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  1. ah, I see.... Sr bro... I need to upgrade my version.... Hopefully, Aethin can work on the patch to compatible with the BS Editor. So that we can make more on BS, a new mod with Eng support.
  2. Hi @Aethin there is a small text that appears with Estaban if you have not been recruited him at the last chapter (15). I do not know about the others if they have not been recruited him at the last chapter (15).
  3. here's a funny thing, i just got in chapter 3 after rescuing Agina. There're Agina....Where's my Reese....oh god....he is treated as Agina....LOL
  4. @Aethin Horay!.... I'm very happy that you have finished this...Thank you so much... Now I can start my hack on chars, skill , weapon.....
  5. These changes are permanent. But be careful with the name. Do not change it unless you don't want to see the related event to that character.
  6. oh I see... you must see it as 8 bits for my case (in cheat engine has this option). eatrawmeat391's tutorial is for 4 bits.
  7. Oh, ya mean the avatar.. ya can change it at the 3rd 2-bytes.
  8. really? you found to edit weapon skill... I could increase Move of Cleric by 1 (not skill)... but I forgot the value, it was in character's stats... and even you set a skill that +1 Mov... it didn't turn into 5 Mov...
  9. As you can see before the item code, it's 650 as your max duration of item..... When you choose magic or arrow with numbers of use... you change it to 280 as 40 numbers of your item. Like this: Or as my Black Knight with Lance, sword, spear and shield.
  10. thank you so much.... I've just found the way to change the item with Reese and Leon is very simple..... Hex: 650 is the duration of weapon; Hex: 023 is the Browne Sword... but I couldn't find that way for Sherlock and Adel..... I will try your way... One more thing, my characters cannot receive Food effect... Can you guild me this? And I can't buy horse for my Black Knight. Hope you and your family be better....
  11. @eatrawmeat391 how can I change the character's starting equipment? Please help me this.
  12. Do ya find a code that weapon can't be broken?
  13. Why do you make a mod for this game with the new brand story or make some more characters with new classes and new skills? Hope to see it comes true.
  14. Wait until next version... I've gone to chapter 3 and hasn't translated the story yet.... I hope I can enjoy the full story of your patch....
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