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  1. if I turn out to be right about it. I'm eating brocollis, and I hate broccolis, but I will ate them while laughing a bit. I dunno. I like looking at it. Even if the interface, of it and of the game in general, is kinda bad. So I know this is a low blow, but doesn't this remind you of Anankos and Rhea? Funny how the character that is a waifu is seen as sympathetic by the narrative. The mere fact that she is called a Creator God imply that she created life everywhere, which is a big fat lie: she only ever created life in Fodlan. So either Sothis is that arrogant, or Rhea just made that up. There's also the God part, which she pretty much isn't. There's implications that Sothis wasn't so much as sleeping, but was plain dead after doing her god things (implied to just be Time Power things), and Nemesis just picked the bones like Pathways Into Darkness and.... gave them to the dupsteper and soloing an entire race with his Sword of the King, which begs multiple questions, such as how did he do that without being seen, didn't the Nabateans tried to protect the tombs, just how big the bones must have been, how the HELL is he considered a Thief with this build, etc. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one being utterly confused by what the writers were trying to do, and I really hate how they didn't seems like they wanted to commit to it. "There is no religion. The Goddess isn't a Goddess at all and was actually fairly bad, it's all made up by one of her daughter crippled by PTSD. Her daughter is cruel and controling because her mom was the same, and she also really, really want to have her back, using necromancy or cloning at random to do it. This is also why no Nabateans are trying to help, the Goddess was bad, Sothis is bad. Fodlans aren't humans at all. It's all a stupid lie made by a stupid person for a stupid but understandable reason. Santa Claus doesn't exist. The Sword of the Creator is a bad weapon. Most redesigns and haircuts in Three Hopes are stupid." (Do not, for the love of God, take offense of the fact that I'm making fun of a fictional religion, and take it as me making fun of real life religion, please.) Imagine how ballsy it would have been, not in a JRPG animay Persona let's shoot notgod in the face to save xmass way, but a painfully sad, realistic something that happened and there's nothing you can do to change it because it's in the past, all that remains are the consequences. I can almost feel the writers wanting to just came out and say it, but in the end, there is not even a "So that's how it is" feeling, bitter, angry or whatever, by the characters or story.
  2. The common joke is that it's Kaga. My joke is that it's the player. But that would be too meta. It's kind of like Fates' third guy that was blessed by the Rainbow Sage, but we don't know who he was, or why he is even brought up. You must mean their Special Spots. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Just imagine the sheer idiocy of not putting an NG+ in a game with pseudo-gacha/rng mechanics (Okay, I'm being unfair, but you see what I mean), and you should see that there are some good odds about a NG+ comming up. But odds will mean nothing in the future if they don't implement it.
  4. Engage is just the gift that keeps on giving. Three Hopes? no DLCs. Engage, the game that isn't even out, the game that is screaming Fates 2.0? Instantly get DLCs. Nice. Totally not foreboding at all. 😛
  5. Ah yes, Gacha, truly what I expect from a tactical RPG. And gosh dang it to heck, I can't wait to rub Tiki... 's ring. (Because of course we needed her again)
  6. I have even less respect for the chara-design than before, after seeing the new characters, it's amazing, absolutely, amazing. Even the voice acting is making me ill! But I gonna say, Alear having a past with the "Emblems" is kind of interesting. "You were kind. As you are now, there is no need to remember everything at once." "We will remain by your side until the end of this dream". I'm probably gonna be disappointed, but I wanna dream a bit, even if it's for such a tiny thing. How dare you forget about the big toes.
  7. Who the hell would want Kris anyways after reading the cringefest that was New Mystery's plot? Buuuuuut we got Corrin, sooooo....
  8. Never forget the golden rule: Don't get hit. 😛 Claude is amazing as a Bow Knight I agree. Personally, I would just replace Absorb Dex with Cyclical Specials, Absorb isn't very reliable, and you could just instant kill things with Specials Wait it does? I thought the L'ord's elemental skills had Fiendish Blow on it? Or is it Essense of?
  9. I'd rather have Fodlan characters than getting Outrealms nonsenses, Awakening Fates and Warriors 1 are things that I would rather forget forever, but eh. I'm praying for the Apex Skills to be working properly. To the risk of sounding entitled, this took way too much time. I'm so weirdly triggered by them. So much for bonus characters, you can't even bring them in the main game!
  10. I'd love a lot of things. -Being able to have the Personal Skills of the NG+ characters. -New characters, mostly Argathan, Nemesis, the Saints too, maybe even the Ten Elites. -New classes, seriously, why did they cut off Hero? Maybe granting access to Personal Classes to other units. -What I'd really like would be new Relics and Dark Relics, so that we can have more fun with units and crests. After much thought, I'm miffled that they decided to make the Sublime Creator Sword, when they could just have made it the Sword of the Creator so that Edelgard could play with it too, while deciding to make the Dark Creator Sword, which can be used by everyone. Just why? If you wanted to make a bonus best weapon useable by everyone, you could just have made it so it was Shez's unnamed sword, which would have came with a name on it. -Tying up loose ends, like Shez's mom, Arval, this sort of things. -New missions (duh) -Bigger level cap maybe? -Please, patch the buggy skills. -No seriously. patch them. Please.
  11. It's a tough choice. While I do like AG, it's a mess gameplay wise, Dimitri like to bugger off, and it doesn't even have a good final boss! It's really between SB and GW.... who have the same final boss. Bruh. But GW really did what I feel like VW should have been, Claude in GW is such an experience, I love it.
  12. Plutôt en Mortal Français..... yeah no, my joke is bad and I feel bad. Obviously, while Byleth's sueishness is really toned down, centuries compared to the like of Corrin and Kris, it is still a bit there, see below. Actually, I was talking about Corrin. Byleth had the decency of not being the center of the universe. (to the point where I would argue it's a bit strange that people who are in the known doesn't try to learn more but who care there) Except when they insisted of making them stand in the middle of the students, so they could talk and you could be really attached to them. They even did that in Three Hopes! Or are you telling me that my Green haired Corrin isn't special? I should I gave them purple hair.
  13. Nah, they just fuse together and become either purple, or each strand of hair become red/blue. You are welcome for the nightmares. That's racist, I'm playing with the black one. 😛 Not sure if I'm blessed or not, black and white are such boring colors.
  14. Alear is activating alarms in my brain- wee-ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo- that's what. Bad design, spesshial hair, Dragon Child, Chosen One, worshipped as a god, now if I could remember where I saw that.... Well okay, I do like their armor, and MAltear's hair isn't so bad. So Kris, Robin and Corrin aren't self inserts, but Byleth is, that's what you are saying? 😛
  15. I don't really care what anyone is saying, but I'm not calling Toothpaste/Pepsy-kun-chan, Jeigan with a badly rendered beard (seriously, how do you screw that up?), and all Generic J-RPG designs impressive in the slighest. I can agree about the colors being vibrant instead of satured, but the designs? Nope. Last time it was tropey, it was Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates. I understand that right now a lot of people, me included, are jumping the gun, but don't act as if any fear was undeserved if the devs though going back to those two is a good idea. I did said that TH wasn't perfect at all remember? Include every implications. Three Hopes too messed with things, but somehow it still was better writing wise, even if it still could have been better. Too late, I already near S Support with Ghost Alm. Celica will now have to watch in horror. :d
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