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ANOTHER Critical Collection. Gimme suggestions.

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Yes... I'm remaking it.

This unholy thing with that embarrassing "Custom Animation":

You guys know my thing with Ninian, but come on... that was just embarassing.

So anyways, now that I can get past that annoying 10 minute limit... I've started crap again.

The purpose of this thread... gimme victims--I mean... yeah victims.

And, if you want quotes or no quotes... like so:



Lilina crits Leygance...

Anything that seems appropriate... the other crit collection had me basically JUST using generics for victims.

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Oh dammit. I just thought of this now.

I CANNOT finish the Crit collection... despite me having EN's nice little thingy...

I have to wait until AFTER the hack has been released. DAMMIT.

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roy double critting every boss in the game with a rapier

Pfft. XD

Come on, seriously. XD

But yeah, now that the 10 minute limit is gone since I did the last collection... I'm pretty sure I can add the FE8 monsters as well.

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As long as it's not Miledy or Rutger. Rey knows not to mess with my guys |D

Or Marcus or Echidna but Echidna isn't in top afaik and I have no clue whether Marcus is in high or top atm.

Oh yeah

Kill Valter

Nobody should try to deplete Seth of his getting laidness

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I'm pretty sure I can add the FE8 monsters as well.

Seeing as how most promoted monsters are just palette swaps (mauthe doog and gwyllgi being the only exception, so show both of them), I suggest showing only the promoted monsters.

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I want to see brigands wrecking a bunch of random people. Bonus points for killing lords, overrated mage girls, and sword units.

Meh. Gonzales is good enough for the Brigand Class.

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