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Spriters, please help?


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I recently created this character sheet. It has all of my stuff, like my stats, equipment, affinity, supports, etc. But it's missing one vital thing: The portrait.

Now, I'm no expert on spriting or anything, so I don't know the first thing about even the basics of it. So I might need some help... or preferably, someone to do it for me (I don't want to have to learn all about it just to get one little portrait.)

What I'm asking for is pretty simple; take this portrait here (http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Raigh?file=Rayingame.png). It looks a lot like me IRL. The problem is, I don't have green hair. Just brown hair. If someone could take that and give it brown hair and send it to me, that would be fantastic. Thank you all a bunch in advance, and if any further clarification is required, please PM me.

Again, thanks in advance.

(Oh, and this isn't required; just a little bonus thing, but if you feel like it, you could make the cloak black as well. The brown hair is all I need.)

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Thanks a bunch, and sorry if it troubled you any.

(Edit: How do I get the portrait to appear in my statsheet? What I did was I did CTRL-Click (I'm using a Mac), did Copy Image Location, pasted it into the Mugshot (URL of a transparent GIF) option, and clicked "Save changes". It didn't show up, though. Is there something I'm doing wrong?)

(Edit again: I'm going to use this as my SF profile picture. Hopefully that's okay with you. If you'd like me to take it off, please let me know.)

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