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[COMPLETE] FE1 manga translation thread (Hakoda Maki)

Crazy Foxie

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Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken translation project

Hakoda Maki

Map 13 onwards

As this manga has been licensed, this translation project was founded on and intended for educational purposes only. We fully support the official translation (assuming there will be one at some point).

Manga synopsis

Before the release of Shadow Dragon, the manga was released in accordance to FE1. This follows the story of Marth and his quest of reclaiming his homeland, although most may know Marth from the Super Smash Bros. series. This manga does not strictly follow the events of the original FE1 game or its remake, but it provides a good insight into the characters and how they behave towards one another during the time of a great war. Familiar faces are seen, although please note not all characters of Shadow Dragon are in the manga. Overall, the series vary on dark and humorous notes. The story follows the general path of the game, however there are turns that are unique to the artist and not present in Shadow Dragon.

This series also has an accompanying CD Drama that spans 4 volumes. Downloads and more information about it can be found HERE.

Where we stand

In terms of translation, Volumes 1, 2 and part of 3 have been translated by a third party HERE as well as raws of the other volumes. There are 12 volumes altogether, with 5 maps to each one. Some may have more to include 'gaiden' chapters, which are basically in-depth flashbacks. This project aims to translate from Map 13 (Volume 3) onwards following the radio silence on the first team's end.

As of May, the translation project has two teams involved to speed up the translation process and integrate fully with CalculusWhiz's independent project (...no pun intended). Their translations can be viewed online HERE, but volumes 3-6 have been translated from Chinese, not the original Japanese. As this is a translation of a translation, there are several aspects that fall short, such as the original puns.

We appreciate any and all support for the project. Just give us a shout to let us know you're out there and that all this work is making someone in the world happy. Trust me, it's a lot quicker to read than to be behind the scenes.

Please also take the time to visit CalculusWhiz's Facebook group for updates, stalker reasons, comments or to support him/us with a like. This is also the first point of release. We also had our website HERE, but we are now no longer able to upload to it. For third party users, this is also a good place to leave comments without having a SF account or disclosing your identity using FB. We hope you continue to follow our progress and thank you for taking the time to read through all this. We will try to update frequently and keep you posted as and when a new map is available. As always, thank you for your patience, hope you enjoy reading and please spread the word!

Important announcements

May 2012 - The project has branched into two teams. The original team will continue from Volume 3 and CalculusWhiz and I will continue from Volume 7.
1 October 2012 - Maps 13-16 and 31-34 have been enhanced and reuploaded. Please download the relevant files for a more fulfilling experience of Fire Emblem reading.
November 7 2012 - Maps will no longer be uploaded singly for download. Instead, files will be uploaded to my SkyDrive, which enables online viewing as well as file downloads. Volume downloads are still available.
August 2013 - For no apparent reason, the ddsol site no longer wants us to upload maps onto there. Please note that future maps will be hosted onto SkyDrives, the download links for full volumes and various manga sites such as Animea and MangaFox.
22 May 2014 - Volumes 3,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 11 have been reuploaded for insane consistency and reformatting purposes. Edits include but are not limited to those listed here. Maps 1-12 and CW's maps 29-30.2 will also become available on the SkyDrive for overall easy access of the manga.
11 April 2015 - After over 3 years on this project, final chapter is released.


Maps 1-12 can be downloaded on the Serenes Forest manga page. These are also uploaded on SkyDrive but we do not take credit for them. This was done by the original team some years back.

Hakoda notes
Volumes 1 and 2

All files from map 13 onwards are available on SkyDrive for online reading and/or download.

Volume 3 | 4shared | Mediafire | (this also includes the pre-translated maps 11 and 12)
Volume 4 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 5 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 6 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 7 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 8 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 9 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 10 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 11 | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 12 | 4shared | Mediafire |

Should you want to upload these elsewhere, please go ahead but please keep the credits pages intact! Thank you for your cooperation.

