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Reclassing Problems...


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Hello Serenes Forest. I have a problem with nightmare:

I open up nightmare and get out the Chapter Unit Editor. Then I get out Chapter11.nmm. After I open that , I switch Eliwood's class to a fighter with an iron axe.

I apply changes, save the ROM, then get this:


So that works out.

I then change the character pointer Marcus. I make him a swordmaster and give him a steel sword. However, when I apply changes and save the ROM, I get this:


What did I screw up? Am I even doing this right?

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This might sound a little silly, but in the Chapter 11 CUE there's a completely blank part after Eliwood's slot in the editor. PixelmanFE, try entering everything pertaining to Eliwood into that slot (same as you have for 0x00) and see what happens.

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