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  1. Kaga leaving Intelligent Systems was for the best. Both for Kaga, and for Intelligent Systems.
  2. The fan in me wants Croatia to win The selfish man in me who has money in his local pool wants France to win. On a side note, the US road to redemption starts in September. The squads called up since the qualifying debacle show that Bradley and Jozy can kindly go away and never put on a US shirt again, as this younger generation looks like they may actually do something. Good thing too, considering that we're hosting the 2026 World Cup, we've got 8 years to not look like complete crap.
  3. My bold prediction is that Iceland will make it out of the group at Argentina's expense. As far as Belgium is concerned, they have the talent, but they're less than the sum of their parts. I have them getting thoroughly exposed by Brazil in the quarterfinals.
  4. Since the previous thread has gone over a year since their last post and has gone past the first page, I thought it'd be appropriate to start a new thread. Champions League final was today, in which Karius has assured that he will receive a standing ovation at Old Trafford and Goodison Park. Shame about Salah, as he is the player I felt would put Egypt through to the Round of 16, but with his injury, I have doubts on how well Egypt will peform. Speaking of which, the local fans in my area are compiling a list of teams of who to root for during this year's World Cup, considering the US national team embarassing themselves and their country in qualifying (though there is still hope despite the debacle, as it seems to be the much needed wake-up call). My list consists of Germany, Iceland, Poland, and anyone playing Mexico.
  5. So we're guaranteed to be in first in the NL Central by the All Star Break. I'll have to admit, didn't see that one coming. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, otherwise 2014 nightmares are going to rear their ugly head
  6. I can't tell if we're leading the NL Central due to our rebuild being ahead of schedule, or the rest of the division tripping over their own feet.
  7. Guess I'll have to add that one to the request list!
  8. Yeah, initially we were reluctant to add canonically married characters like Brom, Pent, Louise, etc, but since we already added characters like Marth, Sigurd, etc, we figured it was only a matter of time
  9. So a friend and I got together a while back to make "confession scenes" for pre-Awakening Fire Emblem characters, haven't gotten much of a chance to post them yet, but I figured SF might enjoy them! DISCLAIMER: These are not meant to be taken TOO seriously. Nearly all of them in one album Archanea/OG Gaiden Jugdral Elibe Magvel Tellius Miscellaneous. Also, to get this out of the way, Why is someone like Nino in there? She's like 14! Initially, we were reluctant to do characters around Nino's age. However, she was requested by someone who happened to be around her age, so we let it slide Where is Shadows of Valentia among this? Coming soon!
  10. Brewers have won 6 out of their last 7 and are up on the Cubs 5-0. Are.......are we good?
  11. Brewers have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out in the 8th, only to strikeout twice? That's the Brewers I know :(
  12. USA wins the World Baseball Classic! Now I can go back to my regular scheduled disappointment with the Brewers
  13. Thing is, after our first two matches in the final round, we were definitely hitting the panic button (especially after the Costa Rica match, the one that cost Klinsmann his job) Things were VERY nervy among US supporters, particularly due to key injures (Yedlin, F. Johnson, and Wood were all ruled out due to injury), thankfully the US made a statement. 6-0 is one thing, but against Honduras? (an opponent which usually gives us fits), Gave the US and their supporters a boost in confidence. Pulisic is the real deal. And Dempsey? Funnily enough, this was his first match for the US since being out six months with an irregular heartbeat. Arena was even reluctant to call him up, but due to key injuries he didn't have much of a choice. Thankfully, it paid off. A draw Tuesday at Panama would be acceptable, a win at Panama would get our qualifying campaign back on track. On a side note, got tickets to the US U20 World Cup match vs. Senegal!
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