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  1. 1. Blah.

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Goal was to make an A-rank sword.

Ghostclown: sos.pngsosbig.png

13th: FELightsaber.png?t=1301703972

iavasechui: bloodsword-2.png

Zanryu: silverclaymoreicon.png

Camtech: wu04l0.jpg

Lord Glenn: SFIconRound2.png

Feaw: IconContest1StardustSword16x16.png

Astra: d1606d2a7cfd4a9718187e8340679d4d.png

Acey: 24zx00w.png ((wtf))

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Breaking News: Mary Poppins is playable in FE13!

But I voted for Lord Glenn. That's a nice sprite, and certainly looks A rank to me.

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This one's a tough call. I like the design on Astra's, but it just feels more S-Rank or Legendary to me (in fact, it reminds me slightly of the Supernova/Hypernova Sword from DQIX...). Zan's looks nice, is shiny, and is basically tantamount to FE9's Silver Blade, however, the shading, especially on the blade, is in stark contrast with FE's regular shading mechanics. It makes the sword seem like it's from a different GBA game, not FE. (Granted, as I mentioned recently, I'm certainly not the master of FE shading, but it is something that weighs in on how the icon looks...)

That being said, I'm going to have to vote for Feaw's icon. While it isn't exactly what I would expect an A-Rank sword to look like, it fits what I would think of better than the rest of the icons.

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Goin' with Glenn. Most accurate to the style and rank specifications and looks hella sweet. 'Nuff said. xP

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