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I clicked to 6:00 and 12:00 and saw it was just some guy talking, then closed the tab.

That was the point man...

The actual videos are in progress. I'm working on Prologue for both modes tonight, and seeing if I can merge them into two videos (one Lunatic, one Lunatic'). Anyway, if you want a tl;dr version on what the hell is going on:

- Yes, I plan on trying Lunatic and Lunatic'.

- Rainbow Potion and its cousin drops are allowed.

- No WiFi Shop.

- No Random Events.

- Limited RNG abuse.

- Final Destination.

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Okay, update thus far.

I have up to P-6 Draug on Lunatic done, and after Prologue is done entirely for Fighter!MU, I'll hit up Armor Knight's next. What I have thus far:

- P-1 and P-2 went roughly as I expected, both saving a total of 2 turns over AK!MU

- P-3 went roughly about the same - I figured a small way to make it a little easier so it isn't as trade dependable (there is at least one trade, but it's necessary for later). This went as expected.

- P-4 is a little different, totaling the turncount to 14 after this chapter. The video will show how to do this with Fighter!MU. I didn't realize SDS had done this chapter at 4 turns, but whatever I figured it out on my own. It's also pretty reliable for the most part (none of the 59% Hit Athena crap).

- P-5 is a 4 turn. It'll showcase dondon's strategy, though I did make it a little different to favor Luke a bit more (hey I wanted a Thief kill dammit). Unfortunately, Luke doesn't get the kill but Caeda does. I don't think there's really a way around it either since Luke wouldn't have done enough damage.

- P-6D is pretty much the same. I don't think I did anything different here.

P-7 is the one I'm trying to decide where to go. Cain's is more familiar (to a point) while Est's is someone I haven't done before, but I'm not sure how reliable she is in P-8. She can double Hunters and Mages I guess. Could use help on suggestions there.

Aside from that, seems like everything is going according to plan, to a point. Luke is a lot lower level-wise (at this point he's 3.84), but we'll see what magic we can whip up in P-8 for him. He was 5.39 at the end of P-6 Draug in my last run. I think part of it has to do with not getting the boss kill from P-3 - P-6D, but he's in sketchy reasoning with it. I don't think he can get Cain either (I had Draug last time IIRC), so...

Fighter!MU is shockingly on track with his level. On my last run he was 5.39. In this one, he's 6.25. I think killing Caeda back in P-3 had something to help with it too.

Caeda is shockingly growing a few levels. She was 5.19 in my last run at this point, and at this current point she's 6.14. I think I know where Luke's levels went.

I'm still not completely sure on Luke anyway (maybe I'll give him a whirl in Lunatic'? I don't know as of yet), but he's biting nails with Fighter!MU sadly. Ah well...

I'll create a new topic in the FE12 boards once I have at least Prologue for Lunatic uploaded. After that, Lunatic' Prologue will be next. We're going to try to work them side-by-side (i.e. do Lunatic C1, then Lunatic' C1, then Lunatic C2, then Lunatic' C2, etc) to help prevent a massive headache on thinking on what to do with strategies.

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Finally, I think I got Prologue done. It's 1:23 AM and I have to be up by 5:15 AM to go to work at 6, but fuck this was worth it.

9 Turn P-8.

What's even more stellar is the results from it. Luke actually hit Level 7, Marth did as well, and MU + Caeda reached Level 8. Here's the stats for the curious thus far.

Marth (7.32) - 27 HP | 9 Str | 0 Mag | 11 Skl | 11 Spd | 10 Luck | 9 Def | 1 Res
MU (8.04) - 33 HP | 17 Str | 2 Mag | 13 Skl | 10 Spd | 9 Luck | 5 Def | 0 Res
Luke (7.14) - 26 HP | 10 Str | 0 Mag | 8 Skl | 10 Spd | 7 Luck | 9 Def | 0 Res
Caeda (8.82) - 22 HP | 8 Str | 2 Mag | 11 Skl | 19 Spd | 17 Luck | 7 Def | 6 Res

By the way, I did not purposely rig that Marth level up.

So it looks like I'm actually ahead on Fighter!MU by 1 Level. Granted, this is by a whopping .04 EXP, but considering my last runthrough:

Marth (7.47) - 27 HP | 9 Str | 0 Mag | 11 Skl | 11 Spd | 10 Luck | 8 Def | 0 Res
My Unit (7.50) - 35 HP | 16 Str | 2 Mag | 9 Skl | 10 Spd | 5 Luck | 5 Def | 0 Res
Luke (7.49) - 25 HP | 11 Str | 0 Mag | 10 Skl | 9 Spd | 8 Luck | 8 Def | 1 Res
Caeda (6.??) - 21 HP | 7 Str | 2 Mag | 8 Skl | 17 Spd | 13 Luck | 7 Def | 6 Res

That's a pretty good improvement. Luke went under just a teeny bit, but nothing serious.

As for Luke, I think I have an idea on what to do with him this time. Let's just hope it connects.

I will make a separate topic on the FE12 board once the videos are up. P-1 - P-7 might be merged into one video, with P-8 being separate due to being an entirely different beast. Also, there is one thing I want to point out:

- In P-4, I did need the Archer to have 19 Atk minimum.

- In P-8, I did have to do a slightly rigorous setup, but there are ways to accommodate it. The Levin Sword Thieves should really have 13 AS. If you're confident on Merric getting a level up (65% chance), go for it.

- P-8 I decided to make a small adjustment in the event that the reinforcement Thieves got 14 AS. Caeda would need to hit Level 7 for 18 Spd, which happens roughly 85% of the time. If you think that it might be borderline rigging, keep in mind that I could also chuck her a free kill in P-7 with Cain (which is boss EXP). So the minor adjustment for this one was the Hunter having 2 Def and 28 HP. If Caeda gained Str, go with that too.

P-8 does honestly require a lot, so if the player happens to miss the 10 Turn, it's not entirely their fault (possibly). The game isn't really kind, so if we want to make it clear we'll count P-8 as a 10 Turn clear to "satisfy" everyone. That is, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

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