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  1. I'M STILL LAUGHING I'm for equal opportunities...
  2. I was literally laughing like a banshee earlier.
  4. Nice bottom text, more like bottom left
  5. Do i spy a nekomata as your avi, or is that a different character?
  6. lol that quote 12 year old quote At the very least, I can give you my id if you want, and ask around if people want yours (but this could also backfire if no one wants it :,D ) /pat
  7. It's on Discord, but...well it's complicated. 😥 I'm mostly playing to relax though. I'm too old to take it seriously anyway.
  8. Is that so? I remember her saying she could ask for a discord invite for you and you declined (which was a bit surprising!) /pat BTW, I think I need to mention that I picked up an electronic keyboard ~2 years ago. I think you were the one who posted a marasy link years ago which I suscribed to back then and that got me interested in playing an instrument, and I took the plunge after getting hooked to playing Deemo.
  9. Oh yeah I think Kon mentioned something like that. A shota doctor huh. Wish you good luck with that!
  10. =D Thought you had a job already?
  11. Bon appétit I don't mind giving tips if you want, read spoilers :
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