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  1. In FE11, you don't see anyone arguing Marth for best unit in the game just because he is necessary to kill Medeus.
  2. I'd like to see someone beat the prologue under these restrictions (hint: you can't) And have fun never using the silver lance
  3. But do we care about prioritizing mothers if most of the children will be garbage anyway? What if we simply assume each parent was used when rating the children, but ignore the effect otherwise? Might not be feasible, I don't know. We could use 'must contribute more than Donnel' as the criterion for a given child actually getting on the list and just ignore Nah and company entirely. Or 'must be reasonably possible to recruit before endgame'.
  4. Or maybe a fixed percentage more than that baseline? 20%? It would be nice if it wasn't in basically-Avatar-and-partner-solo range.
  5. I think we all have a decent idea of what "brisk" means. We can worry about semantics later. Flavia and Basilio are certainly more useful in Lunatic, but they still have no availability. Ricken's crappy ORKOable chip is probably better.
  6. I figured we could add in the kids from the maps than can actually be completed in a reasonable time frame (Kjelle, Brady, Morgan, Yarne...). Perhaps it would be possible to standardize when these maps are being completed. The parent question is a little trickier, but leaving them out is really lame. Another thing, I found Stahl to be better than Sully in Lunatic. Her extra speed isn't that relevant when she won't be doubling for quite a while anyway, and as early as chapter 4 she's getting ORKO'd if she doesn't proc any durability. (Although I suppose Stahl needs to pick up some speed in a hurry)
  7. I found that the most expeditious thing was to kill him off in his join chapter. >.>
  8. Why isn't Donnel last? I didn't try very hard but I feel like training him isn't actually feasible in anything approaching LTC. Lissa and Kellam feel low, but I suppose they were only able to be good because I played nothing approaching brisk. Still feel like they're better than Gaius' crappy offense and defense (is he this high for utility? Isn't Anna just strictly better for that purpose?) I feel like ranking the children should be possible, and comparing them to the main units is possible. Quite a few of them are better than Donnel. I assume from the low position of Lissa and Maribelle that Rescue is not being abused? Or are we just giving Anna and Libra sole monopoly on that (entirely reasonable because they can do it and live)?
  9. 1.) I think the ally hit rates are pretty fair. If you've got a hand axe, you can expect to hit most non-myrmidon enemies. 2.) Early game at least, the enemies will usually hit you. My only lategame file thus far did a lot of grinding and as such doesn't face high hit rates, but un-paired-up Flavia (who I just recruited) faces 40-70% usually. 3.)The only skill that I find to be a real pain in the ass is Counter on the enemies. I have a tendency not to notice it, which has gotten me into a lot of trouble...the fact that it always procs is rather silly.
  10. Avatar paired up with anyone is already pretty much invincible and ORKOing literally everything by midgame. The main issue with Miriel going up this far for me is that Tharja is doing all of this just as well, and comes before Miriel has really hit her stride (though this is personal experience talking and I had a particularly bad Miriel). Miriel's bases really suck and she's limited to Virion-level chip to start out, though I'll certainly admit she can become a monster eventually. Most of the units in S are useful immediately. Further nitpicks: Ricken is a bad unit and an awkward one, but there's no way he's worse than Donnel. Even if Ricken is never deployed after chapter 5, he has some okay chip in that chapter that is probably better than anything Donnel is doing (which isn't much besides costing turns and providing useless pair up bonuses). I'm surprised Libra is a whole tier under Anna. I know she's fast as hell, but Libra is pretty damn durable and has a better base staff rank. His growths aren't awe-inspiring, and his skills leave something to be desired, but when you get him I'd say he's better than Anna. Henry is really low. He may be slow but he's not consistently doubled to start out (IIRC?). He can use Nosferatu, be promoted immediately (though I prefer not to), and has a ridiculous amount of Defense. I'm not saying he should be a ton better, mostly because of his terrible join time, but in my hardmode file (which admittedly I went slow on) my endgame team consists of a bunch of children, Chrom, Avatar, Panne and Henry, who ORKOs everything and has more defense than any of my non-overleveled-Kjelle units. Olivia: She's a dancer. She is made of saving turns, if we care about that even a little, she should be higher. In my experience Lon'qu is pretty good, but he seems maybe a bit high? It's hard for me to tell because I stuck him and Sully together for most of the game, which made him seem absurdly good. But I feel like his Str growth leaves something to be desired.
  11. In Normal Casual, there's probably nothing you can possibly do wrong that would force you to restart. Even the classic run that was just described will probably be okay, it's probably doable with almost no units. And there's nothing a few Reeking Boxes won't fix if you do have units.
  12. If you don't try to rush through it by tanking everything with Fred, and instead run to the left (like I did), or the right (like someone else did, not sure why you wouldn't want that mountain for cover though :3) you still need a bit of luck but not nearly as much. Mostly you need one of the soldiers to not go to the left around the mountain, which he does less than half the time (maybe it was because my positioning of Lissa was different). And you can't usually afford to miss, but you don't have to rely on enemy misses. Specifically, my turn 1, because you have to do it just right to successfully hide: put Virion on Fred, Lissa on Stahl, Vaike on Sully and Avatar on Chrom. Put Fred just south of the southeast corner of the mountain, Chrom under him (switch to Avatar if necessary), and Sully under that (The mercenary can't hit her there), and run Stahl behind the line you made and drop Lissa. You'll need to do something with Virion at some point so that Miriel can get onto Fred turn 2.
  13. Obviously I'm not as far as you (on Ch. 5), but so far I'm doing passably in that department. Off the top of my head I have something like: Chrom 5 (almost 6) Avatar 11 Fred 4 Lissa 11 Stahl 7 Kellam 7 Miriel 4 (will be 5 on turn 2) Lon'qu 5 Sumia 2 (not actually being used for combat) Paralogue 1 was really incredible for me though, and I've been favoring Stahl at nearly every opportunity. It's really nice how everyone but Miriel can survive a round of combat now.
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