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  1. Whatever, man. You clearly exist in a different world and headspace to me. I disagree with basically everything you've said at this point, including that last paragraph you wrote, but go crazy, I guess.
  2. I really thought we were done with this, man. We disagree. You still haven't convinced me. I still haven't convinced you. That's it.
  3. Ah, I beg your pardon. I somehow missed that in your first post.
  4. I think the Strength of Master Classes lies in flexibility and skills, rather than pure stats (which would be boring). Gremory is probably the best class for any dedicated mixed magic user, simply due to the number of casts you get. War Master's Strike is also huge. It varies on a case by case basis, and it's not a huge gap, but I think Master Classes are slightly better overall.
  5. To be honest, the fact that we can recruit so many characters purely through B supports is enough of a blessing for me.
  6. Sorry to reply again before you get a chance to respond to my last post, but I wouldn't really bother. I'm just kind of done with this conversation. We're going in circles, and clearly never going to to convince each other. At this point, we're going to bicker about what Tv Tropes policy is, and what REALLY constitutes an example of a trope and what TV Tropes treats as an example and so on. It's not an argument that anyone really wins, because Tv Tropes is made up of hundreds of different opinions like ours, with hundreds of interpretations of what a trope really is and plenty of grey area to butt heads in, like we're finding now. I've presented my evidence, and you'll probably find some of your own and we're clearly not going to convince each other of anything.
  7. OK, first of all, I think I can clarify our differences on this point, but also point out our agreements. Byleth is not Sothis's reincarnation. They have different souls and minds. We both agree on that point. However, I understand the argument you're making here. That Sothis moving to Byleth's body is her own reincarnation, separate from Byleth, but sharing the same body as him. I still disagree, but it's just a matter of opinion on the definition of reincarnation, which varies across religion and media and is not something to be argued about. We both agree that the situation as Rhea/Seiros would have wanted it (Sothis alone in Byleth's body or at least completely dominating Byleth) WOULD have been Demonic Possession, but it's only theoretical. Rather than Demonic Possession or Reincarnation, perhaps the best tropes would be either Symbiotic Possession or Sharing a Body? Sothis's Crest was her Soul Jar, and then she got transferred to Byleth's body, creating a situation where she either shared the body with Byleth's soul (as the lesser aspect, being only able to sense, not command) or symbiotically possessed Byleth's body alongside his own soul (again in a lesser aspect, only able to sense). Eventually, they undergo Fusion Dance, at which point the Crest Stone becomes more or less irrelevant. They're still separate souls and minds, but so tightly linked they can basically read each other's minds. I think we can both chalk this second one up to misunderstandings and awkward wordings. My complaint was purely with the entirely inaccurate initial version. If you thought otherwise, I must have phrased my thoughts badly. And I think you're misunderstanding me on this last one as well. Marianne has every right to The Stoic trope. Once again, my problem is with the description wording as it currently is. It should be clarified, to the reader, that the trope is being played with as Marianne's stoicism is a facade constructed by her fellow students that hides her shrinking violet. Lacking that, it's incomplete and can give a reader the wrong impression of a character. So my problem isn't with the use of the trope, but that it isn't being properly expanded on. Right now, the description makes it sound as if Marianne The Stoic is being played completely straight, when we both know it's being played with.
  8. Lysithea can one-shot most enemies later on. It get's a bit silly.
  9. So it seems like supports are by far the most reliable way to get most students. Makes sense. Actually liking an having a personal connection to a teacher is a much better reason to change classes than 'He swings a sword real good'. Although I guess that one works for Felix. But Felix is an asshole anyway.
  10. I think it increases the chance of getting a rarer fish, which does increase the level of professor points gained.
  11. Hilda is a pretty terrible Priest. Faith is a weakness, and she has a terrible spell list for Faith. If you really want to make her a Faith user, then your only option is to use teaching to get her to D rank Faith, and then spam healing from there.
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