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I've been at this for a few years. I do a number of things that demand spriting -- primarily my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, where I use mugs to represent NPCs, but I also semi-update a spritefic called Underground, which gets new chapters approximately "whenever I feel like it" (which comes out to a new chapter every couple months, on average), and I have a project in planning/design phase for when FEXNA comes around.

That said, here's a selection of my stuff. Primarily splices, with a little bit of custom work when I'm feeling confident.

Mugs - Human





A mix of characters from my D&D campaign, spritefics, and sort-of-FEXNA project.

Mugs - Fantasy Races

Various gods and goddesses of the Greyhawk campaign setting. From left to right: Boccob, Corellon Larethian, Gruumsh One-Eye, Lolth, and Olidammara.


Goliaths - big ol' rock people.




A halfling!

Backgrounds & Miscellaneous







Background panels for spritefic/hacking purposes.


Ivan Greene, my character for a Pokémon RPG.


Alternate thief critical animation.


An attempt at a halfbody sprite.

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Some really cool stuff. Second to last human and last god don't seem to have enough forehead though. Favourites would be soldier human, the backgrounds, and the half body. The weapon effects are pretty interesting to (especially for how much work I estimate was put into them).

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You know that someone already made a sword knight, right?

Blind Archer did one, yeah. Like I said, just a quick proof-of-concept test.

Favourites would be soldier human, the backgrounds, and the half body.

Anyone's welcome to use those backgrounds, by the way! Should've noted that in the first post.




And the last round of these for the night. They're really quite simple, but there's something rewarding about them...

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Nice work. Blur frames were never something I never liked could do well myself. I don't know if I'd slow them down in the critical frames though. Also, if they're throwing curved knives I'd make them spin. If the knives aren't spinning post throw, I'd make them straight. I think the current's physically possible, but it looks a little weird when a curved knife flies like a dart.

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After some thought, I'm planning on using the spinning sword frames from the assassin's critical animation to give the knives a midair spin, yeah.

Clever, and kudos to that. With the physical motion of the throw you're using, the knives would definitely spin. Well done so far, though. I have massive respect for animating, as I find it terribly daunting.

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I wouldn't have no blur on the spinning knife but I also wouldn't have that much blur. Maybe a little on the end of the blade (which would be the part with the fastest motion), but not the whole blurred whirlwind effect you have on it right now.

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Pillow shading!!! Pillow shading everywhere!!! FE shading doesn't do the "smooth transition" between colours, it often jumps between them rather suddenly as anime tends to do.

The hair looks a little bit like someone took some plasticine and plopped it onto the head. It doesn't have any flow to it.

The ear is tiny

Could do with some more shading underneath the chin at the neck

The body seems really small

The nose bridge has too much shading for an FE mug

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