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Create a Fighter and Moveset (Revival Thread 2)

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36 minutes ago, Jotari said:

Challenge accepted. Before I start I'll note that in English his sword is called the Brotherhood. You called in Fraternity in your moveset, which I'm guessing is what it's called in other translations as it's basically the same name.

Name: Tidus

Default outfit: His Final Fantasy X appearance

Alternate Outfits: Shuyin!, a black hair alt from the first Final Fantasy X demo, topless alt, because this is Super Smash Bros damnit!

Gimmick: Haste: Tidus's speed increases the longer he is alive. He starts out as actually a rather slow an awkward character, about on par with Shulk, but his speed raises in stages every fifteen seconds, reaching a max level after one minute without losing a stock (upon losing a stock he resets to his base speed). By which point he's more comparable to Sonic only with more range and slightly more power. Every time it goes up a stage, a red clock like animation goes over Tidus like Haste in Final Fantasy X. At the highest level, after a minute, Tidus also gets mild water hitboxes extending from his sword attacks that push back enemies he doesn't quite manage to hit. Like in Final Fantasy X, even his idle animation is sped up by this attack. I also like this gimmick, as it sort of reflects Tidus's growth as a character over the course of Final Fantasy X (and to a lesser extent his growth as a warrior, it doesn't get much focus in the, but he is notciable a novice at the start of the game unlike a lot of Final Fantasy protagonists, one reference to this in game would be how he learns his Overdrives by constantly using them).


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Jab: A three hit combo. The first two hits are close slashes, but the third is a rush resembling the first hit of his Sonic Buster attack in DIssidia. Covers good distance, but leaves Tidus unnaturally open for a jab combo.

Side Tilt: A two hit sword combo.

Down Tilt: A slide like many characters have, seems like it'd be a natural fit for him even if I don't think he ever does anything like it. Even though he's not directly using his sword, this attack still has a water hit box at max level Haste.

Up Tilt: A rising slash attack that puts Tidus in the air slightly. If it connects with an opponent, it can be comboed into an aerial.

Dash: His standard Final Fantasy X attack.


Side Smash: Tidus throws a blitzball forward like he does in Dissidia (which in turn is based around Wakka's throwing animation). Not very powerful as far as Side Smashes go, but quite easy to aim and travels pretty far (for a Smash attack). If you aim downwards at the ground, the ball will ricochet and bounce upwards.

Up Smash: Tidus spiral jumps upwards and kicks a Blitz Ball. Much more powerful than his side smash, but is launched at an awkward angle that makes it hard to connect with. Opponents standing close to Tidus can be pulled up with the initial spiral jump.

Down Smash: Tidus holds a Blitzball while he charges and then punts it, similar to his normal shooting animation while playing Blitzball. Easier to hit with than his up smash, but cannot be aimed like his Side Smash. Travels the furthest of all his Smash attacks.


Air Attacks: Don't have the game on me right now to research and reference attacks by name, but suffice to say, most of his aerial attacks would be based on his various basic bravery attacks from Dissidia. Like Bayonetta, he will also be able to combo his neutral and side aerials, though unlike her it's just a simple two hit combo. Overall his air game is quite strong, and utilizing his swift multi hit attacks will be key to getting kills for him.



Up Throw:

Forward Throw: Tidus slashes his opponent away an then quickly throws a Blitzball at them.

Back Throw: Tidus tosses his opponent upwards and then kicks them with a backflip, like in his animation for Sphere Shot.

Down Throw: Tidus tosses his opponent downwards and impales




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Neutral Special: Slowga: Tidus performs his spell casting animation from Final Fantasy X and shoots an orb of magic similar to the animation that appears over a character that has slow cast on them in Final Fantasy X. Enemies hit with this orb receive reduced movement speed which lasts an amount of time proportional to how much damage they've taken. Despite not dealing any damage, this is a very useful move for Tidus to use to set up a kill.

