk... Our Holy Knight seems to be imprisoned in an underground jail in Heigm Castle.

Denim: But is he alive!?

Shadow: Unfortunately, there were too many guards over there. Even the Bacrum soldiers were not allowed in the castle. I was unable to obtain any information of his condition.






Denim: Rest for awhile.

Shadow: Thank you, sir.


I stand corrected, we're still sulking about the Kachua situation too.




Staff: attack?

Denim: I cannot do that... It is dangerous to attack without finding out the true purpose of the Dark Knights...

Staff: Don't spend too much time thinking about it, or we'll lose our chance to win. Do not forget that there is a movement among the people to obey Princess Bersalia. Some soldiers are even reluctant to fight against a member of the late King Dolgare's family!

Denim: I haven't forgotten. In fact, it is all the more reason we should attack.



Denim: Go ahead.

Soldier: Soldiers in Brigantes have taken hostages and have barricaded themselves in the castle!!

Staff: What!?

Denim: What do they want?

Soldier: Bacrum's surrender!

Staff: What fools! What have we been fighting for all this time!?

Denim: It must be a plot of the Filaha Order. I bet there are some Filaha followers among the ranks.

Staff: Ever since the queen was declared, the Order's influence has been spreading.

Denim: We don't have any control over that. The discovery of the queen is like the discovery of the savior. They're tired of this war. They crave security. The late King Dolgare was a true believer of the Filaha Order. Just like the late king, it is natural for them to claim "ethnic unity" and ask for the war to end.

Staff: Then what is your plan?



Denim: Using force against the Cardinal will not change anything. I'm going to meet with the leader of the Order!

Staff: No! You never know what will happen! It's too dangerous!

Denim: If I go alone without any weapons, they will listen to me.

This is the game's only real hint on how to handle the situation with the Filaha Order, and it doesn't really explain the actual game mechanics behind it. We'll get to that situation later, though.



A significant chunk of the map is open to us at last. No more being shunted on rails to the next plot point, now we can go where we need to!



The shops have upgraded their stock a little, but not dramatically so. We've got Balder versions of axes, hammers and spears, all of which are quite useful, though why you'd use the hammer when it's a two-handed weapon and doesn't do as much damage as the axe or have the range of the spear is beyond me.



Most elements don't have new spells for sale. Water gained Heal Rain, but we already had a copy of that.



Virtue and Bane, however, both gained some notable upgrades. Heal All is a healing spell with infinite range that completely heals the target to full, no questions asked. It's a huge upgrade over the basic heal, but it's more expensive and thus not able to be cast as often, and it only targets one unit unlike Heal+ and Heal Rain, meaning it's more of an additional option for healers than a true replacement for anything. Paradigm, meanwhile, mimics the Faerie's DeepKiss ability and lets units move again, making it quite a useful upgrade for Witches and other support mages, though the MP cost means it can't be used every turn the way DeepKiss can. However, it has significantly more range that DeepKiss, and it can be used on the caster themselves if they wish, allowing for a bit of cheese for anyone who has the ability to cast support spells. Using multiple turn-giving abilities in one fight can actually kinda break combat, so we'll only use one at a time to keep things interesting.



Now that we've made it to Chapter 4, there's something else to check out over in the Warren Report. Remember how I said it can open up sidequests and other secrets?



Well, the first one of those is available as soon as Chapter 4 begins.



As the rumor says, we now have access to a secret shop that sells the rare Orb items we've seen. It moves around every couple of days, but it always returns to Griate on the first two days of the month and moves to Amorika on the next two, making it easy to just move between the two points until the shop is available.



We'll head there now, but we actually have a little extra business there first.



Warren's still not looking so hot, but at least he's awake now.




Warren: I hope he's alright...


Are you just pretending to be sick, Warren? You don't cough by just saying the word cough, silly.


Denim: Don't push yourself, Warren. You haven't completely recovered yet.

Warren: Do not worry. It's not my time to die yet..



Warren: What is it, young man?

Denim: tell me the real reason why you and the other Zenobians came here.

Warren: ...What do you mean?

Denim: If your purpose is the same as Lodis, then I would have to send all of you back to Zenobia.

Warren: Hmm...

Denim: I do not want to be your enemy... But if you have a different reason, please tell me. I would like to help you!

Warren: We are just exiles.

Denim: Warren!!!


We about to get some juicy backstory details.



It's flashback time!



Sheesh, Tristan, the new artstyle really didn't do you any favors.


Tristan: part of our plan, but to declare your exile was not easy...

Lans: The best way to deceive the enemy is to deceive your own people first. This way no one will become suspicious. Besides, it was our fault that Brunhild was stolen. We really deserve to be exiled. We shall retrieve Brunhild to restore the honor of the Holy Knights.  

Tristan: I don't understand why Lodis would steal the sword... That is Zenobia's most beloved treasure. I have faith in you Lans.  

Lans: Yes, your highness. 



Warren: Brunhild is not just any ordinary sword. Whoever holds the sword will have the power of the Gods and the ability to talk with them. It's still just a legend and nobody knows if it's true or not. But it's still the most important artifact in Zenobia. We have to get it back.  

Denim: And the Dark Knights are the thieves, right?

Warren: Yes. We thought they brought it back to Lodis at first. But then we found out they brought it here. We didn't know that they plan to use it here...

Denim: Take it easy, Warren. Rest now.

Denim: Let us handle it. I won't disappoint you. In the meantime, I want you to focus on your recovery, Warren. 


As payment for letting you slack off, though, I might want to take that cool sword you were talking about for a test run, y'know.



Alright, that was fun. Now let's check the shops.



So, here's Deneb. She's kind of the series mascot, I guess, in the same way Anna is for FE. She always shows up in these games in some form or another, often running some sort of shop or other service that's a bit unorthodox to find, and if she's playable her recruitment methods are always a little strange.



Right now, she just sells the generic set of items plus the six magic orb items. These are very useful to have, though, so that's not so bad. Later we'll be able to recruit special characters from her and even recruit Deneb herself, but it'll be quite a while before that happens.



That's about it for our intro to Chapter 4. We'll get up to more exciting fare next time!


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Yeah, Denim's new design is badass.
Can... can we talk about how he have personal ninjas at his service though ? No ?

You know, Lans is not exactly wrong about how people doesn't care about anything as long as they can live a somewhat carefree life and blabla, we know the drill.
Too bad it's the only smart thing that come from his mouth, him saying 'Oh hey, here's the queen Kachua' doesn't help.

Dat sword. We all want dat sword.

Funny thing is, Deneb was an ennemy in the first game. Funny world huh ?

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On 9/1/2019 at 3:25 PM, B.Leu said:

Can... can we talk about how he have personal ninjas at his service though ? No ?

Matsuno seems to love having ninjas (and occasionally samurai and martial-arts-using monks) in his medieval Europe-esque settings, so it's probably best not to question it.


We'll be meeting up with the Filaha Order, ignoring the game's intended solution to dealing with them so we can learn the secrets of flight, and receiving a flurry of plot reveals and a touching family reunion.

Chapter 4 Brigantes Castle: Faith Gives You Wings



No point in wasting time, we've got some folks to chat with.



Naturally, though, it's not that easy.



We aren't gonna be dealing with this fight for long, but here's everyone who showed up.




Uram: this, Denim of Griate! I will kill you to avenge the death of my comrades!

Dude, I've killed so many folks from so many different factions, I've got no idea who your comrades were.



This is a pretty forgettable and easy fight, really. The most notable element is that some of the troops Uram starts with are a bit randomized, potentially being in different (but similar) classes from what's shown here, but that's not gonna make a huge difference.



And because it's so forgettable, we're gonna move on.






The boss does drop some pretty nice stuff, admittedly, as this Aqua robe is a good upgrade from the Balder ones for any mages you may have.



Anyway, now we gotta talk about Brigantes and the Filaha Order. The game tells you to send Denim alone and without weapons in order to resolve things peacefully with them.



This is true, but what the game doesn't tell you is that Denim must be fully unequipped, meaning no armor or magic or even items.



Brigantes also has two entrances, and you must specifically go to South Brigantes to avoid a fight. Naturally, the game doesn't tell you this either.



Then, as the game says, you can only deploy Denim. Even if your other troops are unequipped, if you bring them, a fight breaks out.



With all of that done, you can get into Brigantes with no combat. This might not seem like a big deal, but depending on your later actions, what you do here can have a major effect on the ending you get. The game's got a hidden reputation meter (called the "Chaos Frame" for whatever reason) with each of Valeria's 3 ethnicities, and fighting the order will lower all of them! Certain events in the game can guarantee a good ending, but barring that, keeping your reputation up is important, and the game doesn't really give you any way of measuring this.



With that said, my plans make fussing over the Chaos Frame irrelevant, so we'll be fighting anyway. If you plan on fighting, West Brigantes is a slightly easier and slightly more rewarding fight.



Here's the team. Admittedly, most of them won't be doing a whole lot.




Wizard Guard: That's Denim! Why is he here?

Terror Knight Guard: To kill us, you dummy! What do you think!?

Wizard Guard: No way! Denim would never do that!

