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Divine Tactician

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Hey guys, I'm Divine Tactician though you can call me Josh and I've been lurking on the Forums for a few weeks now, and so I figured it's time to join.

I only started actually playing Fire Emblem this year (it was my boss that got me into it), and I've played 3 of them so far (Awakening, Sacred Stones, Blazing Sword).

Awakening is my favourite game, though Eirika is my favourite lord.

And that's all I can think of to say right now, so... Hi :)

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That location too

Tiki's secret lovechild+ Frederick's bedchambers= TikixFred? FORBIDDEN LOVE

Heyo, welcome to SF! Always glad to see more new FE fans, Awakening seems to have roped quite a few of them in (although to most it's still "That game with Marth and Roy" lol).

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Hello, and welcome to Airport 1001... whoops, I mean SF! Watch out for the wildlife... I mean Counter warriors. They're a pain.

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