Side Special:Spiral Cut: Tidus performs a powerful four hit combo consisting of backflips and a final heavy hit. This attack moves Tidus quite a bit, about on par with Fox's side special (and at max level haste it isn't much slower than that attack. Once it is initiated, Tidus cannot cancel the move, leaving him quite open. If performed in the air, Tidus will move forward in the first three strikes, but the forth, heavy strike, he will slam down from the air like Ike's aether. This is a pretty unconventional trajectory for an attack that could surprise opponents.

Up Special: Energy Rain: Tidus kicks forward, if he connects with an opponent, he will leap away and shoot a rain of energy at his opponent. Technically it is a grab move. As a recovery, it works most like Ganondorf's Dark Dive. Even though Tidus has strong air game, this is not a strong recovery. Unlike Dark Dive, however, Tidus can use this attack to leap off the stage. If successfully performed on the stage, there will not be a follow up energy wave unless you hold the button. If performed on an enemy, TIdus can use the attack again, but not if it is performed on the stage.

Down Special: Evade and Counter: Tidus performs a back hop similar to Bayonetta's Witch Time. If enemies attacked Tidus while he'd dodging, he will automatically counter attack with his sword.

Final Smash: Blitz Ace: One of those final smashes that brings the enemy to a new area and has him do the animation. Flashy, but not all that exciting as an actual attack.


To sum up, a gimmick that makes him more powerful via his speed the longer he is alive, with the max level giving him an extra water pushing effect on his sword attacks. Smashes that involve throwing a blitzball that aren't powerful, but are effective for spacing. Multi hit aerial moves. Specials that are based on his Overdrives, plus Slowga to slow enemies down and a counter (couldn't think of any way to implement Hit and Run given it's just a bunch of generic attacks). His weaknesses involve a not great vertical recovery, despite having powerful air game that encourages him to get off the stage, and a bit slow without the power to back it up at the start of a match. To play Tidus, a character needs to know what they're doing and survive his lower haste levels, while still be experienced enough with him to make use of the added speed and power at his higher levels.


really nice moveset, i like the idea of having Haste as his personal mechanic (i don't even want to imagine how someone fighting Tidus must feel when caught by Slowgan and Tidus is at max Haste level), and his side smash sounds really good for stopping various recovery options

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I whipped together a moveset for a only-in-my-dreams Smash addition named Haken Browning. The sometime bounty hunter, adventurer, and playboy from Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga Endless Frontier.:



I chose to write up a moveset for him, because I doubt anyone else ever has, or at least not as often as half-million other characters. And I like him.

General Details:

  • Haken uses a spiked & bayonetted assault rifle- Nightfowl. A revolver with a laser mode- the Longtomb Special. And some explosive playing cards.
  • Belonging to Banpresto, Haken is an original character from the Super Robot Wars franchise, a franchise which for reasons of being too big, cannot fit any of its normal representatives into Smash.
  • Fortunately, the Endless Frontier features a few downsized versions of the mecha which Banpresto has created.
    • Among these is the “Phantom” as Haken and others call it, although its real name is “Gespenst” (German for "ghost"). For the sake of avoiding confusion with the thing Zelda uses in her Down Special, I will refer to it from here on out as the Gespenst.
      • Haken can summon the Gespenst as he wills it, using it for attacks in Endless Frontier. As can anyone else, but the Gespenst is distinctly bond to him.
      • The Gespenst is the second-oldest original robot Banpresto has created, losing to the Cybuster, Granzon, and Valsion. Nonetheless, it is “classic” Super Robot Wars, circa 1992. And is thus a good pick for a single mech to represent the entire long-lived franchise.
  • In order to truly represent his overall franchise, Haken has the Gespenst as part of his Smash arsenal. In a capacity similar to Zelda's use of her phantom.
    • I was considering adding in the Weissritter Abend and Alteisen Nacht as well, but nah, that'd be one too many resources in this fantasyland idea.