Terror Knight Guard: Did you come to talk to us!? Then why didn't you visit us from the front gate!?

Wizard Guard: Yeah, he's right!

Terror Knight Guard: How can we trust a man who tries to sneak in from the back gate!? Kill him! Protect our leader!!


These poor nameless folks are gonna all have to die for us to get inside. Let's not worry about the wanton slaughter, though, and get straight to the really important stuff!



The Terror Knight here has a unique item, the Black shield. While most shields are a little useless at this stage in the game, this one's very desirable indeed. In addition to a useful defense buff and the ability to block attacks, the shield totally nullifies all magic directed at the wielder. This is a huge deal for characters with poor Mentality, as it keeps them safe in the very magic-heavy endgame. Unfortunately, it makes them immune to beneficial spells, too, which isn't a dealbreaker but does require some extra consideration. It also nullifies the wielder's own magic, so anyone who relies on spells should steer clear, and being a shield means it takes up a hand slot, so two-handed weapons like bows and spears are a no-go. Still, it's useful enough that it's worth keeping around, and is especially useful for a melee-oriented Denim.



The three Archers at the top of the castle all have a useful item too, the Wing ring. In addition to some minor stat boosts to Agility and Intelligence, the rings enable anyone who wears them to fly, rendering a lot of the game's more obnoxious terrain trivial to deal with. While these rings aren't unique to this battle, getting more requires auctioning Cockatrices and it can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get those, so getting one or two for free is nice.



This fight's kind of annoying thanks to all the water, so we're just gonna cheese it with orbs.



Just imagine this, like, five times.



I only managed to get one Archer, sadly, but even one ring is an upgrade.



Denim's understandably sad that diplomacy didn't win out. Sorry, Denim.



Thanks for the gear, folks!



Well, I'm sure everyone's real excited to chat with us after that, right?




Male Priest: believers inside the castle. There is no one here that is a threat to you. Please leave us!

Denim: I didn't come here to attack you. I came here to talk!

Female Priest: How can I believe a man who has engaged in battle right in front of the castle!?

Cleric Priest: Go home! Go away! You have no business being here!!

Understandably, the people inside the castle aren't happy about the needless murder. Whoops.



Thankfully, someone's ready to listen to us.



Huh. You look a bit... familiar.


Priestess: Forgive us. I am Olivia, the priestess of the Order. Our leader, Plancy, is waiting to see you.


Denim's finally gonna get to meet up with his dad, and he can't contain his shock.



Uh... thanks, I guess, Olivia? I'm pretty sure he knows who his own dad is.


Denim: !?

Olivia: This way, Sir Denim. We don't have much time.

Denim: Why are you saying that!?

Olivia: Denim, your father is dying...

Denim: No!

Olivia: ...When we found in the Plancy in the Valley of Death near Heigm... He couldn't even stand under his own strength.

Denim: Valley of Death?

Olivia: It's a small cave where people with fatal diseases are sent to.

Denim: Fatal disease...

Olivia: We did everything in our power to save him. But he just got worse and worse...

Denim: Did the Dark Knights do this to him...?

Olivia: Not only did they torture him, but they used drugs to get information from him.




Denim: Father...

Olivia: This way.


Sorry about your pals, clerics, but we have more pressing matters to attend to.



As Olivia said, things are looking a bit rough for Plancy.




Plancy: here... Come here...

Plancy: I need to tell you something...

Denim: It's about Kachua...

Plancy: As you may already know, Kachua is not your true sister... Just like they claimed, she is the daughter of King Dolgare, Bersalia...

Denim: .........

Plancy: Kachua's mother, Manafloa, was the servant of the Queen.


Flashback time. Appreciate these characters get unique sprites despite not appearing again after this.



Manafloa: asking your permission to leave...

Queen Bernata: Why!? You are the only one I can trust in the palace. You know that, don't you?


Sheesh. So much for trusting her.




Queen Bernata: a commoner class. I guess he got nostalgic when he saw a peasant like you!

Manafloa: Please forgive me...

Queen Bernata: How can I possibly forgive you!! You're not going anywhere, Manafloa! You will be my slave! You will never be anything but a servant!


I didn't manage to capture this, but after she says this she literally lunges at Manafloa. Bernata does not make a good impression in her one scene.



So it's no wonder that Manafloa's getting the fuck outta there.



Guess Bernata was right to worry about that.



Huh, it's Branta? What's he doing here?



I guess him and Plancy used to be tight back in the day.



Plancy has a little headshaking animation after this, but I messed up and didn't get it. Poor Manafloa.


Branta: ...I see. She was weak. I wouldn't be surprised if... So this is Bersalia.

Plancy: Bersalia?

Branta: That is the name the King chose. He said if the child is a girl, she would be called Bersalia.

Plancy: Don't you think we should tell him about the child?

Branta: Queen Bernata is due to give birth next month! This would not be the best time. This will be a secret between you and me.

Plancy: What about the child?

Branta: You will raise her. Your daughter who died half a month ago... Her name was Kachua, right? Call the child Kachua.

Plancy: I am to keep the child as my daughter?

Branta: Yes. This will be better for Valeria's and the child's welfare.

Plancy: But...

Branta: Don't worry. I will take care of the rest... Oh, here, take this.


Despite saying there's one necklace, he's actually handing him two.


Plancy: What is this?

Branta: A present from King Dolgare. The blue one will be given if the child is a boy, a red one if it is a girl.

Plancy: I can't sell the King's present!

Branta: But you need money to raise children. This child is a princess. Commoners like us need the money to raise her properly. Don't worry, Plancy.


Branta's a liar? What a twist!


Plancy: ...But Branta was lying. He told the Queen about Manafloa and the child. And he was made a Cardinal...

Denim: .........

Plancy: I think I did the wrong thing... When Queen Bernata's son died, I should have taken Kachua to the king. Then the war would have never happened... But I couldn't. I could not give up Kachua. I could not give up the child who called me "father" and trusted me.

Denim: Father...

Plancy: The Dark Knights have been looking for Kachua ever since... But their purpose was not to make Kachua the Queen of Valeria... They have another purpose...

Denim: What purpose?

Plancy: Yes... Making her queen was just one of the pieces of their plan. Their ultimate goal is to get the treasure of the late King Dolgare...

Denim: King Dolgare's inheritance!?

Plancy: I don't know exactly what it is... But I know it's in the King's grave... Now that they have Kachua in their hands, they are desperately looking for the King's grave...

Denim: You and Kachua are the only ones who know where the grave is.

Plancy: ...No, Kachua doesn't know anything. But the only one who can break the seal of the tombstone can only be a direct descendant of the King.

Denim: So, Kachua is being used as a tool.

Plancy: Yes. When the treasure is found, Kachua will be... cough, cough.

Denim: Father! Are you alright... Slow down.


I dunno, man, last time we tried she tried to stab Denim.


Plancy: Go, my son! You are the only one who can save Kachua and Valeria!

Denim: Father!!

Plancy: ...Find Moruba! Moruba used to be the Great Priest of Filaha... He will be able to help you...

Denim: Father, try not to talk anymore.

Plancy: You are going to be the foundation of justice. Throw away your selfish desires. Take a good look around you and make the right decisions... You will be the leader for the generation to come... that's it... that is your mission... Do not forget...

Denim: Father! Hang in there!


So long Plancy. You had a lot of useful exposition.



Denim's got a unique portrait for this scene (though there's another scene that potentially uses it too iirc), and while it's clearly meant to be dramatic it just makes him look like he's mid-sneeze. SNES LUCT's portrait art often leaves a lot to be desired.



Things just haven't been looking up for Denim lately.



You sure now's the best time for more big plot revelations, Olivia? Give the boy a break.


Denim: Is it about the commotion between the Liberation Army and the Order? Can't this wait...?

Olivia: No... It's about Branta and you.

Denim: Branta and me?

Olivia: Your father and Branta are brothers.

Denim: Branta and my father are brothers!? Wait... That makes Branta my...!


Damn, Brigantes is just full of plot twists.



The writers really like to insert random Star Wars quotes into the dialogue during dramatic scenes. Given that Matsuno himself likes Star Wars, I'm willing to bet this isn't even a dub insertion.


Denim: How can I...me, Bacrum? This is a joke! I don't believe you!

Olivia: Please, calm down. Remember when you were young, you once lived in Heigm with Plancy.

Denim: You are making this up!!!

Olivia: You often visited Moruba's mansion.

Denim: I'm not listening, Olivia!


Whoa, Denim, calm down. No need to get all aggressive.




Olivia: Moruba who became good friends of yours...

Denim: !!

Olivia: You became close to a daughter who was the same age as you were...One day, that little girl and you were playing by the ocean and both of you nearly drowned...

Denim: How, how do you know that!?

Olivia: .........

Denim: But the ones who nearly drowned was my sister and I... I thought it was my sister who helped me...?

Olivia: That girl had a scar on her forehead...


I love that they animated this specific little moment. LUCT doesn't go quite as crazy as FFT with the unique animations for stuff but it still has lots of nice little touches.


Denim: You... you are that girl?

Olivia: Selye helped us out. She was the eldest of the four sisters.

Denim: Then who are you?

