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Thinking of doing a PMU

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Hello, I'm relatively new (as a member, long time lurker >_> ) and I've seen these kinds of threads around and I've been meaning to do one of these sooner or later, but sadly, all the sites I've been on are small in FE fans. Luckily, I've finally joined this site and can hopefully do my first PMU! Now, I'm going to alter some rules, but most will hopefully stay the same. I will log my progress and hopefully in due time, I will complete this as I am personally very excited about doing my first possible PMU.

Current (will edit if needed) rules:

-H3 Difficulty

-Forbidding: Online shopping, arenas, Zaggaro and Wolf, Warp Staff in Endgame, forging, blocking/stopping reinforcements, clock abuse

-Promotion only at level 20

-Reclassing will take place as soon as I gain access of the menu (ie: Sheeda gaining a couple of levels as a Peg. Knight when she should be a Mage in Ch's 1-3, no big deal)

-No "X" chapters (minus 24x if someone selects Nagi) or dying for that manner (because I'm a big softy), but no meatshielding of non selected people.

-Non selected people ARE allowed to participate in chapters so long as they need to recruit someone. They need to be out of enemy way and not have anything on them however.

Because this is H3 instead of the standard H2, I'm going to permit the Warp Staff (but no Warp skipping of chapters, just if someone is in dire needs to get out of a sticky situation or stop Thieves from stealing stuff/destroying a village and whatnot) as well as A ranked weapons.

With that, do chose whoever you want and whatever class you wish them to be. I will handle reclasses (if applicable) in bouts of ten levels (ie: Maji- Fighter -> Hunter -> Beserker -> Warrior) so no reclassing every five levels or something crazy like that. D:<

Meet the Team:


Gordon (Archer -> Sniper)

Abel (Myrm -> Swordmaster)

Doga (Hunter -> General)

Barts (Fighter -> Hero)

Saji (Fighter -> Hero)

Kashim (Hunter -> Warrior)

Rena (Mage -> Sage)

Marich (Social Knight -> Sage [sounds.. interesting])

Roshe (Social Knight -> Swordmaster)

Maria (Archer -> Pally [interesting])

Midia (Dragon Knight)


Katua (Peg. Knight -> Swordmaster)

Est (Mage -> Swordmaster

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I'm enjoying the list so far, lots of swords and axes, at least Marich will be the lance master and Rena will be the magic master. Concerning Mage -> Bishop Roshe, although he may be taken, I'm willing to do something with Villuck, I've done crazier things with him (ie: him being my main healer in my male runthrough as Riff was reclassed into a Dragon Knight >_< ). And I said no deaths, so no Athena sadly as awesome as she is.

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One more slot available and Doga = Draug, sorry about the confusion, 13thshadow, I think I will use FE11 names in my progress entries.

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Blast it, then. Go Mage->Swordmaster Est.


One more slot available and Doga = Draug, sorry about the confusion, 13thshadow, I think I will use FE11 names in my progress entries.

No worries. And its 13th, by the way.

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Which Est being the last unit, I shall start right away, I'm just curious before starting, being my first PMU: should I log the first few chapters without reclasses, or start on Ch. 4?

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Okay, will do.

Chapter 1: (From my H5 run, I'm almost certain the first two chapters will be the hardest in the game. -__- )

My original plan was to try and limit the kills Draug and Abel did and try and rely on Marth and Gordon to do all the kills, but without Shiida, Jeigan and Kain, it was.. interesting. Sadly I had to rely a hell of a lot on Draug for his tank-ness and Abel for his hit and run...

I started like I would in any mode by Abel attacking the Thief with Abel's Javelin, took me three resets for him to hit by the way D:< and put Draug in the first Pirate's range with Gordon just outside and Marth visited the village. Next turn, nothing much, Gordon weakening the Pirate with his Steel Bow and Draug moving to the left of the Pirate so he can get to the fort and kill the Pirate, Marth killed the fleeing Thief and Abel advanced north. Next turn, Gordon got hit by the second Pirate and ran to hide behind Marth and Abel and Draug ran to the fort and got surrounded by Pirates.