Image of the typical black Gespenst like Haken's:




Haken's Gameplay Profile:

  • Mechanics:
    • Haken is a little heavy, and jumps slightly below average, but falls slower than normal.
    • Haken’s walking speed is above average, but his running speed is slow.
    • For Haken’s Throws and Smashes, it is possible to cancel any of them at any time by using a another Smash, and it can be the same as the one current being executed.
    • During the execution of a Throw (but not during the Grab or Pummel) or Smash, it is possible to summon the Gespenst, whilst not ending the Throw/Smash attack.
  • "Role":
    • Haken is all about offense, with a real preference for the ground. The individual hits of his attacks aren’t necessarily the strongest, but the sheer quantity of hits means you won’t be walking away unscathed if you get caught in his assault.
      • As there isn't an invisible wall in Smash for enemies propelled by his hits to bounce back against, Haken can send enemies flying too, even if it means his combo game isn't as strong as in EF.
    • Free-flowing combos of little kicks and punches aren’t something Haken does. Instead, his Smashes and Throws in themselves are combos.
      • Nonetheless, the ability to cancel into another Smash midway through is there to enable the mixing of his attacks.
      • And it references the ability to prematurely cancel skills so they can flow into each other in the Endless Frontier games.
    • With a gun-heavy arsenal, Haken is a veritable projectile machine! But he doesn’t necessary want to keep enemies away.
      • His Aerials (barring the backwards) and the Tilts are good for ranged hits to chip the enemy from afar.
      • And yet, the real damage comes from Smashes and Throws, which requires Haken gets close to his opponent.
    • The Gespenst provides Haken with a source of strong projectiles. And, it can do its thing as Haken turns and does his own, a touch of Rosalina & Luma/Ice Climbers.
      • The ability to summon the Gespenst whilst in the middle of a Smash/Throw and not cancel it alludes to the Assist and Support Attacks of Endless Frontier, carried over via Solo Units into Project X Zone. When you summon an Assist, the summon will attack as you continue to do so (or not if you don’t want to) without interruption to your assault.
      • This feature enables longer combos too, which of course is good for damage.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Sluggishness combined with true strength up close, locked into attacks that are long in execution, means those with agility and or range can work around Haken.
      • Slow descent rate and below average recovery make Haken vulnerable in the air.
      • Does he need something like a mandatory cooldown period banning the use of Smashes and Throws after using one and not canceling into another before it ends? It'd discourage willy-nilly Smash spamming if they whiff and an opponent moves in.


And now, the attacks. For the  Specials, Aerials, Smashes, and Throws, I use a lot of .gifs borrowing the entirety of Haken's Endless Frontier moveset to showcase what the attacks would look like, it's easier to comprehend that way.



Neutral- Neutron Blaster (also called the Mega Blaster)

  • Summons the Gespenst in the direction Haken is facing. It then releases the wide Neutron Blaster beam from its chest, dealing multiple hits of moderate damage straight ahead.
  • The Neutron Blaster is slow to fire, and it can optionally be charged a little by holding the Special button, increasing the damage and duration by no more than maybe 33%.

Down- Gespenst Kick:

  • Summons the Gespenst, which appears a distance above and behind Haken. The Gespenst dives down like the Falcon and Warlock Kicks, with a similar hitbox. It lands and vanishes on the ground two or three character-lengths in front of Haken where he was upon summoning.
    • If no ground, the Gespenst will continue a distance not exceeding its head dipping below where Haken’s feet would have been at the moment it was summoned.
  • This deals a single hit of heavy damage and knockback.

Gif of Neutron Blaster & Gespenst Kick:


Side- Grand Slash Rippers:

  • Summons the Gespenst to throw two large Slash Rippers in the direction Haken is facing.
  • The Slash Rippers deal multiple hits of small damage, and boomerang back to the spot where Gespenst was summoned before disappearing.
  • If there is an enemy directly in front of the Gespenst, it will be summoned performing a slight jump with a downward slash of the Plasma Slicer sword, which it shall then twirl quickly for a second.
    • The Plasma Slicer deals light damage over multiple hits and is immediately followed with the aforementioned Slash Rippers.

Gif of Grand Slash Rippers:



Up- Jet Magnum:

Jet Magnum activates the plasma stakes on the Gespenst’s fists and it charges ahead, ready to punch.