Olivia: I am the daughter of the Great Priest, Moruba...

Denim: But...! Then... who am I... how come I...


This reveal messed up Denim so bad he collapsed.


Olivia: Face facts, Denim. You have to accept reality.

Denim: .........

Olivia: Get up, Denim! Don't you want a world where people are not divided by their ethnicity or class? Your ethnic identity doesn't matter. Even if you are from Bacrum, your beliefs shouldn't change! Or do you want a country where only the Bacrumese can live happily, like Branta? ...Do not forget what your father told you!


Thankfully all it takes is an inspiring speech to get him back up.


Denim: My nationality has nothing to do with the matter. The important thing is how I live. Not the color of my skin or the place of my birth. Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia: I'm glad to hear you say that.... I knew that you would do the right thing...

 Not sure if "color of my skin" is the best way to word this, given that Valerians are pretty universally white, but I guess your heart's in the right place.



This part of the scene changes depending on the fates of Selye and Sisteena (as she's already mentioned, they're Olivia's sisters), and won't happen at all if they're both dead like in, say, the Law route. Thankfully, both are alive and well in this playthrough.




Olivia: you are alive!

Selye: Why Brigantes!? What happened to our father?

Olivia: ...Father is not here. I don't know where he is.

Sisteena: Why not?

Olivia: ...He felt responsible for you leaving the Order. He became depressed when the war started. He left without saying a word and never came back...

Sisteena: Selye, do you have any idea where he went?

Selye: I'm guessing he'll be in Banhamuba Shrine. that is the Shrine of Ishtar. I heard that father studied at the shrine when he was young. By abandoning the Order he has abandoned his faith. If he is having a problem with his faith, the shrine will be the first place he visits...

Olivia: Then father must be there.

Selye: I hope so...

Denim: Very well... Then let's go to Banhamuba Shrine!


We may have already seen her, if you look close enough at certain scenes, but this is the first time Shelley's been mentioned.


Denim: That's right. You have 3 sisters...

Olivia: Sister!! Talk to me!


Oh, that's not so good.



With that revelation, Selye's out of here.


Olivia: Why, Shelley!? You don't know what you're talking about!

Sisteena: ...No, its true Olivia. After Shelley left the Order, she joined the Bacrum Army. Now she's the right-hand man... er I mean... woman of Branta...

Olivia: It can't be...


Bit of a bummer to end the scene that way, but hey, we got another member of the family! Unlike her sisters, Olivia's designed purely for magic, and given their shared special class, this is beneficial to her compared to the hybrid style Sisteena and Selye favor. Admittedly it's an elemental-magic class instead of a Virtue-based one like her starting class, but that's not a big deal.



Welp, that was a lot to deal with. Let's go save this Moruba fellow!


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But that's still bullshit. Some katana or japanese armor I can get behind, maybe they come from "japan-land" and just ended in the continent of the game or some crap, but ninja are another thing ! We're talking about an entire style of live defined by an entirely different culture that'll have no way to ever work in a medieval setting !
... I take this too much at heart.

Touching reunion... Press X to doubt. Kinda. Bittersweet I'd say.

Sheesh, the priest are rather insistent, despite the fact that Denim actually tried.
Oh the creator liked Star Wars ? I always wondered why there were so many lines in the translation that was so full of Star Wars.

Good grief, TO, how comes you have so many plot twists ? #gameswerebetterbefore.
(Just forget Denim's face and some other goof, and i'll be true.)

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On 9/10/2019 at 4:17 AM, B.Leu said:

But that's still bullshit. Some katana or japanese armor I can get behind, maybe they come from "japan-land" and just ended in the continent of the game or some crap, but ninja are another thing ! We're talking about an entire style of live defined by an entirely different culture that'll have no way to ever work in a medieval setting !
... I take this too much at heart.

Eh, just think of them as regular-old assassins and call it a day. It's far from the only anachronism in the Ogre series, really.

On 9/10/2019 at 4:17 AM, B.Leu said:

Oh the creator liked Star Wars ? I always wondered why there were so many lines in the translation that was so full of Star Wars.

By his own admission, Star Wars is a big influence on Matsuno's work. It's at its most blatant here, but you can see it in other games too.

The Foriner family reunion isn't over yet! We encounter both the missing sister and the patriarch of the family and start an annoying and obtuse recruitment process that would put Thracia's Xavier to shame.

Chapter 4 Banhamuba Shrine: Rocky Relationship



Before we get back to the story, we've got some other shit to take care of. Remember how I mentioned that Wing rings can be gained by auctioning Cockatrices?



Well, I was lucky enough to be in a city during the brief window where they were selling some.


I'm sure they'll be fine, let's not worry about that!


With all these rings plus the Warp boots, we can now give greatly increased movement abilities to whoever we want. Any melee units you wanna use pretty much need items like this to compete, and it's hugely useful for archery-based units as well, though spellcasters arguably benefit less due to the nature of their attacks.



I also did a little bit of training, and among other things this resulted in our two tiny flier friends gaining their final abilities. The Faerie's Holy Bolt is basically a version of Light Bow that also exorcises undead, and is the only real way Faeries can do meaningful damage, though it also does damage to them so it's risky to make use of. The Gremlin's Abyss, meanwhile, does significant damage, but has very limited range and damages the user by twice their level. Both are generally better off using their other abilities or (in the Gremlin's case) relying on their bow, but extra options don't hurt.



Alright, enough of that, let's go to the next fight.


Here's the team. The terrain here kinda sucks, so most everyone either naturally flies or has the new rings.



It's another one of them lava battles, with what I believe is our first enemy Warlock as the boss.




Denim: That's my line! Why are you here!?

Rotzer: You have to kill me first if you want to find out...

Rotzer talks like we're supposed to know who he is, but I certainly don't remember him.



I guess we'll have to kill him to learn more.



If you didn't farm Ramidos or whoever the other "summoner" boss was, this is the first opportunity to grab a Gremlin. Given how useful they are, it's worth trying to grab him, though I didn't bother.



Units who obtain some artificial way of flying like the rings end up walking through the air on little sparkles. It's a cute effect.



The boss might have a wide AoE on his status effects, but the chance to hit is so minimal there's no ri-






We ended up spending a little more time on this battle than some of the other filler fights recently.



But ultimately, it still didn't take long.




Rotzer: All of your efforts have been for naught... My gang should have captured Moruba... by now...

Well, I guess we'll never know Rotzer's deal.



Rotzer drops a new staff for us, the Earth staff. In addition to Balder staff-level stat boosts, the staff can be used to cast a special spell called X-Zone, a single target spell with a miss chance that does crap damage but stuns the target, and drains HP instead of MP. It's not worth bothering to use that ability most of the time, just use it for the stat boost.



With that out of the way, let's get to the actual plot beat.



For this fight you should bring Olivia, and her sisters if you have them, as each gets dialogue during the battle. There's no gameplay effect to it, it's just a nice detail.



Seems like Moruba needs our help.



Seems like it didn't take long for us to encounter the last of the four sisters.



Oof. The art style really didn't do you any favors compared to your kids.


Moruba: I'd never tell you!!

Shelley: How dare you speak like that to your own daughter! Are you going to forsake me just like Mom?

Moruba: I have forsaken nobody.

Shelley: Then tell me where the Forbidden Power is!

Moruba: You ask for too much, Shelley. You are the last person I would help!

Shelley: This is pointless! We're going in circles... You're coming with me, father.



Shelley: I'm sure, you will change your mind once we reach Heigm.

Moruba: Shelley, don't do this to me!!

Shelley: Take him away.


Shelley seems to have some terrible plans in motion.



Fortunately for Moruba, we're here to help.


Moruba: You are...?

Denim: I'm Denim, the son of Plancy Mown.

Moruba: You are Plancy's son...

Denim: We can talk about this later. I will take care of them now.

Moruba: Okay. ...Just don't kill the woman.

Denim: ??

Moruba: That is my daughter Shelley.

Denim: I understand.

Moruba: Thank you...



Shelley: I challenge you, boy!


As Moruba said, you should avoid killing Shelley. To do this you need to get her below 20 HP without hitting 0, which isn't as easy as you might think. The best way to handle it is to throw rocks at her, since those don't do particularly impressive damage, but you're gonna have to kill her allies first to pull that off reliably. You do get a totally unique and useful spell for killing her, but this leaves the sidequest related to her sisters incomplete, so it's up to you whether you wanna recruit her or kill her off. For the sake of completion, we'll be saving her.



I try to pull it off early so we don't have to deal with the entire enemy party.



Unfortunately, the healer on her side has other ideas.



She also has one of those orbs, just to make things more annoying.




Sisteena: forced to kill you...

Shelley: I'm not a weakling like the one you just killed. I have a power that you could not possibly comprehend and as long as I have it, I can't lose!

Sisteena: What power!? Are you talking about the Dark Knights!? The Valeria Liberation Front was wiped out by the Dark Knights and Bacrum will soon follow.

Shelley: Then what do you call the Liberation Army!? You guys are trying to destroy Bacrum with your "power". What's the difference!?

Sisteena: We are fighting to end the war! We are not fighting for power! And I will not hesitate to kill you to end this war...