Volumes 3-6

Jeorge - Translator and Editor
Dokutayuu - Proof-reader
Darros - Proof-reader
Ike-Mike - Editor

Volumes 7 onwards

Crazy Foxie (still Jeorge) - Translator and Second Editor
CalculusWhiz - Translator and First Editor

Other manga translation projects you may like

FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War by O-sawa Mitsuki (In progress, credits to Tomoyo)
FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 1, credits to AceNoctali)
FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 2, credits to TheEnd)
FE4 Light Inheritor by Fuyuki Nea (Complete, credits to TheEnd)

Miscellaneous material you may like

FE3 All of Fire Emblem Guidebook
FE1 Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken CD Drama (Hakoda Maki)

FE1 CD Drama (Masaki Sano, Kyo Watanabe)

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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Omatase! Map 15 is finally done. The full package of volume 3 is available too, where the previous maps have been included in it.

In this chapter, the Aritian Army take the Main Road into Akaneia. Meanwhile, Minerva is forced to lower her head and Ricardo is mysteriously ambushed by a senile...

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Hello there Calculuswhiz :D

Map 16 has been posted up now! This time, Minerva converses with Marth and leaves with her secrets almost intact. Hadain loses his turban in his fight and Navarre earns himself a fan.

Onto bigger news! I am officially done with translations up to the end of volume 6, where I will be working alongside Calculuswhiz for the future volumes. This should hopefully reduce workload on others, speed up overall translation time and satisfy the general public. All the additional info can be found on the first post since I don't want to repeat myself, but basically expect updates from both map 17 and 31 from now on.

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Map 31 has been enhanced. I have had it translated and edited using Calculuswhiz's files. This is also the first map that leads into Volume 7.

I apologise in advance for the file being so large.

Also with regards to the new partnership, we have had to reach a compromise with the names. On this end, these are the name changes to note:

Maric --> Marich

Hadain --> Hardin

Roche --> Roshea

Villuck --> Biraku

Micheil --> Misheil

Dorua --> Durhua

Khadain --> Khadein

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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And now, for the first time ever, it's a two-parter update! Maps 32 and 33 have been done, where the former has been me enhancing cWhiz's past work and the latter where we have worked together on it.

Once things are in order, you'll be able to read the later chapters on Animea without having to download which may be a big plus for some people. Please let us know you're out there by leaving a comment here or visiting cWhiz's Facebook group link found in the first post.

Hope you enjoy it...Or at least as far as Abel allows you to T_T This entire volume's basically all about him.

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I'm glad you say that. And can I say David Tennant? <3

Map 34 has now been uploaded for all of you. The 4shared link is on the first post, as usual, but if you would prefer to read online, Calculuswhiz and I now have our own website with the help of a friend of his. Please follow this link and feel free to bookmark for future reference.

If you can get past this map, then you'll be able to handle anything.

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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Map 35 is now available for reading online/download. Incidently, this means volume 7 is now officially complete! A full volume download is available for late-comers and for neatness. This map really puts Misheil into perspective...he was a bit of a pansy in FE11 XD

I would also like to mention that we have not translated Hakoda's notes. Whilst it is not available on DDSoL.site40.net, it has been included in the RAR I have uploaded. If anyone wants it, I am willing to upload the images directly to this thread if it is considered more practical. But only if there is someone out there who would benefit seeing them and not downloading, cos naturally it means extra work for me. There are usually some very nice artwork there, this round being Sigurd and co.

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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And now we start volume 8 with the rather bittersweet chapter of Map 36. In times of celebration, not everything is as simple as it is on the surface. Not to mention Abel won't be there to cover for Kain in the morning like what happened in Orleans...the irony T_T

Still, hope you enjoy it. Next one is even better though, in my opinion.

Edit: Another thing: Does anyone else think Hunchback of Notre Dame when Boa's ringing the bells?

Edit 2: Volume 7 now has a Mediafire link!

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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Sorry for the wait - Map 37 is now done and it was quite a pain to sort out text-wise...But Calculuswhiz did a fabulous job of it, so I'm a happy bunny.

So then, Sheeda writes a letter to her parents! Let's say Kashim makes his first appearance, Roshea hits on Rena and Julian ain't best pleased. Oh, and Midia thinks it's a good idea to pick on Minerva. She's clearly forgotten that the Hauteclare can pack a good whallop.

-ahem- Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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Map 38 is now available for download/online reading.