  • On the ground,
    • Haken summons the Gespenst in the direction which he is facing.
    • This attack had a large hit box about the height of the Gespenst, you can be ducking and still take the pain and knockback from it.
  • In the air,
    • Haken summons the Gespenst, Haken stands on the Gespenst’s shoulder not facing the game's screen.
    • The Gespenst will charge ahead a distance at an upwards angle, whichever the control stick is tilted towards. If the control stick is not tilted, it shall be in the direction Haken is facing when the Gespenst is summoned.
    • Haken becomes vulnerable to attacks whilst standing on the Gespenst after a moment.
    • The hitbox of the aerial Jet Magnum differs from ground to be a 100* arc around the Gespenst’s face.
    • There are friends of Haken who do a bunch of jumping, but he doesn’t. So I kinda needed to get creative with his recovery move.
  • Shared Qualities of Ground and Air:
    • The Gespenst charges ahead quickly and deals punches the enemy with the fist in the foreground (so right when facing right, left when facing left).
    • The Jet Magnum punch is at a 45* angle, dealing moderate damage and launching the enemy into the air.
    • If the Jet Magnum hit lands, the Gespenst will continue on its path and can hit additional opponents.
    • If the Gespenst hits an opponent at the end of its charging distance, it will continue short distance past the impact point and then vanish. During this extra distance the Gespenst will be harmless.
    • Damage and knock back are the same regardless of where it is used.

The Phantom barely uses the Jet Magnum, you can it see it for the briefest second when it dashes in during the Phantom Hold ‘Em gif. Other Gespensts use it more, so I've included a gif of one of those. All you have to do is envision the punch aimed upwards.:




  • Jab- Haken grabs Nightfowl and fires a shot from it on a straight line.
  • Dash- Attempts to spike an opponent on the Nightfowl and then fires off a shot.
  • Edge- Throws a bunch of explosive playing cards in front of and above Haken, which immediately detonate.



  • Side- As with Mega Man, the Side Tilt is the same as the jab.
  • Upward- Points the Nightfowl directly above him and shoots off several shots.
  • Downward- Lays low on the ground and shoots the Nightfowl once, as if he were a trained sniper.


Aerials (keep in mind this is Haken's weak spot from his extant battle choreography):

  • Neutral-
    • Dual wields the Nightfowl and Longtomb Special and fires both of them straight ahead.

I had in mind a brief moment (albeit he moves backward during it) from his Project X Zone Special when I thought of this. The moment has been captured here, along with the moment that made me think of what his Dash attack should be.:


  • Forward- “Blind/Opening Bet”
    • Fires the Longtomb Special multiple times on an arc that points roughly at a 90* angle downwards in the direction Haken is facing. The arc starts at a 45* angle downwards, and ends about at a 45* angle upwards, the shots, even the downward pointed ones, lifts the enemy upwards.

I derived the idea for this from his Support Attack:


  • Backwards
    • Wields the Nightfowl and whilst changing the direction he faces, thrusts it backwards and fires off a single blast from it. Can hit twice- once from the bayonet up close, and once from the shot.
  • Upward- “Jackpot”
    • Dual wields the Nightfowl and Longtomb Special and and fires both of them at an upwards angle.
    • Considering Haken jumps during his use of this skill in EF, I was considering making this his Up Special, but I opted to go entirely with the Gespenst for Specials instead.

Here is a gif of his Jackpot skill, you'll see which part I'm referencing here.:


  • Downward
    • Shoots a laser blast from the Longtomb Special directly downwards. See Phantom Hold 'Em for the sort of laser I mean, except less big and shorter in duration.



  • Side- “Texas Hold ‘Em”


  • Upward- “High Low Draw 2nd”


  • Downward- “Seven Stud”



Grab & Throws:

  • Pummel- Tosses an explosive playing card at the enemy which immediately detonates for a tiny explosion.
  • Upward- “Fire Mouse”


  • Forward- “Full House”


  • Backward- "Quad Solitaire"


  • Downward- “Best Flush 2nd”



Final Smash: Phantom Hold 'Em:



The enemy is caught in the giant laser beam at the end, multiple enemies can be actually. I just had to trim this gif slightly short to make it fit.


