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help and friend codes please


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I am an old pokemon fan been playing since red and blue but ive never tried the metagame(i think thats right). I have pokemon x and i raised a decent charzard x (jolly 252speed/252atk/?hp) using the super training.

Moves: Earthquake / Dragon Dance / Dragon claw / flare blitz

I dont understand IV things no matter how much I read them so i have no clue how to find out if this charz is worth its salt.

I read that to use safari zone you need friend codes and i posted mine on the thread for it but its 2809-8302-2795 i havent figured out what ny safari is yet because i cant find out how to get in it.

If anyone could help a new guy out id appreciate it tremendously!

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Just copy pasting here right from Page 96 from the Pokemon X/Y General Thread. Hope it helps!

Um, can somebody explain to me into detail, what are EVs, IVs, how do they work and how do I identify them in a Pokemon?

So far my Pokes are:

Timid!Braixen (Good Perseverance) - trained his sp. atk and sp at most, but got some sp.def

Serious!Combusken (Quick Tempered) - trained atk at most but got def and sp, too

Naive!Gardevoir (Takes plenty of siestas) - trained his sp. atk and sp at most, but got sp.def

Mild!Honedge (Somewhat vain) - trained his atk and sp.atk

edit: this was via super training. And got a couple of Dusk Stones for Honedge :awesome:

IVs and EVs are parameters that influence stats.

If you go to serebii or websites that contain info on all the pokémon's stats, you'll eventually see something like "Beneficial Nature / Speed : 225-328". This means that if you have a nature which is beneficial in speed (for example Timid) your Speed stat will be between 225 and 328. What decides this? EVs and IVs.

IVs (or Individual Values) cannot be seen and must be calculated. They vary from 0 to 31 and each IV point actually is a stat point at level 100. If we consider the previous case, when you don't have any EVs in Speed, if you have 0 IVs as well your pokémon will have 225 Speed at level 100 (the minimum for his nature), while if he has 30 IVs in Speed, he will have 255.

IVs normally are random, but there are various methods to manipulate them that I won't explain now.

Just type "IV calculator" on Google to experiment it a little with your pokémon.

EVs (or Effort Values) can be seen in the SuperTraining. They're max 510 and max 252 for each stat. Every 4 EVs are a stat point. This means that when you do the SuperTraining (Hard mode) and you get 12 points in, for example, Speed, you just got 3 stat points in Speed (at lv.100). Always using the same example, said pokémon with 30 IVs and 80 EVs in Speed will have [225+30+(80/4)]=275 Speed at level 100.

I'm writing this for you only because you have Calista in your signature and I'm such a fanboy of TLS <3

Kidding :)

Now, regarding your Mega Charizard, you can just calculate IVs via any IV Calculator for Gen VI, just fill the necessary data for Zard, like current level, nature, characteristic (which says about good/perfect IVs), current stats and EV spread. There, the calc shall give you the IVs for each stat, so it'd be gr8 if Zard has 30-31 IVs in every stat except Sp. Attck. Now, in case Zard doesn't have 31 IVs you can just breed him with another Charmander or Ditto (with the perfect IVs) and pass them to the offspring (s) until you get outstanding charmanders.

Also, add me to see your safari and help you there :D

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If you want to get other people's safaris, I suggest adding them individually, and then PMing them. I don't know how often people check the Friend Safari thread, but on principle, I don't add people unless I know they added me.

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Also ran the iv checker and all of his are below 20 iv things

I dont really understand it although i do want to find a ditto safari lol

Know anyone who wouldnt mind with that?

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