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Who did you guys have father these children? (Owain, Inigo, Brady, Laurent)


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Hey peeps. Was wondering what you guys consider the best father for these children, or whatever you personally went with. I used Libra!Owain which made for a great magic based Owain who decimated with Levin Swords. Chrom!Inigo got pretty good stats, Ricken!Brady was a solid Sage/Healer, and for some reason I did Gregor!Laurent though I don't remember why. I do remember him being one of my best units alongside Owain though.

Just wondering what you guys paired up with your versions of these characters.

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Gregor!Owain for Sol/Arms on Dread Fighter, Stahl!Inigo for Sol/Luna/DG+/Arms/Galeforce (swap luna for LB) sniper, Libra!Brady for Galeforce/Tomebreaker/Aegis/Luna/Res+10 Dread Fighter (Antimage Brady, swap luna for LB), Henry!Laurent

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Owain: Stahl, Frederick, basically anyone who can get the boy a horse.

Inigo: Virion, Libra, maybe Stahl (man Stahl is a good dad...), Chrom

Brady: Anyone. My favourites are Henry for dark mage, Gaius for story, or Virion for wyverns.

Laurent: Ricken, Kellam, or Lon'qu. Haven't tried Gregor but he passes Armsthrift which Laurent probably wants more than anything else skill-wise if you want to play with forged Aversa's Night brokenness or something.

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