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Mug Medley!


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Hi everyone. :)

After very easily pming Tang much effort on my part I present to you... The mug medley game! Not a competition.

So I got this idea from Myke on FE7x's forum. Basically, it is a very simple game where I, or someone else, will post a mug and people edit it.

(Taken from FE7x forum) Example:

1. Alan mug is posted:


2. Someone(me) edits the Alan mug:


3. Someone else(Myke) edits THAT mug:


4. Char edits it and then Myke edits it again:


5. And so forth.


  • Every mugshot posted will be edited 8 times and the last person to edit(eighth edit) the mugshot will then pick a new one.
  • The edits can be anything (custom/splices/etc) but please refrain from doing things like making the mug .jpeg or something that'll prohibit other people from editing the mugshot. :P
  • If you want to hold a spot then you can make a placeholder by saying so. Whenever someone has dibbed a spot you must wait for that person to post their edit.
    Note: Placeholders expire after 24 hours. We don't want to hold it up for too long. :P Note #2: Only one reserve at a time please! If there are more than one it can get messy.
  • Lastly, have fun. :)

Sounds AWESOME right?! It is simple and fun. :)

So let's start of with... Noah! 'Cause he is like my fave. cavalier.


I hope everyone participates . :)

Past characters:

[spoiler=Past Characters:]SHEET.png

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Okay, I lied about taking forever. I did this while I was waiting for my rice.

Yay Ena~!


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Every pretty girl needs to show some skin, have a mole, and have killer eye make-up.


Anyone think that it is time for a new one?

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Lols, lets preserve the wondrous pokemon lady.

So here is some Lucius! Expecting someone to put him in a bathing suit.


* Note: anybody can post a new mug.tongue.gif

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Add links in the OP~

Or better yet, spoiler it and have a veritable gallery of 'em.

Good idea! That`s what I`ll do.

Also, I need your opinions! Should I make it a rule that every mug last a day or two and the last person to edit it picks a new one?

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