Damn, Sisteena's gotten over wringing her hands over bloodshed pretty fast if she's willing to kill her own sister. Character growth!



We just barely miss out on ending the fight early, of course. I guess we have more time for dialogue, at least.




Olivia: Shelley! Stop! Why do we have to fight each other!?

Shelley: Then join me and fight for the Bacrum Army! Why are you siding with father, he couldn't even protect his own wife!

Olivia: Shelley, don't bring our mother into this! Mom's death has nothing to do with our father! The Bacrum Army soldiers are the ones who murdered mother!

Shelley: You're wrong, Olivia! Father is the real killer! Father lost the war for power. He was the loser and it cost us our mother's life! In this world there can be no defeat! If you lose, you will only regret it later!

Olivia: You're wrong, Shelley! You're the only loser... You were unable to deal with mother's death and you gave up your faith.



Selye: Shelley, go back to Heigm!

Shelley: Is that the only thing you can say to your estranged sister!? I heard that the Valeria Liberation Front was destroyed. But it seems like you survived. I'm glad you're okay.

Selye: ...Yes. I'm alive... and I will not rest until I kill Branta and all of the Dark Knights!

Shelley: ...And you will not hesitate to kill your own sister?

Selye: Don't give me that crap, Shelley! You brought this situation upon yourself! It was your choice!

Understandably, no one is too happy with Shelley's crap right now.



Shelley's buddies are liable to chew us to pieces if we ignore them much longer, so let's handle that.



I swear.



There we go!



It's much easier to knock her out when folks aren't trying to shank us.



She shall, but in a very unorthodox manner. We'll get to that next time, though.



Off she goes.




Denim: Please, I need your help.

Moruba: ...What are we going to accomplish by fighting? I know you're not fighting to gain power and I know that you are different from the Cardinal and the Duke... ...but war creates chaos! It doesn't matter what the reason may be...

Denim: I am aware of that. That's why we have to stop these men now... We can't allow others to produce a man like the Cardinal or the Duke! We must fight to bring an era of peace when all of the people of the land are united, as it was under King Doglare.

Moruba: To return to the golden age of the Dolgare Era is impossible. Especially when the Valeria savior is in the hands of the Dark Knights...

Denim: Kachua...

Moruba: Can you allow yourself to fight Kachua?


This choice doesn't really make a difference and is just for flavor This actually affects something with Kachua, apparently. I'm dumb, never listen to me. Option 1:


Denim: No, I can't. I have to save my sister.

Moruba: You can't give up...

Denim: We may not be related by blood, but she is still my only sister.

Moruba: Very well... I will support you, even if it costs my life.

Denim: Thank you very much.

Option 2:


Denim: No choice. For true peace, I may have to be the devil.

Moruba: I see... You are going to choose the path of a ruler... That may be your destiny.

Denim: I'm not giving up that easily! I will try to help her as much as I can! I am the only one who can save my sister!

Moruba: I wish I had the strength that you have. Then I could've saved Shelley. Fine. I will support you, even if it costs my life.

Denim: Thank you very much.


Meanwhile, Branta's up to something in a very unusual place.



He's talking to some mysterious sound effects accompanied by a brief red flash.



Whatever it's saying, it sounds interesting.



Oh, I guess it was a dream.



Don't worry about it too much, dude. Dreams never mean anything in fiction.



I kinda messed up getting the start of this conversation. Whoops.


Bacrum Soldier: I have a report, your highness.

Branta: What is it?

Bacrum Soldier: We lost track of Shelley.

Branta: ...Was she killed by the Liberation Army?

Bacrum Soldier: Details are not yet known, but there is a high possibilty...

Branta: Shelley, that useless bitch...

Bacrum Soldier: I will organize a rescue unit and send them to Amorika!

Branta: Don't bother!

Bacrum Soldier: What?

Branta: I said forget her. Don't make me say it twice. I don't need a warrior who can't even accomplish such a simple task! We don't need an incompetent bitch like her!!

Bacrum Soldier: Yes your highness. I shall go now, your highness.


Things really aren't lining up for you anymore.



We're done for now. Ignore the glitchy graphics as we head back to Fiduc Castle and get started on that convoluted recruitment process.


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B-but, assassins don't work like that ! reeeeeeee.

Can we all talk about how you sold an animal/monster that loved you so much it gave you some good stuff... and it was called Fodder ? Another is named Crap. Holy shoot that's messed up and funny in a dark way.

Oh boy, another Kachua !

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Shelley's gone missing, and only a very specific and convoluted set of steps can help us find her. Once we've finished with that mess, we head where the plot actually wanted us to go and get a sneak preview of a very spooky sidequest.

Chapter 4 Lanbees Hill: I got some shit wrong in an earlier post and I went back to edit it but SF wouldn't let me so now it's just wrong forever I guess and that has nothing to do with this update at all but it's annoying me now



We'll get to that recruitment stuff in a bit. Before we can, though, we gotta bring Moruba to Fiduc Castle so we can have a chat on our next course of action.




Denim: Queen is?

Shadow: The Roslolians are training in Banisha Castle. And the Queen is with them.



Denim: Moruba, is the grave of King Dolgare in Banisha?

Moruba: I have no idea... I was already out of the kingdom when King Dolgare passed away and...

Denim: Yes...?

Moruba: I don't think that the King would be buried outside of the royal family grave. Since the Queen and the prince were buried in the royal family grave.

Denim: Then the Roslolians must be looking for a different grave...



Denim: That's right. Branta would never dream that we would attack Banisha. So I guess we don't have to worry about him... And our motivation is to get our Queen back. People will probably not care since we would be killing Roslolians.

Moruba: I agree with you.

Denim: Very well... Then we must prepare for battle. Send a large number of soldiers to the Yomlahaba Ravine and order them to distract the Bacrum Army. While Bacrum is busy in the valley, our main force will attack Banisha Castle!

Staff: As you wish, sir!

Denim: The final battle is about to begin!

Seems like our Kachua-related troubles will be over soon.



This opens up the path to Banisha, with a single battle in our way. If you killed Shelley in the last battle, you can head straight there with no worries.



However, we're trying to recruit her here, and getting that done is... well, it's something. After that cutscene, you must immediately head to Baramus. If you attack Banisha before going there, Shelley is lost to us forever. No, the game doesn't tell you this at all.



And of course, the game's not gonna let me just go there.



At least it offered a little training opportunity I guess.



Okay, now we ca-



Really, now?



Our dragon's gonna be ready for his promotion in no time with all these kills I'm feeding him!



Alright, we've finally made it. But we're not done just because we got here.



Remember back when the Storm spell first became available to buy, and I said it had exactly one use in the whole game? This is that use.



We've gotta go into training and wait until a storm kicks up, or use an item or the Storm spell to start one ourselves. Like the need to go to Baramus in the first place, the game doesn't mention this either, and I have no idea how anyone would guess to do it, especially given the very limited window of time you have to pull it off.



Now that it's raining, we can safely leave.



Now all we gotta do is try to leave Baramus. This part's also unintuitive I guess, but at least once you've done the other steps it's inevitable that you'll try to leave.



I wonder how people feel about Denim just randomly changing the weather like some sort of X-Men knockoff.



Oh, that's another thing; Olivia must be both alive and in our party. She's a free recruit, to be fair, but it is possible for her to die or be fired.




Denim: I'm soaked!

Olivia: The rain is getting worse.


Didn't take Denim too long to notice the mysterious figure sitting in the darkness.



As you could guess, it's the girl we've gone through all this trouble to find.



Ouch. Things have been rough for you recently, huh?


Shelley: I guess this is the end... I know. You came to kill me. Go ahead... I don't care anymore...

Olivia: What are you talking about!? We were looking for you! Father is very worried about you. Let's go home, Shelley.

Shelley: To where...? Where...? I don't have a home... I don't have anyone to turn to... I've lost everything... You've taken it all away!


It's not easy to see due to the perspective here, but Shelley's pulled a knife on Denim.


Olivia: Shelley! Are you out of your mind!?

Shelley: If you didn't get in the way of my plan...



Shelley: Step aside Olivia!


Don't worry Olivia. Denim's got loads of experience with people trying to stab him out of petty revenge.


Denim: ...If it makes you feel better, then go ahead. Stab me until you are content.

Olivia: Denim!

Denim: Well, what are you waiting for! What is it? What, you can't do this in front of your sist


Well that worked nicely.


Olivia: Shelley, are you okay? Shelley!

Denim: What's wrong with you! Can't you tell everyone loves you? What more do you need!?

Olivia: Denim, it's okay. You don't have to yell...



Olivia: be together.

Shelley: ............

Olivia: Don't cry. It's all over now. You can be yourself...

Shelley: ...I'm so sorry...


Don't worry, Denim. I'm sure with how easy defusing this was, that Kachua will be just as simple, right?



Last member of the shaman family, ready to go! She's the most magically oriented of the lot, even next to Olivia, and thus the most equipped for their eventual special class. She also has a nice robe, though she's oddly lost the Earth staff she had as a boss. Her Teleport spell is possibly the most useful thing she has on her, as it allows the caster to teleport either themselves or an adjacent target to any spot on the battlefield. It's got a bit of a hefty MP cost, but it's worth keeping around, and it certainly embarrasses the Jump spell we gained earlier.



