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  1. Hello, I am curious about the extended script in chapter 3-6. I read the translation of the script and want to know what exactly this means. 

    Micaiah: I shall do my best to defeat the Laguz Alliance quickly. When this
        battle is over, please persuade the king to negotiate a peace treaty as
        soon as possible. Would you do this for me? Would you please talk to the
        king and help to stop this pointless war?

    This is the English script and seems like Micaiah wants to persuade Pelleas to negotiate with the Laguz Alliance.

    However, in the Japanese machine translation, this is how it goes.

    General Tauronio ...!
    you tell Pereas from the general ? 
    I will
    do my
    utmost to defeat the Allied Rag's Army . 
    Because I will defeat them and take away the fighting spirit
    ... Please reconcile at that time ... ▼ I would like you to
    stand with Begnion and
    end the war early ▼
    I would like to ask you again ...
    Yes ... ▼
    Looks like Micaiah wanted to break the Laguz Alliance's Will so they submit as opposed to a peace treaty. 
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