Not going to include Taunts or Victory Poses or Recolors. Nor will I include the possibility of a stage, although the first Project X Zone had the wrecked ship the Schfalen Celeste show up from Endless Frontier, which has some still-functional transdimensional portal devices running inside despite the passing of so much time.

As for music, Super Robot Wars has prepared a gajillion rockin' battle tunes over the years, all of which ought be appropriate for Smash. One that would have to be included, is Haken's personal's theme- All Correct!.:


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Intro: Azura appears from a circle of water

Stance/Idle 1: Her fighting stance from Fates

Idle 2: Azura’s pre-battle pose from Fates

Idle 3: Azura puts her left hand on her chest

Notable Palette Swaps:

  1. Azura (default)
  2. Feena (red/yellow)
  3. Sylvia (green/white)
  4. Ninian (turquoise)
  5. Tethys (red/black)
  6. Leanne (gold/white)
  7. Olivia (pink/white)
  8. “Mysterious lady” (purple)

Walk: Azura carefully walks forward

Dash: Taken from Fates

Damage: Taken from Fates

Jump: Similar to Palutena’s jump

Crouch: Similar to Palutena’s crouch

Normal Attacks

Jab: A horizontal slash (2%) followed up by a rising slash (3%) and finishes with an overhead slash (5%, OK knockback)

Forward+A: Azura slashes downward (7%, small knockback)

Down+A: Azura jabs along the ground (6%, small knockback), potentially tripping opponents

Up+A: Azura quickly slashes upwards, attacking opponents both in front of and above her (7%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks

Air+A: Azura spins in the air once, slashing anyone in the vicinity (8%, small knockback)

Air Forward+A: Azura brings her lance down for a powerful slash (11% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Air Back + A: Azura delivers a wide horizontal blow (10%, OK knockback)

Air Up+A: Azura delivers a rising slash (9%, OK knockback)

Air Down+A: Azura delivers a downward diagonal slash (11%, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Azura delivers a diagonal cut while performing a Ballerina’s Jete (12%, OK knockback), which can launch foes above her

Edge Attack: Azura stabs the opponent with an overhead jab (9%, small knockback)

Get-Up Attack: Water bursts around Azura as she gets back up (6%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks

Forward+A: Azura launches foes in front of her with a rising slash (18%, medium knockback)

Up+A: Azura stabs upwards (19%, medium knockback)

Down+A: Azura slashes diagonally downwards on both sides (14% each hit, OK knockback)

Grab Game

Grab: Azura snags the opponent in a circle of water

Pummel: Azura spins the water circle (1%)

Forwards+Throw: Azura stabs forwards (13%, OK knockback)

Down+Throw: Azura brings her lance down for a downward slash (14%, OK knockback)

Back+Throw: Azura tosses the opponent behind her with the water circle (9%, small knockback)

Up+Throw: Azura backflips while launching her opponent upwards (11%, OK knockback)

Special Moves

B : Inspiring Song; Azura sings for 3 seconds, healing 30% of her current damage when it is completed; this is divided up among her allies. If she is attacked or uses her Dragon Vein during the song, she won’t receive its benefits.

B + Forwards : Javelin Throw; Azura throws her lance on the ground, which can hit multiple opponents at once (15%, OK knockback). She is then limited to unarmed combat; all of her jabs, Smash attacks and aerial attacks are reduced to water-bending, which is faster but deals much less damage.

B + Up : Ballerina Twirl; Azura rises moderately high upwards as she twirls under a spiral of water (17%, OK knockback)

B + Down : Stream; Azura twirls once, pulling in opponents, and then raises her lance upwards; a huge stream of water then appears, launching opponents upwards (25%, medium knockback)

Final Smash: Dark Song; based on the Opera House scene from Fates, opponents are taken into a cutscene where Azura sings her song as ripples go rapidly across the water (50%, devastating knockback)

Gimmick: Dragon Vein; Pressing B in the middle of a Special allows Azura to perform a secondary Special.