With that ridiculous nonsense done with, we've got one more thing to do before we head towards Banisha.



Seems like there's some mysterious happenings in a locale we've yet to visit.



Reading this opens up a lengthy battle-filled path to a location with the charming name of Hell Gate. I'm sure it's a real fun place to be.



We could go there right now, if we wanted to, but I'd prefer to progress a bit further in the plot first, as the Hell Gate sidequest is a very long and difficult one and there's a few other things we can do first that will help make the whole thing a bit easier.



It seems like we've got a bit of a theme going on for this party, huh?




Pajo: Why are you here!? Yomlahaba's troops are a trap! I bet you are going to go south from Banisha, but I will not allow you to do that!


Predicatably, we've gotta deal with Pajo to end things here. This fight's honestly a bit of a nuisance, thanks to Pajo and his Dragon Tamer buddies doing nasty damage with their attacks, as well as the three dragons they have, one of which is a bit new.



Holy Dragons are the final Lawful dragon, and they're pretty nice. While still limited to a single elemental breath attack, they've got the highest all-around growths of any monsters we've seen so far, with their only real flaws being Intelligence (which they don't really need) and Agility (which is, admittedly, kind of a problem). They're a significant upgrade over White Dragons, but they're arguably not the best dragon class, though they're significantly easier to obtain than anything better. They still have all the typical monster problems (no equipment, kinda slow and not as durable or powerful as their stats may indicate), but they're among the more useful ones regardless. This particular one has such high loyalty to its own faction that it's extremely hard to recruit, though, so we'll have to build our own or find another.



These are the numbers Pajo's pulling on folks in full armor. Imagine what he'd do to the squishies!



Oh, I guess we don't have to imagine.



Thankfully, we've got the spells to deal with these problems.



We also end up winning this little damage race.



The word "traitor" gets thrown at Denim so much that it ceases to mean anything to him anymore.



Not a whole lot to say about that fight, but the boss does drop an interesting bit of armor. It provides decent protection and an Agility boost, but more notably it also protects against status effects, which is quite handy given how vulnerable to that sort of thing warriors tend to be.



We're one step closer to finishing our ongoing family drama, and one step closer to properly dealing with Branta and his Gloomy Knight buddies. We'll handle the multi-stage siege of Banisha and the annoying methods needed to handle Kachua's shit when we get back.


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What in the world is that recruitment bullshit. Seriously. Contrived doesn't even describe half of it.
Funny how Denim start to have some crack there and there.

Dat Holy Dragon tho.

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15 hours ago, B.Leu said:

What in the world is that recruitment bullshit. Seriously. Contrived doesn't even describe half of it.

Matsuno loves him some obscure bullshit. Really, old RPGs in general were fond of that.

Denim just won't stop moping about this whole Kachua situation, so it's time to go deal with her once and for all.

Chapter 4 Banisha Castle: Unadvanced Warfare



Welp, let's get on with it.



Banisha is our first 3-part siege battle. Expect multi-stage battles to get longer and longer from here on out.



Team 1




Dark Knight: Why are they in Banisha!?

Denim: Drop your weapons and surrender! Then we shall not harm you!

Dark Knight: Stupid boy!! You are in no position to talk! I will make you pay for the death of Master Oz and Ozma! I'll show you the true power of the Roslolians!!


Annoyingly, we start things out with a "Kill all enemies" fight, so we can't just skip it by murdering the boss.



If we didn't have all these methods of flight, the terrain here would be atrocious. This tar everywhere seriously hampers movement, though at least the element penalties aren't as bad as those swamp levels.



The Golems, being Golems, are the least threatening foes in all 3 parts of the Banisha Castle battle, and are pretty much walking punching bags.



The Dark Knights have some annoying magic in their arsenal, though, so getting them out of the way should be the main priority.



Dude, they're dead. They can't hear your sass.



That wasn't so hard, just kind of annoying.



On to arguably the toughest of the 3 battles.



Team 2




Lans Tartare: us here.

Barbas: Someone must have leaked the information to the Liberation Army.

Lans Tartare: Like who? Bishop Branta? I didn't think he's that stupid...

Barbas: Either way, this is the time to avenge Ozma's death!

Lans Tartare: Don't get so hot-headed, Barbas. They are much stronger than before!

Barbas: Do you doubt my abilities!?

Lans Tartare: I'm just telling you not to underestimate them.

Barbas: I will fight them anyway!

Lans Tartare: ......

Barbas: You're not thinking of leaving Valeria...?

Lans Tartare: It depends on the situation. We are to terminate the plan and retreat according to the orders that I received...

Barbas: What!?

Lans Tartare: That is our king's orders... We can't ignore it! And...

Barbas: We haven't lost yet! We can't back down without a fight!!

We already knew this, but Barbas just further proves what a thuggish idiot he is here. The Dark Knights don't have a high standard for employment.



I'm not sure how he sees Lans and Kachua given that they appear to be behind a wall. Maybe it's not as tall as the perspective makes it look.




Barbas: Trust me. I will show them who has real power.

Lans Tartare: Come this way, Kachua!


He threatens us and then makes this insane jump from the top of the castle and somehow doesn't shatter his legs. At this point I'd be intimidated.



He also brings a bunch of pals to the fight.




Barbas: gate, you've got some pretty big ones for being a mere child!!

Denim: That's the same thing your dead friend said.

Barbas: You son of a...! Come here! I want to show you something!


He holds up an indecipherable blob shape.


Barbas: Do you know what this is? This is called a gun. I heard this weapon is more powerful than magic.


With such a powerful weapon on his side, we're surely in a lot of trou-







Barbas: I'm gonna hurt myself with this thing!! Hey you, hold this!



Barbas: I guess knights should stick with swords. Come, Denim!


Well, with that fun comedy scene out of the way, it's time to fight. Barbas is a pretty tough boss, with high durability and powerful attacks, and his troops have the spells and equipment needed to make the fight way more annoying. Worse still are the two new critters he's brought with him.



Meet the Tiamat. These guys are a straight upgrade to the Black Dragon, and are easily the nastiest monsters we can raise so far. They actually have slightly less Strength than their Holy Dragon counterparts, but they still have their nasty Charm-causing Toxic breath and they also have the Terror Knights damage-reducing aura, and their defenses are greater than their Lawful opposites. They're still kinda slow, but as far as beasts and dragons go it doesn't get a whole lot better than these guys. They require an insane 40 kills to earn as a promotion, though, so it's not worth trying to raise one yourself. Just steal one of these two, they're not too hard to recruit.



Most of the Templar enemies don't have especially interesting gear, but the one with the RimFire gun here is worth killing. Guns are useful weapons with effectively-infinite range, though they fire in a straight line so obstacles can still get in the way, and the majority of the game's classes can't use them. They're very rare weapons, with only three existing in the game, one of which is kind of ridiculously hard to actually acquire (and isn't even a meaningful upgrade over the RimFire), so getting this one is well worth your time.



Anyway, this fight kinda sucks, so we're gonna cheese it.



This should greatly weaken the Templars while softening up the dragons for recruitment.




Canopus: I heard about! The Knights who invaded Rime and murdered innocent people! Not only that, you even attacked my blood brother! Where is Lans!?

Barbas: What the hell is that duck quacking about!?Shoo, before I turn you into Peking duck!

Canopus: Duck!? Who are you calling a duck!? I'm pissed! At least I don't look like a baboon!!

This script is a delight for all the wrong reasons.






I was kinda counting on having this Faerie around to make things easier, but I guess we'll have to do the battle without her.



The Orbs really did a number on these guys, and most of the go down in one hit.



The future of warfare is ours. Just as soon as we find someone who can use it...



The boss decided to show off his special move, Avenger, which does nasty damage and pushes the target back. For whatever reason, Denim instead just takes additional damage. Was the card seriously in his way?



We saved out Faerie pal from oblivion, though she won't be contributing much now.



We also picked up a new friend.



Let's finish this guy off before he can pull those moves off twice.




Barbas: Uhh... You're starting to scare me! I have to come up with an excuse... and quick...


Ah, yes, the typical boss exit strategy.



Has asking the boss to wait ever actually worked, Denim?



Please and thank you.



On to the final fight.



Team 3



I can't believe a really dumb man with no strategy other than "hit thing with hammer" was beaten.


Lans Tartare:  The Liberation Army must be as strong as the Roslolians now! Kachua, we are going to Heigm!

Kachua: No, I'm not! I'm sick and tired of running away!





(Un)fortunately for her, we're here to free her from the manipulative grasp of the Dark Knights.



Lans is a tough opponent, but thankfully due to the way the fight is set up, we'll more or less be dealing with him and his troops separately, lessening the pressure, though one should be careful of his special Oracle move that can lower maximum HP. One odd element of the fight is Kachua; depending on your responses to Moruba earlier when he asked if you were willing to fight her, she may or may not take part in the battle. Whether she does or not affects a later scene with her and what the correct responses are to it, and naturally the game tells you precisely none of this. Even if she does take part, though, she's unlikely to reach you before you're done dealing with Lans, and isn't a very impressive opponent regardless.




