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[FE8] Fire Emblem: Dawn of Dusk [Demo v3.0 out!]

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What is Fire Emblem: Dawn of Dusk?

Fire Emblem: Dawn of Dusk is an FE8 rom-hack I've been working on for the past couple of months.

It's heavily influenced by FE4, from the graphics to the gameplay!

If you're interested in helping, DM me on Twitter! (Link below)


February 27th, Year 891, Belmisian Calender


The dukedom of Fals is destroyed by unknown invaders.

The Duke and his family are thought to be dead, except, unknown to all the denizens of Belmise, one survived.

Clovis von Fals, son of Duke Vidar von Fals, runs in the dark night,

hoping to reach his cousin's duchy to seek aid. 


In a nearby village, a seer and their band of allies awake to find

a royal-looking man fighting against an army.

Coming here due to a vision, they believe they've

finally found the one they're looking for;

the one who will help change the future.


  • Dismounting/Mounting: With mounted units, you can make them dismount from their mounts! This can get rid of their weaknesses while adding new ones!
  • Avatar (Shilo): You can play as yourself (if you wish) in the game! The avatar's portrait is made to be gender neutral so you can decide who you are! You can input your own name*, or go with the generic name, Shilo. 
  • Skills: Like most modern FE games, there are skills! Each unit gets a personal skill and each class has their own too!
  • New and Old Classes: Many older classes return in this game, most of them from Genealogy of the Holy War! There are also newer ones and three-tiered promotions!










7743, circleseverywhere, jjl2357, Blademaster, Hextator, Tequila, Venno, Kenpuku, Circles, Kirb, area, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey, Stan


v3.0 Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BxPPfrOfGu33ncrRkFyR2QyCS0JLuKcN/view?usp=sharing


• Added two new chapters! (Book 1 - Chapter 3, Book X - Chapter 1)
• Added Pegasus Knight animations and custom palette for Lyla.
• Fixed errors in Chapter 2.
• Added Axe Fighter class.
• New recruitable unit, Derrick.
• Changed Cole's portrait

My Twitter (for updates on the game and me being stupid. If you want to find all info on the game, check out #DawnOfDusk!): 



Edited by Byliyth
Added update v3.0 download!

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Until you put a download link to a patch (and it's going to have to be more than a single chapter), this goes into Concepts.

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The newest version is out! v2.0 includes a reworked Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (including a new recruitable character)! Hope you enjoy! (If you find any errors, make sure to comment them!)

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v3.0 is out and I've added a changelog section so you can see what's new! Once again, if you encounter any errors or have any suggestions, DM me! I hope you really enjoy it so far!!

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Just tried the first chapter, and it was an interesting experience. I understand this is still a very early demo, but I'll try listing my thoughts.

First of all, this hack's presentation is pretty good. I've never seen a hack that used FE4-style graphics in the context of an FE7 or FE8 hack, and it looks pretty neat. It does have a few hiccups, though, like Russ's color palette looking somewhat strange when attacking, and in the opening cutscene where one of the swordfighters coming out of the castle incredibly slowly. The story is also somewhat interesting, and has a lot of potential.

The gameplay, however. I have a feeling you put the MU right by the boss for testing purposes, and you're just showing off the map for the demo, and if that's the case my complaints on that front are less severe because I know it will be fixed. My other complaints are as such: First of all, I found an interesting bug. Either the Day/Night cycle doesn't reset when restarting the chapter or whether or not you visit a village doesn't reset. These issues may be due to the autosave feature. I found this because after visiting the village on one attempt, the village was closed on the next attempt. Second of all, Hitting an enemy always gives out one EXP (2 with Paragon) and killing an enemy always gives 20 EXP (40 with Paragon). I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. As a side note, growth rates in this hack are rather low, but that's rather minor by comparison. Also, it's pretty much impossible to make a safe spot for Cyrus to do bard things on the turn he joins.

Overall this hack contains a lot of potential, but in its current state requires some fixing. It should also be noted that I haven't tries the 3.1 patch you released on your Twitter yet, so maybe one of these things was fixed there.

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@TrumpetZorua Hi, sorry for responding a bit late! Let me address your points in order: 1) Yeah, the position of the MU was an accident and was fixed in the newer version (which I forgot to add the new link to in here, oof.) 2) I recently removed the Day/Night system due to many issues and player difficulty, basically making it so you have as many turns to do stuff (events still happen on certain turns though!) 3) Which village did you visit? If you could specify, that'd help a lot! 4) The EXP is supposed to be like that in the early chapters since theres a lot of enemies you can fight and it's still very early! 5) The growth rates are low because the way GRs work in the game is that the character's personal growth rates are added to the class' growth rates! 6) I'll make sure to move Cyrus in the next update! Thank you so much for your feedback! 😄

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The village was the one closest to the top right.

Good to hear the EXP and growths are supposed to be like that.  I'll admit, the Cyrus issue may or may not have been my own poor playing.

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