  • Neutral Dragon Vein: Azura surrounds herself in a barrier of water that pushes opponents away (10%, OK knockback) and reflects projectiles
  • Side Dragon Vein: Azura calls back her lance, which twirls three times (5% each, small knockback) and instantly warps back to her
  • Up Dragon Vein: Azura is pushed up extremely high by water, dealing no damage
  • Down Dragon Vein: Azura pushes a stream of water (similar to the Gust Bellows) in front of her, pushing away opponents without dealing damage


1: “Take your final bow.” Azura mimics her pose in her official artwork

2: “Look me in the eyes.” Azura mimics her talking portrait from Fates

1+2: “I must not lose here.” Azura mimics her battle entrance animation from Fates


1: “I’m so happy, I could sing.” Azura’s victory animation from Fates

2: “I had no choice.” Azura mimics her map sprite when dancing, putting her lance up to the camera

3: Azura dances while singing the victory theme


Applause: Azura looks down in disappointment

Icon: The Fire Emblem series icon

Boxing Ring Title: Lady of the Lake

Star K.O.: Azura screams in a near-singing voice

Victory Music: A snippet of “Lost in Thoughts All Alone” suited to Azura

Kirby Hat: Azura’s coif


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Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins)


Intro: Arthur’s MvC3 intro

Stance/Idle 1: His idle animation from MvC3

Idle 2: Arthur raises a fist in the air

Idle 3: Arthur briefly strokes his beard

Notable Palette Swaps:

  1. Silver Armor (default)
    1. Holy Armor has gold highlights
    2. White boxers with strawberry patterns
  2. Warrior Armor (purple/yellow)
    1. Holy Armor has brown and yellow highlights
    2. Boxers with blue and white vertical stripes
  3. Gold Armor (yellow)
    1. Holy Armor has red highlights
    2. Yellow boxers with black stars
  4. Bronze Armor (green)
    1. Holy Armor has orange highlights
    2. Green boxers with white polka-dots
  5. Old Arthur (blue/white)
    1. Holy Armor has white highlights
    2. Blue boxers with white polka-dots
  6. Pink Gold Armor (pink)
    1. Holy Armor has red highlights
    2. Pink boxers with red and white hearts
  7. Zombie Arthur (blue/grey)
    1. Holy Armor is based off the alternate Holy Armor from MvC3
    2. Boxers are the same as default, but not he’s a skeleton
  8. Firebrand (deep red/white)
    1. Holy Armor has deep blue highlights
    2. Red boxers with black bat patterns

Walk: His run from the GnG games

Dash: His run from the GnG games, but faster

Damage: His damage animation from the GnG games

Jump: His jump from the GnG games

Crouch: His crouch from the GnG games

Normal Attacks

Jab: Arthur slashes twice with his sword (4%, small knockback)

Forward+A: Arthur throws a dagger (3%, small knockback)

Down+A: Arthur throws a dagger while crouching (3%, small knockback)

Up+A: Arthur tosses an axe over his head (5%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks

Air+A: Tri-Blade; Arthur summons a magical sword that flies around him (8%, OK knockback)

Air Forward+A: Arthur stabs forward with his lance (9%, OK knockback)

Air Back + A: Arthur throws a shield behind himself (8%, OK knockback)

Air Up+A: Arthur stabs upward with his lance (7%, small knockback)

Air Down+A: Arthur plummets straight down with his lance, similar to Link and Young Link (9% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Arthur charges forward with his lance (7%, small knockback)

Edge Attack: Arthur jabs the opponent with his lance (6%, small knockback)

Get-Up Attack: Arthur hastily swings his sword around himself (6%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks

Forward+A: Arthur throws a torch that inflicts multiple hits (17%, OK knockback)

Up+A: Arthur jabs straight upwards with his lance (18%, OK knockback)

Down+A: Nuclear Magic; Arthur fires two blasts of magic energy on both sides of himself (15% each, OK knockback)

Grab Game

Grab: His Grab from MvC3

Pummel: Arthur headbutts the opponent (1%)

Forwards+Throw: His forward throw from MvC3 (9%, OK knockback)

Down+Throw: His air forward throw from MvC3 (12%, OK knockback)

