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its a three way road here


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who should i promote with my hero crest, be aware that im only in chapter 16x.

Should i promote Guy str:9 move:5

skill:17 con:5

spd:20 aid:4

luck:12 def:9


or Bartre str:17 move:5

skill:10 con:13

spd:9 aid:12

luck:12 def:8


last but not least Raven str:15 move:5

skill:19 con:8

spd:18 aid:7

luck:7 def:6


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I would vote Bartre because if you're going to arena abuse anyway, it doesn't matter who you use, just a question of RAEP. Also, it makes getting Karla easier and because FE7 has more swordsmen over pure axe users.

But I also have a fetish for pure axe users, so it just might be me talking.

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A: Why not put this in the FE7 section?

B: Raven. He gets axes from it. Also, your Bartre is screwed by about one point pretty much all around. It's probably worth dropping him, unless you want Karla...

well that was what i was thinking but ill promote him later

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You didn't post their levels.


But, since it's still going on....!

Ya, those saying Raven, I would tend to agree with. To some extent it's a personal preference thing, but I do really think most people tend to like him best of all when they use him right.

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