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Hello everyone

Aura Wolf

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BTW stay away from Tangerine, she is a troll and every time she smiles a puppy dies!!!ohmy.gif


Hi, welcome to SF. Enjoy your stay and try not to Troll (like Trollblade)

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Welcome to Serenes!

Some of you will probably know me from Shrine of Seals.

Anyways, I decided to join to see how different Serenes Forest is from Shrine of Seals.

Death is a punching bag with no authority. Watch me punch him.

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Dear Hairy Creature,

Wahaha, I am Waha Kife. You may only refer to me as Waha Kife. If you call me anything but Waha Kife, you will be seriously punished. I mean seriously. This is not an empty threat. Also, don't quote me without changing the title of the quote to Waha Kife. Waha Kife. You better not leave or I will haunt you IRL. Seriously, not kidding. Anyway, enjoy your stay. You better...

With these tough economic times, you might want to consider using a Knife for protection instead of a Gun. You can conceal Knives easier and they are more lethal at close range. Unless you got a Gun to someone's head. Why am I capitalizing Gun and Knife? Just cuz. Is this paragraph relevant to the introduction? Shut up, you ask too many questions.

There are many dicks on this forum. Not the kinds that would be appealing to females. Many were weeded out by the travel back in time. Oh yeah, the forum is actually 3 months older than it appears. That's cuz of a bug that caused the site to have amnesia. I think. The forums reopened up in early January 2008, although it was open like 2 months before that. Somebody had server payment issues.

The admins... well... most of them are cool. They can be illogical at times, even our site admin Jyosua. He ignores you a lot so you shouldn't be asking him for help. In fact, all the admins have so many messages that they may overlook a message from you. You should try messaging a well respected user instead, because they have nothing better to do than to help you. Like *cough* me.

I've been here longer than 2 years (with a bunch of breaks in between), so respect mah senioritay. I never really did much. Oh yeah, I helped kick start a Fire Emblem fangame based on users on this site. I disappeared for 2 months and people assumed I was dead. Then I took many other breaks after that. I wonder when the fangame will be done, those workers like to take their time. Don't even give me that "But Knife, I have no time at all for the game." I don't care. You can at least find 15 minutes a day to work on it. And it's summer again. You should be racking up 105 minutes of work in one week. That's enough time to write 4 chapters. We're not writing a fucking Harry Potter book. The main problem is that you procrastinate then say "I didn't have enough time" when you don't make the deadline. The you I'm referring to should be very clear to the reader.

Why don't I change my display name to Waha Kife? Why don't you shut up? What? You never asked me? Bullshit, I can read your mind. I know your deepest fears. Like I said, if you go inactive, I will come for you IRL. Only I can do that. How come? Again, you ask too many questions (even though you didn't ask them).

Now I must end this rant, because you probably stopped caring about whatever I said. What was the point of writing this message? To test you. If you skipped everything, you can go fuck yourself. But if you took the time to read this, maybe we can be friends and maybe you could call me Knife. But whatever you do, don't get on my bad side or you will be cut.

Be careful, the tip of my Knife (or me?) is silver tipped to deal with mutts like you.


Waha Kife

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