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  1. I had a feeling they might do this game, as the last two crossover Warriors games, HW Age of Calamity and Persona 5 Strikers, both focused on only one game and it works very well, it nicely mixed the original game with the warriors formula and was generally well recieved. I would have loved another path in the original game were we could resolve matters in a better way, maybe this is it ? Anyways as both a Fire Emblem and Warriors fan, I'm really happy. And I hope we will se new designs for other chracters like the three lords ! I have not seen it elsewhere but Nintendo France confirmed a limited edition with the game, an artbook, a fabric Fodlan map, 5 acrylic figures and postcards
  2. I remember when I first played there was a map with pruple colored battalions and I loved them, thinking it was a shame there wasn't more of them. Now it seems logical they bring a new party with these colors X) I'm eager to see theirtimeskip design if they have some. Ooh so many questions I have, this is so exciting X)
  3. As much as I know you can only pick one the 3, then do as much as you can/want in one of the 3.You also have a 4th option to rest which refills students motivation and relics uses (I have the game too, going to help on this topic 🙂 )
  4. Playing the Golden Deer too, some more spells :
  5. So I choose to play on normal to have the free grinding maps (i got the game early), but for now it seemed pretty useless ? If you just go to the free battle selection you can't do anything else (no exploration, no talking to students, etc). It's only that you can do the map as many times as you want instead of once. But it's impossible to go back to exploring after the free battle. I found the game quite hard at first ? Your units start out a little underleveled and outnumbered, but after juuust a little bit of grinding they kinda feel overpowered now...
  6. So I got the game early, and tried my amiibo on. I have Robin, Lucina and Tiki ammibos (plus others non-FE), here is what happened : For the musics unlocked :
  7. In a programmation way, it seems more likely that only the body skin can be changed, but the portraits are the one of the story. He is playing in the 1st part, so portraits of the 1st part. It was also already confirmed that you can switch outfits by the dlc infos.
  8. I bough Tiki amiibo because her theme is my favlurite music in fire emblem, I`ll wait until they reveal which music it is before I buy the others other. Their technique is working on me X)
  9. Yes, I tried to find it in the replays but the camera is on the people talking at the time it happens. It looked kind of like this by memory : The player showed this very quickly and went back (like less than a second), I guess he wasn't supposed to show this. But I was hoping for them to show what's down so my eye was exactly at the right place when it happened.
  10. Oh yeah another small thing I forgot to mention at some point the player quickly scrolled down on the classes category, the 4th tier was just a single case/line with a lock, probably because we cant acess it in the first act.
  11. I was there 😄 There are some stuff I noted during the presentation that i didn't really know about before. ( I noted very fast sorry if there are mistakes >< ) Finally, the producers tried a lot of new things and had to face many so they are a little stressed about the reception but hope we will like it. Also they consider each story line as a game so Three Houses is 3 games in one
  12. I hope that thing about Lysithea is false, or at least avoidable (like for Kaze). She seems to be a popular character and already have her cipher card revealed, killing her like that will have a very negative impact. Sclarlet's death was very criticized and she was a minor character, so with one of the base students... And in general I remember reading that japanese players really didn't like momentary characters, there was a lot of bad buzz some times with the Tales saga that did that. Well I'm going for Golden Deer and I'm totally not ready to be forced to lose a student so praying Seiros this isn't true TTATT
  13. The trailer seemed pretty dark and stuff... I hope the story is not full tragedy, I'm not good with dark stories and character deaths Q^Q
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