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super mario galaxy most annoying and frustrating levels


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ok i have almost finished super mario galaxy 2. all i have got left is to get so many green stars. now 90% of the game is fairly easy but i have had some trouble on really annoying stages. so i am counting down most annoying levels from 5

5.in the space storm galaxy where gearmo wanted one of them wierd red spinning things. all the little tiny yellow pricks kept pushing me into the black holes

4.in the twisty trials galaxy the comet that makes the platforms spin twice as fast. i wanted to go to bed, but i didn't want to do it until i had beaten the level. it took me an hour and i ended up going to bed at 1.00pm

3.the daredevil run for the bouldergiest. all i can say for this one is it's hard and frustrating. screw you bouldergiest. but what do you know they put him back in galaxy 2 -_-

2.the purple coin challenge for the dusty dune galaxy. so annoying kept dying like heeps of times

1.the mother fu**ing sling pod galaxy. this is without a doubt the most annoyng level ever in the galxies. you have to have pinpoint timing otherwise your screwed. so many lives lost, so many game overs just because of this level

so tell me the levels that annoyed you. cause some of it is kinda hard.

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Last level (after greens) is probably going to piss you off a little. It's just going to make you go "Wait, wait, I have to complete THIS without ever being hit?".

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The Perfect Run of the Grandmaster Galaxy is the only level that took me well over 30 lives to beat. No other level even comes close. You have no idea unless you have tried it yourself. You have no idea.

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I wasted 47 lives trying to get the last green star in the level with the flip gates on them (the one with the dinosaurs with the soft bellies, if that makes it any more specific). That isn't an exaggeration btw, I counted them from 99 to 52. Let me tell you, by the time I finally figured out where you're supposed to butt stomp from, I was pissed.

TV tropes has a nice picture of it.

Even teh perfect run didn't waste that many lives.

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