Denim: Their purpose is to get the treasure of the late King Dolgare! They need a direct descendant of King Dolgare to get the treasure! That's all they need you for! They don't care about Valeria! They just want the treasure!



Lans Tartare: Don't listen to him, Kachua! How many times have you been betrayed by your foster father, blood father, and by him!? Remember! He, who was your most trusted brother, has betrayed you!

In addition to all his numerous other sins, "creepy manipulative asshole" is one of the top things on Lans Tartare's resume.



The fact that Kachua is kind of a codependent idiot probably helps him.


Kachua: At least I feel needed! They gave me attention! Denim... how about you? Do you need me?


All of the Templars have Warp boots, while Lans and Kachua don't, so they inevitably show up before the boss can and allow you to slaughter them with greatly less pressure than the last battle.



Some of these guys drop a lot of nice stuff (including those Escape Gems we keep seeing), but I ended up not killing most of them and just using Petrify. None of it is irreplaceable, though the Escape Gems are a little tricky to obtain.



As you can see, Lans doesn't take a lot of damage from most attacks is likely to dodge a lot of melee strikes, though Denim defies the RNG anyway.



A combination of spells and super-accurate archery are enough to get him into critical range.




Lans Tartare: I have no choice!

Kachua: Wait! Please don't leave me!!


And off he goes.



You had one of those back in the day, Kachua, don't act so surprised.



Now we cut to some random room with our favorite siblings.


Kachua: What are you going to do with me?

Denim: What...? Kachua, I came to save you.

Kachua: That name has no meaning for me. I am Bersalia, the queen of Valeria.

Denim: No, you are my sister!

Kachua: .........

Denim: We lived together as a family. We may not be related by blood, but does it make a difference? You're my one and only sister.

Kachua: No!!! Then why did you abandon me? Why did you get rid of me?


This particular choice is always the same. Option one causes Kachua to kill herself, while option two allows you to continue the conversation.



I initially planned on doing a poll, but then I decided, fuck it, saving Kachua is generally more useful than letting her die, so we're gonna be self-effacing in the hope she forgives us.


Denim: But that is because I didn't want to involve you in battles.

Kachua: You're lying! You just got tired of me!

Denim, if you didn't want her involved in battles then why was she a guest character for almost all of the first two chapters?



Now this is the weird conditional part. If Kachua participated in the battle, option one is the right answer, and she'll kill herself if you select option two. If she didn't, though, the reverse is true. No, the game explains none of this at all and it's entirely guesswork if you don't know it already. Especially fun since Kachua's fate is a huge deciding factor in the ending you get, and the best ending requires her to survive.



Anyway, we're gonna do some family bonding.


Denim: Don't you understand? I love you... I will never be happy without you...

Kachua: Denim...

Denim: Kachua, Father is dead... I had a chance to talk to him before he died... He told me that if he returned you to the King after the death of the prince, the war might not have occured... But he didn't. He just couldn't give up the child who called him "father". You know that I'm not lying! Dad loved you, Kachua. He loved you more than anything else in the world!

Denim: He loved you even though you were not his real daughter.


Certainly a change from her attitude when she left us in Chapter 3.


Denim: Come with me, Kachua! I'm not about to give up my only sister!


I guess we've patched things up at last.


Denim: I'm sorry, Kachua. I will never abandon you again.


Thanks for spoiling the costume switch, game. She does look pretty spiffy now, though, even if her Dark Priest garb is arguably cooler. Regardless, Kachua joins in her own special class, Princess, and unlike most characters who are lowkey kinda fucked over by being in a special class, Princess is so good she doesn't need anything else. He bases obviously lean towards magic use, but her growths are actually quite solid all-around, so she can handle a bit of physical combat too, meaning she might be better served by a bow than a pair of staves like most casters. Moreover, she can equip almost every spell in the game, a feat literally no other class is capable of, and there's only one spell missing from her spell list (and it's one you'd never want to cast on her anyway, since it kills the caster and prevents their revival). She's easily the best caster in the whole game, and well worth keeping around. Notably, though, Denim has a special class of his own that's quite useful, but he can't access it if Kachua is still alive. Kachua's generally more useful than said class, but it's something to keep in mind if you don't care about your ending and only care about gameplay stuff.



It seems Lans and company couldn't think of a better place to flee than some desert.


Lans Tartare: Barbas, you shameless bastard. You have come back from your battle alive...!

Barbas: ...

Lans Tartare: We will go back to Heigm! You're useless!

Barbas: .........


We're one step closer to saving Valeria! We'll be back to see Kachua finally grow a spine and potentially learn the secret of those fancy shooty things we just got.


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Sassy Denim is funny.
That gun scene is funny too... for the wrong reason.

Compared to the previous one, this recruitment is easy. In any case, hallelujah, Kachua stopped her crisis !
Lord compared to Princess, really does sucks. In the Psp version though, it apparently breaks the game as it can do everything including your favorite coffee. which make things even more sad and hilarious.

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On 9/15/2019 at 8:01 PM, B.Leu said:

Lord compared to Princess, really does sucks. In the Psp version though, it apparently breaks the game as it can do everything including your favorite coffee. which make things even more sad and hilarious.

Even though it has that flexibility over Princess, Princess still wins out imo because Lord doesn't have very many skills of its own, so making it a do-everything war god takes an annoying level of grinding. I mean more so than the PSP version's class system already demands grinding of course.

With Kachua back in our army at last, it's time to see her slip into her new role as Leader #2 before we go on a search for the knowledge of how to actually shoot those fancy new "gun" things, perhaps with the aid of a certain pet-loving old rival.

Chapter 4 Grimby City-Nimurba Forest: Humane Society of Valeria



With the queen in tow, it's time to bring her back to our base of operations.



But first, we have a little more animal cruelty to deal with.



Goodbye, old friend. We've got a shiny new dragon now.



Selling Black Dragons at Banisha nets you the Dragon staff. It's... not really all that good, honestly. It has a slightly lower Intelligence bonus compared to the standard Balder staves, making it marginally worse than a staff we've been able to buy in bulk for ages now. The things intended to make up for that are its higher physical damage bonus (which doesn't matter since it still does crap damage in a melee fight) and its ability to cast the Gremlin power Abyss in battle (which does good damage but has terrible range and drains the user's HP). Mages generally don't have the durability to make use of such a weapon, and everyone else has significantly better weapons to equip. I mostly got it just to show it off and to get rid of the now-redundant Black Dragon I had.



With that out of the way, on to some plot progression!



As a nice detail, various important characters you can recruit appear during this cutscene, provided they're in your party. Deneb would appear where that witch is standing had we recruited her already (you can do so more or less immediately after meeting her, if you know how), but for various reasons I'm saving that for later.



"Mostly from myself, I mean I was being real embarrassing just there."


Kachua: I will never forget Bacrum's loyalty and hard work.

Moruba: I thank you for your kind words.

Kachua: I pray that the war will end as soon as possible.


I keep forgetting that that's what I named our party and it surprises me every time. Everyone in Valeria really loves jeans!


Kachua: things from you.

Moruba: We offer our lives to you, your highness. Your highness, please wait at Fiduc Castle and...

Kachua: Moruba! Valeria is in jeopardy! As Queen, I can't just sit back and watch my loyal followers risk their lives in battle! I shall join you on the front lines to prove that I am a true leader.

Moruba: But......

Kachua: Do not worry about me.

Moruba: Yes, your highness.

Kachua: Now, what is the situation on the front line...?

Denim: The Bacrum army is moving, but there is no sign of the Roslolians. It seems like Lodis abandoned them.

Kachua: Then this will be the final battle. Let us take back the city of Heigm that my late father Dolgare had built. This shall be the end of the war!

Heigm's pretty much the last battle before the endgame starts. We're getting pretty close to the end.



After all that, everyone skedaddles so we can have a private chat.



You did about as good as the Atlus translation will let you, I think.


Denim: You have done well, Kachua. Father would have been proud.

Kachua: I feel awkward...

Moruba: Don't worry. You'll get used to it...

Kachua: Do you think so?

Denim: I sitll think you should stay in the castle. It's better that you...

Kachua: I told you already, I am not doing that. I don't want to be treated like a goddess. I'm just like everyone else. And if I get in danger, I know you will help me, right?

Denim: Well, yeah, but...


After everything we went through thanks to (ostensibly) leaving Kachua behind, I prefer to have her running around in battle with us.


Moruba: The late King also loved to be in the front... It must be in the blood...

Kachua: That's right! The King's spirit will protect me.

Denim: Promise me that you won't do anything crazy.

Kachua: I promise.


The path to Heigm has opened, though predictably there's a few battles between it and where we are.



But we're not quite ready to go there yet.



After you visit Fiduc, a new rumor can be read.



If the Dark Knights want it, it's probably worth going there to steal it from them.



Reading this opens up a new location next to Banisha. I don't know why they couldn't have let us read that while we were still at Banisha, but whatever.



Predictably, we're gonna be facing some resistance there, so here's everyone. Expect Kachua to be in basically every fight now, just like old times.



Here's those pesky knights bothering some rando.



