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Adjustments to the warning system


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Note the changes to Verbal Warnings and Suspensions. Verbal warnings will no longer be given out for everything, nor be mandatory before moving to physical warns.

  • Verbal Warning
    • Only given for extremely small things like accidentally double posting. However, doing that twice within a 7 day period will still result in a physical warn.

    [*]Physical Warning

    • Warnings will be given carefully. They may be removed after 2 weeks of CONSTANT good behavior. If you were warned verbally within this time, 3 days is added to the 2 weeks for every verbal warn. Another physical warn obviously resets the two weeks.


    • 2 Physical Warns in one day warrants a 3 day suspension
    • 40% warn level warrants a 3 day suspension, even if they previously had a 3 day suspension due to 2 times in one day.
    • 60% warn level is a 5 day suspension, under the same terms as above.
    • 80% warn level is a week suspension, again, regardless of minor suspensions due to multiple offenses


    • 100% Warn Level is grounds for banishment, however only if the majority of the administrators, and half of the mods agree.
    • There are other grounds for banishment, but we'll leave things at this.

Note that some of these steps may be skipped if the offense is severe enough. Though we shall be trying to stick to these guidelines.

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I'm sure that accidental double posting means posting without realising the last poster in the topic was you. Hey, it happens. We're not seriously going to punish you for lagged double posts, I think.

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