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  1. The whole birthday seems to be a countdown thing. Yesterday was FE1, today is FE2... So maybe at the end?
  2. I quiet like how Kusakihara is talking about worldbuilding in the interview. He seems very dedicated about this topic and I think you can see it in 3H how much his worldbuilding affected the game. The worldbuilding really was one of the best parts of the game and Kusakihara seems to be a good one to take care of stuff like that. If he sticks around for this in future fire emblems I'm sure it will be good.
  3. Her Crest was more unique, because there are very few (major) Crests of Cethleann around as far as I know. Cichols crest is way more common. At least that's what I remember.
  4. I guess it's time for the VA reveals again. Joe Zieja and Chris Hackney are already tweeting!
  5. I hope the 'star knot' they mentioned means the fortune teller will allow us to lock endings. Curently the paired endings are sort of random but if we can force some paired endings with his help... that would be nice.
  6. The official site updated! And it seems we get the Foreseer back... if Google translates it correctly we can buy support points between two units (like Felix and Sylvain) for reputation. And we can 'destiny knot' them together... does this mean we can lock to a shared ending? That would be awesome.
  7. It's not distant counter. They just misunderstood something. The text basically says 'they have a "distant attack" combat art, which is a magic fist attack with range of 1-2'. So not a distant counter but a distance combat art.
  8. Snow: Winter Flowers: Spring Wind: Summer Moon: Fall That's how it's in the Asian saying.
  9. There is no calendar in the Abyss mode. It most likely happens in a very short timeframe. So there is no problem with that. Everything cold happen in a week.
  10. Fleche is called Maiden because nobody of you know her. She claims to be somebody else so she can infiltrate the army. He didn't supported Dimitri as he killed Randolph. It was a mercy kill, because Dimitri wanted to torture him and Byleth didn't wanted that.
  11. The characters in the DLC also fit for their classes which are most likely set in the DLC. Linhard as Healer, Hilda as Bandit, Ashe as Thief/Archer, Edelgard as Fortress Knight, Dimitri as Paladin, Claude as Wyvern Rider. And the four Wolves.
  12. You don't import characters or stats. The side story and the main story are seperated. So they don't rob you of anything. You can recrut them in the main story and min maqx them there. And the chars in the side story most likely have predetermined stats, classes etc. And they don't affect your main game safe in any way, since they are a seperate mode you select in the main menu, not in the game.
  13. That's because it's a side story. It's a more traditional FE feeling with fixed units and all. It has no connection to the main story, you don't use your main story stats, classes etc. So it doesn't destroy anything you did.
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