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I started a sprite topic months ago, but after venturing deeper into the field of customization I decided it was time to start afresh. Most of these are still works-in-progress, some more complete than others.


Young Blume. I did this for a hack of mine ages ago; neither the hack nor the sprite was ever finished, but I'll get back to them one of these days...



Reptor and Tiltyu. These were based on both TCG art as well as sprites from the FE Binary patches. They're a bit pixelated, but they're improving slowly but surely.


A splice, but also my personal mug. I also have a blue and purple version, but I like this one best.


And Joseph, who's been a constant WIP since time immemorium. He's technically a splice that eventually took on a life of his own. I must have modified his design half a dozen times and given up on him twice that, but he just refuses to die. Most of the alteration was done to his coat, but I did some touch-ups on the face as well.

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Tiltyu looks extremely tiny, and her facial features are all cramped D:

The Blume and the Reptor look alright, could use some touching up but are generally pretty good mugs.

The two splices down below are really clean, and nicely put together. Good job.

So, Tiltyu is the only one here who needs some serious love D:

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You've got a mass of third color hairstuff below your ear/behind your neck. You could fix a couple problems at once by filling this in with lighter tones; the bit of hair below that looks right now like it ought to go behind your clothes.

Tordo wants shading under his cape. Be careful with that, though. Also, his implied body shape is... Err, weird. Blame the arm-connector line thingies.

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