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Children Only Playthrough


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I decided that after chapter 13, I would only use Chrom, MU, and the children - so Morgan, Lucina, etc. However, I've been having trouble deciding what classes to use. These are the already done pairings and children, as well as current classes. I am playing on hard.

Chrom - Great Lord (Dual Strike +, Charm, Aether, Rightful King)

MU - Grandmaster (Sol, Veteran, Solidarity, Armsthrift, Axebreaker)

Chrom!Sumia - Lucina (Bow Knight - Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Galeforce, Rightful King)

Chrom!Sumia - Cynthia (Great Knight - Speed +2, Relief, Aether, Galeforce, Luna (also has Discipline, Outdoor Fighter))

Lissa!Vaike - Owain (Beserker - Sol, Vantage, Astra, Galeforce, Wrath (also has Swordfaire and Avoid +10))

Gaius!Cordelia - Severa (Trickster - Armsthrift, Lethality, Galeforce, Locktouch, Movement +1 (also has Patience))

Gregor!Panne - Yarne (Taguel - Lethality, Sol, Beastbane, Avoid +10, Vantage (also has Even Rhythm))

MU!Owain - Morgan (Sorcerer - Armsthrift, Vantage, Galeforce, Locktouch, Vengence (also has Avoid +10, Mov +1, Hex, Anathema))

Virion!Sully - Kjelle (General - Defense +2, Indoor Fighter, Aegis, Lifetaker)

Donnel!Nowi - Nah (Manukete - Aptitude, Odd Rhythm, Lifetaker, Armsthrift, Patience)

I am planning on doing two more parings as well,

Muriel!Rickon for a healer, and Kellam!Cherche for a Wyvern Lord.

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I don't mean to rain on your parade, but this isn't much of a challenge run (IF it's supposed to be one). The children are generally stronger than the parents.

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Isn't it pretty much standard to bench parents once you get the kid?

except gregor

Only if you named your Avatar Gregor. But if you're playing with full deployment, you really don't have much of a choice, you can bench a parent, the kid, or someone else, and the parent is usually the best candidate.

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