While Draug was having fun taking axe damage like a man, I positioned Abel in the right most Pirate's path just so that would be one less thing attacking Draug and he killed the weakened Pirate, Draug gained a blank level up by the way. D:< Next turn was uneventful, the same thing as last turn, but with less Pirates seeing as Draug lived through the ordeal and managed to kill most of them without missing once and gained another less disappointing level out of it. Abel went to the fort to recover HP from taking a hit from baiting that Pirate while Marth and Gordon made it to the now rather safe midpoint of the map. Next turn was full out fort abuse, so I wasted a turn there. Next turn however, I moved Abel off of the first fort and Marth went into the forest tile in the lone Pirate's range to bait the Pirate and triggered the Hunter to move too causing panic. After finishing off the Pirate, the Hunter was no problem, just a simple Draug and Abel strike. After that, the next turn was used to move everyone to the left and the turn after that was used for Marth to bait the Pirates on the left-most fort. By then, I lost my gut and left Marth to deal with the Pirates on his own.

When the Pirates were all done with, there was one roaming one left and he was easily dealt with by Marth baiting in a forest tile, striking the Pirate with Marth again in Player Phase, weakening with Abel and finishing off with Gordon, after that, I recruited Riff, not to use, but to make use of his Heal Staff on a future healer. Much like my H5 run, it wasn't a surprise to me that the boss was going to be a pain, and not having Shiida made things even more cute. I actually resorted to assaulting him with Javelins and Gordon's Steel Bow, and needless to say, by the fifth turn of this assault I turned off the sound because the miss sound was pissing me off. xD

Thanks to a riskless take on fighting Gazzack, I conquered him, with a high turn count albeit, but no one died and boss abuse was minimal!

Turns: 35 (yes, yes I know, I'm paranoid and like to play it safe, okay? D: )

Name   Class Level Hp Str Mag Ski Spd Lck Def Res Rank
Marth  Lord  3.31  20  5   0   3   8   9   9   0   D
Abel   Cav   2.84  21  7   0   7   8   2   7   0   E D
Gordin Arch  2.87  18  5   0   3   5   4   7   0   D
Draug  Knigh 4.13  22  7   0   4   3   2   12  0   C

Because this is my first entry, do leave suggestions if you have any, I'm more than open to them!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the double post; will be happy to receive lashings if it is an offense! D;

Chapter 2:

First off, sorry for the disappearance/lack of updates, university, that is all.

I swear to the holy dragon Narga, this has to be the worst chapter in the game. It was hard in my H5 run with everyone, and it was even harder in H3 with a select few. I started by making everyone run off to the southern part so they would stay out of the range of the onslaught of foes coming, then second turn, they launched their counter assault and recruited Darros for his axe. From there, Draug and Abel guarded the two bridges connecting to the next part of the map and endured the combined assault from the two Cavs and Pirate and next turn it was a simple wipe and Hand Axe (from Bord IIRC)

From there, the chapter was quite honestly was "easy" in face of the hell I went through/am going to go through in a next few sentences here (But yay, Castor!). The real hell comes in trying to defeat this prick of a boss without a manly Silver Spear to impale him with. Now, either I suck, badly or lady luck just doesn't like me you see as I did not critical him ONCE leaving me to do a very tedious assault on him until he broke his axe dry.gif (hopefully that doesn't count as boss abuse as very rarely did I hit him when he hit me as I was mainly counter attacking and praying for a critical hit that didn't ever come and I burned through my Vulnery).

Turns: 105.. just.. don't, okay? -embarrassed face-

Name   Class Level  Hp Str Mag Ski Spd Lck Def Res Rank
Marth   Lord  7.56  24  6   0   5   10 13  10  0   C
Abel	Cav   3.66  22  8   0   7   8  2   7   0   E D
Gordin  Arch  3.68  19  5   0   3   6  4   7   0   C
Draug   Knigh 4.53  22  7   0   4   3  2   12  0   C
Barst 	Fgtr  6.80  27  10  0   7   9  6   6   0   C
Bord  	Fgtr  4.13  21  10  0   5   7  1   5   0   C
Castor  Hntr  3.50  21  7   0   3   6  3   4   0   D  

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