Back+Throw: His back throw from MvC3 (8%, OK knockback)

Up+Throw: His ait back throw (4%, small knockback)

Special Moves

B : Lance Toss; Arthur tosses a lance that goes somewhat slow and can be angled in any direction (8%, small knockback)

  • With Holy Armor, the lances fly faster and hit harder

B + Forwards : Crossbow; Arthur fires two arrows in a 45o arc (6% each, small knockback); it deals more knockback to opponents in the air

  • With Holy Armor, Arthur fires three arrows that become orbs of energy (7% each, OK knockback); the added third one goes straight

B + Up : Shatter Armor; Arthur deliberately sheds his armor to jump sky-high, with opponents taking damage from the broken armor pieces (12%, OK knockback), halving his magic charge meter; Arthur doesn’t go into freefall when this happens, but he can only manage a measly hop when he tries to use this special again

  • With Holy Armor, he goes up higher and can possibly Meteor Smash opponents too close to him, but the magic charge meter is completely drained

B + Down : Armor / Thunder Magic; Using the magic charge meter from Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (which fills up as he deals and takes damage), Arthur can either upgrade his armor by one stage or cast thunder magic that surrounds him in electricity (35%, far knockback), immediately reducing him to his boxers

  • If Arthur loses his armor through damage, the meter stays as is

Final Smash: Goddess Bracelet; based on one of his Hyper Combos from MvC3, Arthur fires 19 orbs of light that paralyze opponents (1% each, small knockback) and then finishes with a huge one that can hit multiple opponents (40%, far knockback)

Gimmick: Armor; Arthur loses his armor when he takes about 50% or if a strong enough attack hits him, reducing the knight to his boxers

  • Armorless Arthur has greatly increased movement speed and jump height, but takes 1.2x more damage from enemy attacks and is slightly easier to launch
  • Arthur with Holy Armor is harder to launch, has increased movement speed and stats, and his attacks do 1.3x more damage, but his jumps are slightly heavier. Losing this armor still reduces Arthur to his boxers, but only needs 70% damage to break
  • He can regain his armor faster by getting K.O.’d
  • When Arthur loses a Stamina Battle, his death animation is the same as his home series


1: “Huzzah!” Arthur’s taunt from MvC3

2: “Still going!” Arthur mimics his artwork from base MvC3

1+2: “Await, my princess!” Arthur mimics his artwork from the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins


1: “You have faced a knight and lost!” Arthur’s victory animation from MvC3

1a: “Huzzah! Cleared without a miss!” (When Arthur wins without losing a single life)

2: Arthur receives a kiss from the Princess, mimicking the ending from the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins

3: “Wait for me, my princess!” Arthur gets ready to keep going after the Princess, and then runs offscreen to the right

Applause: Arthur’s bones appear on the ground

Icon: The Red Arremer in the series logo

Boxing Ring Title: Knight in Shining Boxers

Star K.O.: “Tis unfaiiiirrr…!”

Victory Music: https://youtu.be/dr8AwohTjlM

Kirby Hat: Arthur’s helmet and beard

Classic Mode: Ye Olde NES Days (fights characters from infamously hard NES games, with Arthut and his opposition each having two lives)


Round 1: Simon on Dracula’s Castle (Bloody Tears / Monster Dance)

  • Simon’s specials have increased power when he respawns

Round 2: Pit on Skyworld (Underworld)

  • Pit has increased movement speed when he respawns

Round 3: Link (Color 2) on Battlefield Temple (Great Temple / Theme)

  • Link’s color swaps to Color 8 when he respawns

Round 4: Mega Man on Wily Castle (Mega Man 2 Medley)

  • Yellow Devil appears when Mega Man respawns

Round 5: Little Mac (100HP) on Boxing Ring (Minor Circuit)

  • Mac’s color swaps to 7 when he respawns, but his HP is reduced to 75

Round 6: Arthur (Colors 7 and 😎 x6 (horde battle) on Demon Village (5, 6 Stage Boss)

  • The first half uses Color 7 Arthurs, and the second half uses Color 8 Arthurs

Final Round: Dracula (7 Stage Boss)


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