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  1. Same goes for your Mizuki pfp. She and Aiba were my favorites. But yeah anyone wanting to experience a great unique detective mystery story I would really recommend Ai The Somnium Files. It’s really a special experience. The game has a fantastic story and a great cast of characters. I bought the game when it went on sale and after finishing it I immediately pre ordered the sequel. I only wish I played the game earlier then I would’ve tried to buy the collector’s edition. I really recommend it and if you live in the EU the game is on a 80% discount.
  2. Isn’t that just twitter hashtags? I saw something similar on the FE Heroes subreddit.
  3. So they learned from Jeorge botting his way in top 20. This time you need a Nintendo account to vote, that’s good. I would’ve liked it if they already did that in the previous CYL because that was the first one after the release of FE3H but better late than never. I’ll start by giving Tine some votes and then I might change my votes after the midterm results to Eirika if she has a chance of getting a Brave alt.
  4. VGA results were predictable. Can’t speak about TLOU2’s gameplay but even if I had a PS4 I wouldn’t have bothered because I really dislike the story. There’s also the whole crunch story to TloU2 and giving a reward to Naughty Dog feels like you’re approving of crunch. It would’ve been nice if they said “Tlou2 would’ve won if it weren’t for the crunch”. It would’ve been a strong statement. Same goes for Cyberpunk next year really. ——— The Game Of The Year and Player’s Voice results are different for the second time. Seems like gamers and game critics will never agree will they.
  5. Oh well, I'll probably still watch it tonight. Who knows, maybe we'll already get some important info on some state results.
  6. How long does it normally take to know who the president is once the state votes start coming in? I might watch the results tonight but I hear about how it could take days. Is that something that usually takes that long?
  7. That isn't really FE 3H exclusive. It's something that happens with a lot of popular games. After the honeymoon phase some fans will change their mind about games. It happens with franchises like Mario, Zelda, Fallout, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy but even with single games like Guild Wars 2 and The Outer Worlds.
  8. Looks interesting. I put those in my wishlist. I have Luigi's Mansion 3 and I think I did unlocked Gooigi, I'm not sure. I haven't played that much because the game didn't click with me but maybe playing it together with someone else will do the trick.
  9. You guys know any fun Switch offline Coop games?
  10. 8.5/10 Really powerfull unit but unlike Edelgard or Claude takes a bit of work to make bring out his full potential and the game makes it harder to get him to that point with his Axe bane and with there being multiple chapter where you can't tutor him.
  11. Lysithea. She’s a good unit, has a good backstory, a snappy but fun personality, great design and decent development. I also like her because of her strength, she’s a strong person.
  12. Woohoo Chugga is going to do a Xenoblade 2 let’s play. That’s going to be one long enjoyable let’s play.
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