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Daein and the Laguz Alliance


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I'm a little lost here. See, in chapter 12 part 3 Pelleas talk about his first meeting with Lekain after his coronation in which Lekain shows him the blood pact and forces him to fight against the Laguz Alliance.

In this conversation Lekain says: "As you are no doubt aware, the false apostle has raised an army of sub-humans to reclaim her throne. We require the use of the Daein army to wipe out this upstart 'Laguz Allaiance'. Would you be so kind?"

I thought this whole false-apostle-hoax was something that the senators came up with after Sanaki's escape from the capital. The lies that they spread in the first place, wasn't that about Sanaki being ill or something?

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Sanaki escapes before 3-10. At the end of 3-10, she takes control of the Begnion Central Army and asks Crimea, Gallia and Phoenicis to help her reclaim her throne. So it fits perfectly well, I think.

Oh wait, I see what you mean. Yeah, that doesn't really make sense.

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It's a localisation hiccup, due to NOA adding more info than necessary.

False apostle

During the flashback scene in Part 3 Chapter 13, Lekain uses the "fact" that Sanaki has allied with the Laguz Alliance as an excuse to borrow reinforcements from Daein. However, in the story's natural progression, Daein had already allied with Begnion before Sanaki joined with the Laguz. In the Japanese version, Lekain doesn't mention Sanaki in the flashback scene, so there was no problem with his request.

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As others have said, it's a translation hiccup. RD has a badly put together story but it's at least rather consistent about it.

Well ya know except for all of Part 2, that's a LOT of contrivances

"Marcia, didn't you say at the end of PoR that you were accepted back into the Holy Guard?"

"Yup, but now I'm working in Crimea as a Pegasus Knight, despite the fact there are literally no other Crimean Pegasus Knights"

"Makalov? Astrid? You BOTH got accepted into Begnions Knighthood, not going to explain why you're here? I mean I can pretty much infer you were thrown out but not even going to explain it?"


"Alo it took Ike 2 years to give up his Peerage? The guy constantly talks in Path of Radiance about not wanting to stick around longer than necissary, but he called the capital his home long enough for Galia to think to look for him there. and Elincia only says he's been gone more than half a year. not 'More than a year' so that leaves 2 years of being a lord, long enough for the Greil Mercenaries to disband apparently."

Seriously Part 2 gets really headscratching when you think about it vs Characters endings/motivations

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