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took me an hour and I still can't come up with something funny/witty/erotic to post as a topic

don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me that you could just come up with clever original and funny-ass shit on a whim

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It's like looking at a fly under a microscope.

they're kind cute y'know

I mean who could say no to those big segmented eyes?

I certainly dont wish my GF was wrong like you.


on a whim? i never come up with anything funny even after pondering for 50 years

but sometimes, i do make my friends laugh by showing them a funny gif or a bad drawing or making a reference

what's it like to have friends

I hate that song.

*smashes Esme with a hammer*

you can't hit me I'm a TRAP

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i only have online friends, and i'm pretty sure you have those too.

oh ok

I'm terrified.


don't be scared

only dreams now, my dear



find a wall and kick it down

got a wall you don't want?

i unironically like one pussycat dolls song

it's not the mentioned, but this seemed as good a place as any to come clean

it's all good big bro


...........I could?


yo what

yo wassup

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What I do is I drink multiple coffees in a day then stay up over 24 hours while listening to one song on repeat the whole time until I can see the entire universe. and then I post something that's probably only funny to someone inebriated or high

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You wont have enough muscle control to twerk by the time I die.


W-well in that case I'm going to have my body cremated and my ashes shall be scattered in space so my grave will be all over space! Twerk on that, ja.

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