It's rather foreboding, for there is a completely new enemy being introduced in this chapter that may even outrank Garnef and Emperor Medeus. Just to warn you, you'll see him a lot in future volumes XD It's from about here the manga takes a marginally different route to the games.

There's also a somewhat killer cliffhanger too, which won't be resumed until volume 9!

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Quickie update of map 38.1, the gaiden chapters of Navarre's backstory. Or at least Maki's version of it - it's completely unrelated to the anime.

It's not particularly long, but it gives a good flavour to start it off. The second part, to compensate for it, is considerably longer. Still, hope you enjoy and wait patiently for part two!

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And now the final part of Navarre's backstory is available for online reading and/or download! File is massive because rather than being the usual 40, it's about 60 including end-of-volume pages XD This also means that volume 8 is officially done!

So what does this bring us? Well, Navarre takes a nap that takes us into even further into his past and the rivalry between the mercenaries is born! A very worthwhile chapter for those who like the dynamic duo *nods*

We resume with the real story in volume 9.

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  • 3 weeks later...

In a rare change of events, Map 17 has been uploaded! So sorry for the long wait and thank you for your patience. I've probably made you hate me more cos of the cliffhanger XD

Let's see, we have Garnef font, a Julian pun and Maric humiliation...Yeah, I can safely say that it's worth your while. It's mainly baddie-centric as they not-so-secretly conspire their next plan, but it's a good lead-up to the next chapter, which you fortunately won't have to wait long for!

Oh, fun fact: Nearly every time you see someone shout 'prince' by itself about Marth, it's Abel. He has to be different/a snob.

Edit 2: Link back up now. Enjoy.

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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As promised, here's the speedy update of Map 18. I just had to clean up a few pages, so hopefully it's all up to standard.

We discover the full potential of Garnef (which, face it, is a lot more fearsome than spamming Imhullu) and Jeigan apparently takes over on command. Caesar and Raddy make their first appearance and in these desperate times, Julian and Ricardo find out that riding Sheeda's pegasus isn't as easy as it sounds.

Overall, this map alone's a roller-coaster! We hope you enjoy it.

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Map 19 is done too! Before you get used to the two-day waits, things will slow down around map 21. It's nice to have such a workload, I can tell you that :D

This chapter more or less sums up the nightmare saga between Marth and Garnef. Julian and Ricardo bump into Katua, where the latter offers them an incredible amount of advice. If you see any spelling errors and that, please let me know.

Also, is anyone else thinking how similar Marth's mum is to Marianne from Code Geass?

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Map 20 is now available for download. I have also put volume 4 up on 4shared, but Mediafire's throwing a strop at me. Give me 2-3 days, then I should be able to have it up.

In this, as the title says, it's all about Grunia and Macedonia. So a lot of Nina-Camus centric ideas bouncing around as well as Minerva's somewhat desperate situation.

If the links are wrong or if there's something you want to say, let me know.

Also, I want to take the time to apologise about the story page in volume 4 (yes it's a long time ago, but I was looking at it for formatting consistency). I hadn't realised that there were so many lack of spaces...It's probably because I had to shuffle the text a lot, but I am really sorry about the quality of it orz

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Right-o, Mediafire insists on derping on me. It'll sort itself out eventually, but I'm really sorry for the delay.

In any case, map 39 is now available for online reading/downloading. It continues the story from map 37, where there was bad news from Orleans about a coup d'etat. Let's just say that the worst is yet to come...for everyone. But in the mean time, this one is fluffy on many levels. Particularly the love triangle that is never elaborated in Shadow Dragon... *is a sucker for Roshea, in case you couldn't tell*

I will get round to map 21 eventually.

Edit: Mediafire link now uploaded. Cor, only took a week [/sarcasm] Still, hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait.

Edited by Crazy Foxie
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Yus, map 21 has finally been done! Volume 5 here we come! The group take on a slightly different mission: Operation Maria. In retrospect of all this and the next chapter, I'd probably say that Julian's the butt monkey of this manga XD And Navarre shows a rare display of care in this, I have to say. Perhaps not in the nicest way, but being the 'silent swordsman' has got to have a price.

Looking at Marth's strategy though, I don't think it would have worked out quite as well in the game...

For those who aren't already aware, Volume 4 now has a Mediafire link. Please download and spread the word.

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