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FeSS Mod Will of Good and Evil Walkthrough (first post)

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So I decided to make a walkthrough for anyone who wanted one of the FE8 mod "The Will of Good and Evil" made by ChinaFE. It is a video series probably a chapter per video and I aimed it towards both amateurs and veterans alike. One problem I'm facing though is the debate on whether or not I should be allowed to use save states or not. I would not use them extensively, though in this mod assassins do have at least a 30 bonus to crit, making silencer dangerous. Any other time i would use a save state would probably be when i begin an arena grind and no save states would be allowed during the time of the grind. Hoping for opinions and maybe some acknowledgement that the mod i'm talking about isn't so old nobody would care for a walkthrough haha.

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I finished the mod on a flashcart without abusing savestates. I played Eirik's route, which if memory serves was easier than Ephraim's. It wasn't particularly difficult, so I'd say not to abuse it likewise. Grinding in the arena is unnecessary--but if that's what you want to do, of course you have that choice :)

I'd like to see it. It's not like YouTube is overflowing with content about the hack. I also haven't played the newest revisions of it (I only played whatever was out at '06/'07), so I'd get to survey the new edits here and there too.

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Plan out a chapter before you record it, e.g. http://serenesforest...dpost&p=1767355

When you say plan out the chapter you mean an exact character play-by-play with movements like yours? I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to RNG use but i guess writing down my movements is supposed to explain exactly what will happen if you move accordingly? I guess that writing down the movements would help the walkthrough because it would assure success in the chapter.

Thanks for the feedback

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