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  1. I never realised how much of a gen five bias I had until I made this Liepard is theoretically interchangeable with Mightyena as the early Dark type, but Liepard wins out because Liepard... Is Liepard. Pinsir is entirely on here because Mega Pinsir is the greatest. Lycanroc is cool both ways, I just chose Midnight for the 3x3.
  2. FE7 bias may be showing Tormod and Vaida could probably be swapped out for a few characters, but they were the first to pop into my head.
  3. Rowan seems better to play from what we've seen so I'll roll with him. Making such harsh judgements before the game even comes out even though they're probably going to be right on the money isn't exactly something I'm too fond of, so I won't bother talking about their characters when that isn't really a factor towards how enjoyable they are to play. Really hoping the story is at least long enough to where they'll end up growing on me, because as of right now I guess I'd rather play as Camilla and break faces with a Wyvern than them.
  4. They're gonna do a super obvious reveal. And then they'll also reveal Yukimura as a WTF pick. pls KT I trust you'll go all the way
  5. To be honest, it depends on the approach. Echoes was easy. It was simply slapping two armies together and the lack of a weapon triangle meant it didn't matter who slapped who, only that your guys are capable of slapping the other guys without being stabbed in return. If the game was difficult, and said difficulty relied upon the idea that you would have access to x amount of units with x amount of units that had access to swords/axes/lances and so on and so forth, I can see a Villager system fucking with that balance to an insane degree. Kind of like how I feel the Avatar has the potential to absolutely fuck game/unit balance if implemented badly. If it's like Awakening/Birthright/Echoes then it'll be fine. if it's like Conquest, i feel like it'd hurt the difficulty to be able to customise every single aspect of your opening group. Maybe 1, 2 if we want to stretch it. Also kinda why reclassing is odd tbh, fliers can cheese Fuga's wild and mild rides if you reclass a character or two into them.
  6. Faye is like the other two. The difference is, they have background and other such elements, while Faye is simply that archetype personified because anyone without a role in the narrative of Echoes comes across as an incredibly simple and somewhat one-note character. The only difference is that Alm has a conclusive 'No' as the answer, whereas with the other two, despite their clear obsession for Robin and Corrin, the player is never given the option to 'Reject' them in the same way Alm rejects Faye. You can marry them to others for a roundabout rejection, but that's still not as direct as Faye's. The reason Faye comes across as any different is the simple fact that she can be rejected completely. She still obsesses over Alm, even after being remarried after the events of the game, and she still fights for him despite being rejected. You could make the argument it's simply the result of the different styles of writing/supports in the games, which makes it seem as though Faye is somehow different from the other two in this specific aspect, when in reality she is just the same, there's just less Faye in general. She isn't a deconstruction in any way except one, in relation to the game's themes about compromise and all that jazz as an example of what happens when one refuses to compromise with reality. This makes her a better fit for her respective game than Camilla and Tharja, but also leaves her as a barebones character in comparison to those you compare her to, in much the same way as Leon does at times. tl;dr Faye is the same as them. She just fits better in her respective game, yet lacks the other stuff that could make Camilla and Tharja enjoyable beyond those aspects. Also, that 'I think the war is taking a toll on her' is only in the localisation. It may have been implied in the original script, but it was never outright stated in the same manner.
  7. Ohhhhhh noooooooo- Effectiveness weapons being absurdly powerful makes me think the 'AI dying if you leave them alone for a second' thing won't just be an exaggeration. Great we're finally getting info on the story mode. Probably gonna go with Rowan because I like what I've seen more than Lianna.