Seems like that Martym dickhead is here, threatening some guy with a nice hat.


Rendal: stole it! I honestly don't know where it is!

Martym: Do you really think I'm that stupid!? Where is it!?

Rendal: I swear, we really don't know! We have no intention of fighting against you, either!




Martym: Dear God almighty! This bastard is lying! They have stolen our precious treasure. Lord, have mercy on these pathetic souls! Oh, are you telling me to pass judgment on him? I shall obey my lord. I will pass judgment on him on your behalf!!


Wh-what was that? Do you always beseech God before you kill someone?



Thankfully for our behatted buddy there, Denim's here to help.



Martym's not the toughest of the Dark Knight opponents we've faced. He's still dangerous, of course, but thanks to having a healing spell equipped his AI has kinda skewed priorities that stop him from being as dangerous as, say, Ozma or Barbas. Killing him first probably isn't a great idea, though, since there's some rare equipment available in the fight.



First, we get our first Earth and Water-element swords. They're pretty nice, though they unfortunately lack the dragon-slaying property of the Fire sword.



We also have the Comet whip, our first Virtue-element weapon. Statistically a bit weaker than the Bloodrose, it nonetheless is useful largely due to its element.



Rendal, unlike almost every other guest character in the game, actually tries to run away from the danger instead of towards it. This makes him one of the easiest ones to protect, even despite his inability to meaningfully fight back.



Thankfully, the Dark Knights are obsessed with hitting us with weak damage spells instead of focusing on the much more vulnerable NPC.



This wasn't a particularly notable part of the battle, I just love gently bonking enemies to death with sticks.



Here's Martym, ignoring a very wounded and vulnerable Denim so he can heal some papercuts that his guys suffered. Healing spells kinda mess with the AI's decision making skills.



Anyway, I've had enough of this dude.



Martym remembers that he owes Denim at least a couple Goth. How generous of him to promise us our money back!






Love how a bunch of folks appear in the scene, despite only Denim and Rendal having lines. It's just a cute detail imo.


Denim: It is my mission to destroy the Dark Knights. I was just doing my job. By the way, what was Martym up to?

Rendal: Have you ever heard of a weapon called a gun?

Denim: I once saw it in the battle of Banisha Castle.

Rendal: It was found on a wrecked ship. It seems that the weapon was produced in the southern continent. This weapon can't be produced in Valeria. The salvage of the ship was under the supervision of the Dark Knights. Their sole purpose was to get the gun. We found two of guns, which of course the Dark Knights took away. Then another gun was found recently. We were supposed to submit the gun to the Dark Knights today... But it was stolen and I was blamed.

Denim: I see, Martym thought you took it...

Rendal: Please, let me join your army! They are going to kill me.

Denim: Since I got involved in the matter... you are in danger...

Rendal: You have to understand... Guns are not like swords or bows. The philosophy behind this weapon is very different from them. It requires an expert who knows the workings of it. A man who can handle the weapon is called a gunner. I'm the only gunner left in town. The last thing the Dark Knights want is me joining your army. So when they found out that I was in town, they came to kill me. I would rather fight with you to bring freedom in Valeria. So please take me.

Denim: Let's fight together for the future of Valeria.

Rendal: Thank you. I'm sure that I can be of help.


So, Rendal has joined us, and with him we've unlocked our final generic human class, the Gunner class. Though really, there's not much reason to have Gunners other than Rendal, since changing into a Gunner prevents you from changing back to another class, and there's not many guns to go around anyway. The class itself has very weak growths in everything except Dexterity and Agility, but it's also the sole class able to properly wield guns, as everyone else will just use them to club enemies and not be able to fire them. Having an infinite-range weapon is a nice treat, even if it tends to do kinda iffy damage and it's not always obvious how the line of sight works. I believe that, much like Aloser and Byan before him, Rendal's cheated slightly on his stats here, so he should be extra helpful compared to a generic Gunner.



Immediately after saving Rendal, you should check out the Warren Report again.



Seems like the thief Rendal was talking about is still nearby.



Indeed, reading that opens up yet another new location.



This is another one with shitty terrain, so ranged options and flying movement is a must.



Hey, it's our old pet-loving pal from before!


Ganb: before!! Why are you here!?

Denim: I never thought I'd meet you again. I didn't know that you were the thief of Grimby.

Ganb: I lost my precious friends... all because of you! Let's go guys! Come out! It's time to fight! This will be your grave!!


Despite the fact that I never actually attacked his "precious friends" in our last fight, he's replaced them with some new ones.



Plus the usual allies that he doesn't care about nearly as much.



Sure, buddy. I've heard that one plenty.



Despite what the objective says, you should actually avoid killing Ganb. Instead, you should try to get his HP below 20, like we did with Shelley. You also absolutely shouldn't attack his Gryphons, as doing so prevents us from ending things semi-peacefully here. Every other enemy is fair game, but be careful about Ganb and his pets.



Of course, when both Ganb and his Gryphons are doing such significant damage, ignoring them is a bit harder than you'd expect. Worse still is the awful poison swamp terrain that does further damage to anyone standing in it. You've gotta end the fight quick.



Trying to aim for below 20 HP without killing someone is always a bit random, but thankfully I managed.




Ganb: Denim of Griate, I will surrender to you. You can torture me, kill me, hang me...! But please don't kill my kids! They're innocent! I'm the bad guy! I deserve to die! But please don't kill my kids!

I respect a man who'd die for his pets. What a king.



Meanwhile Denim, who murders his animals to earn sub-par equipment options, is shocked at the idea of sparing them.


Ganb: I'm a man of my word!

Denim: ...Very well. You have a good master, Junior!
Ganb, you will be a member of the Liberation Army now! You are very compassionate towards your animals.

Ganb: What!? You are making me a member??? Ha, ha, ha! You're funny! I tried to kill you once! How can you accept a person that tried to murder you?

Denim: You are also a victim of the war! You were merely being used by the Cardinal! But from now on, you have to think and choose how to use your ability.

Ganb: You're treating me like an ordinary man...? ...Thank you.


Just this once, though, he'll let them off lightly.



So, Ganb's here, in his own special upgraded form of the Beast Tamer class. He's... fine? He's fine. But he's also hardly irreplaceable, given that the only special ability his class brings is a boost to beasts, same as the Tamer, and the only actually stronger growth is Intelligence, which he has limited use for, and being in a special class prevents him from changing into anything else. Still, hes hardly incompetent, and still a bit better off than a generic Beast Tamer thanks to boosted base stats.

Also we should discuss some of the items he brings. The Rifle he's holding (that he can't actually use) is meant to be a stronger-but-heavier version of the RimFire. It certainly is heavier, with over double the weight of its one-handed cousin, but isn't meaningfully stronger; you're looking at maybe 15 extra damage at best. It's still arguably worth equipping this over the RimFire, since extra damage is still extra damage, but it's disappointing all the same. Unfortunately, it's the last gun upgrade we're getting, as the third one is oddly complicated to find and requires Kachua's death, and isn't worth losing such a useful spellcaster for. The Aileron item, meanwhile, is just an item that provides the Beast Tamer boost to whoever holds it. No, I don't know why Ganb's giving us this as if he's trying to put himself out of a job.



In addition to their dad, we also get the two Gryphons. They're Gryphons, no frills attached, so they're useful in a vacuum but fall a bit flat when compared to other, better units you could bring instead. At least they're both Wind element, since that's the only element Gryphons ever should be.



We ain't done ignoring the plot for sidequests! Next we're gonna get started acquiring some power of dubious legality, with the help of a certain family we've spent the whole game trying to gather.


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The funny thing is, I can believe that Kachua's protected by something, get away with the most BS actions in the world, and unique OP class. 😛

How many monsters have you sold, just to get useless gimmicky weapons ? 😛
Certainly not the same as the numbers of bread I ate in my life.

You need a completly different philosophy and approach to wields guns ! It's called "putting bullet in gun and push button". Very difficult. Very intellectual.
Unless this 'philosophy' is 'Not bashing things', but bows exist, so I'll just assure everyone's retarded.
I was disapointed by the Gunner class, since I was it, I always thought it was a worthless class with a worthless weapons type... which trigger me as guns pretty much changed everything in war and everything else.

What. You can actually recruit Ganb ? I had no idea. 😕


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On 9/19/2019 at 10:38 AM, B.Leu said:

How many monsters have you sold, just to get useless gimmicky weapons ?

Definitely not significantly more than I've actually shown in the LP and they definitely weren't mostly Cockatrices.

As the war ramps up, we need all the power we can get, even if it's arguably too dangerous to actually use. Let's finally finish a long and convoluted sidequest and meet a few critters that we'll soon be very familiar with.

Chapter 4 Just Kinda All Over I Guess: Underwhelming Power



Our quest for more power requires us to head to Coritani. Outside of Shelley's dialogue when she was a boss, there's no hint this even is a sidequest you can do, but with the way the map's laid out and the fact it starts just from arriving in Coritani makes it relatively easy to find regardless.




Moruba: What is it, young man?

Denim: It's about the Forbidden Power that Shelley was talking about at the Banhamuba Shrine...


Press X to Doubt.


