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Hey there.


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Welcome to the site, Zman! I hope you have a good time here and stuff. Get out there and start posting! NewYearsEmoticon.gif

Oh and make sure to read the code on conduct and stuff.

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Giving the Folgore Rangers Welcome.

And a little something from Folgore Blue


Also, we have

-FE Drafts

-Pokemon Drafts


-RTU threads

-IP chat>IRC chat,

-IP chat


Oh, and go to IP chat sometime, it's the chat App on the site.

You'll see lots of extremely friendly folks there, and there's always something going on!.

IP chat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IRC chat

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Welcome to the Skies Forest! Change the page theme *gogo Blue Skies*.

Join FE10 drafts! Enjoy your stay! Be a good heron and get SS galdr!

May St. Elimine's blessings shine upon you! *I'm obsessed with St. Elimine and quintessence* :awesome:

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