  8. Have no idea. Fates, if we think about it, was completely absurd in hindsight. It honestly took a very different direction than a lot of the other games in the series narratively and aesthetically. Therefore, no way in hell any predictions are going to be accurate, especially with how Echoes also just kinda dropped in out of nowhere. I THINK they might take what they did with Fates and Awakening, where the majority of characterisation and the like is in optional content to its natural extreme with a completely nonlinear fire emblem game. Of course, what the hell that would look like is up for debate, but that's for them to figure out if they do it. I DO think we'll be getting another original setting though. These console shifts generally accompany large change and this is definitely a good place to go crazy if they're going to. I don't think going the 'Advanced weaponry' route is a good idea. This is a fantasy series. Not just fantasy, but medieval fantasy. It has been that way for its entire lifespan and I don't see them making any drastic changes to the status quo, especially when said change won't make much sense anyway due to how the series is generally disjointed in terms of narrative and time frame. I do somewhat hope we'll be getting some stuff from previous games expanded upon, but I'd rather they use other materials like Novels, Manga etc to explore those rather than the main series.
  9. Risa Taneda's been replaced on two distinct occasions, FGO (In which Rie Takahashi took over the role of Mash) and Shokugeki no Souma (With Erina) It would not be out of the question for her to have been replaced. There is always the possibility that her japanese lines were recorded well in advance, but that's not a guarantee. If Palla's in, they'll either have them done already, or new voice actor. Then again, I never suspected Palla was getting in in the first place so whatever for me I guess.
  10. I don't think NoA has much say in this based on everything that we've gotten so far, on top of his low ranking in the popularity poll. His biggest boon is that he's one of the more plot relevant characters in Awakening. Arthur and Charlotte have popularity reasons to get in, but if either gets in, their counterpart is also likely, which would either be a plus or a negative towards their inclusion, so that's in the air. Although in the context of bows, he's not a likely pick, and we've received no information about characters being able to swap weapon types so far, so he's more likely to get in as an Axe rep more than anything else.
  11. The only intro that I can think of would be her violently crashing down with the Wyvern, stroking it's neck lovingly and then her eyes lock on to the camera with a calmly disturbing smile.
  12. It's either Caeda and Gordin/Jeorge or Camilla and Takumi. If it IS either of them, it will likely begin the character reveals for those games. If it's more Awakening characters, then the train isn't done yet. And from that, it could be Cherche, Maribelle, or really any of the other mounted ladies from Awakening tbh. And then Virion because Noire is only relevant tied to Tharja. Hopefully it'll mark the end of the Awakening reveals either way. At least until the villains start rolling in
  13. I think the hype will remain pretty bad for a while. And then a Direct will hit and save the hype with a trailer like the one they gave Ganondorf. Until that day, I'm going to remain salty at the fact that we have only a single gameplay trailer and a ton of raw footage to work with. They might do a Fates trailer in the coming weeks that might bring the hype back, but a Direct is about the only way to get my blood boiling at this point. I think they might just be going through the marketing motions with this game, but it really hurts that they are to be honest. A silhouette of the villain lineup would be all it takes to get my interest back to sky high, but even that seems out of reach right now.
  14. I think it'd be fine if all ten were in the game, but the blatant overlap between Leo/Elise and Takumi/Sakura is honestly absurd, especially given how they have unique pref weapons to push them further along. If they were going to not have 2 royals in the game, they'd likely cut Sakura and Elise simply because of the insane overlap. Then again we still got Lucina so whatever There is the point of there just not being many exceedingly relevant Fates characters. You can stretch for Kaze, Silas, Jakob and Felicia by association, and maybe even Gunter, but the retainers exist as extra muscle and are tag alongs. Yukimura's about the only other exceedingly relevant character I can see getting in and that's because Mechanists are cool as shit. I guess we'll have to wait for the trailer to crush our hopes and dreams by featuring Oboro and Rinkah instead of the little ones.
  15. If you count Garon as an axe bro then yeah, he's a guarantee and I'll be shocked if he isn't the Fates villain rep. Other than that, relevant axe users in these three games are a rarity. Walhart, Basilio and Garon are the only relevant ones, with Frederick prior to reveal potentially being anything. If you want to stretch it to New Mystery despite the statements of it being based on Shadow Dragon, then we have Legion, but that's still only about 5. Manly men axe users are about equal to the lady axe users though, so really it's a coin flip on whether they want Arthur/Effie or Charlotte/Benny.
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