Denim: The Dark Knights are a formidable opponent. We need a strong weapon to defeat them. It would be great to get a spell book on this Forbidden Power. Moruba, please tell me where it can be found.

Moruba: Do you know why it is called the Forbidden Power? Because it is too strong. Its power is too overwhelming. The Forbidden Power was used by King Roderick of Brigantes during the Unity War. He was able to destroy all of his enemies, but it also killed most of his troops. Only the magicians survived...

Denim: .........

Moruba: King Roderick knew of the repercussions of using the spell, but he continued to use it in battle anyway. I don't think you know this, but the Brigania Plain used to be a beautiful place. It was green and full of life. But because of the Forbidden Power's after effects, the area was turned into barren land where only a blizzard blows. The Forbidden Power can even change the laws of nature itself!

Denim: .........

Moruba: Ironically, the Forbidden Power led to the destruction of King Roderick. People began to lose faith in Roderick because whenever there was a problem, he always used the Forbidden Power. After the Unity War, King Dolgare sealed the Forbidden Power in a shrine so that nobody would abuse its power again. I believe that the Forbidden power itself is not dangerous. It's how you use it. The problem lies within the user. Do you think you will be able to use the Forbidden Power correctly?


Option 1 ends the sidequest right here, while Option 2 lets us continue on.



This sidequest is, frankly, not really worth the effort in this version of the game (it confers at least some useful benefits in the PSP version), but for completions sake we'll go through with it anyway.


Denim: Yes, I think I can. I know that I will not abuse it.

Moruba: Very well then. There are 5 different Forbidden Powers, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Dark Magic. I know of the Wind, Fire, Earth and Water Magic. But I don't know anything about the Dark Magic Type. The four different Forbidden Powers are locked away in 4 different shrines.

Denim: 4 shrines. What do you mean there are 4 shrines? I never heard of them.

Moruba: That is because I sealed them. In order to break the seals of the shrines, you need the help of a psychic medium. You need to match the medium with the shrine.

Denim: A psychic medium...

Moruba: All psychic mediums must be a direct descendant of a High Priest.


This is why the daughters are so important to recruit, provided you want to go through with this sidequest. You can do it with just one, but you'll miss out of 3 of the spells and a handful of other goodies.


Moruba: Correct. Take my daughters to Banhamuba Shrine. I will prepare the ritual to assign them as psychic mediums...



As the man said, we gotta head to Banhamuba to get things done.



Upon arriving, a cutscene starts. Each sister gets her own version, provided she's here, but they're all identical so I'll only show one.



Man, forever? I dunno, that seems like a lot of commitment.



Still, all four of them are down for it.



This allows the sisters to become a new class, the Shaman. Unlike the KoL and PSP LUCT versions of this class, which were both rather good, this class is basically a repaint of the Siren, but slightly worse thanks to only having two spell slots. The third one is sacrificed for those element-boosting spells as an ability that can be cast for free, which makes them a little more useful but still fairly niche. While this isn't a big deal for Olivia and Shelley, it kinda sucks for Sisteena and especially Selye, who tend to lean towards mage-warrior hybrids rather than pure mages, and becoming a Shaman means they can never switch back. The one advantage Shaman has over Siren is the ability to cast a very powerful spell accessible to only a couple other classes, but that spell's still a bit of a ways off.



Provided you made the girls into Shamans, you'll see some new locations open up, plus a fight at an older location.



Like the prior cutscene, these battles are pretty similar, so I'll only show a little bit off of each.



Which one was that, again?



Each fort we must visit has a battle with some generic boss carrying a special elemental shield.



Since there's not much to say about these fights, let's just gun down the boss straight away.



Geez, that's grim, buddy.



These shields are basically the same too, so lets just describe them all at once. The elemental shields are probably the best shields in the game, providing both massive defense and a huge resistance boost to whatever the shield's "opposite" element is. With that said, they're kinda heavy and stop you from wielding two-handed weapons or two weapons in each hand, so how useful the defense boost is is up for debate.



It's not enough to simply beat the boss, however. We must first leave the location and then come back. No, I don't know why.



Sisteena seems to have found a suspicious piece of wall.



Putting those newfound psychic god-talking powers to good use, huh?



Well, I guess we'll just walk right in and-



Oh, of course not.



Each of the shrines is filled with various beasties, some we've seen before and some we definitely haven't.



Obinicks are basically just Gryphons with a Fire attack instead of Wind Shot. They're largely only encountered in the Hell Gate dungeon. Like most monsters there, we can't recruit them, though there's a couple of exceptions.



Somewhat annoyingly, every shrine battle has one enemy with an Orb, and they'll immediately use it to fuck your whole day up.



Still, this is probably the easiest battle of the four.



And here we are, our first Forbidden Power spell, the Air Cry spell. So, here's the thing about these spells. They're indeed very powerful, hitting every foe on the field for huge damage, but the problem is they also hit your team with the same damage. You can try to mitigate this with resistance-boosting equipment or just having the caster come in alone (since they aren't hit by the spell), but the former only reduces the damage while the latter is highly dangerous since most spellcasters are kinda frail and it takes the spell a while to charge up. Worst of all, though, is that the Orb items do comparable damage without the friendly fire, and there are spells we'll be picking up later that also hit the whole enemy party without friendly fire. The only real advantage these spells have is that more classes can equip them and they cost less MP than the other hit-all spells, but they don't really have a niche regardless. A bit of a shame, but what would a Matsuno game be without difficult-to-earn secrets that aren't worth the effort?



Congrats, you have something you'll never use!



Since we have 3 other battles to do, we're gonna blitz through them a bit.



Something interesting about this fight is that all the "normal" classes are technically "zombies" and thus can't be recruited. A shame, since one has an Undead Ring that he doesn't drop...



Anyway, let's deal with this random abomination. Don't tell our own abomination that I said that.



Well why were you here, then?



Same old shield.



And same old door.



Beasts. This is actually one of the harder fights thanks to those fucking Gryphons spamming Wind Shot.



Especially a problem after this repainted Holy Dragon, now a Death Dragon, uses that Orb of his.



Spell! Though I don't remember Ice Cloud being particularly powerful in MotBQ...



I mean, I'd rather not, but y'all won't leave without me doing that I guess.



Bullets are the new hanging.












Another relatively easy one. No one here's got ranged attacks.



The "Gargoyle" here is thus a bit less nasty. I'm not sure it even has the Terror aura that the Tiamat does.






I could ask you the same thing. Who are all these dudes tucked away in random forts?



Well, whoever he is, he doesn't want any girls finding out about his super neato treehouse.



You're secrets safe with me!



Vacation from... what? You're not exactly working a desk job.






d ooorr



This particular battle's actually a bit unique, since all the monsters are new. Well, for a given definition of "new" since they're just recolors.



Annoyingly, this "Crimson" ablility is a ranged one, so that plus the inevitable orb use makes this fight arguably the toughest one.



Still, we managed. And yes, there is just a normal "Nova" spell to go with Nova+, but we won't see that for a while.



With all this forbidden magic stuff done, I figure it's time to march off the the cheerily-named Hell Gate and proceed down the long, long road to the end. See you then!


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So much shields, maybe Shield Hero would become a more coherent show/book whatever.
Man, shaman's such a shit class, 'Let's create a class that is unique in the sense it screw four great characters.' Heck yeah. 😛

It really isn't worth it. Like at all.
Hell Gate... well, the name's good, it show just what you're going into, that's the point of a name, yes ? You could also call it the "boring ass place of extreme difficulty for so little", because shooooooooooooooooooot...

I can't get my head around the fact that someone though it was a good idea to put that in the game.

Edited by B.Leu

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These bosses were one of the points where the translator let his boredom show, huh.

The FFT, FF7 and Ogre Battle 64 translations, for example, are definitely bad and literal and full of errors (maybe OB64 less so), but they aren't... this...

Edited by Parrhesia

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19 hours ago, B.Leu said:

It really isn't worth it. Like at all.
Hell Gate... well, the name's good, it show just what you're going into, that's the point of a name, yes ? You could also call it the "boring ass place of extreme difficulty for so little", because shooooooooooooooooooot...

I can't get my head around the fact that someone though it was a good idea to put that in the game.

You aren't wrong. They could've made it a quarter of the length and it'd still be too long. There's some cool battles in there but there's just WAY too much repeated content.

16 hours ago, Parrhesia said:

These bosses were one of the points where the translator let his boredom show, huh.

The FFT, FF7 and Ogre Battle 64 translations, for example, are definitely bad and literal and full of errors (maybe OB64 less so), but they aren't... this...

TO's old translation is at least not as incomprehensible as FFT's was at times, but other than that it's kinda worse just because it feels like the translators hated working on it. Even early on they inserted all sorts of dumb jokes that don't land and just generally made the whole thing read like a GameFAQs thread.

Somehow there are folks who still prefer it to the PSP script, unbelievably enough. I guess that script's occasionally a bit flowery tbf but it's honestly just so much better otherwise.


It's probably gonna be a little while before the next update. I kinda forgot what an undertaking this particular part of the game would be, and while I'm gonna try and trim it down a bit we'll still be here for a while.

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